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The Palace Hotel

The clerk is behind the desk. The phone rings three times, and she answers it and tells the caller to please hold. She says under her breath that Renee had picked a bad day to take off. A stranger walks up to the desk. The clerk gets tongue-tied and says, “May I have you?" Then she corrects it and says, "May I help you?" She and the stranger smile at each other.

Antonio's house

Antonio and Jessica arrive home. She offers to get Antonio something to eat and drink but he declines the offer. He walks over and kneels down to pick up one of Jaime’s toys off of the floor. Jessica wants to do something for him. He asks her if she can get his daughter back. She comes over, kneels behind him, and puts her arms around him.

The park

Blair plays a game with Jack. Blair stops playing and asks him if his headache is better. He tells her, "Uh-huh." Blair tells him that she will get Starr to play with him. She begins to look around for Starr, and she sees her talking to a woman. Blair immediately thinks that it is Margaret. She rushes over to Starr and the woman.

City Hall

Daniel tells Bo that that Bible has been in his family for generations. Bo gives the Bible back to him and tells him that he is going to need it. He states, "Theodore Daniel Colson, you are under arrest for the murder of Jennifer Rappaport." Everyone is shocked by Bo’s actions. Marcie asks, "What?" and Mark says, "Wait!" Nora asks Bo if he is out of his mind. Harrison is upset and tells Bo that he has just bought his resignation. Nora tells Bo that this is a lie and that Daniel hadn’t killed Jen. She pleads with Daniel to tell Bo that it is a lie. Riley states that it is a lie and his father didn’t kill Jen. He asks Bo how he could possibly think something like that. John speaks up and tells them Jen had caught him planting evidence in her car, and he had to silence her. Bo tells them that Daniel had suffocated Jen and then had tried to make it look like she had killed herself. John tells Daniel that he had made some mistakes. Riley pleads with his dad to tell them that he hadn’t killed Jen. Nora pleads with Harrison, asking if there is anything he can do to stop this. Harrison informs Bo that these accusations will not stand. Bo informs him that he thinks they will. Nora once again tries to defend Daniel by saying that even he isn’t so ambitious that he would kill Jen just to close the Cramer case. Bo tells her that the reason he killed Jen was to cover his own tracks. Bo informs them that he has an indictment against Daniel for the murder of Paul Cramer. The crowd doesn’t know what to make of all of the goings-on.

There is a reporter in the crowd, and she reports to the listening audience that Bo has just arrested District Attorney Daniel Colson for the murders of Paul Cramer and Jennifer Rappaport.

Jessica reminds Antonio that the judge had given him six months before she makes her final decision in the custody case. She also reminds him that the judge stated that she usually sides with the father, so all they have to prove... But her sentence trails off in mid-air. Antonio asks her, "To prove what? That I love my daughter?" Jessica tries to assure him that that is not going to happen. Antonio is cynical about R.J.’s motives. He tells Jessica that R.J. knows that his daughter would benefit from her father’s love. Jessica tries to remind him that Jaime loves him, and six months away from him will only make her want to see him more. Jessica reminds him that Jaime is getting older, and she will have more of a say in whom she lives with. Antonio is sorrowful and reminds Jessica that the older Jaime gets, the more time he loses with her. Antonio thinks that he was stupid for giving Jaime to R.J. in the first place. Jessica reminds him that he had only done that to protect her from the Santis. Antonio is mad and tells her that he had protected Jaime right out of his life. Jessica reminds him that he still has visitation rights. Antonio is angry that he has supervised visitation. Antonio feels as though he is being treated like a criminal. He feels that this is his legacy to his daughter.

Blair tries to strangle the woman she had thought was Margaret. Starr tries to separate them by telling Blair that she is hurting her. Blair tells Starr to get the security guard. Blair orders the woman to stay away from her family. Starr tells Blair to stop because the woman is not Margaret, she is their neighbor, Mrs. Joset. Starr asks Mrs. Joset if she is all right. Blair walks away, muttering to herself that it was not Margaret, it was not Margaret...

