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Blair assures Todd that she is not judging him. Todd informs her that she needs to judge everything about him. Blair tells him that she loves the man he is now. Todd gives in and agrees to tell her how Margaret raped him.

Marcie and Nora talk, and Nora assures her that everyone is devastated by Jen’s death. Marcie regrets that she hadn’t said a lot of things she wanted to say to her, and she can’t say them now. Nora wishes she had told Jen she believed in her and didn't think she was capable of killing Paul Cramer, and that she had loved her like one of her own. Marcie tells Nora that Jen knew Nora loved her like one of her own. Nora informs Marcie that she and Daniel had been on opposite sides of this issue. Marcie, not really listening to Nora, remembers a conversation that she had had with Mark about him being with Daniel, and that Daniel was married to Nora, one of her closest friends. Marcie remarks that sometimes when you marry a man or a woman you don’t really know the person. Nora questions her as to why she would say something like that. Marcie stutters and doesn’t know quite how to answer.

Bo and John discuss Jen’s autopsy report and what it shows. Bo points out that all of Jen’s relatives and friends are headed for a memorial service for a beautiful young girl who they think committed suicide. Bo also points out that the killer is walking around free. John tells Bo that the autopsy report doesn’t make sense. Rex, hearing the conversation, bursts in and says to them both, "So now you both buy it that Jen hadn’t committed suicide." Bo tells them the question is now who killed her and why.

Daniel looks at a picture of Jen and Lindsay. Daniel assures Riley that everything will be all right, they will get through the day. They hug. Daniel tells him that he knows how much he loved Jen, and it will take a lifetime to get over that kind of love. In the background, Mark remarks, "And you would know about that, wouldn’t you?" Hearing Mark’s voice, Daniel turns to look at him, but after a brief glance Daniel turns away.

Mark comes up and shakes hands with Daniel, telling him it is good to see him again. Daniel makes the excuse that this kind of tragedy will take a lifetime to get over. Mark tells them that he has always had the support of his family, even though he had told them that he was gay. Riley thanks Daniel for his support. Daniel assures him that he will always be there for him. They hug.

Jessica sits down in a church pew. She wonders to herself where she has been and if it was another blackout. She wonders what is wrong with her that she would wake up and find out that Jen had committed suicide. Jessica doesn’t understand what is happening to her.

Lindsay thanks her son for being there, and says she had wondered if he would make it in time. He tells her that he had to, for her, and for Jen. The preacher comes up, interrupts them, and tells Lindsay that he has to talk to her about the service. They leave.

R.J. comes up and tells Lindsay's son that Lindsay needs him now. He confesses to R.J. that all he can do is tell Lindsay that he loves her. He hopes that it will be all right. R.J. informs him that when it comes to losing a child, it will never be all right. Jessica comes out of the chapel, sees Lindsay’s son, and hugs him, crying into his shoulder. He holds her tight.

Bo informs Rex that he cannot tell people that Jen didn’t kill herself. Rex is reluctant to agree to Bo’s terms. Bo again warns him that he cannot talk to anyone outside of his office. Rex leaves. Bo and John discuss the autopsy and how it showed carbon monoxide poisoning. Bo comes to the conclusion that someone has tampered with the report. John comes up with a plan to catch the killer.

Nora questions Marcie about the remark that she made about Daniel. Marcie is reluctant to tell her that Daniel is having an affair with Mark. Nora asks her if she is afraid of Daniel. Marcie remembers her promise to Mark that she wouldn’t tell Nora about him and Daniel. Marcie lies and tells Nora no. Nora still questions her about the remark. Marcie again lies and tells her that it must have been a real struggle between Daniel and Jen. Nora pats her on the shoulder. Michael comes in and asks Marcie if she is ready to go. Marcie confirms that she is. Michael offers Nora a ride to the church, but she refuses, telling him that she needs some time alone. Nora leaves.

Michael questions Marcie as to how she is. Marcie tells him that she is about to lose it. She is upset that everyone around her is dying. Now her best friend has committed suicide for no apparent reason, and no one can tell her why it happened. She also informs him that one of her other friends has told her a huge secret and doesn’t want her to tell anyone. Michael questions about the secret, but she refuses to tell him anything. Marcie, with tears in her eyes, hugs Michael.

Todd tells Blair that Margaret hadn’t taken advantage of him, he had asked for what she had done to him. They discuss Marty and how he raped her. He tells her that he had spent last night in the mausoleum with a big bottle of Scotch and Marty Saybrooke.

