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Daniel calls Mark and tells him that he is glad that he stayed last night. Mark informs him that he will see him later at the swearing-in ceremony. Daniel orders him not to be there at the swearing in. Riley comes out the door and wants to know whom he is talking to. Riley tells him not to think that he could hide it forever.

Nora, still at R.J.’s apartment, tries to call Daniel, but with no luck. R.J. brings her a cup of coffee. She thanks him for the recharge. R.J. encourages her to call Bo back. Nora informs him that she would rather not have to deal with Bo until after Daniel’s swearing-in ceremony. He tries to discuss how Bo won’t let her take her son home, and her current husband is with another woman. She hands him the coffee cup, annoyed at his remark. He tells her not to go away mad. She insists that she is not mad.

Viki pours Matthew a glass of orange juice, as well as one for herself. Matthew asks her if his dad had called. Viki informs him that he did, and he will be by to pick him up as soon as possible. Matthew asks her if she is going to the swearing in, but Vikki tells him that she has been a little under the weather. There is a knock on the door, and it is Bo. Bo comes in, and Matthew is glad to see him. Bo kisses him on the cheek. Matthew asks him why he is staying at Viki’s and not at his mother’s. Bo looks at Viki, for he doesn’t quite know how to answer Matthew’s question.

John talks to one of the other police officers. He instructs him to find Rex, pick him up, and bring him back down there, but keep his mouth shut. The phone rings, much to John’s dismay. John tells the person not to do anything yet because they don’t have a warrant. Evangeline comes up behind him, and John quickly gets off the phone. Evangeline has brought him breakfast. She asks him if this has anything to do with the Paul Cramer case. John looks behind her and informs her that help has just arrived. Evangeline looks around and remarks, "That is Warren Drake." She questions him as to why the attorney general is there. John reminds her to ask no questions. Evangeline tells him that this must be big. John informs her that it is so big that no judge in Llandview will touch it.

The Palace Hotel

Jessica takes two pills from a bottle. Antonio comes up and asks her if the pills are from Dr. Jamison. She confirms that they are. She inquires about how he is and if he has heard anything from the judge. He tells her that he hasn’t. He inquires again as to what kind of pills she is taking. She explains to him that they are for her sleepwalking, her blackouts, her memory loss, her headaches, etc. He apologizes to her that he has been so caught up in the custody hearing that he hadn’t even thought anything about her medications. He assures her that she has been there for him, and now he is going to be there for her. He promises to do anything he can to make her better.

Bo tells Matthew that things are kind of complicated, and he can’t really explain. Matthew complains of a stomachache, and he asks if he has to go to the ceremony. Bo shakes his head no. Bo asks Viki if it is all right if he stays. Viki informs him that she loves having Matthew there. The phone rings. It's John, who tells Bo that the attorney general is there and that both Nora and Daniel are at home. Bo tells John that they are going to have to sell the case to the attorney general. John assures him that it is not going to be an easy sell. Bo promises him that they will do fine. Bo explains to Matthew that some pretty bad things are going to happen today, and it is going to be pretty hard on some people that they know. Bo assures him that he will be just fine there with Viki, and he knows how to reach him. Viki assures Bo that they will be just fine. Bo kisses him on the cheek good-bye.

John and the attorney general go into Bo’s office. He gives Evangeline another glance as he closes the door. John and Warren discuss the case against Daniel, but Warren won’t buy it. He insists that the case has not been made by an impartial person. Warren points out the personal vendetta that Bo has against Daniel.

Kevin looks at the huge picture of Daniel Colson. He shakes his head as a security guard approaches him and tells him that this is a restricted area, and tells him to move on. He apologizes when he sees that it is Kevin. The guard asks him if he is hanging around for this. Kevin tells him no, he was just filing some papers for Buchanan Enterprises. The guard points out that this is going to be a tough day for him. Kevin agrees.

