OLTL Update Friday 5/20/05

One Life to Live Update Friday 5/20/05



By Boo
Pictures by Juanita

Gay club in New York:

Rex and Bo discuss if this really is where Daniel is. That is what the officer said. Rex is ready to go right in and find him and arrest him. Bo tells him that they are going to wait until John gives them the go-ahead that he has the arrest warrant. Rex guesses that Colson is gay, considering where they are, and he killed Cramer because he found out about it. Then he set Jen up, and he killed her when it looked like the set-up wasn't going to work. Bo gets upset when Rex won't listen and barges in, determined to find Daniel. A man asks Bo if he is having a lover's quarrel. Bo is very uncomfortable. As Rex and Bo make their way through the club separately, a man asks Rex if he would like to dance. Rex begs off, explaining that his boyfriend is the jealous type. Another man makes a pass at Bo, asking if he is there alone. Bo doesn't quite know how to answer and is very relieved when Rex comes up behind him and hugs him, pretending that they are there together.

At Daniel and Mark's table, Daniel is uncomfortable being in public and wants to just go to a motel where he and Mark can be alone. Mark reminds him that he is getting sworn in tomorrow and they may not have a chance like this again for a long time. Daniel agrees that he needs to just relax and enjoy their time together. Mark tries to get him to dance. When Daniel won't, Mark gets upset and storms out the back door.

Bo spots Daniel and watches him go after Mark. Rex is ready to go after him now, but Bo stops him. Rex reminds Bo what a nasty person Daniel is. Bo agrees that he wants to see Daniel go down, but they are doing this one by the book. He calls John to see if they have a warrant yet. Rex is really unhappy to hear that they won't be able to arrest Daniel tonight, they will have to wait until the next morning.

Outside, Daniel apologizes to Mark and they decide just to go back to the motel room. When Nora calls to find out what is going on, Daniel tells her that the governor wants him to spend the night there and apologizes for not coming home. Nora tells him not to worry about it, she knew he would be having to spend nights away from home once he got the appointment. Daniel can tell that something was wrong with Nora, but Mark talks him into not worrying about it and the two take off for the motel. Bo and Rex head outside and are told by an officer that they were able to trail Daniel and Mark to the avenue, but they lost them after that. Rex gets really upset until Bo reminds him that they will have the arrest warrant in the morning and they know he will be at his own coronation. Bo tries to call Nora and tell her what is going on, but Nora has turned her phone off. Rex wonders what Daniel's arrest will do to Nora. Bo tells him that it will rip her world apart.

Police station:

Natalie holds her ground with Nora and informs her that Bo left Matthew with her, and she intends to do as she was instructed and take Matthew to Llanfair. Natalie tells her that if she tries to pull rank on her, the officer Bo assigned to Matthew will back Natalie up. Nora thinks the whole thing is absurd and demands that Natalie tell her what is going on. Natalie explains to Nora that she really doesn't know anything at all, except what Bo told her. Natalie finally convinces Nora that Bo is Matthew's father and he wouldn't have ordered this if he didn't believe it was necessary. Nora finally gives in and agrees to say good-bye to Matthew for the night.


Viki finds David primping outside on the back patio and invites him inside. He has come to ask if he looks all right and if she has a deck of cards. He needs to borrow a king of hearts from her. He fusses over the way he looks and seems kind of nervous. Viki asks him what is going on. She is a bit amused when he tells her that he is meeting the perfect woman, and he found her on one of those internet dating services. Viki is a bit skeptical and asks if David even knows what this woman looks like. David explains that her ad stated that she liked drinking champagne and eating caviar in front of ?one? of her fireplaces. Viki comments that this woman sounds like a cliché. David tells her that he has never judged a woman by her looks. Viki agrees that he has always checked the bank account first. David asks if it isn't true that Ben used to call her ?Blondie?. Viki admits that he did and gets a very nostalgic look on her face. David realizes that she had the real thing with Ben. Viki confirms that is true and comments that she thinks David and Dorian have the real thing also. David tells her that might have been true at one time. He intends to find the real thing again and tells Viki that he thinks she could, too, if she wanted to. She asks him what the purpose of the king of hearts card is. David explains that "?King of Hearts?" is his handle on the internet, and the card will allow the woman he is meeting to know who he is. He tells her that the woman he is meeting calls herself ?"One Perfect Rose?."

Later, after David has gone, Natalie brings Matthew in. Matthew is upset because he heard Bo and Nora fighting again, Daniel is never home, Riley is sad, Natalie won't let him go home, and Jen died. Natalie knows that he misses Jen a lot. She and Jen weren't good friends, but she knows that Matthew loved Jen a lot. Matthew tells her that he just wants to see his dad. Viki comes in and tells him that she can't give him his father right now, but she can give him the next best thing. She pulls out a tape and plugs it into the VCR. It is a tape of Bo, Clint, and Asa riding horses (some great footage of when all three were much younger). Viki tells him that it was taken a long time ago when Joey and Kevin were little. Matthew asks if Viki ever rode with them. She admits that she did, many times, and tells him a story about once when the horse she got only wanted to go back to the barn. The three of them laugh and enjoy the video. Matthew wonders if Asa is ever coming home. Viki can't answer that. Matthew decides it is a question that he should be asking his father.