Asa’s mansion

Kelly comes into the living room, and she has brought some cannoli from Mama Louisa’s. Kelly tells Kevin it's no wonder he hadn’t heard the doorbell. Kevin apologizes and tells her that he has a lot going on today. He asks her, "What is that, Mama Louisa’s?" Kelly informs him that she thought it would be a tough day. Kevin remarks that he thought it was going to be a tough day, too. The cannoli that Kelly brought surprised him. Kelly informs him that she had brought two. Kevin is impressed. Kelly tells him that she would rather have him indulge in sweet things during the day instead of drinking by himself. Kevin informs her that it is club soda. Kelly asks him if he is still by himself. Kevin tells her that Renee and Duke are gone, and Nigel had taken the day off. Kevin informs her that he is having... and his sentence trails off. Kelly finishes the sentence for him and tells him that he is having cannoli with a friend, and he is glad it is all over. Kelly tells him to let Colson worry about it a while. Kevin tells her that he guesses that Colson is up to his neck in it now. Kelly reminds him that the swearing-in ceremony is being broadcast on television. They turn on the TV set. Kevin makes a smart remark about Brooks sucking up to the press. The reporter announces that the swearing in has been interrupted by Bo Buchanan, who has arrested Daniel Colson for the murders of Paul Cramer and Jennifer Rappaport. Kelly is shocked.

Marcie asks Mark if he knew about this. Mark informs her that it is not true what they are saying about Daniel.

John tells Bo and the others that this could get ugly real fast. Bo agrees with him and wants to get him out of there as soon as possible. John tells him that sounds all right. Daniel tells John that he doesn’t know what he is doing. Nora tries to get them to work things out there, suggesting that maybe they had gotten their wires crossed and reminding them they didn’t have a motive. John tells Bo that they can’t do that there. Bo agrees and remarks that they will tell them everything down at the station. Nora demands to know from Bo what possible motive Daniel could have to kill Paul Cramer.

A stranger checks into the Palace Hotel. Linda, the clerk, tells him that she has his reservation and addresses him as Mr. Truman. He corrects her and tells her it is Dr. Truman. He instructs her to call him Spencer. She tells him that that is a great name. He tells her matter-of-factly that it works for him. She informs him that he is in Suite 2131. He says with a smile, "A suite?" Linda tells him that he is welcome, and if there is anything else she can do for him, just let her know. He instructs her again to call him Spencer. She says with a smile, "Spencer." He thanks her for her help. Linda mentions that she had noticed he didn’t have a checkout date on his reservation. She also asks him if he will be staying in Llandview long. He informs her that it is still up in the air as of right now.

Blair releases the woman and tells her that she is terribly sorry for the mix-up. Blair starts to tell her that she looked like someone, but her words stop in mid-air. Mrs. Joset finishes the sentence for her and says that she looked like someone she wanted to throttle. Starr tries to make excuses for Blair, explaining that she had been a little freaked lately. Blair once again tries to explain that she looked like someone who could possibly hurt her children. Mrs. Joset informs her that the only threat to her children was her. Mrs. Joset leaves. Blair inquires of Starr what she is doing. Starr tries to tell her not to sweat it. Starr tries to tell her something that Todd had said, but Blair interrupts. Blair tells Starr that Mrs. Joset didn’t look anything like Margaret. They argue over Mrs. Joset looking like Margaret. Blair confesses that she is worried because if something happened to her or Jack, she didn’t know what she would do. Starr tries to tell her that they will be all right. Starr also informs her that there were so many people around that nothing could happen. Just then they hear Jack scream, "Mommy!"

Jessica asks Antonio where he is going. He tells her that he doesn’t know, he just has to get out of there. She also inquires as to what he is doing. He tells her that she can stay there or she can go home. Jessica asks him if he is going to see R.J. and what he is going to accomplish by going to see R.J. He stops at the door and leans up against the doorjamb. With tears in his eyes, he tells her that this just isn’t right. He tells her that Jaime is his daughter, his baby. Antonio wants to tell Jaime how much he loves her and how much she means to him. Antonio tries to explain to Jessica the feelings that a man has when he finds out that he is going to be a father. He goes on to tell her that a man would do anything to protect his child. Jessica tells him that she knows. He looks at her, and then he realizes that she does know what he is going through. Antonio apologizes to her, saying he didn’t mean... but his words trail off. She tells him that it is okay and that she wants him to talk about it. Antonio informs Jessica that he had told Jaime that he would always be there for her, and now it was like he had broken his promise to her. Antonio feels as though he has let his little girl down.

