OLTL Update Friday 5/27/05

One Life to Live Update Friday 5/27/05



By Mary
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Blair and Todd come into Jack’s room, and Blair sits down beside him. She tells him that they had sent his sister home, but he was going to have to stick around a little while longer. Blair asks Dr. Truman how he is really doing. He assures her that in a week or two his tracheotomy will heal, and he will be just fine. Todd asks him what he is doing in Llanview, anyway. Dr. Truman informs him that he was going to give a lecture on a procedure that he had originated. Blair tells Dr. Truman to excuse them. They leave the room. Blair confronts Todd about his attitude. Todd gets a page, and he answers his cell phone. They tell him about the swearing in. Todd doesn’t think that that would be a good story. Then they inform him that Daniel is being accused of murder.

Evangeline comes into her office. Evangeline says that if she hurries she can catch the reception for Daniel Colson. Her secretary asks her if she hasn’t heard and informs her that Bo Buchanan and John McBain had just arrested Colson for murdering Jennifer Rappaport and Paul Cramer. Evangeline thinks that she is joking, but the secretary assures her that she is not.

John gets another police officer to get all the people out of the police station. Natalie tries to talk to John about Daniel, but he tells her that he can’t talk now and she will just have to find out like everybody else. Natalie orders them all out before she busts them herself. John is surprised.

Nora is in Bo’s office. She looks at the picture of Jen. Bo brings Daniel into the office. They stand there looking at each other. Nora tells Bo to give them a minute. Bo states that he is not leaving her alone with him. She tells him please. He tells Daniel not to even think about going anywhere. Bo leaves. Nora and Daniel look at each other.

Rex tells Riley that if he wants to get angry at anyone, it should be at his old man. Riley accuses them of enjoying seeing him and his father get destroyed. Lindsay tells Riley that no one had a good time. Lindsay informs him that no matter what has happened, Jen is gone. Rex and Lindsay leave. Riley yells at him to come back and face him. Marcie tries to calm him down by telling him if he wants to punch someone, to punch her. Riley throws over some chairs, tries to wreck the podium, and picks up a flower pot, throwing it at the picture of his father and making the picture fall. He falls to the ground, crying. Marcie tries to comfort him.

Evangeline tries to call John. She tells the person who answers that it is important. She says, "All right." Then she asks if Bo Buchanan is there. She says, "Okay, fine. Thank you," and then hangs up. She dials her secretary, Amy, and tells her to reschedule her next appointment.

Natalie orders the reporters out of the police station or they can go in the can. Natalie walks back to her desk. She hears John on the phone, telling someone to keep the reporters out. Natalie asks him if there is anything else that she can do for him. John tells her that he needs someone who will make things around there sane again. They smile at each other.

Daniel tries to talk to Nora. He tries to make her believe that he is innocent. She informs him that she doesn’t know anything anymore. Daniel tries to tell her that he loves her, and she loves him. He tries to blame all of this on Bo. Daniel tries to convince her that they will fight these charges together. Daniel denies killing Paul and Jen. Daniel tries to convince her to believe in him, in herself, and in their love.

Dr. Truman is in the room with Jack. He tells him to play video games, "doctor's orders." Blair thanks him. He leaves the room. Todd comes in. Blair wants to know what the phone call was about. Todd tells her about Daniel Colson being gay and that the police believe he had committed two homicides. Blair is surprised to hear Paul had been blackmailing him because he had a gay lover. Todd tells her he is going to run with it. Blair insists that he should be more sympathetic to people's feelings. They discuss Nora and her feelings. Todd refuses to let this go and tells Blair that he is going to run with it no matter what.

Paige comes through the hall, talking to a nurse, and she bumps into Spencer Truman. He says, "Well, hello, Dr. Miller." She asks him what he is doing there. Paige tells Spencer that she is surprised to see him. He informs her that he is giving a lecture on a new surgical procedure that he has developed. He tells her that it was a good thing, because it had just saved a child’s life. Paige is sarcastic as she says that he is as humble as she remembers. She wishes him good luck on his lecture. He tells her that it was good to see her again. The nurse notices something is wrong and asks Paige if she is all right. Paige scratches her head and tells her that it has been a long day.

