OLTL Update Friday 5/13/05

One Life to Live Update Friday 5/13/05



By Suzanne
Pictures by Juanita

Blair returns home; Ginger is still there baby-sitting. Blair wonders where Todd is because she's been out all night looking for him. Ginger wonders why he ran out. Kelly visits, so Blair introduces them. Blair wants to pay Ginger, but Ginger won't hear of it, saying it was fun. She leaves. Kelly consoles Blair as she worries about Todd. They talk about what's happened in the past few days. Blair blames Todd for her finding out because of his bugging Kevin's office. Kelly figures that Todd was worried about losing Blair and that's why he didn't tell her about the rape.

Todd talks to Victor Lord's casket in his mausoleum. He's been drinking. Todd sees a vision of Marty Saybrooke. She reminds him of the time he raped her. Todd laughs bitterly that he is seeing her, of all people. He makes jokes about coming to terms with his inner demons. When she makes a comment about his self-pity, he notes that she sounds like Margaret. She points out that Margaret is her name and how ironic it is. They rehash some of the history of the rape. Marty taunts Todd about Margaret raping him. She wants him to admit that he finally understands what he did to her. She asks him how it felt, but he just burps at her and tells her that her counseling skills suck. She tells him to keep on fighting it because if he does, it'll destroy him and everything he loves. Marty gloats about what's happening to Todd but asks him why he's there at that particular place. She theorizes that he is trying to commune with his father because he is feeling dirty. Todd says defiantly that he had to have sex with Margaret to save Blair, but she points out that it wasn't sex, it was rape. He thought that Marty had become a counselor and had let her rape go. Marty tells him that she did, but it doesn't let you go. Her voice echoes eerily as she goes on about how certain things remind her of the rape. As she says these things, we see flashes of Marty's rape intermingled with Todd's rape. He tells her to get out of his head. She advises him to talk to someone and get some help. He wonders who he should talk to about this, so she replies, "I think you know". Todd knows she means Blair. He worries that Blair will walk out on him for good. Marty calls him a coward and says that he's just afraid of Blair thinking he's weak. He knows that's what Blair will think. Marty reminds him that the truth always finds you. He asks why she's doing this. She says that it's because of all of the fear, loathing, and self-hatred he left in her that night, which he did while laughing. He asks how long she will haunt him, so she replies that will always haunt him in one way or another. She's hoping he will keep everything all bottled up so he can drink himself blind and they can have more of these chats. She reminds him of all of the people who care about him, saying that he has to let one of them in to help, or else he'll end up completely alone (his worst nightmare). Marty disappears, and Todd throws the empty bottle at Victor's name on his tombstone.

Todd goes home; he apologizes to Blair for running out on him. She said she was worried. He tells her he just needed some time alone to think. She says she understands and that he can talk to her about anything, about what Margaret did. She is hesitant to keep going, but Todd finishes for her that Margaret raped him.

R.J. is with Lindsay, who is still crying and upset about Jen's death. She shows him the earrings she picked out for Jen's funneral and breaks down again. He tries to comfort her. She wonders how he buried his only daughter. Lindsay worries about Jen being in the morgue, being cold. R.J. tells her gently that she has to let them do what they've got to do. She cries more and wonders when this feeling will go away. R.J. takes her in his arms and says, "in some ways, it never does". Lindsay tells him about finding an old stuffed animal of Jen's that she found. She cries that Jen was her baby and wonders how she will get through this. R.J. offers his help.

