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Todd, frustrated by all of Blair’s questions, tells her that he has answered all he intends to answer. Blair calmly asks him if he thinks that there is a chance that Margaret is carrying his child. Todd, angry by this time, tells her no and asks why she wants him to keep reliving the experience that he had with Margaret. He tells her that Margaret took a pregnancy test, and it had turned out to be negative. Blair informs him that the test could be wrong. Blair, upset, asks him again if there is any chance that Margaret could be pregnant with his child.

Will and Lindsay discuss the autopsy results, and there is no doubt that Jen killed herself. Lindsay does not agree with the autopsy results. Lindsay leaves the room, and Will follows her. Daniel, Riley, Nora, and Matthew arrive at the studio. Nora tells Matthew that she liked the things that he had said about Jen, and she would have liked it, too. Matthew tells her that he wishes that she was still here. Riley tells Matthew that he misses Jen too, but what he had said today really helped him a lot. Riley and Matthew leave the room. Nora asks Daniel why was he so upset today at Jen’s funeral. Nora tells Daniel that what happened to Jen was not his fault. She also tells him that Jen had a lot of issues. Nora informs him that she was troubled, just like her mother, and her troubles had gotten the better of her. The others who had attended the funeral begin to arrive at the art studio. Nora tells him that she doesn’t want him to think that Jen’s suicide was his fault. They hug. Daniel looks at Mark while he is hugging Nora.

Rex informs Bo that he knows about the autopsy that is being conducted right now by John and his brother. Rex confesses that when he was in church today he actually prayed, and he asked whoever was watching over Jen right now to watch over John and Michael and see to it that they find out how Jen really died.

Michael performs the autopsy on Jen. Michael informs John that this is not a "by the book" autopsy. Michael asks John if he is all right. John informs him that this is his first autopsy. Michael doesn’t see anything out of the ordinary at first, but then he notices something different, and he informs John that he thinks he has found what they were looking for.

Natalie brings Viki home and tells her to sit down in a chair in the living room. She also informs her that she will fix them something to eat. Viki tells her that she is not an invalid. Natalie reminds her that she has been sick, and she really shouldn’t have gone today. Viki insists that Jen was her daughter-in-law once and that she had gotten to know her last summer. Natalie brings up what Jen did to Joe. Viki reminds her that Jen was part of their family. Viki feels sorry for Lindsay because of what she must be going through today. They discuss Megan and how she was in their thoughts today. Natalie tells her that Jess has told her some things about her. Viki tells her that she doesn’t know what she would do if something ever happened to her or Jess.

Jessica goes to visit Dr. Jamison, and she informs him that there is something terribly wrong with her. He asks her about the voices in her head. Jessica informs him that it is more than that; she feels as though she is going crazy. Dr. Jamison wants to know what happened. Jessica explains to him that she had been at a memorial service for a friend of hers, and her brother was there. She goes on to explain that he was the father of her child. When she was nine months pregnant she was hit by a hit-and-run driver. She gave birth to the child, but the baby hadn’t made it. The hit-and-run driver was Dorian Lord. She explains that it was then that things started to happen.

Will approaches Rex. They exchange some harsh words. Will reminds him of the things that he has done to Jen and their family. He brings up Jen and the murder of Paul Cramer. Will asks him what makes him think that he is welcome there. Bo walks up to join them. Rex leaves. Bo defends Rex, saying that he worked hard to clear her name. Will wants to know what was in it for him. Bo tells him that Rex was in love with her, and still is. They discuss the autopsy. Will points out that Daniel says the autopsy shows that Jen committed suicide, but Lindsay doesn’t believe that Jen would do that. Daniel listens to their conversation. Will asks Bo, "So, which is it?"

Michael is still performing the autopsy. Michael tells John that Jen didn’t die from carbon monoxide poisoning. He points that the conjunctiva of the eye is altered, which shows that she died of suffocation. He also points out that if she had died of carbon monoxide poisoning her skin would have a pinkish color, but her skin is purple. He tells John that either the original autopsy was wrong, or it was compromised.

Jessica explains to Dr. Jamison the things that she would do in Dorian’s house and how the only way she would know what she had done to Dorian’s house was if her friends told her what she had done. Dr. Jamison informs her that he had read in her medical chart that her doctor had diagnosed her symptoms as being post-traumatic stress disorder. She reminds him that it is happening again, and she is losing big chunks of time just like before; it had happened again just last night. He asks her about the voice in her head. She explains that the voice tells her to do things that she doesn’t want to do.