The reporter announces that Lt. McBain and Commissioner Bo Buchanan are trying to take Daniel Colson into custody, but Nora, his wife, is demanding specifics about the case, mainly what his motives were for killing Paul Cramer and Jennifer Rappaport. She goes on to say that this story is developing as she speaks, and she will bring you all the new developments as they happen.

Kelly gets up from the couch and remarks that she guesses it is finally over. Kevin questions her about whether she knew about this. Kelly mentions all the nightmares that Paul had caused everybody, and the pain. Kelly doesn’t know how she feels about it. Kevin tries to reassure her. Kelly is sorry that the police think they know who killed her brother, but the only thing that she can think about is that she is glad that he is dead. She wonders what kind of monster that makes her.

The officer tells Bo that he called for backup. Nora tells them if they can’t give her a motive for the charges, then they aren’t taking Daniel anywhere. Bo informs Nora that she doesn’t want to do this here. Bo asks her to trust him. Nora is angry as she tells Bo that he had started this circus, and now he'll finish it. Bo tries to talk to her, but with no luck. Nora demands to know why Daniel would kill Paul Cramer. Riley rushes up to the podium and tells them to forget about Cramer, he wants to know why they are accusing him of killing Jen.

Lindsay rushes up and demands to know if Daniel had killed Jen. John tells the police officers to keep the people back. Riley questions Bo about what he has on Daniel. Governor Brooks tells Bo that he would like to hear that himself. Daniel denies knowing what they are talking about. Bo assures him that he does know what they are talking about, and now, since his wife and his son are standing here, this is his last chance to tell them the truth. Daniel informs them that he has nothing to say and he knows his rights. Bo tells all the people assembled that Daniel killed Paul Cramer because Paul was blackmailing him. Nora demands to know what Paul was blackmailing him with. Nora questions Daniel as to why Paul was blackmailing him, saying she wants to know.

The Palace Hotel

The maitre’d approaches Dr. Truman and asks him if he would like a table. Spencer tells him no, he thinks he will just check out the local scenery. The maitre’d says, "Well, if you change your mind..." Spencer informs him that he will let him know. Spencer’s cell phone rings. It is Dr. Gresham. Spencer tells him that it is good to hear from him. He apologizes for leaving the city so abruptly and says he should see his schedule here. Dr. Gresham inquires about the Planniger case. The test results turned out good, but no thanks to Dr. Hollister. Spencer orders Dr. Hollister gone, and not just fired. He wants his medical license revoked, and he doesn’t care if he is the chief of staff. He demands that the doctor’s career be dead. He also informs him that the only procedure he wants to see the doctor perform is washing his car. He tells him that he has to run and sends his love to Marge and the children. Spencer tells the doctor goodbye. A waitress approaches and wants to know what she can get for him. He informs her that he would normally have a Scotch, but her smile has him distracted. He compliments her on her smile. The waitress asks him if he is staying at the hotel. He informs her that he is. The waitress asks again if she can get him a drink. He tells her that it is early, maybe some other time.

Blair finds Jack lying face down on the blanket. Starr tells Blair that Jack isn’t breathing. Blair orders her to call 911. Blair asks him if he had swallowed anything or if there was anything in his mouth. Starr calls 911 and says that her brother has stopped breathing and tells them where they are. A man is passing by, and Blair questions him if he had seen anything. The man assures her that Jack had been playing on the blanket, and no one had been around him. Starr yells, "Jack!" Blair says that they should just go, because her car was right out there.

Linda hurries up, but she stops right before she gets to Spencer so she will appear calm. She shows him the map and tells him the hospital is located at First and Llantano. She questions him as to what time he has to be there. He informs her that his appointment is in a couple of hours. She asks him if it is a job interview. He tells her no, he had developed a new surgical procedure, and they wanted him to come here and instruct the staff on some of the practice applications. Linda informs him that that sounds fascinating. Spencer tells her that he would rather be climbing Llantano Mountain, but he has to pay the bills. Linda totally agrees. Spencer tells her that he had better go, he doesn’t want to be late to class. Linda tells him okay. Linda informs him that she will have his things brought to his room, and she asks if he is only here on business. He informs her that he usually manages to squeeze a little pleasure into it. Linda wishes him good luck. He hands her the map, and she thanks him. He tells her she’s welcome, and he thanks her.

