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Todd comes back to the park and finds all the picnic things strewn around, but no one is there. He yells out for them but no one answers him. He yells out again that this isn’t funny.

Blair is in the emergency room with Jack, and she tells Dr. Spencer that she doesn’t care who he is, she doesn’t want him touching her son. Two men rush into the emergency room and start to drag him out by his arms. Starr wants to know what is happening. Dr. Spencer tells Blair that if she doesn’t let him treat her son, he will die.

Viki watches the special report on TV about Daniel being arrested for killing Paul Cramer and Jennifer Rappaport. Dorian bursts in and tells Viki that she has a bone to pick with her. They watch the special report together. Dorian begins to ask, "Are they saying..." But her words stop in mid-air. Mark comes forward and informs them that he and Daniel have been dating for months.

There is mass confusion at the swearing in. The reporters approach Mark about his recent statement. The reporter informs the listening audience that Daniel Colson has just been accused of the double murder of Paul Cramer and Jennifer Rappaport. Governor Brooks comes forward and suggests that they take this all inside. Bo tells him that it is too late for that now. Mark tries to convince them that Daniel didn’t kill anyone. He also tells them that the only thing he has been hiding is their relationship. Nora looks at Daniel and asks him if he is in love with Mark. Mark tries to tell Nora that they want to be together. Mark also tells Nora that he wanted Daniel to talk to her and tell her about them.

Todd tries to phone Blair, but he looks down and sees her cell phone lying on the blanket. He squats down and checks the messages on the phone. He finds a call to 911. He is puzzled as to what has happened to his family, and he rushes off.

Dr. Truman tries to convince Blair that he is a surgeon. Dr. Truman tells her that in a few moments Jack is going to suffer from respiratory arrest. He tries to explain that the doctors have been treating him for the wrong thing, and if they don’t let him perform this procedure Jack could die. The emergency room doctor asks, "Are you Dr. Spencer Truman?" Dr. Truman pleads with Blair to let him save her son’s life. Blair agrees to the procedure, and Blair and Starr leave the room. Dr. Truman gives the nurse and the doctor instructions as to what to do. He tells them that if he doesn’t get inside this kid, then he is as good as dead. Blair and Starr watch through the window in the door. The nurse injects something into Jack's I.V. line, and Dr. Truman begins the procedure.

David watches the report on television that Daniel Colson has been arrested for the double murder of Paul Cramer and Jennifer Rappaport. David remarks about reality television as he munches on some snacks. Kelly comes downstairs and sees what David is watching, and she tells him that she can’t believe he is watching this. David informs her that this is the best show in town. David remarks, "You just can’t trust their kind." David asks Kelly if she knew that Nora’s husband was a gay double murderer. Kelly says, "Gay people." David says, "District attorneys." David informs Kelly that he hadn’t had this much fun watching television since Robert Blake left his gun in that restaurant. Kelly is upset that Daniel Colson murdered her brother, and she needs a moment to process that. David tells Kelly that he had actually forgotten that Paul was family. David calls Paul a greedy little worm. Kelly is upset by his remark. David apologizes. Kelly asks him to not talk about this anymore. David urges her to take a bath because that always makes her feel better. Kelly asks him if he is trying to get rid of her. She hands him the remote and goes upstairs, but not before telling him to keep the volume down. He turns the TV back on and picks up his bowl of popcorn.

Mark urges Daniel to tell them that he hadn’t killed Paul or Jen. Nora looks at Daniel. Riley looks at Daniel. Harrison stands beside Daniel, but he tells him he is on his own and leaves. The reporter pushes through the crowd and attempts to ask him about his being gay and about his recent marriage. Marcie pushes through the crowd and dives into Michael’s arms. The reporter again tries to question Daniel. Daniel finally remarks, "'Accused' is exactly the point." Daniel tells them he is not saying anything until he sees his lawyer. Nora just looks at him.

Lindsay admits that she has accused Daniel of a lot of things, but he is Riley’s father. Rex hugs her. The reporter asks Nora how she feels that her husband is gay and being accused of killing Paul and Jennifer. Bo tells John to read Daniel his rights. John reads Daniel his rights amidst all the confusion. John leads him down off the podium and past Mark, who tries to talk to him. John takes him to a police car and opens the door. Riley tries to approach him, but John holds him back. John puts Daniel in the police car and tells the driver to let them get out of there. The cameraman tries to get pictures as the car backs up and leaves. Nora stands on the podium, dumbfounded at the events that have unfolded before her.

