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Jessica is in her bedroom. She looks at an article on Dissociative Identity Disorder. She hears a knock on the door. It is Viki, who says, "Jessica." Jessica tells her just a minute. Viki asks her if she is okay and what she is doing in there.

David confronts Kelly and Kevin about the man they were just talking to. Kelly informs him that it was Dr. Spencer Truman. David asks her if he happened to say where he was going. Kevin asks him why he is so interested.

Dr. Truman dictates a chart on the procedure that he performed on Jack Manning. He gets up to get a cup of coffee and bumps into Evangeline, and she pours her coffee all over him. She is apologetic and tries to get the coffee stains off his white shirt. He mumbles something as she tries to get the coffee off him. He introduces himself as Dr. Spencer Truman.

John comes out of his office and inquires of Michael where Marcie is. Michael informs him that she is having dinner with her manager. John wants to know if he has any idea where they are. Michael tells him no. Michael then wants to know if something is wrong. John tells him that both the crossbow and the arrow were purchased on the Internet by Hayes Barber. They are surprised.

Marcie asks Hayes what is wrong with him. He sounds like he wants these murders to keep happening. Marcie informs him that this sicko killed three of her friends, but she is not going to take advantage of their deaths just to sell books. Hayes reminds her of all of the other writers who are busting down his door to publish their books, and he just can’t let it go. Marcie asks him if he even cares about the deaths, now that his big break has arrived. She is furious with him over how he thinks about these murders.

Michael asks John if he is saying that Hayes could be the murderer. Michael then informs him again that he didn’t know where they were going, and Marcie's life could be in danger. John goes into his office and requests that a police officer get a search warrant for the apartment of Hayes Barber.

Marcie and Hayes once again argue over the murders and how he feels about them. Marcie informs him that she no longer is hungry. She starts to leave. Hayes tries to tell her that he has her best interest at heart. She smiles. He tries to persuade her to go back to his place so he can show her some ideas for promoting her book. She refuses and tells him that she just wants to go home. He is still trying to persuade her when her cell phone rings. She tells Hayes it is Michael. Michael wants to know where she is. Marcie is evasive and tells him that she had told him that she was having dinner with Hayes. Michael again asks her where she is. Michael tells her not to go anywhere with him. Marcie asks why. Michael informs her that John wants to ask him some questions, but he doesn’t want her to mention it to Hayes. Marcie wonders what is going on. She hangs up. Hayes questions her about the phone call. He asks her if she is ready to go. Marcie tells him no and makes the excuse that she is supposed to meet Michael there when they are through. Hayes doesn’t believe her and wants to know what is really going on.

David informs Kelly and Kevin that he was just admiring Spencer’s suit, and it looked as though they were the same size. He lies to them again and tells them that he was going to ask Truman if he knew of a good tailor. David thanks them and leaves. As he leaves, he runs into Adriana, and she tells David that Dorian is at home, packing like a fiend. He tells her that it was a good time for them to get away. Adriana informs him that she is glad they are back together. David thanks her and leaves. Adriana is puzzled by David’s actions. She approaches Kevin and Kelly. Kelly asks her to join them. Adriana refuses and makes up the excuse that she was looking for Renee. Kelly tells her that she doesn’t know where she is. Adriana admits that she hasn’t heard from Duke either. Adriana informs them that she was hoping he’d call after he took off the way that he did. Kevin wants to know where he went. Adriana assures him that Duke had told her that he had some business to attend to, and she had assumed that it had to do with his family. They discuss Asa and the idea that he is the problem.

A security officer brings Duke to where Asa and Renee are waiting. The security officer leaves. Duke comments on the phones in the mansion and asks why they aren’t working. Asa tells him that this is his home now. Duke rebukes him and tells him that this is not his home. Duke asks Renee if she is worried about her hotel at home. Duke tries to get Asa to take Renee home. Asa refuses to take her home just yet. Asa informs them that he wishes he had never met Blair Cramer. Duke reminds him that what he did to Blair was horrible. Duke tells them that he is going home. He starts to leave, but the security guard stops him. Asa informs him that he can’t let him do that .

Jessica gets up and lets Viki in. She comments on Viki’s haircut. Viki asks Jessica what she has been doing. Jessica lies and tells her that she has been working on an article. Jessica changes the subject and asks her about Matthew. They also discuss Nora and Bo. Viki knows how sorry Jessica is that Antonio lost custody of Jaime. Viki reminds her of what she had been through the last year. Viki questions her as to what is bothering her. Jessica is worried about Viki’s health. Viki tries to assure her that she is taking care of herself. Viki starts admiring the comforter on Jessica’s bed. She lifts up the pillows and finds the article on Dissociative Identity Disorder. She wants to know what Jessica is doing with this. Jessica takes the papers from her and tries to change the subject. Viki wants to discuss the article and how Jessica had gotten the idea for it. Jessica lies and mentions Daniel Colson and his apparent multiple personality. Viki offers her help. Jessica asks her what happens when the evil personality takes over the body.

