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Adriana is in the kitchen at La Boulee. Dorian comes rushing in just as the phone rings. Annoyed, she finds that the call is only from a telemarketer wanting her to take out a subscription to "Today’s Homemaker," and she tells them to take her off their calling list. Adriana questions whether Dorian thought that was David. Dorian tries to change the subject by asking her to grab the fruit bowl. Adriana picks up the fruit bowl and brings it into the kitchen as she tells Dorian that she doesn’t believe her. Dorian takes salad ingredients out of the refrigerator and brings them to the counter. Dorian once again tries to change the subject by telling Adriana that she is making the salad out of iceberg lettuce. Adriana insists to her mother that running her, Kelly, and Blair’s lives isn’t going to fill the void in her own life left by David. Dorian insists that she is completely over David as she chops up the lettuce for the salad. Adriana tells her to prove it.

David looks around Viki’s living room. He picks up an antique bowl from off the mantle and examines it more closely as Viki comes into the room. Viki is annoyed to see him there. At the sound of her voice he fumbles with the bowl, and almost drops it. Viki puts her hands over her mouth because she thinks that he is going to drop the bowl. He tells her that she is going to give him a heart attack. Viki wants to know what it is with him and heart attacks. Viki reminds him that Dorian had warned her about keeping an eye on her valuables when he was around. Viki asks him if the carriage house isn’t enough for him. She asks him what he wants. He reminds her of the evening that they had spent together, watching television and eating popcorn. She reminds him that she has a virus, and her doctor has prescribed complete peace and quiet. David tells her that he knows when he is not wanted, but before he leaves he asks for Viki’s help.

Mark helps Marcie clean up after everyone has left the art studio. She thanks him for helping her so that Lindsay wouldn’t have to do it. She mentions that it was hard for him to see Daniel with Nora. Marcie reminds him yet again that he and Nora are married. Mark points out that they are living a lie. She tells him so is he.

Daniel, Nora, and Matthew arrive home after the funeral. Matthew goes upstairs. Nora tells Daniel that she is worried about him. She points out that he is devastated by Jen’s death. Nora wants him to show some kind of emotion. Daniel tells her that it will take some time for Matthew to get over this. Nora picks up the newspaper and shows Daniel the headline, and she remarks that she wouldn’t want Matthew to see something like that. Daniel takes the newspaper from her and imagines the picture being one of him suffocating Jen. Daniel is speechless. Nora wants to know what is wrong. Daniel walks off. Nora is puzzled by his actions.

John comes from the direction of his office and heads for Bo’s office. Bo and Rex come in and head for Bo’s office, too. Natalie gets up and heads for Bo’s office, but John stops her and shuts the door. They discuss Jen’s autopsy and it showing that Jen didn’t commit suicide, she was murdered. Bo fills John in that “Ted” was not a cop but a DA, namely Daniel Colson.

Marcie informs Mark that if he tries to break up Daniel and Nora’s marriage, the only one who is going to get hurt is him. Michael comes rushing in and tells Marcie that he really needs to talk to her. Mark leaves to take some things out to the car. Marcie is upset with him because he left Jen’s memorial service without telling her where he was going. Michael informs her that Jen didn’t commit suicide, she was murdered. He tells her that Jen died of suffocation. Michael also tells her that the person who killed Jen also killed Paul Cramer.

Daniel blames himself for Jen’s death. He feels that he drove Jen to committ suicide. He is suffering from a guilt complex about being the cause of Jen losing Riley on top of everything else. Nora informs him that people are consumed by guilt, and by the fear of getting caught. The phone rings and Nora goes to answer it. She finds out that it is a reporter who wants to talk to the new lieutenant governor. Daniel tries to make an excuse at first, but then he agrees to take the call. Nora tells him that he is going to be appointed lieutenant governor and that she is proud of him. She hands him the phone.

Natalie wonders what Rex, Bo, and John are discussing in his office. The phone rings, and she answers it. It is Evangeline on the other end, and she is wanting to know if John is in. Natalie recognizes her voice, but Evangeline is upset when she knows that she is talking to Natalie. Natalie informs her that John is in a meeting with Bo and Rex, and they do not want to be disturbed. Natalie asks her if she wants to leave a message, and Evangeline tells her that she will check in with him later. They hang up.