The Palace:

Todd slides a box across the table to Blair and tells her to open it. He has bought her a small flashlight, explaining that now she will no longer ever be in the dark again. Not in Margaret'?s trunk, and not where he is concerned. Blair is touched by his words. Todd sees Kelly enter and talk to Dorian. He isn't happy to see her, since she knows what Margaret did to him.

Kelly notices that Dorian is dressed to kill and is carrying a single rose with her. She hopes that Dorian is there to meet David. Dorian informs her that she is there to meet the King of Hearts. Kelly can't believe that Dorian would stoop so low as to troll the internet for a date. She tries to drag Dorian out of there and take her home. Kevin interrupts and tells Kelly that he is surprised to see that the tables have turned. Now, instead of Dorian trying to run her life, she is trying to run Dorian's life. Dorian is happy to hear that someone is on her side. Kelly tells Kevin what is going on and why she is trying to protect Dorian. She knows nothing about this man that she is meeting. Kevin is anxious to see who the man is. Dorian tells them that Adriana set her up on this date hoping that if Dorian concentrated more on herself, she wouldn't be meddling in her girls' lives. She points out that it is true, because Kelly is here with Kevin and Blair is here with Todd, and she isn't trying to get either of them to leave. She is waiting patiently to meet the man of her dreams instead. When Kevin walks away, Kelly follows and blasts him for attacking her, she is nothing like Dorian. Kevin thinks that she knew the offices were bugged and tricked him into saying what happened with Todd and Margaret; that is vintage Dorian. Kelly tells him that she had no idea the offices were bugged. Kevin doesn't believe her. She gets mad and storms off, telling him that if he can't believe her the two of them shouldn't be working together.

Todd sees Kevin enter from his and Blair's table and isn't happy that now there are two people there who know what Margaret did to him. He suspects that Kevin and Kelly are telling Dorian all about it right now and starts to go put a stop to it. Blair stops him and tells him that she doesn't want to see any fighting tonight. She also thinks that Todd should be grateful to Kevin, because since she found out what Margaret did the two of them have grown closer. Todd is surprised but happy to hear that. Blair tells him that she is freaked out by what happened to both of them, but she isn't angry about it. Todd agrees that they have grown closer. Blair asks if he thinks that she is mad because they haven't made love yet. She explains to him that she understands that he was sexually molested and it is going to take time for him to heal. She believes that they both will heal and they will get back the life they always dreamed of. Kelly comes in from her argument with Kevin and tells Todd that she is sorry about what happened to him and she is glad that he is okay. Todd doesn't really want to talk about this, but when Kelly begs him not to attack Kevin again, he asks her to sit down. Now that Kelly and Kevin know his secret, he wants to know one of Kevin's secrets: he wants to know where Asa is. Kelly tries to tell him that she doesn't know at all where Asa is, and she doesn't think that Kevin does, either. Todd asks her to dig it out of Kevin. Kelly tells him that she isn't comfortable doing that and ends the conversation by leaving the table. Todd tells Blair that he knows they have gotten closer, but he is still going to make Asa and Margaret pay for what they did. That is just who he is. Blair agrees with him that he is the Todd Manning that she fell in love with.

Dorian sees David walk in and demands to know if he is stalking her. David explains that he is there to meet a date. Dorian tells him that she is also there to meet someone. When David sees a woman walk in by herself, he immediately thinks this is the woman he is supposed to meet. He approaches her and pulls the card out of his pocket. When the woman turns to meet with another man, Dorian notices the card. She can't believe that he is the King of Hearts. She tells him that she is A Perfect Rose. The two of them argue about what their ads said and how inaccurate they both were in describing themselves. David mentions that Viki said she was a cliché. Dorian takes offense and tells him he should date Viki. Viki is an original, all seven of her. They continue to bicker back and forth.

Kevin catches up with Kelly and apologizes for being such a jerk. He tells her that he does believe that she didn't know the offices were bugged. He feels really badly about the way Blair found out, and that Colson is getting the job he wanted tomorrow. They agree to call a truce. Kelly asks him if he knows where Asa is. Kevin truthfully tells her that he has no idea where Asa is.

R.J.'s place:

Lindsay thanks R.J. for letting her put Jamie to bed. It felt really good to read to a little girl and make her feel safe. R.J. thanks Lindsay for coming to the hearing and testifying for him. He knows that she is grieving over the loss of her daughter. Lindsay tells him that it was the right thing for her to do. She tells him that he can repay her by making her go home. R.J. tries to object, he thinks it is way too soon for her to go home where all the memories of Jen are. Lindsay tells him that it is something she needs to do, she needs to move on with her life. R.J. tries to understand and support her decision. He walks her to the door and tells her to go home. When he opens the door, both of them are surprised to see Nora standing there. Nora realizes that Lindsay wouldn't want to be alone tonight and apologizes for just dropping by. She tells Lindsay that she is sorry about Jen. Lindsay is in no mood for Nora. After making a few snide remarks, Lindsay leaves. Nora again apologizes for dropping by but tells R.J. that she needed to be with family tonight. R.J. invites her in and she tells him that she knows something is going on with Daniel and Bo, but she just can't figure out what it is. R.J. listens to his friend as she voices some of her concerns and feelings. She admits that Bo thinks Daniel is having an affair. R.J. asks if she believes that too. Nora doesn't know what to believe.

A room somewhere:

Asa is on the phone with someone. He yells at someone in the other room to turn down the music. He gives orders to the person on the phone that his plan is to be carried out tomorrow. If anyone finds out where he is or what he is up to, they are to be shot.

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