Daniel wonders what exactly Riley thinks he is hiding from him. Riley tells him that he knows. Riley asks him if that was his mother on the phone. Daniel lies to him and tells him yes. Daniel tells him that his mother is worried about him. Riley points out that his mother feels he is a bad influence on him right now. Riley is sorry he couldn’t tell Jen that he believed she was innocent. Daniel is sorry that he wasn’t there for him. Riley questions him as to where he was last night. Daniel asks him if Nora hadn’t told him where he was. Daniel is puzzled as to where she was all night. Nora comes in about this time. She tells him that she had gotten his message, and she knows about the interview at the Palace Hotel. Daniel questions her as to where she was last night. Nora tells him that since he asked her that, she has a few questions for him.

Rex lies beside Jen’s grave. He tells her about the case and that they have to get a warrant. Rex promises to make the person pay who had killed her. Lindsay comes up behind him and speaks his name. She asks him if he knows something that he isn’t telling her. Rex tells her that they hope to make an arrest later that day. Lindsay vows that she wants to be there.

Marcie comes into the bar to meet Mark. He gives her a drink. They sit down at a nearby booth. They discuss Jen and how she hasn’t been too good of a friend to him. They discuss Daniel being with his family. Mark confesses to her that he was with Daniel all night last night. Marcie is upset and asks him if he thinks that Daniel will go public with their relationship. Mark reprimands her for talking so loudly. Marcie apologizes and then encourages him to break it off with Daniel. Mark insists that Daniel really loves him.

Daniel and Nora have a discussion about Bo and whether he had come back and confronted her about Daniel again. They discuss their problems and that something is very wrong between them. The phone rings, and it is the governor. Daniel promises that Nora will be there for the swearing in. He also lies and tells the governor that he wouldn’t be where he was without Nora.

Bo thanks Warren for coming. Warren wants to give Daniel the benefit of the doubt. There is a knock on the door. John and the medical examiner come in. The medical examiner tells him that he had lied on the autopsy report. He tells him that Daniel Colson had ordered him to. The medical examiner also tells him that Daniel had stolen some samples of Paul Cramer’s blood. Warren thanks him for the information. Bo tells him to wait outside. Bo points that this makes the third time that Daniel had tried to plant evidence on Jen in order to frame her for Paul’s murder. Warren wants to know what Daniel’s motive was for killing Paul Cramer.

Antonio assures Jessica that, whatever it takes to make her better, he is going to be there for her. Jessica remembers a conversation that she had had with Dr. Jamison. Evangeline comes in, and they exchange a few pleasantries. Jessica tells them that she needs to go and check in on her mom. Evangeline informs him that the judge had requested the rest of the reports from the social worker.

Nora calls to check up on Matthew and to make sure he is all right. Viki assures her that he is. Matthew talks to his mom. Matthew apologizes for not coming to Daniel’s swearing in. They say that they love each other. Viki is worried as to what is going on.

Daniel brings the reporter in to meet Nora on the patio of the Palace Hotel. Daniel tells the reporter that Nora is his biggest supporter. She lies and tells the reporter that after today they will be a closer family than ever. The reporter shakes hands with Daniel and leaves. Daniel promises that he will be a better husband. Nora thanks him for saying that. Nora blurts out that Bo is working on a very important case. She starts to leave, but he grabs her arm and wants to know about the case that Bo is working on. Nora leaves. Daniel is puzzled by what Nora has just told him.

Mark goes to the house to visit Riley. Mark asks him if his dad is around. Riley tells him no. Marks tells him that he wanted to tell his father that he would be there at the swearing in. Riley questions him as to why he would want his father to know that he would be there at the swearing in.

Bo, John, and Warren discuss the evidence against Daniel. Warren is reluctant to believe any of it. Warren wants to know what possible reason Daniel could have for killing Paul Cramer. Bo informs him that Daniel was having an affair. Warren makes light of what Bo has just told him. Bo lets it out that Daniel is gay. Warren again doesn’t buy Bo’s explanation. Warren thinks that it is ridiculous that Daniel would commit a double murder just so he could stay in the closet. Warren wants proof of these allegations or they can kiss their careers good-bye.