Jessica tries to assure Antonio that Jaime has the best father she could have. Antonio informs her that the judge didn’t think so. Jessica tries to assure him that six months isn’t long. Jessica assures him that Jaime will be with them at Thanksgiving. Antonio informs her that Thanksgiving sounds like forever. Jessica tries to make plans during the summer months. Antonio tries to interrupt. Jessica reminds him that summer will fly by; then it will be September, and then October. She tells him that they can take Jaime trick-or-treating, and R.J. could supervise. They plan their costumes for Halloween. Antonio tells Jessica that he can’t do this without her. Jessica assures him that he won’t have to. Jessica asks him to let her take care of him. They start to kiss, and they lie down on the bed.

Marcie tells Michael that he hadn’t told her any of this. Michael assures her that he had only helped with the autopsy. Michael wants to know what is up with Mark. He wants to know why Mark is tripping.

Nora asks Daniel why Cramer was blackmailing him. Daniel tells her to ask Bo, he seems to have all the answers. Nora questions Bo as to what evidence he has against Daniel that proves Paul was blackmailing him. She reminds him of all the other suspects he had brought in for questioning. John tells Bo that they have to get this closed down. Nora pleads for someone to tell her what is going on. Bo informs her that if Daniel won’t tell her, then he will. He tells Nora that Daniel was having an affair. Harrison tells the judge that they should let the commissioner handle this. Daniel informs them that these charges are baseless and that Bo had been after him since he had started dating Nora. Harrison informs them that he wasn’t looking to have another lieutenant governor ousted by scandal. Nora confronts Daniel about him having an affair and asks who he was sleeping with.

Llandview Hospital

A doctor in the emergency room tells the nurse on duty that they are busting Daniel right on the steps of City Hall. The nurse asks if he was sworn in yet. The doctor tells her that he didn’t know. Blair and Starr rushes in and scream for someone to help them. The doctor wants to know what is wrong. Blair tells them that her son is not breathing. Starr and Blair tell the doctor to do something. The doctor asks all the necessary questions. Blair tells him that she checked if he was eating anything to see if maybe he had swallowed it or choked on it.

The doctor says that his throat is constricted, and he asks if Dr. McBain is in today. The nurse informs him that he has the day off. Blair questions him if he is a doctor, and he explains to her that he is. Blair orders him to do something then. The doctor instructs her to calm down and tell him what had happened. The doctor asks her if Jack had been stung by a bee. Blair informs him that she doesn’t know. The doctor questions her about Jack’s allergies. The doctor informs her that he has true swelling. Blair panics. They rush him into an emergency room. Blair goes in the emergency room with him and tries to comfort him.

Kevin and Kelly discuss Paul and what he had done to her. Kevin tells her that he doesn’t know of anyone who would blame her for hating him. Kelly feels guilty that she hated her own brother. Kevin tries assure her that even though he was her brother, that didn’t excuse what he had done to her. Kevin asks her if she knew whether Paul had had anything to do with Daniel Colson. Kelly denies knowing anything. Kevin says, "Well, if what the reporters say is true, then he must have been doing something to Colson to make him mad enough to kill him." Kelly reminds him of how Paul had destroyed their lives. Kevin tries to assure her that he used her most vulnerable parts to get his hooks into her, and the only reason it had worked is because they had loved Ace so much. Kelly admits that she loves and misses Ace so much. Kevin admits that so does he. Kelly admits to the idea that he was part of her family, and that she had learned to lean on him once she had gotten used to the idea that she had a brother. Kevin tries to assure her that she should have been able to lean on him, and he was partly responsible for what Paul had done to them. Kelly admits that now that he’s dead, she doesn’t know whether to feel sad, happy or relieved. Kevin tells her sad. Kelly agrees.

Mark tells Marcie that it has to be a mistake about Daniel. Marcie feels sorry for Nora and how this must be getting to her now. Michael assures them that John has got the guy now, and he is not going to get away from killing Jen.