Michael and John discuss the autopsy results, and Michael tells him that the results were wrong. Michael offers to run the blood tests again. They discuss the evidence against Jen leading people to believe that Jen had reason to commit suicide. Michael points out that this autopsy is not permissible in court. Michael reminds John that if anyone finds out what they have done here tonight they will lose their careers. Michael goes back to the autopsy.

Mark brings Daniel a drink, and Daniel thanks him. Mark wants them to leave together, but Daniel tells him that he is expecting a phone call from the governor. Daniel promises that if he is made lieutenant governor he will get Mark a job in Harrodsburg, and they can be together. Daniel informs him that Nora will be here, and he will be in Harrodsburg, and they can spend more time together.

Bo informs Will that they look into every suicide. Will asks Bo if Jen could have been murdered. Bo tells him that they will find out. Bo promises that when he finds out anything he will let him know. Will leaves to talk to R.J.

Daniel asks Bo what that was all about. Bo tells him that he is going to look into it further and asks why it interests him.

Blair uses her computer to look up frequently asked questions about pregnancy tests. Blair tells Todd some of the information that is shown on the website she is looking at. She asks Todd when Margaret took the pregnancy test. Todd informs her that he doesn’t know. She asks him again. Todd finally tells her that it was probably the next day. Blair informs him that that was too early. Blair comes to the conclusion that Margaret is pregnant with Todd’s child.

Natalie brings lunch out to the patio. Viki tells her that she is not hungry and that she loves her. Natalie laughs and tells her that she has been telling her that all day. They discuss Jen’s possible suicide and how they're sure she wouldn’t ever do anything like that. They discuss Natalie’s intentions toward John. They discuss Viki’s alter ego, Niki Smith, and the terrible things that she did to Natalie.

Jessica explains to Dr. Jamison that it’s not all the time, but sometimes it is feelings that spur her on to do things. She explains to him about the things that had happened during the custody hearing. Dr. Jamison asks her what could have triggered these feelings. Jessica explains that they were discussing the affair that Antonio had had. He asks her if the thing inside her wanted to strike back. She tells him that it was the thing inside her. Dr. Jamison asks her if she had gained control. Jessica tells him that she had to, for the sake of Jaime and Antonio. She blames herself for the fire and says that she should have protected Jaime, because she was the one who was supposed to be taking care of her. Jessica explains that she wanted to tell her mother about the episodes, but her mother had gotten sick, and she didn’t want to burden her with this, even though she would understand better than anyone. Jessica begins to cry and wipes away the tears. She explains that her mother had had the same thing. Dr. Jamison questions her as to what the condition is. Jessica explains that it is DID. Jessica asks him if he thinks that that is what she has. Dr. Jamison tells her that he wouldn’t know this soon after just beginning to have sessions with her. He further explains to her that it could happen. Jessica asks what else it could be. Dr. Jamison emphasizes that whatever it is is serious, given the experiences that she has been facing.

Will makes Jaime a paper bird. R.J. apologizes for bringing Jaime, but her babysitter had something else to do. Lindsay tells him that she loves Jaime, and he knows that. Lindsay remembers a time with Sam and the children when he made them a paper bird. She remembers that Will had figured it out, but Jen had thought it was true magic. She remembers that Jen was wide-eyed, just as Jaime is now. R.J. holds her tight. Lindsay remembers that Jen loved everything. Lindsay regrets that she couldn’t save Jen’s life this time.

Bo asks Daniel what is wrong with John McBain looking into things. Daniel points out that Jen was a troubled young girl and had killed Paul Cramer -- case closed!!! Bo points out that there are some other things. Daniel wants to know what things. Bo informs him that he will keep him posted. Daniel tells him that this time he wants to be in on everything; he owes it to Jen.

Rex comes up and tells Bo that Daniel is so slick that he could slide under a door. He points out that once the case is closed Daniel can ride off into the sunset like some kind of political hero. Bo remembers something and starts to say it, but then he changes his mind. Rex asks him, "What?" Bo tells Rex that he had seen Daniel right before the autopsy. Bo tells Rex to back off. Rex reminds him that he doesn’t trust the guy. Rex asks Bo if he thinks that Daniel paid off the guy who had done the autopsy. Bo tells him that they won’t know anything for sure until Mike finishes the autopsy. Bo threatens to lock him up in a small room somewhere until he learns to keep his mouth shut. Rex tells him that he can’t be there right now because he sees Jen everywhere. Rex leaves. Bo looks at Daniel.

