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Marcie discusses with Ron the latest updates in the Killing Club murders, including the fact that Hayes Barber, her manager, is the prime suspect. She also tells him that they didn’t have enough evidence to hold him. She asks him about her old annual from school. She also informs him that John wants information about the original Killing Club. Ron states that he hopes that John can nail the killer before he kills again. Ron leaves. Marcie looks at the headline in the newspaper, which says, “Killing Club Murderer still at large.” She turns around and sees Hayes standing there. He asks her if she has missed him.

Michael forces Natalie into an exam room to treat the lacerations on her head. She resists the treatment, telling him that he had treated her last night. They discuss John, and him telling her that he loves her.

John and Bo discuss the Killing Club murders and trying to obtain a warrant for Hayes’ residence. Bo thanks him for being there to save Natalie’s life. Bo leaves.

Evangeline brings John breakfast. She inquires about the latest developments in the Killing Club case. John informs her that he is trying to obtain a warrant that might help some. She also inquires as to what had happened when he found Natalie.

Duke pushes Adriana into a closet so that they can talk. He reprimands her for being there. Adriana asks what she was supposed to do when he called her and told her that something was up and that she was not to say anything about it. Adriana asks if he has found Asa. Duke admits that he did, and a whole lot more.

Asa asks Carlo Hesser how long it has been since they last saw each other. Asa informs him that he hasn’t changed. Carlo accuses him of lying. Asa asks why he would lie to him.

Kelly brings in a proposal and shows it to Kevin, saying she is going to submit to Dr. Truman before he leaves town. Kevin admits that it is expensive. Kelly states that corporate sponsorship for medical research is good for their image. They also discuss Duke, and where he is. They discuss Adriana knowing where Duke is.

Duke and Adriana discuss Asa and what he is up to. Duke refuses to leave until he finds out what Asa is up to. He wants Adriana to leave before Asa finds out that she is there and unleashes his fury on her. Duke wants to know what is going on in that room. Adriana thinks of a way.

Carlo wants to know how Asa has been. Carlo mentions his marriage to Gabrielle Medina. They discuss Renee, and Carlo says that he has missed her. Asa tells him to watch his mouth. Asa informs him that he has a proposition for him.

Natalie and Michael discuss John and his feelings for both Natalie and Evangeline. Michael knows something about John, but as much as Natalie persists, Michael will not tell her. Michael informs her that it is John’s place to tell her. Michael also informs her that if she keeps this up then John is going to break her heart.

John and Evangeline discuss Natalie and her about getting herself killed with a crossbow, just like it happened in the book. Evangeline informs him that Natalie had gotten the killer’s attention, if that was what it was. John commends her for finding those pages and says that she had saved Natalie's life. He tells her that he has a report to file by 5:00. Evangeline tells him that she has to get to the hospital to take a deposition. Evangeline tells him that she loves him. They kiss.

Riley comes downstairs with his suitcase. He has memories of Nora, Bo, and Matthew when he was trying to teach Matthew how to play the guitar. He starts out the door. Nora stops him and asks him where is he going. He tells her he has to get out of there.

Hayes informs Marcie that they need to have a talk. Hayes reminds her what he has done for her. Marcie admits that she thinks that he is the killer.

Bo brings John some papers. Bo tells him that he hopes this hasn’t given Barber time to hide evidence. They discuss Hayes and his motive for killing all those people. John states that the more people he kills, the more books he sells. He tells Bo that Barber is definitely hiding something. They discuss the Killing Club and how these recent events are just a renewal of the Killing Club started in high school.

Nora and Riley discuss his life and the secrets that his father had kept from him all through it. They discuss Riley’s mother running off. They discuss Nora herself and whether she had known. They discuss Jen, and Riley's guilt for not being there for her when she needed him to protect her. Nora confronts him, insisting that getting back on drugs is not going to solve the problem. She asks him what kind of job he is going to get as a fugitive. She asks him about his music. They discuss Jen and what she would want for him.

