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Antonio waits in the courtroom for Evangeline. She comes in, straightens his tie, and offers him encouragement. Jessica comes in and promises him that they will get through this together. R.J. and his attorney come into the courtroom.

Blair spreads out a blanket for a picnic. Blair tells Todd that she is on his side and to do whatever it takes to keep them safe. Todd mentions killing Asa. Blair is all for the idea.

Everyone gathers for the swearing-in ceremony. Marcie confronts Michael as to why he is so distracted. Michael is worried that he knows too much about the investigation, and Jenís murder. Marcie encourages him to call John. Michael agrees. Mark thinks it is great about the swearing in. Marcie reprimands Mark for being there at the swearing in. Mark insists that when Daniel is sworn in everything will change for them. Mark insists that Daniel will only be in Llanview a couple of days a month, and the rest of the time Daniel will be in Harrisburg, and so will he. Riley overhears their conversation and wants to know what he means.

Bo checks with the plainclothes cops, who have the area secured around city hall. John secures the exits so there wonít be any chance of Daniel escaping. Warren, with the file in his hand, passes by Rex and heads straight for Boís office. Warren gives them permission for the warrant for the arrest of Theodore Daniel Colson. Rex listens outside the door.

Todd wants Blair to repeat what she has just said to him. Blair tells him that she wants Asa punished for what he did to her and to her family. Blair wants Asa to suffer and hurt the way that he had hurt her. She also tells him that if he wants her to help him kill Asa she will, or she would even do it herself. Dorian overhears their conversation.

Renee comes into the living room where Nigel is. Renee is troubled. Nigel immediately wants to know what is troubling her. She informs him that a car had been parked across from the mansion all night. Nigel wants to know if it had been reported to the police. Renee confirms that the car was on Buchanan property. Renee mentions calling Bo. Nigel thinks that would be a good idea. Adriana and Duke come in from a swim, and they are playfully arguing over the towel that Adriana has in her possession. They apologize for getting the floor all wet. Renee tells them that she is glad they are using the pool, since Asa isnít there. Adriana feels sorry for Renee. Nigel points out that until Asa comes home nothing will make Renee happy again. Outside the house, someone watches Nigel, Duke, and Adriana.

Daniel gets a kiss from the assistant to the governor. Riley questions Mark about the remark that he had made about Daniel and what will happen when he gets to Harrisburg. Riley asks Mark if Daniel was going to get him a job in the capital. Mark tells him yes and asks if there is anything wrong with that. Mark offers condolences to Riley for losing Jen. Riley tells Mark that nothing that happens there will bring Jen back. Riley walks off, leaving Marcie and Mark alone.

The governor offers Daniel his congratulations, but Daniel insists that he couldnít have done it without Nora. Mark watches them. Daniel says that he will always have a beautiful woman waiting at home for him. The governor decides to start the proceedings. He consults the judge who will conduct the swearing-in ceremony. He tells Nora to hold the Bible. Daniel looks at Mark.

Bo thanks Mr. Drake for his help in this situation. Mr. Drake tells Bo to bring Daniel in with as little fanfare as possible. He commends them on their investigation. He tells them to handle the situation judicially. He leaves. Bo instructs John to get more men out there at City Hall. They decide on a total lockdown of the area around City Hall. John questions him about arresting Daniel privately. Bo tells John that Daniel has made a mockery of that department, as well as of the DAís office, and he falsified information, and then he killed Jen. Bo decides to let John do it privately but agrees that if Daniel decides to bolt then they will nail him. John leaves Boís office. Rex looks up to heaven and says, "We got him, Jen."

Evangeline and Jessica talk to Antonio about the judgeís decision. Lindsay comes into the courtroom. She informs R.J. that she has been with him so far, and she isnít stopping now. The bailiff begins the proceedings. The judge tells them she has reached a decision.

Jack wants to know where the bodyguards are. They make a joke that they are hiding in the trees. Jack challenges Todd to a game of soccer. Starr has brought her encyclopedia and goes exploring on her own. This leaves Blair and Dorian alone. Blair commends Dorian on not arguing with Todd. Dorian reprimands her for agreeing to help him kill Asa Buchanan.

Someone outside the window watches Nigel, Adriana, and Duke. Nigel mentions how upset Renee is over Asa. Duke knows that Asa could be fine somewhere and just doing this to them for kicks. Adriana tries to defend Asa for his actions and says that something could have happened to him. Nigel mentions to them the car being parked outside all night and adds that security was concerned about it, but now it is gone. Nigel mentioned calling Bo. Duke tells him to let him check into it first, before Bo is called. They go to get dressed. Nigel feels that the house is not safe anymore. Someone watches him.

Bo is on the phone when he hears Rex scream. Bo hurries out of his office. Rex tells him that the swearing in has already begun. They hurry to City Hall.

Nora straightens Danielís tie. She tells him that she is proud of him and that she loves him. She leaves the podium.

Marcie tries to make a call on her cell phone, but with no luck. Michael approaches her and tells her that something big is about to go down. Mark comes up to them and tells them that the swearing in is about to begin.

The governor speaks first before the swearing in. Daniel looks at Mark. Nora notices the look that he gives Mark.

