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Jessica is upset that Antonio keeps asking her if she is all right or how she is feeling. Antonio tells her that he is just worried about her. Jessica tells him that she just has a headache right now. Antonio suggests that she mentions this to Dr. Jamison. Jessica tells him that she did. Antonio suggests that she needs a stronger medication. Todd comes up behind him and tells him that that is his solution for everything. Antonio just looks at him.

Natalie hurries into Ultraviolet. She thanks Rex for meeting her. He tells her that he had gotten all her messages, and he asks her what is up. She looks all around, and then she pushes him off to the side. Natalie informs him that she can’t risk anyone finding this out. She asks for his help. She has a plan to catch the Killing Club murderer. Rex yells for the check.

John is in the squad room, on the phone. He is annoyed that the task force isn’t there.

Lindsay and R.J. come into the police station. R.J. argues with her. Lindsay informs him that if he doesn’t want to be here then he's free to leave. Lindsay tells John that she wants to see the man who had murdered her little girl.

Daniel is in his cell. Bo comes to visit him. Bo asks him if he is ready for a man-to-man talk.

Antonio and Todd argue over Jessica. Todd suggests to Antonio that the drugs are giving Jessica more headaches. Antonio confronts Jessica about the drugs and why she hadn’t told him. She makes up the excuse that she didn’t want to worry him. Antonio tries to talk to Jessica, but Todd interrupts. Antonio asks Todd if he is trying to upset him. Jessica yells out at both of them and informs them that they are worried about her headaches, but they are giving her one. Antonio apologizes to her. Jessica tells them that she is going to the Ladies’ Room to splash some cold water on her face. She tells them she will be back in a minute. Antonio begins to follow her, but Todd takes hold of his arm. Antonio orders Todd not to ever interfere in his business again.

Rex and Natalie sit down on a bench. They discuss catching the Killing Club murderer. Rex thinks that it is crazy. Natalie points out that this fellow, whoever he is, follows a pattern, and if she could get one step ahead of him... Rex interrupts and tells her she would get killed. Natalie reminds him that the woman who was killed was supposed to have been her. Rex suggests that she leave town, but she wants to put herself in this guy’s face. Rex accuses her of doing this because of John McBain. Natalie tells him that it doesn’t involve John in the way that he thinks. She defends John’s way of thinking and the way he deals with things, and she believes that she could help him. Natalie thinks that this is a mistake, talking to him about it. Natalie gets up to leave, but he pulls her back down onto the bench. He tells her to tell him her plan. He informs her that he didn’t say he would help, but he will listen to her plan. He questions her as to how she intends to catch this guy.

John tries to get Lindsay to sit down, but she refuses. He offers to get her some coffee, but again she refuses. John tries to assure her that he knows how she is feeling. Lindsay asks him why everybody keeps saying that to her. John apologizes to her and tries to get her to understand that now isn’t the right time for her to see Daniel. R.J. tries to talk to her but she won’t listen. Lindsay informs them that she wants to look at the man and ask him why he did it. Lindsay assures them that she is not going to rest until she talks to Colson. Marcie and her publisher come into the squad room. John tells Lindsay and R.J. to excuse him. He walks over to Marcie and her publisher. John thanks her for coming and tells her to wait a minute. Hayes tells Marcie that this place gives him the creeps. He thinks that everyone is staring at him. Marcie assures him that they are not staring at him, they are staring at her because she is the one who wrote the book that is causing all the murders.

Lindsay questions John, making sure no one has been in to see Daniel. John assures her that only one person has been in to see him, but he wouldn’t be enjoying that visit.

Bo tells the police officer that he wants to be alone with the prisoner. The police officer leaves. Daniel tries to make Bo believe that these charges will never stick. Bo lays his cell phone and badge in a chair. Bo asks him why a man like him would kill someone just to cover up a secret that wouldn’t have caused that much damage anyway. Bo discusses with him why he killed Paul Cramer, and then what had brought him to the breaking point where he thought that Jennifer Rappaport had to be dealt with. Bo asks him if Jennifer figured it out that he was the one who had been framing her. Colson walks away from the cell. Bo questions him as to why he hadn’t confessed. Bo reminds him of how he had killed Jen and made everyone believe that she had killed herself. Bo confronts him and says that maybe it was worth it to kill Paul for blackmailing him, but was it worth it to kill Jennifer Rappaport to cover it up?

