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Paige and a nurse bring Rex down on the elevator. Paige advises him to let her know if he has headaches, disorientation, etc. Rex is upset that she had kept him overnight. Paige informs him that she wanted to observe him. He jumps up out of the wheelchair and informs her that it will take a lot more than a knock on the head to keep him down. Bo approaches them and kisses Paige. He assures Rex that he has a thick skull. Paige informs them that she is going to get his paperwork processed so she can get him out of there. Bo asks him if he had heard about last night. Bo tells him yes. Bo commends him for being there for his sister.

Antonio checks the Internet for information on R.J. and his financial situation. He looks for a book in the bookcase and finds Jessica’s engagement ring.

Jessica has a dream about Tess, who informs her that she is not going to beat her. She awakens as Tess.

The security officer brings Duke back into the mansion. Duke tells him that he was just going for a walk. He listens to a conversation that Asa is having with someone on the phone, and he informs them that he is moving the timetable up. He orders them to get over there. Duke enters the room and questions Asa about his conversation.

Adriana is on an airplane headed for Argentina. She has a conversation about Duke with a woman in the seat next to her.

David is asleep in a chair, holding a bottle of wine, when Spencer arrives home. Spencer comes in and finds him sitting there. He slams the door in order to wake David up. Spencer laughs and asks him if he has been picking locks again. David reminds him to stay away from LlanView.

Bo informs Rex that he was just lucky that McBain showed up when he did to save his skin. Rex assures him that seeing what Paul Cramer had done had made him lose his taste for the wild side. Bo points out Paul had made a mistake when he stepped on Colson. Rex reminds him that he must have been worried about him or he wouldn’t have come by to check on him. Bo states that he wishes that Paige could prescribe an ointment for that. Bo tells him to stay out of trouble. Rex calls Antonio and asks him if he has any of Carlotta’s breakfast burritos. Antonio instructs him to get over to his place fast.

Tess tries to escape from the bedroom. A voice (Jessica) assures her that she is on to her now. Tess sees the key outside the door. Jessica talks to her and assures her that she knows all about her, and is learning more every day. They discuss Antonio and Tico. Tess reminds her of all her love interests. Jessica tells her that she is going to stop her. Lois calls through the door and asks her if she is all right. Tess tells her that she locked herself in. Lois tells her that she will unlock the door. Jessica yells out for her not to open the door. Tess informs Jessica that she saved her life.

David questions Spencer about where he was. Spencer makes a joke of his remark. Spencer states that he hopes he enjoyed the Bordeaux. David remarks that it was pretentious. David reminds him of their agreement that he stay in his part of the world, and Spencer would stay in his. Spencer tells him about the request that he had gotten from LlanView Hospital. Spencer commends the city, as well as the people of LlanView. David orders him to take Kelly off his hit list, saying she is off limits. Spencer reminds David of his career as surgeon. He tells him that he had just stopped by to get his notes before he went to the hospital for his meeting. David grabs him by the shirt collar and pushes him up against the wall. David gives him a warning, advising that he be on the next plane out of here.

Duke and Asa argue about Blair and what he had done to her. Asa informs him that if he had his way he would exterminate a whole mess of Cramers. Asa drops the subject of Blair. Asa reminds him that he saw an opportunity, and he exploited it. It was just business. Duke reminds him of his disappearance, leaving him and Kevin to take care of Buchanan Enterprises. Asa calls Duke a mustang: all strength and no brains. Duke retaliates and tells him to teach him. Duke wants to know about this new business deal and thinks that he maybe can help.

Bo assures Paige that he is in need of some more lunchtime therapy. They kiss. Marcie interrupts them. She apologizes and then inquires about Michael. Paige points to an empty room where Michael is catching a few winks. Bo asks how she is. Marcie thanks them and goes to wake Michael up. He is scared that something else has happened. Michael tells her of a dream that he had had about her, and that it had surprised him when he saw her standing there. Marcie also tells him that she had had a dream about him, in which Hayes had killed him. Michael tries to calm her down by telling her to relax. Michael assures her that if Hayes is the one killing people, then John is going to nail him to the wall. Bo comes in and tells them that they didn’t have enough evidence to hold him, and he had walked last night.

Jessica tells Tess that she won’t get away with this. Tess tries to make a call but can’t. Tess gets a headache. Jessica and Tess discuss Viki and Antonio. Tess gets another headache and sinks down to the floor. Lois comes in and asks her if she is all right. Jessica tells her that she is fine. Lois leaves. Jessica states that if anyone wants her, she will be at Antonio’s.