Riley is still upset over his father and what has gone on that day. Marcie apologizes to him for not telling him about his father and Mark, but he had been dealing with so many things. Marcie tries to defend Rex. Marcie points out that he is hurt and angry. Riley tells her that his father has been lying to him his whole life about being gay. Riley thinks Daniel hates him, as well as Nora. Riley admits that he doesn’t know who he is anymore.

Natalie answers the phone and tells the caller that Bo Buchanan is busy. Michael comes into the squad room. He wants to talk to John. Natalie refuses to let him talk to John. Michael tells her that he has come there to make a statement about the autopsy. Natalie asks him, "The autopsy that you performed?" Michael wonders how she knew about that. Natalie tells him that she works there. Michael tells her that he doesn’t need the attitude and he will find John himself. Natalie tells him no, just sit down, and she will find John herself.

Evangeline comes into the squad room and meets up with Bo. She tells him that she had heard the news, and she asks about Nora. Evangeline tells Bo that she wants to talk to Nora. Bo informs her that now is not a good time. Bo informs her that yes, Daniel had killed Paul and Jen. Evangeline is shocked.

Daniel tries to convince Nora of how much he loves her. Nora confronts him about killing Paul to cover up his secret of having an affair with Mark Solomon. Nora wants to know why he had killed Jen, who seemed like a daughter to her, and whom his son had loved. She confronts him about being gay and still marrying her. Daniel tries to come near her, but she grabs a letter opener off the desk and holds it up in front of him. She orders him not to come near her or touch her ever again.

Marcie tries to uplift Riley’s spirits. Riley feels guilty about letting Daniel convince him that Jen was guilty of killing Paul Cramer. Riley also feels guilty that when he finally woke up, it was too late. Marcie points out that Jen still loved him. Riley informs her that she shouldn’t have. Riley has a lot of regrets, and he hates himself. Riley walks off and leaves Marcie alone.

John starts down the hall and meets up with Evangeline. Evangeline tells him that she is devastated for Nora. John asks her if she has seen her yet. Evangeline tells her that Bo had told her that now was not a good time. Evangeline questions John as to why it had to go down like that. John sees Lindsay and Rex. He tells Evangeline to excuse him. He questions Rex and Lindsay as to what they are doing there.

Bo talks to Paige. She tells him that she just wanted to see him. They kiss. Bo asks her if she has heard the news. Paige questions him about what he means. Bo informs her that they need to go somewhere and talk because he has a lot to fill her in on. They leave.

Natalie is frustrated. Michael comes up and tells Natalie that if Evangeline can get in to see John, then so can he. Natalie is shocked to learn that Evangeline is with John. They argue once again. Michael apologizes. Natalie pats him on the cheek. Marcie watches.

Nora tells Daniel that she hates him for doing this to her and making her a victim again. All the time she is waving the letter opener at him. Daniel tries to talk some sense into her, but she won’t listen to him. Daniel tries to deny his affair with Mark Solomon. Nora tells him that everything has been lies. Nora orders him to say that he never loved her.

Blair asks Dr. Truman if it is all right that Jack goes home. He assures her that he can. Todd comes in and tells Blair that he has something that she needs to see. They watch the special report about Daniel Colson.

Rex and Lindsay tell John that they have a right to be there. John takes Lindsay aside. He reprimands Rex for being there. Lindsay interrupts and tells John that the man who had murdered her daughter was there. John informs them that he is being processed. Rex wants to know where. Rex and Lindsay leave.

John goes back into his office, where Evangeline is waiting. John picks up the phone and tells the person on the other end that Rex and Lindsay are there and need to be kept away from Daniel. They discuss Daniel and Nora, and then Bo and Matthew. They argue about the happenings of the day.