Michael finds slight bruising around the sternum area. He tells John that Jen’s heart had stopped beating way before Rex got there. He checks her lungs.

Nora questions Marcie about her knowing something that she isn’t telling her. Marcie looks at Mark and tells Nora that she doesn’t know what to say. Mark comes up, puts his arm around Marcie’s shoulders, and tells Nora that Marcie is worried about everybody. He blames it on the Killing Club murders. He makes up the excuse that Marcie is worried that anybody who gets involved with her may be the next victim. Nora tells them that she hardly fits the profile. Mark asks her if she is the D.A.’s wife. He tells her that Daniel loves her and will protect her. Nora thanks him and is glad that someone else feels that way about Daniel. Nora leaves. Mark accuses Marcie of planning to tell Nora about him and Daniel. Marcie denies it.

Michael puts a slide under the microscope lens. He finds blood in Jen’s lungs, and John has his proof that Jen died of suffocation.

Will and Lindsay discuss the autopsy report. Will informs her that Bo is looking into the autopsy results. Lindsay asks him if he believes him now. Will tells her that either way, Jen is still gone. R.J. comes out with Jaime in his arms and tells Lindsay that he is going to have to take off. Will kisses her goodbye. R.J. reminds her that there is somewhere he needs to be. Lindsay remembers the custody hearing, and she is sorry because she was going to testify on R.J.’s behalf. R.J. tells her not to worry. Lindsay tries to assure him that she can handle it. R.J. refuses her help. Lindsay tells him that she is sorry.

Matthew tells Riley that talking about Jen and seeing her pictures isn’t as good as having her there. Riley hugs him and tells him that at least they have their memories.

Marcie tries to convince Mark that she wasn’t going to tell Nora about him and Daniel. She assures him that she may not be able to help Jen, but she can help him, Nora, and Daniel. She tries to convince him to call things off between him and Daniel, but he won’t agree to it.

Daniel gets the call from the governor that he is going to be appointed lieutenant governor.

Rex searches through Daniel’s office and is caught by Bo.

Todd tells Blair that she is overreacting. Blair denies this. He tries to convince her that Margaret knew what she was doing when she took the pregnancy test, and it turned out negative. He tells her that if Margaret was pregnant they would have heard about it before now. Todd tells her that it would be no fun for Margaret unless she knew that they were suffering.

A woman turns on a musical mobile over a baby bed.

Bo reprimands Rex for searching Daniel’s office. He tells Rex to put everything back the way he had found it. Bo decides to search the office himself. Rex picks up Daniel’s passport and realizes that Daniel’s first name is Theodore.

Michael informs John that all the information he has found leads up to a possible homicide. John questions him as to what he has just said. They go over the facts.

Natalie refuses to talk about John or Niki Smith because it is too stressful for Viki. Viki asks her if Niki is still between them. Natalie confesses that she is afraid of her.

Jessica and Dr. Jamison discuss the DID. Dr. Jamison wants to run some more tests on her and says that it will take some time. They discuss the fire and how it was her fault. He steps up the sessions and prescribes an antidepressant. He suggests that she talk to Antonio.

As Jessica leaves the office, she hears the voice in her head again.

Todd and Blair discuss Margaret. They discuss the test results. Todd never wanted to tell her what Margaret had done to him. Blair tells him that he did, and she's glad she knows, because now they can deal with it and begin to heal.

A musical carousel plays as a woman ties a bow on a baby pillow embroidered with the name, "Todd, Jr."

Viki wants to know why Natalie is afraid of her. Natalie confesses that she is afraid that she will be disappointed in her. They discuss Niki Smith and whether she had come back anymore. Viki tells her no, she doesn’t need her anymore. Natalie tells her that she had better not come back anymore, or she will have to deal with her bad side. They laugh.

Jessica still hears the voice in her head. She fights it off. She calls Antonio and tells him that she needs to see him and talk to him.

Michael lets John look at the slide with the microscope. They find it to be plastic. Michael tells John that someone killed Jen, no doubt about it.

Daniel tells Nora that he is being appointed lieutenant governor tomorrow. Nora smiles, and they hug. Daniel looks at Mark.

Rex shows Bo Daniel’s passport. Bo tells Rex that Daniel is the person they have been looking for all along.

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