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John comes into his office with a cup of coffee. He picks up a file off his desk and sits down. Natalie comes in and brings him his messages. John wants to know what she is doing there so early. Natalie informs him that she thought she would come in early and try to clean up this mess about Daniel. Natalie tells him that she can’t believe that Colson is a murderer. John says, "Go figure." John tells her that he had brought a lot of his cases to trial, and had gotten convictions. John mentions something about not really knowing someone. Natalie tells him that she thinks you can.

Evangeline works out her frustrations on an exercise bike at the gym. She grabs the earplugs out of her ears and stops. Antonio works out his frustrations on a punching bag. He looks at Evangeline. He punches the bag even harder. Evangeline goes back to riding the bike.

Dr. Jamison tells Jessica that he thinks that does it for today. He tells her that she is doing really well. Jessica isn’t so sure, and she tells him that this is getting frustrating. She assures him that she wants to get better, in fact she needs to get better. Dr. Jamison assures her that he will find all the answers that she is looking for. He answers the phone and finds out that he is needed in the ER. He tells Jessica that he has to leave and does so. Jessica gets another bad headache, and Tess emerges. Tess is upset with Jessica for being whiny. She makes fun of Jessica. Tess decides that she needs a drink and says that it must be happy hour somewhere. She opens the door and runs into Todd.

The man who has kidnapped Renee hurries her into a room. She pulls away from him and argues with him for kidnapping her. He tells her to wait there. Renee is upset and tells him, "As if I have a choice." He leaves her. She begins to cry. Asa comes in and tells her that she is a sight for sore eyes. Renee gets up from the couch, surprised to see Asa.

Bo goes to visit Nora, but he is approached by reporters. He informs them that this is private. He threatens to arrest them. Rachel opens the door, and they share some small talk. He wants to know where Nora is. Rachel tells him that she is upstairs resting. Bo asks if he can come in. Rachel informs him no.

Asa tells Renee that he is so glad to see her. She asks him if he is the one responsible for having her kidnapped and brought here. Asa informs her that he has missed her like crazy. Renee compliments Asa, saying that he looks good. Asa wants her to give him a big kiss. She refuses and hits him in the stomach. He flinches from the pain. Duke comes in and tells her that he couldn’t agree more.

Jessica (Tess) questions Todd, saying that she didn’t know that he was a patient of Dr. Jamison’s. They try to have a civil conversation, and she asks him what he is doing there. Todd tells her that he is there to dig up some dirt on Colson, because apparently Colson was a patient of Dr. Jamison’s. Jessica informs him that she doesn’t care and for him to go for it. She starts to walk off, but he stops her. He questions her as to how she is. She tells him that she is fine, it is just this therapy thing that she is doing. Jessica isn’t too enthused with the idea of therapy, but she claims that the doctor has some kind of racket going on. Todd smiles and is impressed. Jessica makes light of the whole psychiatrist thing, and the prices that they charge. Todd mentions to her that she seems different. Jessica doesn’t know how to answer him. Todd tells her that she just doesn’t seem like herself, and he thinks he knows why.

Evangeline and Antonio talk, and she asks him how he is doing. They discuss Jessica and how she was there for him. Antonio informs her that Jessica wasn’t the reason why he had lost custody of his daughter. Evangeline tries to assure him that he hasn’t lost custody of his daughter. He starts to punch the bag again. Evangeline comments on his attitude and says that it is something that they need to check. She tries to explain to him about the custody agreement and it being re-evaluated in six months. They argue. They discuss change, including him changing his attitude and his being stubborn. Antonio is angered by her remark. Evangeline tells him that she is going to take a shower, and she will talk to him later. Antonio continues punching the bag even harder to work out his frustration.

John and Natalie discuss the look on Lindsay’s face when she looked up at Colson and realized that he had killed her daughter. John tells her that mass confusion had broken out, and it had been hard on everyone. Natalie points out that it had been hard on him, too. John wants to know how it was hard on him. Natalie points out that the whole situation was chaotic, a nightmare, and she knows how much he hates things like that.