Bo asks Paige if she is all right. Paige tells him that she is the last person that he needs to be thinking about right now. Bo tells her he will call her later. He kisses her.

Michael and Marcie discuss Riley. Michael hugs her.

Natalie talks to Rex and Lindsay, and she encourages them to go home and let the police handle this. Marcie and Lindsay discuss Daniel and Jen. Bo comes up and tells Lindsay that he knows what she is going through. Rex assures Bo that they are not going anywhere. Bo warns Rex to not do anything to mess this up. Lindsay tells them that they want to make sure that Daniel is caught. Lindsay tells Bo that one day she wants Daniel to feel the pain that she has felt. Rex and Lindsay leave.

Daniel tries to assure Nora of his love. She accuses him of being gay. He denies being gay. They argue. He tells her she doesn’t understand. Daniel tries to tell her that being gay is like being on alcohol, or being on drugs. Nora is furious, and she tells him to not act like being gay is a disease. He tries to approach her, but she holds the letter opener in front of her and tells him not to touch her. She accuses him of ruining Riley’s life, as well as her own. She also tells him that he had heard the last words that Jen had spoken. She asks him if he thought that it would never be found out. Daniel looks at her seriously and tells her that he never killed anybody. Nora asks him if he is insane. He tells her no, he is her husband. Nora informs him that he is not the man that she had married. She calls him a monster. Daniel insists that she knows him. Nora tells him that she doesn’t know anything right now. She informs him that she doesn’t know him. She leaves him alone in Bo’s office.

Todd is on the phone, and he tells the person that he is talking to that he wants everybody breathing on this Colson thing. He instructs them to find Mark Solomon. The headline will read, “Double Life, Double Homicide.”

Paige walks up to the nurses' station. The nurse makes a remark about Dr. Truman not leaving too soon. Paige informs her that this is a hospital, not a singles’ club. Todd asks Paige her opinion about Dr. Truman. Paige doesn’t know what to say.

Natalie offers her help to Nora. Nora declines the help. Nora questions her about whether this is the reason that Bo didn’t want her to take Matthew home. Nora thinks of Matthew and how he will react when he finds out the news. Natalie tells her to take a minute and pull herself together. Natalie assures her that she knows what this is like, marrying a man that you don’t know anything about. Nora only laughs. She offers her assurance. Bo watches Natalie talking to Nora.

Rex and Lindsay visit the parking garage where Daniel killed Jen. Lindsay takes the pictures down off the wall. Michael tries to prescribe her something for the pain. Riley is upset and doesn’t know what to think.

John thinks Evangeline blames him for what has happened to Nora. Evangeline admits to him that Antonio had lost custody of his Jaime for a period of six months. She is also upset over Nora and not being able to talk to her. She confesses that she doesn’t really blame him. She gets up to leave. He wonders where she is going. She informs him that she is going home. She tells him that she just wants to be alone. He stops her and gives her his apartment keys, just in case she doesn’t want to be alone.

Natalie assures John that he didn’t have any other choice. She tells him that he had to do his job. He is solemn.

Todd questions Paige about Spencer. Paige informs him that he has been a journalistic reporter too long. Todd goes into the room with Blair, Jack, and Spencer. Spencer questions them about the goings-on in Llanview. Blair tells him that it is always this exciting. Spencer informs them that this is his kind of town.

Riley sits alone by himself as a song plays, "I want you to know..."

Marcie and Michael help to box up Jen’s things from the parking garage. Lindsay hugs Marcie.

Lindsay and Rex take the pictures from off the wall.

Natalie comes into John’s office. He gives her Paul Cramer’s file. She hugs him. She begins to leave, but then looks back at him.

Evangeline arrives back at her office. She pulls off her shoes, looks at John’s apartment key, and stretches out on the sofa.

Riley drinks by himself.

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