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John searches Natalie’s desk for information on a crossbow. Gail comes up and asks if she can help. John tells her that he is looking for an article on a crossbow that Natalie had gotten for him. Gail finds it and hands it to him. John inquires as to where Natalie is. Gail informs him that she had taken the rest of the day off. Evangeline listens to their conversation about Natalie.

Rex and Natalie are in the woods. They search for the scene the way it is described in Marcie’s book. They look for a fork in the road and an oak tree. Rex wants Natalie to go back to town and get John. Natalie refuses to do that until she finds what she is looking for. Rex hears a noise and tells Natalie that someone is following them.

Mark accuses Daniel of killing both Paul and Jen. Daniel tries to talk some sense into him by telling him that he loves him. He also assures Mark that Bo is trying to set him up. Mark just looks at him, not knowing what to believe.

Nora and Bo have a confrontation. Nora refuses to talk to him. Nora doesn’t know how he can look her in the eye. Bo denies doing anything to her or Matthew.

Todd is on the phone, and he looks at a picture of Nora. He wants a picture of Troy McGuyver. He also informs the person he is talking to that he wants a side story on Mark Solomon, Daniel’s boy toy. Starr comes up and orders Todd to stop what he is doing and to leave Nora alone. Starr tells him that Matthew is having a hard time, and then she walks off. Blair takes Starr’s side. Blair tries to get Todd to drop this slander and forget about the past so they can start to heal. Blair also tells him to stop raking Nora over the coals.

Ginger questions Jessica (she thinks Jessica is Tess) about what is wrong and asks if anybody has done anything to her. Jessica negates it. Ginger reminds her of the time that she had saved her when a man had tried to jump her. Ginger mentions Jessica’s name. Jessica looks at her, puzzled.

Natalie is afraid that someone has followed them. Rex makes a joke of it and steps in front of her, as if to shield her. Natalie realizes that it is a joke, and she is upset by his actions. Rex tries to scare her. They discuss the waitress who had died in her place. Rex reminds her that the killer may be tracking her right now. Natalie tells him to stop being paranoid.

John tries to call Natalie and leaves her a message for her to call him. Evangeline wants to know why he is so worried. She points out that Gail had made it sound like Natalie had just taken the day off. Evangeline wants to know what is going on.

The police officer brings Riley in. John wants to know what had happened. The police officer explains that there was a drug bust, and Riley was involved and had to be arrested. Evangeline offers her help. Riley admits that he did it. John asks him what he is trying to prove. Evangeline says they can cop a plea, and he would get off on probation if he were willing to go into rehab. Riley won’t agree to her terms. John tells the police to take him down to lock-up. John says, "Another casualty on the Colson hit list."

Daniel tries to talk to Mark. Mark admits that he still loves him. They discuss Nora and why he had married her. Daniel tries to convince him that he did it for them. Mark finishes the sentence for him and says, "So you could be lieutenant governor." They argue. Daniel denies killing Paul and Jen and tries to talk to Mark. Daniel tries to convince him to be on his side.

Bo and Nora argue over Daniel. Nora doesn’t understand why Bo hadn’t told her about what he was planning to do. They discuss the happenings of the last couple of days. Bo tries to explain to her. She brings up Sam.

Jessica and Ginger discuss Antonio. Ginger wants to see Jessica so she can put a name to a face. Ginger also reminds Tess of her plan to make sure Antonio would lose custody of his daughter.

Blair and Todd discuss Nora. She reminds him of the Marty Saybrook case and how he had thought that Nora was against him. Todd tells her not to put this on him, and he leaves.

Matthew and his babysitter come into the gourmet shop. The babysitter tells Starr that she brought Matthew there to try to cheer him up. Matthew wants to go home. Starr asks what he is mad at her about. Matthew informs her that he just doesn’t want to see anyone right now. Starr asks him if he has seen the article that her dad had written about his mother. Matthew admits that he has, and Starr replies to him that she had talked to her father about it. Matthew doesn’t want to talk about it. Starr assures him that he will feel better if he talks to someone about what is going on.

Bo denies Nora’s accusation. They once again argue over Daniel and why Bo had arrested him the way that he had. Bo tries to make excuses for what he had done. Nora won’t buy any of it. Nora gets angry when she thinks that Bo is blaming her for all of this. She orders him to get out. He refuses.

Nora checks her messages and doesn’t find one message where Bo tries to tell her what he is planning to do. They once again argue over Daniel and the way that Bo had handled things. Nora informs Bo that he should have told her, because she had a right to know.