Viki says, "Oh, my God, poor Nora." Dorian exclaims that this is what tabloid dreams are made of. Viki tells her that she sounds like David. Dorian tells her that she doesn’t want to discuss David. Viki says, "Really?" Then she asks Dorian why she is there. Dorian tells Viki that she is there to talk about Blair. Dorian informs Viki that Todd is once again working his evil magic on Blair. Viki pleads with Dorian to not start this again. Dorian tells Viki that Blair says she wants revenge on Asa. Dorian suggests that Blair is going to get herself in big trouble if she follows through with her plans. Dorian asks her how many times does she have to warn her about Todd before she does something about it. Viki tells her that it is none of her business, nor is it any of Viki's. Dorian informs her that she does not put on blinders and let members of her family go around wreaking havoc in other people’s lives. Viki informs her that she is butting in where she has no business. Dorian insists that Blair is her niece, and Viki insists that Todd is her brother, and she is not his keeper. Viki points out that this is exactly why David had walked out on her as she sidesteps Dorian. Dorian insists that David did not walk out on her. Dorian insists also that as far as she is concerned, he can rot in that carriage house of hers for the rest of his life.

David lies on the sofa, eating popcorn and laughing at what is happening on TV. Kelly yells at him, and he hurriedly gets up. Kelly comes downstairs, wrapped in a towel, and informs David that someone has used all the hot water. They discuss what is happening on the news. David insists that he is a news junkie. Kelly says, "More of a gossip junkie." Kelly mentions Dorian. David insists that he doesn’t want to discuss Dorian. Kelly starts back upstairs, but before she does David asks her if she knows that Dorian is dating. Kelly says, "I thought you didn’t want to discuss Dorian." David tells her that he thinks it is pathetic that she is trolling the Internet looking for guys. David is surprised that Kelly knew about her surfing the Internet looking for guys. Kelly says, "And get this -- his screen name was the King of Hearts." David admits that he was the King of Hearts, and that he hadn’t known that he was meeting Dorian. Kelly points out that of all the people on the Internet, it was he and Dorian who had made a date with each other. Kelly points out that he is as pathetic as she is, but they were meant to be together.

Blair and Starr nervously watch the procedure. Dr. Truman gives the attending physician instructions. After inserting something like a microscope into Jack’s throat, he finds the problem. The attending physician can’t understand how it had hit so fast. They bring him out of the emergency room. Blair talks to the doctor, and he tells them Jack is going to be just fine. Starr reminds him of something that he had said. Dr. Truman admits that he can be sort of a cowboy sometimes. He asks her if Jack is up to date on all his immunizations. Blair tells him that he is. Dr. Truman explains the symptoms that had made Jack’s throat swell up. Blair blames herself, saying that she should have seen this coming. Dr. Truman explains that he was at the park, and he was having too much fun to even notice his symptoms. Starr tries to assure her that Jack will be just fine. Blair explains to him that she had been so upset that she hadn’t even gotten his name. She asks him if it is Dr. Spencer Truman. She hugs him and thanks him for saving her son’s life. Todd sees them hugging. He is thoroughly puzzled by her actions.

Todd hurries up to them, grabs the doctor by his coat, and shoves him away from Blair. He tells the doctor to stay away from his wife. Blair tells him that the doctor had saved Jack’s life and explains to Todd what had been going on. Todd immediately questions Dr. Truman as to what is wrong with his son. Blair explains to Todd that Jack was dying. Dr. Truman assures him that Jack will be just fine. Dr. Truman smiles at him. Todd tells him that he had better be right. Starr starts to take Todd to where Jack is. He stops and says to Blair, "Are you coming?" Blair apologizes to Dr. Truman for Todd’s actions.

Bo tells Nora to come on and let him get her out of there. They walk slowly down the steps and through the crowd. There are people all around her trying to ask her questions. The reporter tries to get a statement from Nora, and also questions Bo. Bo asks her if she is trying to lose her credentials. The reporter informs him that she is just asking a question. She asks Bo about Colson’s career. Nora pushes past him. Bo follows her. The reporters and others follow behind.