Carlotta enters the courtroom. The judge renders her decision. She leaves custody of Jaime to R.J. Antonio loses it and speaks out.

Blair denies plotting anything. Dorian accuses her of agreeing with Todd that they should kill Asa. Blair denies the remark. Blair reminds her of what she had been through with Margaret, as well as with Asa. Dorian encourages her to seek professional help to deal with these problems. Blair denies needing psychiatric help and vows revenge on Asa.

Renee comes into the living room. She encourages Nigel to take the rest of the day off, since it is so beautiful outside. Nigel tells her that he needs to keep busy to keep his mind off Asa. Renee wants to know where the children are. Nigel tells her that they had gone to get dressed. Nigel confesses that he had told them about the car being parked outside all night. Renee tells him that it was all right that they knew, since Duke lives there now. Nigel assures Renee that Asa loves her very much. Renee thanks him for telling her that. Nigel leaves the room. Someone grabs Renee from behind and caps his hand over her mouth so she canít scream.

The governor instructs Daniel to place his right hand on the Bible. The swearing-in ceremony begins. Police begin to come in closer to the podium. Daniel is distracted by their appearance. Nora asks him what is wrong, but he doesnít answer her.

Adriana comes downstairs just as Duke comes in the door. He informs her that she is going to have to go home. Adriana protests. She follows Duke into the living room. She questions him if it is the security problem. He informs her that it isnít as he checks the phone. He tells her that he is leaving on business. He again tries to get her to go home, but she insists that she is not going anywhere until he gives her an explanation.

Bo comes to the podium. He tries to persuade Daniel to let them do this quietly in the mayorís office. Daniel refuses. Bo again tries to reason with him and says he should let them do this quietly, but Daniel still resists. Daniel points out that Bo is gunning for him, and it is just like he had told him. Bo asks Daniel what it is going to be. Nora steps in and tells Bo to stop it, he is just trying to ruin Danielís day. She reminds him that he is the police commissioner.

Evangeline tries to calm Antonio by telling him to sit down. Reluctantly, Antonio sits down. Evangeline apologizes for him. The judge reminds them that these outbursts have happened on more than one occasion. The judge makes the assumption that Antonio doesnít have complete control of his emotions. The judge also states that Antonioís visits with his daugter will remain the same with the additional requirement that his visits will be supervised. Antonio loses it yet again. The judge reprimands Antonio again for his actions and tells him that he is going to have to deal with his emotions over the next six months. She commends R.J. for how he is raising Jaime. The judge adjourns court. They all rise except Antonio. Lindsay hugs R.J. R.J.ís attorney assures R.J. that with Antonioís flash of rage today, R.J. would have sole custody of Jaime in six months. They all try to encourage Antonio, but with no luck. Lindsay gets a call from Rex, who tells her to get down to City Hall. Lindsay is reluctant to go until Rex tells her why he wants her down there. She hugs R.J. goodbye and tells him she will call him later.

Adriana and Duke argue over what is going on that he wonít tell her. Duke kisses her goodbye without telling her anything about where he is going or what he will be doing.

The kidnapper leads a blindfolded Renee onto an airplane and sits her down in a seat. He buckles her in. Renee wants to know where he is taking her. She tells him to answer her.

Blair tells Dorian that Asa deserves to die for what he had done to her. Dorian insists that he shouldnít die at her hand. Dorian tries to reason with Blair about Asa, saying killing him would damage her life forever. Jack and Starr come up about this time, and Jack tells them that they found a dead squirrel.

Blair tells Todd that Dorian had overheard them talking about Asa. They discuss Asa and whether Bo will prosecute him.

R.J. and his attorney leave the courtroom. Carlotta, Evangeline, and Jessica try to reason with Antonio, but with no luck. Antonio gets up and follows R.J. and his attorney. Antonio accuses R.J. of paying off the judge. The babysitter brings in Jaime.

Nora and Bo argue over Daniel. Nora insists that Bo didnít want her to marry him, and now he is trying to smear him. She reprimands Bo for his actions. John suggests that it would be better for everyone if they talked to Daniel inside. Nora wonít have any of it. Nora blames this on Boís jealousy. Nora tells Daniel to put his hand on the Bible and to continue taking the oath of office. Bo takes the Bible from Daniel.

Dorian, Blair, and Todd discuss Starr going into forensic medicine when she gets older. Todd tells them that he has to go to the office to take care of some things. Blair resists, but finally she gives in and gives Todd a sandwich to take with him. He kisses Blair goodbye. Dorian gets a call from Adriana on her cell phone. Adriana tells her that Duke is leaving town without telling her where he is going. At first Dorian is sarcastic, but then she calms down and listens to what Adriana has to say.

Renee hears a noise. Duke listens to see what is being said.

Asa picks up the phone and tries to call Renee, but there isnít an answer.

Antonio has a father-daughter chat with his little girl. He reminds her of a book that he had gotten her. R.J. picks her up and leaves. Carlotta is upset. Evangeline sits down at the desk in the courtroom.

Lindsay arrives at City Hall. Daniel tells Bo that that Bible had been in his family for generations. Bo gives it back to him. Bo tells him that he is under arrest for the murder of Jennifer Rappaport. Everyone is shocked.

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