Bo fills John in that the name on Daniel’s passport is Theodore Daniel Colson. Rex informs them that Jen must have found out he had framed her, and he killed her. Bo asks him to step outside, but Rex refuses. Bo informs him that he will fill him in later. Rex leaves reluctantly. Bo and John discuss Daniel and his being appointed lieutenant governor. Bo tells him that all the pieces are coming together. They discuss the bank account and Paul Cramer. They discuss the circumstantial evidence against Daniel Colson that could finger him for murder.

Viki wants David and Dorian to get back together but David refuses, telling Viki that he is moving on. David wants her to introduce him to one of the rich women that she knows. Viki refuses to help him to meet someone. David then questions her as to how she and Ben had met. Viki tells him that they had fallen in love and had met through a terrible accident, but then they had come together through some personal ads. David is surprised to know that Viki would go this route to meet someone. David realizes what she is getting at, and he calls Viki a genius.

Adriana confronts Dorian and tells her to go out on a date, unless she is afraid that she couldn’t meet someone. Dorian is upset that Adriana would suggest such a thing. Dorian accuses her of wanting her out of the house so that she can be alone with Duke. Adriana insists that for once she wishes that she would get her mind off of her and keep it on herself. Adriana wants Dorian to go out on a date with someone else to make David jealous. Adriana has an idea as to how Dorian could meet someone.

Michael helps Marcie carry out the garbage. They discuss the autopsy results, and Marcie doesn’t know how she is supposed to react to this. Marcie wonders what Jen must have felt during the last hours that she lived. Michael tells her that John thinks Jen must have found out who was framing her for Paul Cramer’s murder, and that person had killed her. Marcie apologizes to him for getting mad at him when he got up and left, it just upset her that she didn’t know where he was going or what he was doing. He tries to reach to her, but she pushes him away. He can’t understand why she pulls away from him. She informs him that they can’t be friends because everyone who gets close to her dies.

Rex impatiently paces the floor. Natalie asks him if he wants to talk about it, but he refuses to tell her anything. Natalie tries to comfort him by telling him that she knows what he is going through and what he is feeling, and the hurt is not going to go away by itself. Natalie encourages him not to push away the people who love him.

Bo confesses to John that he never really liked Colson at all. John wants to know if they have a motive. Bo informs him that the motive is blackmail. John wants to know what kind of affair would be worth killing over.

Mark comes into the squad room where Natalie and Rex are. Mark asks about Bo.

Adriana goes to the MatchMate website. She sets up a profile and a personal I.D. for Dorian. Adriana tries out a few names on her, but Dorian doesn’t agree with any of them. Adriana comes up with the personal I.D. of “One Perfect Rose,” which Dorian agrees with. She fills in all the needed information and sends it to a possible match.

David has the same idea as Dorian and Adriana. He types in the needed information. He picks as his personal I.D. “The King of Hearts.”

Evangeline discusses Antonio’s custody hearing with Viki. She wants to talk to Jessica about some things that she might have recalled. She tells Viki that things look positive for Antonio. Viki compliments her that he has a very good attorney. Viki compliments her on the job that she had done defending Natalie in the Paul Cramer case. Evangeline thanks her for the compliment and wants to know when Natalie will be home. Evangeline tells Viki that she would like to talk to Natalie.

Rex leaves, and Natalie asks Mark if there is anything that she can help him with. Mark wants to know if they could name the building that they had built after Jen. Natalie thinks that that would be a good idea. Mark leaves. Natalie rejoins Rex. Rex remembers something that Jen had said about flowers being in full bloom at the start of summer.

Bo is on the phone, and he is asking the person on the other end if they have had any luck in tracking down the medical examiner. Bo finds out that when the medical examiner did the autopsy, Daniel had been in there with him. John wonders if Daniel had gotten him to file a false report. Bo tells John that the medical examiner had taken an unexpected vacation. John promises to track down the medical examiner and says he will keep a low profile, so that Daniel won’t know they are on to him. Bo wishes that he could lift some prints off the bloody bandana, but John assures him that Daniel is too smart to leave any prints that could lead them back to him. Bo wonders where Daniel would get a sample of Cramer’s blood. John plans to check down in the morgue. Bo shows John a sample of the note that Rex had received from the killer, and he shows him a discrepancy that had been made by the printer.

Matthew comes running downstairs with a poem that he had written for Jen. He sits down beside Nora and reads it aloud.

Marcie is upset that whoever gets close to her dies. Michael tries his best to comfort her, but she will not allow him to get too close to her. She points out that all of her friends died because of her. She blames herself for everyone dying around her.