Daniel and Mark argue. Daniel assures Mark that if he will stand by him, then he can go free. Mark sees through Daniel and thinks that Daniel is only using him. Mark believes Daniel is only telling him that he loves him so that he will give him an alibi for the night that Jen was murdered. Mark accuses him of killing Jen. Daniel denies it. Mark breaks up with him. As he is leaving, the police bring Riley in. Daniel questions Riley as to why he is there and what he has done. Riley won’t answer him.

John is on the phone. He thanks the person he is talking to. He asks Evangeline if she has seen Nora. Evangeline informs him that she had called and left a message. She just has to wait until Nora is ready to talk. Evangeline inquires of him what is up with Natalie. John tells her that Natalie wanted to get involved in the investigation. Evangeline asks if Natalie had listened to him. John smiles and says, "Yeah, right." John tells her to excuse him for just a minute. John asks the police officer if he has seen Natalie and whether she was with anybody. The officer tells him yes, and she was with Rex Balsam. John’s cell phone rings.

Evangeline talks to Gail and asks her if there is a drawer where she and Natalie keep their purses. Gail shows her the drawer in the desk. They see a copy of “The Killing Club”. Evangeline asks her if it is hers, and she says, "No, that must be Natalie’s." Evangeline asks permission to see the book. She finds places marked in the book with post-it paper. She shows John the passages in the book that Natalie had marked about the forest reserve. Evangeline inquires of John if it could be a clue as to where Natalie had gone.

Natalie and Rex finds the oak tree, and it’s not too far from the fork in the road. They discuss how much he and Marcie miss Jen. Rex confides in Natalie that he is helping Antonio get Jaime back. Rex reminds her that John is with Evangeline. Natalie changes the subject and tells Rex that this oak tree fits Marcie’s book. Rex wants to leave, but Natalie tells him to go without her. She refuses to leave until she makes sure this is the right place.

The killer roams through the woods, finds a grassy area, and lays down his crossbow.

Ginger asks Jessica if it is on to Plan B now, since her plan to break up Jessica and Antonio had failed. Jessica is confused. Ginger asks her if she is sure that she is okay. Jessica asks her why she's asking. Ginger tells her that she seems different. Jessica informs her that she isn’t feeling like herself today.

Todd is on the phone. He puts a hold on the Nora and Daniel Colson story. He comes up with another story: Antonio Vega, a.k.a Manuel Santi. He looks at Jessica and Ginger. Todd remembers a conversation that he had had with Jessica about Viki and how she was.

Jessica and Ginger share small talk. Ginger suggests going to a club and going cruising for guys. Ginger leaves.

Todd stops Ginger and comments on the girl she was talking to, asking if it was the one from Ultraviolet. Ginger confirms that that was her friend, Tess.

Blair is on the phone, and she requests the room number of Dr. Spencer Truman. She asks about Renee Buchanan and finds out that Renee is out of town.

Starr and Matthew have a conversation. Matthew feels guilty that he hadn’t tried harder to keep his mom from marrying Daniel Colson. They discuss parents. She gives him pointers on how to deal with bullies when the school year starts back up.

Bo denies knowing that Daniel had killed Paul or Jen. He and Nora argue again, as usual. They discuss Sam. Nora tells him to get out of her house, and out of her life. Bo tries to talk some sense into her. Nora tells him to go. He leaves. She cries.

John and Evangeline look at a map to see if they can find a place where Natalie could have gone.

Natalie and Rex find the spot. Rex wants to leave. Natalie tells him to go over there. Rex agrees, but says he'll only go for a minute.

Todd comes back to the gourmet shop. He says that he had run into Jessica. Starr comes up. Blair asks her where Matthew had gone. Starr gets on Todd again about his newspaper article about Matthew’s mom, and she tells him to back off. Todd assures them that he went to the office, and he had called the dogs off. Starr hugs him.

Jessica calls Dr. Jamison. She tells him about the voice in her head and says it is more serious than she thought.

Riley wants a moment with his father. Riley tells him that he just bought a little coke. They discuss Jen being dead and how Daniel had lied to Riley all his life. Riley asks Daniel about Jen’s last moments. Daniel doesn’t answer him.

John figures out the spot where Natalie might have gone. He gets some police officers to get him over to Llantano Mountain Nature Preserve. Evangeline tells him that she hopes he finds her. John squeezes her hand and assures her that he will.

The killer knocks Rex in the head with a big rock. He goes after Natalie.

Jessica gets into the shower and tries to scrub herself clean of her alter ego. She slides down the shower wall and begins to cry.

Riley wants Daniel to be honest with him. Daniel denies killing Jen or knowing what her last moments were like. They take Riley to his bail hearing. Nora comes to visit Daniel.

John finds Rex knocked out. The killer goes after Natalie and aims the crossbow at her.

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