Michael tries to console Riley by telling him to let him get him out of there. They are beginning to leave when Mark approaches them and tells Riley that his father hadn’t killed anyone. Mark tells them that he and Daniel loved each other. Riley asks him what is wrong with him. Riley grabs him by the shirt and pushes him to the ground.

John brings Daniel into the squad room in handcuffs. Daniel mentions calling his lawyer. John informs him that he is going to need more than a lawyer; he might need a priest. He takes him into an office and sits him down in a chair. Daniel makes a remark about John and the job he has been doing on the Killing Club murders. John tells him he is going to be lucky if he spends the rest of his life in jail. John tells him that they are just two guys talking. Daniel reminds him that he knows his rights. John asks him if he killed someone just so he could be the governor’s boy, and says if so, the irony now is that his own staff is making the case against him. John tells him about Riley and the nightmares that he is going to have for the rest of his life about this. They discuss the case, and John says he should get the RDA and finish this. Daniel tells him that he hopes he isn’t waiting for a confession. John tries to get him to end this before he puts the people around him through any more heartaches. John informs him that he has destroyed their lives, and now he is going to put them through a trial. John tells him to confess to what he did.

Nora is by herself, trying to get away from the reporters. One reporter comes up behind her and tries to talk to her. Nora turns on the reporter. The reporter tells Nora that this is her chance to tell her side of the story. Bo comes up, puts his hand over the camera lens, and threatens to throw the reporter in jail for harassment. The reporter leaves. Bo asks Nora if she is all right. Nora asks him what he thinks.

Viki tells Dorian to just come clean and admit that she wants David back. Viki asks her if she is still in love with David. Dorian tells her no. Viki asks Dorian if it bothers her just a little bit that David has begun seeing other women. Dorian again denies it, but she questions Viki as to how she knows about it. Viki admits that she sort of helped him get ready for an Internet date that he had. Dorian questions her as to how she had helped. Viki informs her that he needed the King of Hearts from her deck of cards, which she had given him, and she had helped with his wardrobe. Dorian snickers and says, "And he came to you for that?" Viki admits that it was kind of fun helping him, and he can be so charming. Dorian asks her what has happened that her perception has changed. Viki asks her if she is jealous. Dorian remarks that she is not at all. Dorian informs her that the Internet date that David had had was actually was with her. Viki says, "With you?" Dorian replies, "Yes." She asks Viki if she is surprised. Viki asks her if she is One Perfect Rose. Dorian says yes. Viki covers her mouth and snickers. Viki apologizes, but then she begins to laugh again. Viki says, "I take it that the date didn’t go too well." Viki accuses her of being there to start a fight. Dorian denies trying to start a fight and says that she was there to talk some sense into her. Dorian admits that that is a hopeless task. Viki reminds her of a statement that she had made insisting that she didn’t care if David rotted in that cottage. Dorian still denies wanting David back. Viki tells her that if she really feels that way, then she thinks that she might ask him out herself.

Kelly and David discuss Dorian and the idea that she and David are meant to be together. David mentions the iceberg and the Titanic. Kelly points out that they, too, made history. David reminds her of the lives that were lost when the Titanic went down and tells her that's not for him. David also informs her that this boat has had a turnaround. Kelly asks him if he has been on the Internet since then to look for another date. David insists that she just wants him out of her house. Kelly admits that she does. Kelly says that she believes in fate, and so does he, if he would only admit it. David stubbornly tells her that he is a deadhead and an iceberg. They begin discussing women and diamonds. David realizes that Dorian has the diamond, and he had gotten the shaft. Kelly asks him if he would rather have the diamond than Dorian.

Riley goes after Mark. Michael holds him back. Marcie tells them that this isn’t helping anything. Riley blames Mark for Daniel killing Jen. Marcie convinces Mark to leave. Riley goes on and on. Mark tells Marcie that this is a big mistake. Michael finally lets Riley go. Riley is upset and angry.

Daniel tells John that he has no comment. John informs him that he thought he would give him a chance to come clean to save that crummy soul of his. John says maybe it’s too late for that. John gets up from the desk and tells him to let them get him fingerprinted and booked. John takes him out of the office.