Todd and Blair discuss his being at the mausoleum with Marty. Blair is surprised that he was at the mausoleum. Todd reminds Blair of a remark Marty made about what goes around coming around. Blair tries to relieve his mind by saying he is making too much of this. They argue. Todd reminds her of the terrible things he had done to get what he wanted. They discuss Victor Lord’s legacy and that an apple doesn’t fall too far from the tree. Blair is upset when he says he feels that way about Jack. Todd points out that he doesn’t deserve her. Todd tells her the whole story of how he had fought for weeks to keep Margaret away from him, but finally he just gave up.

Natalie offers to take Rex home. Rex tells her that he is not going to Jen’s funeral. Natalie feels that he is making a big mistake. Rex informs her that she just doesn’t understand. Natalie tries to convince him that it's because he loves Jen so much that he needs to go to the funeral and say good-bye to her, or a part of him will die inside.

Bo and John discuss his plan and it being risky. John asks him if they have any other choice. They discuss John’s plan, and Bo gives him his blessing.

Jessica talks to Lindsay’s son. They discuss them losing their baby. Jessica mumbles to herself that maybe that was when this all started. They discuss the pain that was in Lidsay’s eyes and how there was nothing he could do to help her. Jessica tries to comfort him by telling him that he is helping her.

Nora and Daniel are standing with Riley when Viki arrives and offers her condolences to Riley. Viki wants to give him a hug, but she points out that she has been a little under the weather, and her doctor had been lecturing her. Viki says she wants to be there for Jen. Viki also points out to Riley all the people that he has to help him. Riley leaves and goes outside. Viki goes into the chapel to sit down. Nora tells Daniel that Bo is bringing Matthew to the funeral. Daniel is reluctant for Matthew to be there. Nora points out to him that Jen was his sister. Daniel tells Nora that he just wants to get this over with. Mark watches Daniel and Nora. The preacher comes out and invites them all into the chapel.

Everyone goes into the chapel. Marcie and Michael arrive. Michael receives a call from John. Marcie goes to sit down while Michael takes the call from John. Michael is surprised to learn what John wants him to do.

Todd tells Blair that Margaret forced him to make love to her, or else she was going to kill Blair and the children. They discuss the rape. Blair wants to know what Margaret wanted. Todd tells her that Margaret wanted a baby.

Natalie and Rex discuss his not going to the funeral. Natalie tries to convince him to go. Rex will not agree. Natalie reminds him of his love for Jen and says he should be there. John comes out of his office. Rex gets up and leaves the room. Natalie is puzzled.

The preacher leads the congregation in The Lord’s Prayer.

Mark looks at Daniel. Matthew and Bo arrive. Viki is the first to speak at the funeral. She tells them how much Jen was loved and how she had gotten to know her when she was part of the Love Shack crew. She tells them that evil took Jennifer away.

John and Michael discuss Michael performing an autopsy without legal permission. After much resistance, Michael finally agrees. He wants to know whom the person is that he is going to perform the autopsy on. John tells him it's Jennifer Rappaport. Michael is surprised. Rex barges in and tells them that Jen was murdered, and they have to prove it. He also informs them that Jen was being set up, and then was murdered. John reprimands him. Rex leaves. Michael is upset that Rex knows about the investigation. They discuss the autopsy. Michael agrees.

Lindsay’s son speaks at the funeral and is reminded of some of the things that had happened when he and Jennifer were growing up. He begins to cry and leaves the podium. He hugs Lindsay.

Ron asks Marcie where Michael went. She informs him that he had gotten a phone call and left. Roxie leaves Rex a message on his cell phone and wonders where he and Natalie are.

Rex and Natalie are still at the police station. Rex tells Natalie that he is ready to go now. Natalie questions him about where he has been and what is going on. He refuses to tell her anything. They leave.

Todd and Blair discuss Margaret and her wanting to have Todd’s baby. Blair wants to know how long he was going to keep this from her. They discuss Todd’s father and how they are going to fix this problem.

The preacher asks if anyone else wants to speak at the funeral. Matthew decides that he wants to. Matthew tells them how much he misses Jen.

Riley tells them how much he loved Jen and how he had let her down, and that he will regret that for the rest of his life. Riley begins to cry. Nora looks at Daniel, but he makes no attempt to comfort his son. Nora goes to Riley’s side.

Rex and Natalie arrive at the funeral. He goes up front to the podium. Rex tells them how much Jen loved life. He leaves the podium. Roxie wonders what he meant by that last remark. Natalie tries to comfort Rex. Ron tells Marcie that it is her time. Marcie tells him that she doesn’t know where Michael went.

Michael begins the autopsy.

Todd apologizes to Blair for keeping this from her. She asks him if, even though Margaret had taken a pregnancy test and it had come out negative, it could be possible that she was pregnant.

Marcie looks at a picture of Jen and begins to sing.

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