Viki is talking to Evangeline when Natalie gets home from work. Viki leaves Evangeline and Natalie alone so that they can talk. Evangeline tells her that they need to talk about John.

Rex hurries into Bo’s office. Bo reprimands him for rushing into his office. Bo informs him that they are trying to obtain some additional information on Daniel Colson. Bo tells him to chill out and stay there in his office. John comes into the office. He assures Rex that they will get Daniel Colson, but they have to go about it the right way. Bo orders John to sit down on the couch. Bo discusses Nora and says that she will never accept this about Daniel. Bo wants to get Nora and Matthew away from Daniel Colson. Bo tells John that it is going to be hard for Nora to accept that her husband is a cold-blooded killer.

Matthew reads the poem that he had written for Jen. After a brief moment of listening to the poem, Daniel turns his back and looks about as if he is deep in thought. Nora compliments Matthew on the poem and kisses him on the cheek. Matthew asks if Riley would like the poem. Daniel tells him that he would like it very much. Matthew goes back upstairs. Nora gets up off the sofa and walks over to where Daniel is. The phone rings but Nora tells Daniel that it is probably for him, so she will go and use the other phone. The governor and Daniel set up a meeting before the swearing-in. The doorbell rings, and Daniel goes to answer it. Daniel opens the door, and instead of finding someone standing there he finds a brown envelope lying in front of the door. He looks around to see who had left the envelope. After not seeing anyone, he closes the door and sits down on a bench in the foyer. He opens the envelope and finds a CD. He turns the CD over and looks at a list of the songs on the CD. Nora asks him what it is.

Adriana and Dorian laugh, and then Adriana suggests that they send out her profile to some possible candidates. After much deliberation, they finally agree on a possible candidate to send her profile to, but before Adriana can send it, Dorian stops her. After looking at the possible candidate's profile, she agrees that Adriana should send him her profile. Dorian sends it to the “King of Hearts” and remarks, "Your Queen awaits."

David begins to get up from the desk when something on the computer catches his eye. He looks over the profile, not knowing that it is from Dorian. He punches in the needed information to send to her, and he mutters to himself.

Natalie wants to know why they are talking about John. Evangeline wants them to put aside their feelings about John and work together. Evangeline asks her if she thought she had done a good job for her when she had represented her in the Paul Cramer case. They discuss Natalie beginning a new chapter in her life and how John is up to his eyes in cases, and he doesn’t need to be bothered with petty things. Natalie takes this the wrong way and thinks that Evangeline is calling her petty. Evangeline denies saying this. Natalie argues that that is what it sounded like to her. Natalie informs her that if she knew John as well as she thought she did, she would know that John didn’t get distracted when he was working on a case. Evangeline informs her that she does know John. Natalie points out that she must not know John as well as she thought she did.

John and Rex discuss Jen. Rex informs him that Jen was the most trusting person he had ever met. Rex regrets how hard he had tried to defend her and clear her name. Rex informs him that if Jen had gone to prison, she would still be alive. John promises to bury her killer before he can be a threat to someone else.

Daniel tells Nora that she wasn’t supposed to see that disc. He lies to her and tells her that he was going to leave it on her pillow when he spent his first night in Harrodsburg. He hands her the disc. She looks at it and remarks that she didn’t know he even liked this type of music. A horn blows. Daniel tells Nora that the governor has sent a car for him. He tells her that he will call her as soon as he can and that he loves her, and he gives her a long kiss. Nora watches him leave as she once again looks at the disc.

Marcie and Michael discuss their friends and relationships, and how they wouldn’t trade them for anything. She leans against his chest, and he puts his arm around her.

Evangeline tells Natalie that it was a mistake for her to come there and try to reason with her about John. Natalie is outraged by Evangeline’s comments and insults. Evangeline apologizes for bothering her.

Rex and John discuss Paul Cramer and how he was blackmailing Daniel. Rex wonders what kind of affair you could have that would make you kill.

Daniel calls Mark and reprimands him for sending the disc to the house. Daniel informs him that he had had to lie to Nora about the disc. Mark tells him that it is very hard for him to see him with Nora. Daniel promises that he will get him a job and that he will take care of him. Daniel tells him that he takes care of everything.

Nora puts the disc in the CD player. Bo tells her that he needs to talk to her about Daniel. Nora looks confused.

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