Natalie and Rex discuss her plan to catch the killer. They also discuss the murders in the book and which one would be next. Rex informs Natalie that John won’t allow her to be used as a decoy. Rex offers to help her to get John, but he won’t help her to catch the killer.

Hayes wonders what John wants to talk to them about. Hayes discusses how the sales of her book have skyrocketed, and now the police want to mess it up. Hayes also points out that the book is a best seller because of the publicity that it has been getting. Marcie tells him that she is going to help John catch the killer, no matter what it takes, and so is he. Hayes tells Marcie that he doesn’t think that there are going to be any more murders. John hears what he says, and he asks him how he would know that.

Todd has a confrontation with Antonio about his threatening him. Antonio reminds Todd of accusing him of keeping Jessica doped up on pills. Antonio tries to assure him that he wouldn’t do anything to hurt Jessica. Todd assures Antonio that he is a bad influence on Jessica. Antonio assures Todd that he knows Jessica. Antonio also tells him to use some of this energy on his own life.

Jesscia goes into the bathroom and throws her purse to the floor. Tess has a talk with her inner self, Jessica. Jessica talks to Tess. Antonio knocks on the door and asks Jessica if she is all right. Tess has a wild look on her face. Jessica tries to come out but Tess refuses to let her. She tells Antonio that she left her pills in Dr. Jamison’s office. She asks him to get them for her. Jessica vows to find out what Tess has been doing.

John joins Marcie and Hayes in his office. Marcie suggests sending all the books back. Marcie blames herself for writing the book that has caused all these murders. John tries to reassure her. John partially blames Hayes for his part in this.

Daniel denies having anything to confess. Bo takes the keys out of his pocket, unlocks the door, and joins Daniel in his cell. He throws the keys into a chair. Bo threatens to kill him.

Todd searches Dr. Jamison’s office. He picks up a file off his desk. Antonio comes in and asks him if he has found anything interesting.

Jessica visits Xanadu. She looks around but doesn’t remember anything. The bartender comes up and says, "Long time, no see."

Natalie and Rex argue over John and her plan to catch the killer. Rex refuses to help her. They both leave.

Hayes confronts John for blaming him. They discuss the killer and the book. John wants Marcie to give him a list of all the key players involved. Hayes leaves. Marcie apologizes.

R.J. and Lindsay talk. Lindsay refuses to leave until she talks to Colson. Lindsay wants Colson to remember these nightmares for the rest of his life.

Bo tells Colson that he deserves to die for everything that he had done. Daniel calls for the guard. The guard leaves and turns off the lights. Bo has a conversation with Daniel. Bo shows Daniel the picture of Jen.

Marcie and John discuss Hayes. Marcie feels responsible. He encourages her to write another book. He wants her to dig deep and write about the things that are related to the book, and to her.

Antonio and Todd have another confrontation about Todd stealing Jesscia’s file. Antonio asks Todd to back off.

Jessica has a talk with Charlie, the bartender. She questions him about how long it has been since she has been there. She writes it down. He gives her a drink.

Rex and Natalie talk. Rex tries to convince her not to do anything stupid. Rex sees Lindsay and goes over to join them. Lindsay demands to see Colson. Rex and R.J. just look at each other. Natalie joins Rex. They discuss Jen. Natalie looks at John.

Bo makes Daniel look at the picture of Jen. He reminds him of what he had done. They discuss Nora and what he had done to her. They discuss Riley and his feelings. They also discuss Matthew. Daniel kneels down at his bunk. Bo tells him of the people that he will meet in prison. Bo calls for the guard.

Rex kisses Natalie. John wants to know what that was all about. Natalie tells him that they were just talking. He asks her if she is all right. Natalie assures him that she is fine. He tells her he has to make some calls, and he leaves. Rex comes back and tells Natalie that she doesn’t have to make herself a target to get John’s attention, she already has it.

The killer is aiming his gun at some pictures.

Todd and Antonio have another confrontation over Jessica.

Jessica makes notes about Tess. The bartender calls her Tess.

John and Bo have a talk about Colson and his not confessing. They discuss Lindsay wanting to see Colson.

Lindsay visits Colson in his cell.

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