Bo tries to talk to Nora, but she tells him not to say anything. Nora tells him that she needs to see her husband. Bo suggests that that wouldn’t be a good idea. Nora insists that she needs to see him. Bo tells her to come with him and he will drive her. She looks angry and humiliated.

Todd talks to Jack as he is rubbing his head and asks, "Does it hurt, buddy?" Jack wants to know when he can go home. Blair tweaks his nose and tells him not until the doctor tells him that he can. Todd asks them if they hadn’t noticed that he was having trouble breathing. Blair starts to tell him something but stops. Todd questions her about it. Blair tells him that she will tell him later. Todd informs her that he wants to know now. Blair tells him that she had accidentally mistaken a neighbor for Margaret. Starr admits that Mrs. Joset does look a little like Margaret. Todd confronts the guards as to what had happened. The guards leave. Blair tells him that he didn’t have to do that. Todd informs her that things like this shouldn’t happen. Dr. Truman comes in. Jack wants to know when he can have his ice cream. Dr. Truman tells him that he will get right on it. Starr thanks him for saving her brother's life. Blair thanks him also.

Dorian confronts Viki about her remark. She tells Viki that she thinks she really doesn’t want to ask David out, she is just trying to manipulate her. Viki denies doing any such thing. Dorian questions her as to why she would do anything. Dorian points out that she can’t stand David. Viki points out that that was in the past. She tells Dorian that they have spent some time together, and she finds him quite delightful. Viki also tells her that they had watched a movie together. They argue again over David. Viki compliments David on just about everything and says that she might enjoy herself. Dorian asks her if her heart could take it. She picks up the phone. Dorian asks her what she is doing, and Viki explains that she is going to call David and see if he is free for dinner. Dorian gets angry and rips the phone out by the roots. Dorian orders her to stay away from David. Viki reminds her of what she had said about being through with David. Dorian informs her that it is over when she says it is over. Dorian leaves. Viki says, "Bad Viki, bad Viki." She smiles to herself.

David and Kelly discuss Dorian and a diamond ring. She points out all the things that having a woman like Dorian could be. Kelly points out Dorian’s love for him. Soon after that, Kelly leaves to go to the gym. Dorian barges in and tells David that she needs to talk to him. David says, "So do I." He tells her that he wants his diamond back.

Rex and Lindsay discuss Daniel and the police, saying that they had caught Jen’s real killer and cleared her name.

Riley is upset and holds his face in his hands. Michael sympathizes with Riley but admits he has no idea what he is going through. Michael asks Marcie if she is all right. Marcie tells him that she is just trying to take it all in. Michael tells her if she needs anything she should just call him. Michael leaves.

Marcie sits down beside Riley. Riley tells her that he can’t believe that this is happening. Marcie agrees. Riley asks her if she believes that his dad really killed Jen. Marcie informs him that that is what the police think. Riley is upset at Mark pretending to be his friend and then turning out to be his dad’s lover. Marcie tells him that she already knew.

Bo and Nora come into the police station. Nora wants to know where Daniel is. Nora and Daniel meet eye to eye.

Dorian tells David, "I beg your pardon?" David again tells her that he wants his ring back. David says, "Please give me my ring back." Dorian takes it off and gives it back to him. David proposes to her again, and she answers yes, happily. He puts the ring back on her finger, and they kiss.

Dr. Truman, Todd, and Blair leave Jack’s room. Starr tells him that she is so happy that he is going to be all right. They hug.

Blair and Todd talk to Dr. Truman. Blair is glad that he was there. Todd asks him if he thought a tracheotomy was absolutely necessary. Dr. Truman tells him that if he hadn’t thought so, he wouldn’t have done it. Todd is happy that the doctor showed up when he did.

Riley confronts Marcie about knowing that his dad was gay. Marcie tells him that she had just found out yesterday, right before Jen’s memorial service, and that she had told him that it wasn’t right. Riley wants to know why she hadn’t told him. Marcie insists that she didn’t think that it was her place. They argue. Riley confronts Rex and Lindsay and asks if they knew about Daniel being gay. Riley asks them if everyone knew about his father except him.

The reporters approach Nora in the squad room. John orders all the reporters out. Bo wants to take Nora into his office, but she resists. She wants to talk to Daniel. She orders Bo to let her talk to her husband now.

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