Rachel and Bo discuss Nora’s feelings and how Daniel had betrayed her. Bo tells her that there are a few things that he needs to say to her. Rachel suggests saying "I’m sorry". She also points out that if he doesn’t have those two little words in his vocabulary then he isn’t going anywhere near her mother. Rachel and Bo discuss Daniel. They discuss the closeness that they have always felt toward each other. Bo has always considered them family. Bo wants to know why she is making this about him. Rachel points out that what had happened was a three-ring circus, and he was the ringmaster. Bo tries to get Rachel to understand that he had done everything he could do to keep from hurting Nora. Bo wants her to blame Colson. Rachel admits that she does blame Colson, but she also blames him. Rachel tells him that she doubts that Nora would ever speak to him again if it weren’t for Matthew. She asks him to leave. He refuses.

Asa wants to know what Duke is doing there. Duke asks Renee if she is all right. Asa questions Renee about knowing Duke. She denies knowing anything. Duke informs them that he had had Renee and her kidnapper followed, and then he had stowed away on the plane. Duke admits that he had a feeling that Asa was involved somehow. Asa admits that he is glad that Duke is there. Asa tells them that he will tell them everything, since he has his plan worked out. Duke informs him that he will spend the rest of his life in jail, if Todd doesn’t kill him with his bare hands first.

Todd and Jessica (Tess) argue. Jessica informs him that he doesn’t have a clue as to what is going on with her. Todd asks her where that is coming from. Jessica informs him that it is coming from the fact that he thinks that he can read her like a book. Todd tells her that she is not acting like herself. Todd confronts her about the doctor having her drugged out. Jessica is annoyed by all of Todd’s questions. Jessica admits that the doctor has her on some medication that makes her a little edgy. She apologizes to him. He smiles. She also tells him that the doctor has her on some anti-depressants that sometimes cause anxiety. Todd assures her that he likes her just the way that she is. She brings up Antonio Vega.

Antonio and Evangeline talk. She apologizes to him. She admits that they are both on edge about the judge's decision but says that they shouldn’t look at it like a defeat. She admits she hates losing. They discuss the case. She promises that she will do everything it takes to get Jaime back. They argue again.

Bo and Rachel discuss Daniel and the case. He tells her how hard he had worked on the case. He admits that he tried to get Nora, as well as Matthew, away from Daniel. They handle the arrest. They argue. Rachel accuses Bo of not caring about how all of this has affected her mother.

Asa and Renee discuss Bo and Todd. They discuss Blair and him keeping her from her children. Asa yells for Duke to shut up. Asa tells them that he has gotten his wife and his grandson here. He tells them that this is family time. Duke doesn’t believe him. Renee, angry, tells him to just stop it. Asa wants to know what is wrong with them. Renee asks him if he has any idea what he had put them through. She reprimands him for his actions. She asks him if he really cares. Asa assures them that he does care, he just had to wait until everything calmed down. He wanted to put his plan in the works, and that is why he had sent for her. He tells Renee that he missed her so much that his teeth hurt. He steps forward and kisses her.

John is in the squad room. Natalie joins him. She gives him some files and tells him that she hopes it helps. He inquires of her if these are about the Killing Club murders. Natalie talks about Bo and his letting her get away with things because she is his niece, but she admits that she likes working there. They discuss the girl who was murdered and his feelings when he thought that it was her. Natalie assures him that she knows. Natalie tells him that she had been thinking that she was the killer’s real target. She tells him about an idea that she has about being used as a decoy. He informs her that he hates it. They discuss the murders. He refuses to use her as a decoy. He tells her to put it out of her head. John leaves his office.

Todd discusses Antonio with Jessica. He tries to convince her to dump him. She admits that he has been through a lot lately, but she really loves him. He offers his help if Antonio ever tries to hurt her. Jessica denies Antonio doing anything like that.