Kelly hangs up the phone. She and Kevin discuss Duke and Adriana. Kevin admits that he is worried. Kelly offers to give him a massage. He reminds her of a scuba diving accident that he had had. Bo interrupts them and informs them that Renee is missing. Kevin wonders what happened. Bo informs him that he thinks that his "pa" had happened.

The guard leaves Asa and Carlo alone. Carlo states that he doesn’t trust him. Asa reminds him of the 30 million dollars that he stole from him. Asa informs him that he will wipe the slate clean if he does something for him. Carlo confronts him about kidnapping Blair Cramer. Asa tells Carlo that he wants him to kill Blair.

Adriana starts to leave, but Duke stops her. They discuss her plan. They leave the storage room to listen outside the door to hear what Asa is planning to do.

Marcie tells Hayes about her believing he is a killer. They discuss the murders. She confronts him about him having secrets. He owns up that he has secrets. John pokes his head around the corner and asks him what his secret is.

Michael and Natalie discuss John and Evangelie getting married, but Natalie finds out that Michael was only saying that to get her attention. Natalie leaves the exam room. They discuss the fact that John had told her that he loved her. Michael tries to make her understand that John didn’t mean it the way that she was taking it. Evangeline listens to their conversation. Natalie insists that John really does love her. Evangeline listens to their conversation. Natalie still insists that John loves her. Michael tries to persuade her not to do anything stupid. Michael insists that she go to see Dr. Chambers about plastic surgery. She pats him on the cheek and thanks him for caring. He leaves the nurse’s station and sees Evangeline. They discuss her case, and she says that she hadn’t dealt with anything like that before. Michael tries his best to reassure her of her talents.

John wants to ask Hayes a few questions, but Hayes says not without his lawyer, and he leaves. John asks her if he had threatened her, and she tells him no. Marcie admits to him that she doesn’t think that he is the killer. Marcie points out that the killer is someone whom no one would suspect, and Hayes couldn’t be the killer. Ron brings her her old annual from school. Ron leaves. They discuss Natalie. She reminisces about something that had happened in school. He tells her to make a list of her old girlfriends in school. He tells her to be careful, and he will call her later. He leaves. She looks at the annual and remembers some things that had happened in school.

Riley and Nora discuss Jen and what she could do for him now. Nora accuses him of throwing in the towel. Riley confronts her and asks her if that is what she is doing. They discuss the guilt over Jen. They discuss Daniel Colson. Riley tells her that he has no one to live for. They discuss Matthew, and Riley’s influence on him. They discuss the effect that Riley’s leaving will have on him. Riley agrees to go to rehab. Nora is thrilled.

Bo questions Kelly and Kevin about Duke. They discuss Asa, Duke, and Renee. They also discuss Adriana.

Duke and Adriana listen to Asa and Carlo’s conversation. They hear Asa tell Carlo to kill Blair. Duke whispers for them to get out of there. Carlo hears them.

John gives the officer instructions to let him know about it if Barber goes near Marcie. He wants background checks on all members of the Killing Club team. John goes into his office and finds Natalie waiting there. He wants to know what she is doing there.

Riley tries to leave. Nora gives him a videotape that Jen made of her and Bo dancing. Nora tells him that she will miss him. Riley looks at the videotape. Nora calls Bo and tells him that it was time that he brought their son home.

Duke tells Adriana that they have to get out of there. They turn around and see a guard. Duke slugs him, and they escape.

Carlo goes to see what is going on. He finds the guard on the floor. Carlo tells the guards to get rid of the young people. Carlo and Asa go back to their meeting.

Michael comes to visit Marcie. They look at a picture of her in her yearbook. Elsewhere, the killer circles Marcie’s picture in another copy of the same yearbook.

John reminds Natalie of the stunt that she had pulled. She invites him to a game of pool. She tries to persuade him, but he snaps at her.

Evangeline confronts John about him telling Natalie that he loved her.

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