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One Life to Live Update Friday 6/3/05



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Daniel tells Nora that he is so glad to see her. Daniel tries to explain things to her. Nora informs him that she is there for one reason only -- to give him a present.

Blair and Todd search for Dr. Truman’s room. Todd informs her that he doesn’t know why they are there. Blair reminds him that Dr. Truman saved their son’s life. She asks him to set aside his feelings so that they could thank him and give him his gift. She kisses him. Todd asks her if she hasn't ever met anyone whom she just didn’t like. Todd also informs her that he doesn’t trust him. Dr. Truman comes out of his room and hears the conversation. They smile at each other.

Michael comes into John’s office and finds him gone. He sits down at the desk to leave him a note. Marcie comes in with some papers and inquires as to what he is doing there. Michael informs her that he was just leaving John a note. Marcie tells him that she will just leave some notes of her own, and she explains that they are notes about the real Killing Club from back in school. He asks her if any of them were murderers. Marcie tells him no, John just wanted some background information because you didn’t know where a lead would come from. They discuss the murders. Michael tells her that he doesn’t want to hear her ever say that again.

Natalie asks, "Is that you, Rex?" The killer aims his crossbow arrow at Natalie.

John asks Rex where Natalie is. Rex informs him that he had told her that this was a stupid idea. John asks him again where Natalie is. Rex tells him that she is somewhere over that way, and he points. Rex also informs him that they have to find her. John rushes off to find her.

John finds Natalie. He pushes her out of the way just as the killer shoots the arrow, and it lands in the tree right where Natalie was just standing.

Dorian and David wake up. Dorian proposes a toast to making up. They have a slight misunderstanding as to who had really apologized first. They realize that it doesn’t matter who apologized first, just as long as they made up. David starts kissing her.

Blair apologizes for Todd’s remark. Spencer tells them that he is headed to dinner. Blair gives him his present and says that it is their way of thanking him for saving their son’s life. He opens the present and sees that the package contains cufflinks. He goes to try them on and shuts the door. Todd makes fun of what the doctor had said.

Daniel asks Nora what she has in her purse. He also tells her that he has had quite a few surprises. Nora tells him that she is not going to kill him. She informs him that she did bring something to get him out of her life with. He again tries to explain, but she tells him to shut up and sign.

She hands him the annulment papers. He tries to tell her he loves her. She reminds him of killing Jen. He denies killing her. She asks him if, had she found out what he had done, he would have killed her. He tries to talk to her but she won’t listen. She also reminds him of the affair that he had had with a man, saying that makes him gay. She tells him to sign the papers. She even holds up a pen. He tears up the papers and refuses to sign off.

Dorian reads the article in the newspaper about Nora and Daniel. They discuss Todd and his writing abilities. David suggests going to the Palace for a celebration. Dorian suggests taking a shower, and David tells her that she is not going anywhere.

Marcie doesn’t understand why Michael is mad at her. Michael assures her that he is not mad at her, but he wishes that she would stop blaming herself for the murders. They once again argue about the murders. He assures her that John is going to catch the killer. Marcie tells him that she has to go because she is having dinner with Hayes. Michael doesn’t like the idea. Marcie agrees, and then she leaves.

John gets up and tells Natalie to stay there. Natalie gets up anyway and looks at the arrow. Rex comes stumbling up and wants to know what is going on. Natalie declares that someone had shot at her. Natalie explains that John had come out of nowhere and knocked her to the ground. Natalie further explains that John had gone after whoever had shot at her. Natalie asks where Rex was all that time. Rex lets her know that he was knocked out. Natalie apologizes and tells him that she is so sorry that she had gotten him involved in this. John comes back and asks her if she is all right. Natalie informs him that she is fine, thanks to him. John reprimands her for her actions.

Todd and Blair wait outside Spencer’s room. Todd wants to know what is taking him so long. He comes out of his room and makes a remark on his cufflinks. Blair agrees with his remark. He invites them to join him. Blair thinks that that would be great, but Todd makes up an excuse not to join him. Spencer leaves. Blair hits Todd and tells him that that was embarrassing, and she walks off. Todd follows. They argue over Truman. She brings up Margaret, but she stops her sentence in mid-air. She looks across the hall and sees the number on the door: 2124. She reminds Todd that that was the room where they were supposed to spend their wedding night.

Kevin and Kelly are shown to a table. Kelly inquires as to what brought on the impromptu dinner invitation. They discuss Colson being arrested. She assures him that she is o.k. They laugh. A waiter approaches and asks for their drink order. They order wine. Kevin asks about Renee. The waiter tells them that she is still out of town. Spencer listens to their conversation.

Nora tells Daniel if he won't sign, fine. Daniel assures her that she has come there because she loves him. They argue. He insists that they don’t have a case. They bring Riley in. He tells Nora that it works for him.

John continues to reprimand Natalie for her actions, and he reminds her that he had told her to leave this to him. Natalie apologizes. The other police arrive. John tells them to take Rex to the hospital. Rex resists, but John and Natalie insist that he go. Rex tells Natalie that he will call her later. They leave.

Natalie apologizes again. She tells John that she knew how hard he had been working on this case, and she was only trying to help. John looks at the arrow. John also informs her that she is not helping, she is making his job more difficult. John is angry at her. He blurts out that he doesn’t want to see someone he loves get killed again. Natalie is surprised by his remark.

Spencer confronts Kevin and Kelly at the Palace dining room. He introduces himself. He talks to Kelly about Blair and Jack.

Dorian and David arrive at the Palace for lunch and are seated. They order something but find out that they are all out of that dish. They discuss Viki and Kevin. David tells her to stop. Dorian obeys his wish. They decide to go to Paris to get what they want.

Marcie arrives at the Palace to meet Hayes Barber. The waiter tells her that he has not arrived yet. Marcie is surprised that he is not there yet.

Natalie apologizes to John again. He makes her promise that she will not ever do anything like that again. They pinky swear. He calls the investigators down there.

Nora tells Riley that she was just leaving. Nora finds out that Riley was arrested on drug charges. Nora tells him not to throw his life away because of Daniel. Daniel offers his help but Riley refuses. Nora leaves.

Blair reminisces about the day that they were to be married, and their wedding night. They discuss Margaret. Todd tells her to stay there, and he will be right back. He assures her that they are going to have the wedding night of their lives.

Todd comes back with the key. They go into the room. He tells her he wants to be with her. They discuss his jealousy and Spencer Truman. They discuss their feelings for each other. They kiss.

Dorian is excited about going to Paris. She goes home to pack, and David calls the airlines to make their reservations. Dorian runs into Spencer and tells him that she is off to Paris.

Hayes arrives. He apologizes to Marcie about being late.

John and Natalie discuss why there weren’t any fingerprints on the weapon. John tells her that the killer was wearing gloves.

Michael comes in. John fills him in on Natalie’s plan. John examines the arrow and spots a clue on it.

Daniel tries to talk to Riley. Nora comes back and tells him that she has posted his bail. He wants to move out, but Nora refuses to let him. They leave together.

Todd and Blair make love.

Kelly wants to know why Kevin hadn’t introduced her to Truman as his ex-wife. He tries to change the subject. Truman approaches their table again. He tells them good-night, and he leaves.

David sees him pass and says, "Spencer!" He is surprised.

Hayes discusses with Marcie her appointments for the day. They discuss the murders.

John examines the arrow, and he finds a serial number. Natalie starts to comment, but John tells her to let him do his job. Natalie backs off. John tells Michael to examine her head. Michael goes to examine Natalie’s head. John finds something interesting on the Internet.

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