Rex comes to visit Antonio. He gives Antonio the needed information. Rex tells him he will be in touch. Antonio vows to turn up the heat on R.J. so he won’t have time to play grandpa. Antonio looks at a picture of Jaime and promises her that she will be home soon.

Asa accuses Duke of offering to help him just so he can find out what he is up to, and of lying. He confronts him and says that he knows that he had called Adriana. He accuses Duke of being roped and tied. Asa advises him to watch his back, and his wallet.

Adriana approaches the Buchanan mansion. She wonders what Dorian would do. She talks to a maid.

Michael and Marcie discuss Hayes. Bo informs them that Hayes had said that the crossbow was stolen from his car, and that a report had been filed. Paige walks up behind Bo. Marcie gets upset about the murders. Bo tells her that it had taken them a while, but they had gotten Daniel. Marcie reminds him, "But not before he had killed Jen."

David lets Spencer go. David wants to know what he is doing there and what he is up to. Spencer calls him paranoid. Spencer informs him that he is going to do as he is told or people are going to get hurt. Spencer gets a page from the hospital. David slugs him in the jaw. Spencer leaves. David puts his hand down in some ice. He vows not to let Spencer out of his sight.

Jessica goes to visit Antonio. She hugs him when he opens the door. Jessica tells him that she needs him back in her life. Antonio confronts her about some things Todd had been telling him she was saying. Jessica tries to deny it. Antonio tells her that maybe they are not ready to get back together yet.

Marcie and Bo discuss Jen. Marcie apologizes to him for blaming him for Jen’s death. He offers her a ride. Marcie thanks Michael for everything that he has done.

Paige tells Bo that he knows exactly what to say at just the right time. Bo talks about Jen and her death. Paige questions him about Nora. Paige suggests some R & R. Bo makes a suggestion as to what he would like to do. Paige says it sounds good. They kiss.

Rex comes into the gourmet shoppe. Ginger is on the phone, leaving Adriana a message. They discuss Adriana. He sits down. She introduces herself. He introduces himself as the local superhero.

Jessica is upset that Todd would say such a thing. She explains to him what she had really said to Todd. She admits that she hasn’t told him everything about her sessions with Dr. Jamison. She makes him promise that he will never forget how much she loves him. He promises her. They hug. She notices all the papers and the computer on the table. She questions him about it. They discuss R.J. and his finances. Jessica offers her help. Antonio, at first, will not agree to her helping.

Michael is surprised to see Dr. Spencer Truman at the hospital. Paige assures him it's the one and only. Michael wants to know how they ever got him to lecture at the hospital. Michael refers to him as a genius.

Spencer approaches them and speaks to Paige. The other man with Spencer asks him if they know each other. Spencer nominates Paige for the next chief of staff.

Jessica offers her help. Antonio is reluctant. After much discussion, Antonio finally agrees to let her call the bank. She calls the bank and asks to talk to the bank manager.

Rex talks to Ginger. They discuss Daniel and his being gay. They discuss Jen and Paul. Rex gets angry over Jen. He leaves.

Paige thanks Spencer for his endorsement, but she refuses his offer. Spencer points out that Dr. Miller has never gotten the recognition that she deserves. They leave. Paige starts down the hall but meets up with David. David and Paige discuss Dr. Truman.

Duke is in the living room. Asa comes in and asks him if he has seen the stables. Duke informs him that he is not there on vacation. Asa gets a call. He tells them to keep an eye on him. Duke leaves the room. He sees Adriana. They hug.

Jessica thanks Janet, a bank employee, for the information. She tells Antonio that R.J. had taken out a second mortgage on Capricorn. They discuss Rex. They kiss. Jessica assures him that she is not letting him do this alone. He gives her back her engagement ring on a silver chain.

Spencer commends Michael on his performance. Michael is so tongue-tied that he can’t even tell Spencer his name. Spencer gets a call. Michael tells Paige that he couldn’t even spit out his own name. Paige refers to Spencer as "only a man." She walks off. Michael breathes a sigh of relief.

Paige meets up with Bo. They have a conversation about Marcie. Bo commends her for being Asa’s doctor and says that Asa had made a good choice.

Marcie and Rex have a conversation about Jen. She gives him credit for being there for Jen. Rex remembers things about Jen.

Antonio gives Jessica back her engagement ring on a chain. She accepts it. He puts it around her neck. She hears Tess’s voice in her head. They kiss.

David talks to a nurse about Spencer. Spencer leaves.

A man walks into Asa’s living room. Asa says, "Long time, no see, compadre. Bet you thought you would never see me again."

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