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One Life to Live Update Wednesday 6/1/05



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Jessica is at the bar making notes about Tess. Robert comes up to the bar and is surprised to see Jessica, who he thinks is Tess. Jessica remembers meeting him at the Angel Square Diner. He approaches her and confronts her about her being on the outs with her boyfriend.


Antonio leaves Jessica a message on her voice mail. R.J. is in a meeting with some other men. Antonio listens in on the conversation. R.J. sees Antonio and asks him what he is doing there.

Nora looks at a photo of herself and Daniel. She throws it into a box. Rachel comes out and asks her what she is doing. Nora asks her where her luggage is. Rachel tells her she is staying. Nora informs her that she won’t allow it. Nora tries to assure Rachel that this will die down with the press and they will forget about her and Daniel, and so will she. Rachel confronts her and says that if this is so, then why is she still wearing her wedding ring?

John questions Bo as to how it had gone with Colson. Bo tells him lousy. They also discuss Nora and how this has affected her. They discuss Matthew’s feelings, and Bo hopes he can get to him and explain the situation before he hears about it somewhere else. Bo remarks, "Well, at least the Killing Club murderer hasn't killed anyone else." John tells Bo about Natalie’s plan to use herself as a decoy to lure out the killer so that they could catch him. Bo is surprised that Natalie would suggest such a thing.

Rex is sitting in Natalie’s chair when she comes into the squad room. Natalie accuses him of keeping an eye on her. They discuss her plan to catch the murderer, which Rex doesn’t agree with. He refers to her as the level-headed one in the family. Viki comes in with Matthew and wants to know what this is about the Killing Club.

Lindsay and Daniel talk. Daniel informs her that if she is looking for a confession, then she is wasting her time. He denies killing Jen and says that all the police have is circumstantial evidence. He jerks at the bars.

Adriana and Ginger go shopping. They discuss Tess being gone all the time now. They discuss Duke being gone. Adriana holds up an outfit. Ginger remarks that it is a fabulous color. Adriana tells her that she is going to go and try it on. Ginger questions her as to where Duke had gone. Adriana informs her that he hadn’t said. Adriana asks her why she is so curious about Duke. Ginger lies and tells her that she was only asking. Ginger tells her if her boyfriend was gone without telling her where, she would be a nervous wreck.

Michael bumps into Riley, and the money that Riley has in his hands goes all over the ground. Michael inquires of him what is up with all the cash. Riley tells him that he has just been to the cash machine. Michael asks him if he is using again.

Lindsay reminds Daniel that he had said grace at Thanksgiving with Riley and Jen. She asks him if he knew then that he was going to be taking her little girl away from her. Daniel calls for the guard. Lindsay asks him if Jen begged him for mercy. Daniel lies and tells her that he wasn’t there. She grabs him by the hair of the head and pulls him against the bars. She tells him that he is going to rot.

R.J. asks Antonio what he wants. Antonio answers him that he thought that this would be a good time to work out Jaime’s visitation schedule. R.J. tells him that he is trying to conduct business right now and asks him to come back later. Antonio asks about Jaime. R.J. informs him that she is asleep in his office and he keeps his eyes and ears on her at all times, and he holds up a baby monitor. Antonio asks if he could visit Jaime, and R.J. tells him yes, for a moment. Antonio leaves to see Jaime. R.J. instructs the men not to say another word about his finances until Vega is out of the building.

Jessica and Robert discuss their previous meeting at Carlotta’s diner. They discuss Jessica’s boyfriend and whether he is there right now. Jessica assures him she is there alone. He tries to make another date with her in a motel room "just like before," just as long as his wife doesn’t find out. Jessica tries to make excuses by telling him that she had sent him mixed signals. His cell phone rings, and he answers it. He tells her that he will be right back. Jessica turns back toward the bar. Charlie asks her what is troubling her. She tells him that she had forgotten about all the men that she had met there. Charlie assures her that it isn’t the same place without her.

Antonio comes out and informs R.J. that Jaime is still sleeping. R.J. tells him that that is what good little children do. Antonio inquires about his business. R.J. lies and says, "Never better." R.J. questions him as to why he is interested in his business. Antonio promises R.J. that they are going to have that conversation about Jaime’s visitation. He tells him to have a nice day and leaves. Ouside the bar, he makes a call.

Viki confronts Natalie about her involvement in the Killing Club murders. Natalie assures her that of course she is involved in the case. Viki questions Rex about his involvement. Rex gets a call. It is from Antonio. Antonio wants him to meet him outside of Capricorn in the alley. Rex agrees. Rex tells her that he will be right back and not to do anything without him. Natalie and Viki just look at each other.

Matthew inquires of Natalie where his dad is. Natalie tells him that he is around there somewhere. Matthew wants to know what is going on.

Nora takes off her wedding rings and lays them on the table. She tells Rachel that she had forgotten about having them on. She assures Rachel that she is fine. They discuss Daniel. Rachel insists that she is staying, but Nora tries to talk her into leaving. Rachel again insists that she is staying, and she starts to call the airlines to change her flight. Nora questions her about Matthew and why he isn’t home. Rachel assures her that she needed time. They discuss Matthew and his plans for the day. Rachel goes to call the airlines, and Nora goes back to organizing her CDs. She remembers when Daniel had given her that CD.