Michael and Natalie discuss that he can’t just sit around while Marcie is with a killer. Michael brings up what Natalie had done just to impress John. Natalie points out to him that if it hadn’t been for her, John wouldn’t have the arrow, and he wouldn’t have found the information on the Internet. Natalie brings up how John had told her how he really feels about her. Michael doesn’t believe her. Natalie tells him to forget it. They continue to argue about John’s feelings and his relationship with Evangeline.

Spencer brings Evangeline a cup of coffee. Evangeline tells him that he didn’t have to do that. Evangeline asks him about his job. He informs her that he is a surgeon. He also tells her about the procedure that he had done at the hospital to save Jack Manning’s life. He asks her what she does for a living. She hands him a business card, and he sees that she is an attorney. They discuss Daniel Colson. Evangeline informs him that she wouldn’t touch the case because Nora was her best friend. Spencer mentions that he had met Kevin and Kelly at the Palace. Evangeline tells him about Asa.

David uses a credit card to break into Spencer’s room. He wants to know what Spencer is up to in Llanview.

Kelly, Kevin, and Adriana discuss Duke, including such topics as where he is, what he is doing, and whether it has anything to do with Asa.

Duke wants to go home, but Asa refuses to let him go unless he promises that he won’t say anything to anybody about where he is. After much controversy, Duke decides to stay. Renee informs them that they should get some sleep and discuss this in the morning. Duke leaves. Renee questions Asa as to why they are there. Asa explains that he has been working on a plan for their future. Duke finds a phone jack. He sees a maid coming out of a nearby room. He goes into the room and finds a telephone that works. He makes a call.

Adriana gets a call on her cell phone. It is from Duke. He wants to know if she is alone. She informs him that she is not at the present time. He tells her he has to go. He also tells her that he doesn’t know when he will be able to call her again. The security guard comes in and catches Duke on the phone. He unplugs the phone.

Kelly asks Adriana if that was Duke. Adriana tells her yes. Kevin wants to know where he is. Adriana lies to them and tells them that he is at Ultraviolet. She informs them that they had had a fight, and he had left not telling her where he was going. She apologizes to them for bringing them into it.

Marcie asks Hayes why she would lie about meeting Michael there. Marcie admits that she would feel uncomfortable going to his apartment. John comes in and interrupts them. Michael and Natalie arrive, also. Hayes wants to know what is going on. John informs him that he has some questions for him about the Killing Club murders. Everyone is surprised.

David looks at a bottle of champagne and comments on the year. He looks around the hotel room. He wonders what Spencer is up to.

Evangeline apologizes again to Spencer for spilling the coffee on his shirt. He wants to know about her life. She mentions her boyfriend, John McBain. Spencer is inquisitive and wants to know if her boyfriend is a lawyer too. Evangeline informs him that he is the chief of detectives. Evangeline gets up to leave. After she leaves, Spencer wonders if John is any relation to another McBain that he knows.

John questions Hayes as to where he was. John shows him all the things that he had found in the trunk of his car. John orders him to start talking.

Jessica and Viki discuss alternate personalities and what happens with them. Viki tells her all about the trouble that she had had with her other personalities. Viki informs her that alternate personalities are triggered by trauma, and she goes on to explain it to her. She also explains that you go into another identity to escape from pain that you are suffering. Viki informs her that she wants to know when something is troubling her because she can handle it. Viki leaves. Jessica calls Antonio just to tell him that she loves him. After they hang up, Jessica wonders if love will help them get through this. She locks the doors and windows so that if Tess comes out in her sleep, at least she can’t escape from the room. She vows to see Dr. Jamison again in the morning.

Asa reprimands Duke for what he did. Renee tries to calm them down. Duke reminds them of what he had done to Blair. Renee insists that it was not all Asa’s fault. Renee wants Duke to promise that he won’t turn Asa in.

Adriana lies about where Duke is. Kevin doesn’t really believe her. Adriana leaves. Once outside, she calls the operator and tries to find out where the call came from. The operator informs her that it came from Argentina. Adriana wonders what she should do now. She also wonders what Dorian would do.

Hayes lies to John and tells him that the items were to be used for publicity for Marcie’s book. A lawyer enters the room. John tells him to go back out and knock before he comes in. The lawyer does as he is told. He introduces himself as Arthur Brush, Attorney. He tells John to let Hayes go. John agrees. They leave. After they leave, John motions for a police officer. He informs the officer that he wants Hayes followed.

David waits for Spencer in his hotel room. He wants to know how long Spencer is going to stay in Llanview.

Spencer calls Kelly and mentions to her that he won support from Buchanan Enterprises for his new medical procedure. They set up a dinner date for the following evening.

Michael and Marcie discuss their relationship. Marcie is jealous because Michael called Natalie a friend. Michael assures her that he about freaked out when he found out that she was with Hayes. He tries to kiss her but she pulls away. He pulls her to him, and they hug.

Natalie comes into John’s office. They have a short conversation before being interrupted by Evangeline. Evangeline asks him if he has any information about the Killing Club murders.

The killer takes John’s, Natalie’s, and Evangeline’s pictures off the wall. He picks up the crossbow and points it first at Natalie, and then at John.

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