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One Life to Live Update Thursday 5/19/05



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Evangeline, Antonio, and Carlotta stand around in the courtroom waiting for court to resume. Jessica comes rushing in, worried that things have already started, but they inform her that court isn't in session yet. Antonio questions Jessica as to how her appointment had gone with the psychiatrist and says that he wants to hear all about it when they take a recess. The bailiff calls court to order. The judge asks both attorneys if they are ready to close today. Mr. Cabot, R.J.’s attorney, asks for a continuance in the case because R.J.’s character witness was not there due to a death in the family. The judge denies the motion. Evangeline whispers to Antonio that they might just have a break in the case if Lindsay doesn’t show up to testify. The door opens, and Lindsay walks in. She introduces herself to the court and tells them who she is and that she is there to testify for Mr. Gannon.

Rex and John discuss whom Daniel could be having an affair with that he would kill to keep it a secret. John mentions Lindsay. Rex informs him that Lindsay wouldn’t go near Daniel. Natalie comes up behind Rex and asks if they know who killed Paul Cramer. Natalie points out all the things that Paul has done to her and that she had been the first to be arrested for his murder. She asks them who she has to thank for icing this piece of trash. Neither John nor Rex will answer her.

Daniel talks to Mark on the phone. He promises Mark that he will get him a good job so that they can be together. Mark asks him about tonight, saying that they should be together to celebrate his appointment as lieutenant governor. Daniel tells him sure, and he asks him where he is. Mark tells him that he is at the Rappaport Art Gallery and that he will meet him outside when he is done. Daniel remembers how he had strangled Jen to death in the gallery’s parking garage. Mark asks him if he is all right. Daniel informs him that he will see him in an hour. They hang up.

Nora denies discussing Daniel with Bo. Bo reminds her that a few days ago she had mentioned to him that there was something odd about Daniel’s behavior. They argue about Daniel and her not knowing anything at all about him. Bo wants to know where Daniel is right now. Nora tells him that he is in a meeting with Governor Brooks. Nora asks if he thinks that Daniel is having an affair. Bo tells her that if she thinks Daniel is having an affair she needs to tell him about that.

Lindsay apologizes to the court for being late, explaining that they had held her daughter’s memorial service today. The judge offers her condolences. Lindsay tells them that she might be able to keep someone else from losing their daughter today. The judge tells her that the bailiff will swear her in.

Rex tells Natalie that they canít tip their hand right now. Natalie promises that she wonít tell anyone. John and Natalie argue over Paul Cramer. Natalie offers to help. John tells her that if she wants to help, she should just stay out of the policeís way and let them do their job. John leaves. Rex starts to leave, and Natalie wants to know where he is going. Rex informs her that he has someone to talk to. Natalie wants to know whom. Rex tells her Jen.

Nora is angry at Bo for coming in her house and accusing her husband of cheating on her. Bo questions her as to why Daniel is never where he is supposed to be. They argue over Daniel, but are interrupted by Matthew. He informs them that he heard them arguing. Bo asks him if he is ready to go, but Matthew tells him that he needs to grab a few video games. Bo mentions that they may be able to convince Nora to come with them. Nora tells him to go and grab his video games. Matthew goes upstairs. Nora demands to know what Bo is up to, wanting her and Matthew to come over and play house with him. She wants to know what is going on. Bo informs her that Daniel has done some unspeakable things behind her back. He warns her against spending another night in that house with Daniel. Riley comes up behind Bo and wants to know what he means. Riley wants to know what his father has done.

Lindsay is questioned by Mr. Cabot as to how long she has known both Antonio and R.J. Lindsay tells them how Antonio had given her up last year in order to protect her. Lindsay shocks the court by telling them that Jaime’s interests would best be served if she stayed with her grandfather.

Riley reprimands Bo for is actions. He points out that Jen is being buried, and all that seems to be on Bo’s mind is lashing out at Daniel. Matthew comes downstairs. Riley asks him if he is going to his father’s house now. Matthew asks his mom if she had showed Riley the poem that he had written for Jen. He picks it up and hands it to Riley. Riley sits down on the sofa and reads the poem. Riley reads a few lines of the poem, but then he begins to choke up. He tells Matthew that he knows Jen would have loved it. He asks Matthew if he could hang it up at a memorial that others had made for Jen. Nora confronts Bo, saying, "So this is the home that you need me and Matthew to escape from?" Bo tells her that she doesn’t know the entire story. Bo tries to explain things to Riley, but Riley tells him that he doesn’t want to hear it. Riley asks him, "Are you so busy trying to ruin his father’s life that you forgot that they were burying Matthew’s big sister today?" Riley leaves, taking the poem with him.