Antonio and Evangeline discuss R.J. They discuss his plans against R.J. and making him pay. Evangeline informs him that this is about one person, and she is looking at him.

Bo denies enjoying what he had to do. He denies willfully hurting Nora. Rachel confronts him and says that she thinks he really believes that. They discuss Daniel. Rachel tells him that he could have waited until he was sworn in as lieutenant governor. They discuss Daniel being innocent or guilty. She reprimands him for his actions. Rachel tells him that she will tell her mother that he had stopped by, but don’t count on an invitation anytime soon. She goes into the house and leaves him standing outside.

Renee thanks Duke for his help. Renee tells Duke that he has turned into a wonderful, loving, and caring human being, and no thanks to his great grandpa here. She walks off. Asa and Duke discuss Buchanan Enterprises. Duke informs him that Buchanan Enterprises won’t stay afloat for too long, and that is why he has to come back to Llanview. Asa informs him that he can’t come home right now because he has other things to handle.

Todd gives Jessica advice on Antonio and says to slow things down with him. Jessica assures him that Antonio would never hurt her, he is just a passionate man. She comments on his temper getting him into trouble before. Jessica (Tess) has another headache and hears the voice of Jessica telling her not to do this to her and Antonio. Todd gets up and asks her if she is all right.

Evangeline is waiting in John’s office when he walks in. He tells her that he had decided to take a little walk to clear his head. She asks him if anything is wrong. They discuss Daniel, and then they discuss Natalie and the idea that she had had to be a decoy to catch the Killing Club murderer. Evangeline thinks that is crazy. He tells her that he doesn’t want to get into this now. They discuss Natalie being the real target for the murderer. They discuss the girl who was killed in her place. Evangeline is upset. He asks her what is going on with her. She confesses that she had had a run-in with Antonio at the gym. They discuss Antonio losing custody of his daughter. Evangeline also tells him that she had tried to call Nora, but she couldn’t get through. John tries to offer her encouragement concerning Nora, and suggests just being there for her when she needs to talk. Evangeline tells John that you never really know a person. They only let you see things that they want you to see. Evangeline confronts John and asks if he would ever keep anything from her. Natalie bursts in and starts to say something to John when Evangeline says, "What, Natalie?" Natalie is stunned by her harsh remarks.

Duke asks Asa if he is going to stay in South America for the rest of his life and be a fugitive. They discuss his having Renee kidnapped. Duke asks him his plans. Asa suggests living in South America, opening up a restaurant, and letting Renee run it.

Todd asks Jessica if she is all right. She blames her behavior on the medication, which is giving her a headache. Todd asks her if Viki knows. Jessica tells him no, she has enough to deal with right now. She thanks him for his concern and leaves. Antonio enters and questions Todd as to whether he has seen Jessica. Todd denies seeing her.

Jessica goes into the bathroom and throws her purse down on the floor. Tess refuses to let Jessica out.

Natalie apologizes and tells them that she is sorry that she interrupted, and she can do this later. She leaves. Evangeline doesn’t know what is wrong with her that she keeps snapping at people. They discuss the loss in court. He offers her encouragement. They make plans for later. Evangeline leaves out one door, and Natalie comes in the other. They discuss the idea of hers to be a decoy. John leaves. Natalie calls Rex and tells him that she has an idea. Natalie hangs up and leaves the office.

John meets up with Bo. They discuss Daniel and whether he has had any visitors. Bo decides to visit Colson.

Duke wants to know what the big picture is. Renee comes in and comments on the place. Duke leaves them alone. Renee and Asa have a talk. They hug.

Tess confronts Jessica as to her figuring everything out. Jessica won’t allow Tess to take complete control.

Antonio again questions Todd about seeing Jessica. Todd questions him about him losing custody of his daughter. Todd leaves. Antonio meets up with Jessica and asks her if everything is all right.

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