Lindsay comes to visit R.J. at his apartment. She wants to know if he has heard from the judge. R.J. informs her that he hasn’t heard anything. Lindsay tells him that he must be going out of his mind. R.J. informs her that he has just gotten Jaime down for her nap, and before that he had been playing host. They discuss Nora. Lindsay wants to know where her devoted husband is. R.J. tells her that he is out being devoted to someone else. Lindsay informs him that she had known all along that Daniel was cheating on Nora. They discuss what it was like going home knowing that Jen wouldn’t be there. They discuss the custody hearing.

Jessica attempts to make an appointment with Dr. Jamison. Viki comes into the kitchen, and Jessica tells the doctor that she will call him back. They discuss Matthew and his winning at video games. They discuss the custody hearing. Jessica encourages her to go lie down, and she will take over video game duty. Viki tries to talk to her about what is bothering her, but Jessica puts her off and says that they will talk later. Viki goes upstairs.

Antonio wants to know why the judge would want those records now. Evangeline tries to assure him that the judge wants to base her decision on as much information as she can. Evangeline promises to call him the minute she knows anything. Antonio leaves. Nora joins her. They discuss Daniel. Nora tells Evangeline that Daniel didn’t come home last night.

Evangeline asks her if Daniel was working. Nora has her doubts. Nora tells her that Bo keeps making insinuations about Daniel.

Rex comes into Bo’s office. Rex tells Warren all that he knows about Daniel and his whereabouts. Warren doesn’t believe him. Bo tells him about following Daniel to a gay bar. Warren still doesn’t believe a word that Rex says. Warren doesn’t believe any of them. Warren questions John as to why he would put his job on the line to believe any of this. Bo leaves the office. John tries to encourage Warren to examine the facts. Rex asks Bo if he had gotten the warrant. Bo informs him that it is left up to John now.

Marcie places flowers on Jen’s grave and talks to her. Michael comes up and talks to Marcie about Jen, and he tells her that they might have more information about that soon. Michael also tells her that they might be making an arrest soon in the case. Marcie is optimistic at the news.

Mark and Riley discuss Daniel being appointed lieutenant governor and say that this just might be the break for him to get into politics. Riley didn’t know that Mark was even interested in politics. They discuss Jen. Then they discuss Mark’s love life. They get up to leave.

Nora and Evangeline discuss Bo and his making accusations against Daniel. Bo has doubts about Daniel. They discuss the custody case. They discuss John and Paul Cramer’s killer. The phone rings. Evangeline answers it and then leaves. Bo is congratulated by a constituent. Kevin congratulates him. He warns Daniel about skeletons in his closet coming to light.

Rex talks to Nora on the phone. He tells her to lose Daniel for a moment and call him.

Warren still doesn’t believe John’s theories about Daniel Colson being guilty of killing two people. John accuses Warren of protecting Daniel.

R.J. asks Lindsay if she is expecting a call. Lindsay informs him that Jen’s killer might be arrested today. R.J. gets a call from his lawyer saying that the judge has reached her decision.

Jessica is with Viki and Kevin when she gets the call that the judge has reached her decision. Viki tries to encourage her. Kevin offers his help. Kevin and Viki discuss his losing his job because of her.

Marcie and Michael discuss Jen. Marcie thanks him for the things that he told her about Jen. He tries to comfort her. They leave to go to City Hall. Michael tells her that something big is going to happen at the swearing in.

Mark and Riley have arrived at the swearing in, and Mark remarks that this could be his big break. Nora and Daniel arrive. Mark offers his congratulations to Daniel.

John and Warren discuss the case. Warren tells him that he is going to go somewhere quiet and think about it, and he will let him know his decision. Warren leaves.

Bo and Rex come in and want to know what happened.

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