Evangeline cross-examines Lindsay. Evangeline questions her about her relationship with R.J. Lindsay points out that when Antonio would be working or in classes, Jaime would be in the care of a woman who would rather be picking up guys in bars than taking care of Jaime. Antonio jumps up and tells her that she is lying. Evangeline tells him to sit down so that the court won’t see his anger. Lindsay testifies that if she had spent more time with her daughter and less centering on her own problems, then maybe her daughter would be alive now.

John comes from his office. He sees Natalie sitting at her desk. He starts to go past her, but then he goes back. He apologizes to her for speaking to her harshly. Natalie tells him that she doesn’t understand why Rex can know what is going on and she can’t. John tells her that it wasn’t his idea. He tells her to page him if Bo comes back. Natalie wants to know where he is going. John tells her that he is going to find Rex so he won’t mess things up.

Rex goes back to the parking garage. He looks at the flowers and pictures that they have put up in remembrance of Jen. Rex whispers to her that they are close and that they know it was Daniel who did this to her. Rex promises to get his revenge on Daniel. Mark comes up behind him and offers his condolences, telling him that everyone at the Love Shack knew how much he had loved Jen. Mark tells him that it doesn’t make sense that Jen had felt so alone. Rex informs him that she didn’t. Mark asks him if he knows something that the others don’t. Riley comes up and asks him if he has an answer.

Bo tells Matthew to go call his little friend and see if he wants to come over a while later. Matthew goes upstairs to call his friend. Bo tells Nora that it breaks his heart to see what Jen’s death is doing to Matthew, and he wants to see to it that it doesn’t happen to someone else. Nora asks him who else could die.

Evangeline delivers her closing argument in the custody hearing. She urges the judge to decide in favor of Antonio. After a brief statement, the judge adjourns the court until tomorrow. Jessica addresses the court, and she asks them not to consider which one has picked the best mother figure, but what is best for Jaime. The judge adjourns the court. Antonio looks at Jessica and asks her why she did that and why she hadn’t defended herself. Jessica begins to hear Tess’s voice in her head again. She hurries out of the courtroom and hears the voice even stronger.

Rex tells Riley that he has nothing to say to him. Rex spies the paper in Riley’s hand and wants to know what it is. Riley tells him that Matthew had written a poem, and he was there to hang it. Mark pats him on the shoulder and leaves. Rex steps aside so Riley can hang the poem with the other pictures. Riley tries to have a decent conversation with Riley about him knowing that Rex loved Jen, and that he feels the same way he does. Rex informs him that he doesn’t know anything. Rex assures him that he is going to find out who did this to Jen and make them pay. Riley makes an excuse for his father and tells Rex that he cannot lose someone else he loves. Riley and Rex both agree that they would trade places with Jen right now if they could. Riley leaves. Rex takes the piece of paper down off the wall, and he realizes it was printed from the same printer that he had gotten the note from. He starts to leave with the note and he runs into John. He shows John the note and informs him that it was Daniel. Rex points out the similarities. John tells him that it looks as though they found the smoking gun. Rex tells John that now they have proof that it was Colson.

Bo waits for Matthew to come back downstairs. Matthew comes back down and informs Bo that his little friend can’t come because of too much homework. Bo tells him to wait in the car for him. Matthew kisses Nora goodbye and leaves. Bo tells Nora that he doesn’t want to fight with her. Nora asks him to leave. They argue once again about Daniel. Bo tells her that Daniel isn’t who she thinks he is. Daniel comes into the room and asks Bo to tell him exactly who he thinks he is.

Natalie comes into Bo’s office and sees Paul Cramer’s file lying on Bo’s desk. Being nosy, she opens it and begins to read what it says. She recognizes a name on the file and wonders where she has seen it before.