John and Bo discuss Natalie and her plan to catch the killer. A police officer comes up and tells Bo that his son is there.

Bo goes out to see Matthew. He hugs him and speaks to Viki. They exchange pleasantries. Bo suggests that they talk in his office.

Matthew questions Bo as to what Daniel had done that he is in jail.

Charlie and Jessica discuss Antonio and her taking care of him for him. Jessica is puzzled.

Antonio waits for Rex. Rex arrives. Antonio offers his condolences. Rex wants to know what he wants. Antonio wants his help to spy on R.J. and asks Rex to report back to him. Rex laughs.

Riley denies being a user to Michael. Riley makes the excuse that he was getting all the money that he could out of the checking account before the police froze Daniel’s accounts. Michael isn’t so sure that he believes him. Riley leaves.

Lindsay confronts Daniel about killing Jen. Daniel denies it all.

Mark comes in and interrupts them. Lindsay leaves.

Nora looks at the CD that Daniel had given her. She remembers her and Daniel's wedding vows. She remembers the lies that Daniel had told her. She also remembers the looks that he and Mark had exchanged. She breaks the CD with her shoe heel and throws it to the side. She breaks the pictures and pushes them off the table in anger. Rachel hurries downstairs. She hugs Nora as she cries and calls herself stupid.

Jessica starts to leave the bar. Robert comes back and wants to know where she is going. She informs him that something has come up, and she is leaving. He gets upset with her, saying that she does this to him every time. Jessica is confused as to what is happening to her.

Antonio and Rex discuss R.J. and his business dealings. Antonio commends him on the work that he had done to clear Jen. Rex shakes his head.

R.J. and his accountants argue over his finances. He orders them to leave. Rex comes into the club. R.J. demands to know what he wants. Rex tells him that he had left the back door standing wide open, and anyone could have walked in. R.J. thanks him. Rex tells him that he will call him later. Rex leaves.

Michael comes to the police station. He runs into John. Michael tells him about seeing Riley, who seemed upset. John leaves.

Bo and Matthew go into his office. They discuss Daniel and his being gay. They discuss Nora, and Daniel marrying her even though he was gay. They discuss Paul and his finding out about Daniel’s affair with another man. They discuss Jen and her involvement in all of this. Matthew asks Bo if Daniel had killed Jen. Bo doesn’t know how to answer.

Mark tells Daniel that he didn’t know whether to come there or not. He admits to him that he didn’t want it to come out about them. Mark tells Daniel that he believes that he didn’t kill Paul or Jen. Daniel is surprised. Mark promises that they will get through this together and that he will stand by him.

Ginger tries on a bikini and remarks how good she thinks it looks. Adriana is deep in thought, and Ginger finds it hard to get her attention. Ginger asks her if she is thinking about Duke. Adriana makes up an excuse and leaves. Ginger smiles to herself.

Lindsay and R.J. sit down in a booth. They discuss how Lindsay had let Daniel into her home, and her heart. R.J. tries to reassure her about what a good person she is. Lindsay leans back against him and tells him that she thanks God for Rex and how he had cleared Jen’s name.

Rex comes into the police station while talking to Antonio. He assures Antonio that he will get the goods on R.J. for him.

Natalie and Viki talk about her health. Natalie makes the excuse that it is just the long hours. Viki tells her that she is going to go get a cup of tea, since she has to wait for Matthew. She leaves. Natalie and Rex just look at each other.

Viki goes out into the hall. She feels like she is about to faint. Michael rushes up and asks her if she is all right.

Rex comes up to Natalie and tells her that he will help her in her plan.

Bo and Matthew still talk. Bo tells Matthew that the lesson that they can all learn from this is to accept people for who they really are. He also tells Matthew that hatred and prejudice can ruin lives, and in Daniel’s case it was self hatred. Bo asks him if he understands. Matthew says, "Kinda." Bo tells Matthew that he and his mother love him very much, and nothing he could ever tell them would change that love. They hug.

Rachel puts a bandage on Nora’s hands. Nora talks Rachel into leaving. Rachel leaves. There is a knock on the door. Nora goes to answer it, and it is reporters. As she opens the door, they clamor around her with questions. She hurriedly shuts the door and sits down on the floor in front of it.

Daniel tells Mark that he needs him in his life. He remembers a conversation he had with Mark. Mark draws away. Daniel questions him as to what is wrong.

Adriana calls Duke and leaves him a message. Antonio comes up. They talk a little, but then Adriana leaves.

Antonio makes a call to get some information on Capricorn and Ultraviolet. He walks away.

Jessica comes up and sits down on a bench. She remembers the conversation that she had had with the man in the bar. She begins to cry. Ginger comes up, calls her Tess, and asks her if she is crying.

Rex and Natalie discuss her plans. They go for a walk.

Viki tells Michael that she is fine. He offers to take her to the hospital, but she refuses.

Riley has met a drug dealer to get some drugs. The cops bust them and arrest Riley.

Mark remembers a conversation that he had had with Daniel. Mark asks Daniel if he killed Jen. Daniel is shocked that Mark believes he killed her.

The reporters are still outside Nora’s door, trying to get a statement. Nora screams for them to go away. Nora gets up, opens the door, and sees Bo standing there.

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