Nora questions Bo as to what kind of person would kill two people to cover up an affair. She reminds him that she and Daniel weren’t even married when Paul was murdered. Bo admits that they weren’t married. Nora wants to know who the mystery woman is who was worth killing for. Bo tries to convince Nora not to do this now. Nora demands to know who Daniel is having the affair with. John encourages Bo to tell her. Daniel asks Bo what is wrong and if this wasn’t turning out the way he had planned. Nora informs Bo that if her husband is having an affair, she wants to know. Daniel denies Bo knowing anything. Nora demands to know the woman’s name. Bo informs her, sadly, that it isn’t a woman.

Antonio tells Jessica of the times when Jaime was little and he would get up six or seven times a night just to make sure that she was safe. Jessica assures him that they are going to get her back. Jessica assures him that they will get Jaime back together. Antonio wants Jessica to let him in on what is going on in her life. In Jessica’s voice, she tells him that Viki had had them. Jessica remembers her conversation with Dr. Jamison. Antonio wants to know what is going on with her.

Starr wants to know what is going on. Blair notices that his breathing is shallow. The doctor wants to know if he was playing with anything. Blair tells him that she didn’t know, she had been with Starr because she had needed her. The doctor tells her that the anaphylactic shock could be coming from a bee sting, but he didn’t see a point of contact. He orders the nurse to run another set of vitals. Starr tells Blair that she is scared. Blair accuses the doctor of not knowing what he is doing, and she orders another doctor to get in there. The doctor orders the room to be cleared. The nurse tries to get them to leave, but Blair remains. Starr is outside the door, and she meets up with Spencer. She tells him that her brother isn’t breathing and they need someone’s help. She also asks him if he is a doctor. Spencer tells her that little brothers can be a pain, but you hate to see them sick. Starr agrees. Spencer agrees. Starr asks if he is dying. Spencer begins to ask her some questions. Starr tells him what had happened to him. They discuss the case. The doctor is starting to give him a shot. Starr wonders what kind of shot he is giving him. Starr also lists the symptoms that Jack had been suffering from. Spencer tells her that the shot is probably epinephrine and that is medicine for allergic reactions. Starr asks him what will happen if it doesn’t work. Spencer informs her that that is why they are there.

The reporter tells the listening audience that Commissioner Buchanan has just accused D.A. Colson of having an illicit homosexual affair. Nora questions Bo as to what he is saying about Daniel. Rex comes up and tells her that Daniel is gay, and he had killed Jen to cover it up.

The doctor realizes that Jack’s fever is rising and that he is getting worse. The doctor explains that with an insect bite the epinephrine would have opened up his airways, but it wasn’t working. Blair informs them that he is barely breathing.

Spencer tells the O.R. to stand by. The doctor and Spencer have a confrontation over who he is. Spencer tells him that he is saving him. The doctor again questions Spencer as to whether he is on staff here. Spencer tells them who he is and says he wants to perform a procedure on Jack. Blair questions him as to what the procedure is. Spencer wants to open his airways so he can breathe. Blair accuses him of working for Margaret and thinks she sent him there to kill her son. Spencer tries to talk some sense into Blair, saying that her son will die unless he performs this procedure. Blair refuses to let him anywhere near her son. The doctor threatens to call security. Blair tells Spencer that he is not going to cut her son.

Antonio questions Jessica, saying that he thought that she was getting better. He wants to know what happened with the miracle drug. Jessica assures him that she is still taking it. Antonio informs her that he can’t afford any more slip-ups. Antonio asks her if there is anything else that she isn’t telling him. Jessica remembers a conversation with Dr. Jamison. Antonio apologizes to her and says that he wasn’t jumping on her. He also tells her that this custody hearing is driving him crazy. Jessica tells him that she understands.

Kelly tells Kevin that this was supposed to make him feel better. They discuss the pastries that she had brought. Kelly wonders how many people Paul had hurt. Kevin tells her that they may never know. Kelly holds herself responsible for Paul even being in Llandview. Kevin wants to know why. Kelly tells him that he wouldn’t have come here if it hadn’t been for her. Kevin tries to reassure her that it isn’t her fault. Kelly thanks him for what he said. Kevin can’t figure out what Paul must have done to Colson.

Riley tells them that his father is not gay. A man from the crowd tells him to take it easy. Daniel tells them that they must have a case against him or he would have their badges. Nora tells them that she would know if her husband was gay. Mark tells them that Daniel is gay, and he should know. Marcie tries to get Mark to stop. Mark tells them that they have been dating for months. A woman in the crowd says, "Oh!"

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