Nora is surprised to see Daniel home, and she gives him a kiss. Daniel wants to know what lies Bo is spreading about him. Bo informs him that he doesn’t need to spread lies about him. Nora tries to be the peacemaker by telling Daniel that Bo was just leaving. Bo tells Nora that the day is coming when she will realize that he was only trying to help her before it was too late. Nora is upset with his remark. Daniel confronts Bo. Bo offers his congratulations on Daniel being appointed lieutenant governor. Daniel tells him that at least they won’t have to deal with each other down at the station anymore. Bo informs him that one day soon their paths are going to cross again. Bo leaves. Bo gets on the phone and tells the person that whatever he says goes no farther than this call, and he mentions Daniel Colson’s name. Nora is upset over the things that Bo had said to her about Daniel. Daniel makes the excuse that Bo is swimming in his own jealousy. Daniel promises her that when he gets back they will have a pre-appointment celebration. They hug, but Nora remembers Bo’s words.

Jessica confronts Lindsay about her and R.J. seeing her at Xanadu. Lindsay confirms that they had seen her there. Lindsay asks her if she doesn’t remember. Jessica walks off. Lindsay is puzzled that Jessica doesn’t remember.

Antonio, Carlotta, and Evangeline discuss Lindsay’s testimony and the things that Jessica had said. They try to encourage Antonio.

Rex wants to have revenge on Daniel for what he has done to Jen, but John slams him up against the wall to stop him from doing something that will jeopardize the investigation. John promises him that he will lock Daniel up for good, but if he interferes it will ruin everything, and is that what he wants?

John tells him, "Now let’s go and nail that guy."

Bo and Matthew come into the squad room. Matthew can’t understand why his mother can’t hang out with them. Matthew sits down in a chair. Natalie tells Bo that she needs to talk to him. Bo tells her that he needs her help. He wants her to keep an eye on Matthew. Bo tells her that Matthew can’t leave the premises. Natalie follows Bo into his office and asks him who Ted is. Matthew informs them both that Ted is Daniel’s first name. He wants to know if Mr. Colson did something bad.

Lindsay and R.J. talk. He asks her if that was Will. She nods her head yes. R.J. tells her that he had told her she didn’t have to come down there. They hug.

Antonio asks Jessica if she is all right. She assures him that she is. She feels guilty that Antonio might lose custody of Jaime over something that she had said. Antonio tells her that he is going to focus on the two women in his life. Jessica informs him that she loves him so much, and she wants to do what is right.

Daniel and Mark drive along. They share small talk. Mark wants to celebrate their life together.

Bo tells Matthew not to worry, there are a lot of men out there named Ted. He tells Matthew to keep an eye on Natalie. He tells Natalie that he will fill her in later on everything. Rex and John come in and tell Bo that they need to talk to him in his office now. They show Bo the poem that Matthew had written. He calls Matthew into his office and questions him about the printer that he had used. Matthew tells him that he had used Daniel’s. He sends Matthew back into the squad room with Natalie. Bo gets on the phone and calls the attorney general. Natalie knocks on the door and tells Bo that he has a phone call. Bo has the police following Daniel. The officer gives Bo the directions, and Bo informs him to stay on him, and he is on his way. Bo makes Rex promise that he will do as he says. Bo tells Matthew that he is going to take off for a while. Bo tells Natalie to take him to Llanfair with her. He also tells her under no circumstances is she to let him go back to Nora’s house. Natalie is upset that Bo won’t tell her anything. John tells Matthew to hang in there. Matthew doesn’t want to do anything except go home.

Riley looks at a home video of Jen.

Evangeline encourages Antonio to go home because they can’t do anything until tomorrow. Evangeline calls John to set up a date for that night, but John declines the invitation.

R.J. is encouraged that things are going to break in his favor. She tells him of the weird encounter that she had with Jessica after the hearing. Lindsay tells him that Jessica was afraid and confused.

Jessica goes to see Dr. Jamison and tells him that she is going to follow his directions and deal with this on her own.

Matthew can’t understand why he can’t go home. Natalie promises him that they will go back to Llandfair and watch a DVD and eat popcorn. Matthew refuses. Nora comes in and wonders why Bo would leave him at the station, but she tells him that they will go home. Natalie refuses to let him go with her. Nora informs her that she is his mother, and she is taking him home.

Bo and Rex follow Daniel to New York City. They go into a bar. Rex notices something strange about the bar. Rex tells Bo that he doesn’t think they are in Kansas anymore.

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