Nora visits. R.J. tries to keep her out because he doesn't think it's good for Lindsay to see her. He tells Nora that they haven't released Jen's body yet so she can't bury her daughter. Lindsay comes up and asks Nora why she's there. Nora tells Lindsay how sorry she is and that Jen was such a beautiful young woman. Nora apologizes to Lindsay for what she said yesterday. Lindsay forgot all about it, but then remembers. She says that Nora said that Jen hated her and that's why she stood her up on Mother's Day. Nora denies that's what she said. Lindsay tells her to take a good look. She accuses Nora of wanting to see her in such pain so she can run off and tell other people about how she's hit rock-bottom. Nora denies that, too, and tells Lindsay that Jen loved her. Nora admits she was out of line for saying that Lindsay was never there for Jen as a mother and she doesn't want her to blame herself for Jen's suicide. Lindsay she only blames Daniel for Jen's death. Nora denies that Daniel had anything to do with it. Lindsay says maybe it wasn't a suicide and that Rex thinks she was murdered. Nora says that Rex doesn't know. Lindsay blames Daniel for hounding Jen, regardless of how she died. She accuses Daniel of murdering Jen and says he'll do anything for the greater glory of Daniel Coulson. Lindsay can't wait until he burns Nora's world to the ground. Nora realizes she should leave. Lindsay cries that Jen didn't hate her, she loved her, and Nora doesn't know anything. Lindsay asks R.J. to take her to her daughter, so they leave. Lindsay's words echo in Nora's ears.

In Bo's office at the LPD, John and Bo talk about Jen's death; neither thinks that she killed herself. They touch bases about the Killing Club murders, too. John asks when the autopsy on Jen is coming back, just as Daniel comes around the corner. He listens in on their conversation. Bo is upset about Jen's death; he hopes they will get her body back in time for the memorial service. He vows to nail the bastard that murdered Jen. Riley walks up and wonders what Daniel is doing. They go out into the office, so Daniel explains he wanted to see Bo, but he was busy. He asks Riley how he's doing. Riley replies sarcastically that he's great, considering he just killed his own girlfriend. Daniel and Riley argue about whose fault it is. Daniel admits he doesn't have all the answers. Riley came to see Bo, so he makes it clear he doesn't want to talk to Daniel. Riley gets annoyed when he says "see you later" and Daniel has forgotten about Jen's memorial service.

Riley asks Bo for his help. He explains that he left a long message on Jen's cell the night she died, saying he knew she didn't kill Paul, so he was wondering if she got it. John tells him they don't think she did because it was still in her inbox. Riley notes that it's funny how we cling on to the little things, thinking they might have made a difference or would explain something. Bo is told that the ME's report is ready. Bo advises Riley to hang in there as he puts his hand on his arm, then he leaves. John tells Riley that what happened with Jen is not his fault. Riley tells him that he was talking to Jen right there in the garage before she went back there to kill herself and he didn't even see it. John points out that it doesn't change anything. Because of his former fiance, he knows some of the "what-if's" and blames that Riley is going through. He advises Riley to try not to blame himself, to honor her memory best he can, and maybe one day he can move on. John says that right about the time he'll feel like moving on, he'll hate himself for feeling again. The outlook doesn't look too promising to Riley. John says that at least he knew her and no one can take that time away from him. Riley has to go to the memorial service but wishes Jen had gotten the message. John thinks she's got it now. Riley leaves.

Marcy is in the church before Jen's memorial service. She is talking to a picture of Jen that is up the front. Marcy remembers a night last summer when they were talking about their future, which seemed so bright. Marcy sobs as she talks about how much Jen meant to her. She wonders why Jen took her own life and who she will talk to now. Behind her, Marcy sees Mark standing there. She goes up to him, thinking he's there to pray for Jen. He remembers Jen's death and feels selfish to have forgotten her death in the midst of his own problems. He tells Marcy that he is not a good friend to Jen because he is crying about his own messed-up life instead of thinking about her death. When Mark says he's pathetic, Marcy objects, but then she looks shocked when he says he is in love with a married man. They sit down in a pew, so Mark explains what's going on (but doesn't name names). Mark snaps at Marcy briefly but then apologizes. When Marcy asks why the man married someone else if he loves Mark, Mark explains that the man has a high-profile job that he is worried about losing. Marcy talks to him about it, trying to make Mark see that the guy is a selfish bastard who doesn't love either of them. Mark argues with Marcy and doesn't hear the bad things she has to say about his lover. He lets slip that he is waiting to be appointed, so Marcy wonders who the guy is and whether he's a politician. Mark refuses to answer, but Marcy keeps at him. Marcy soon realizes it's Daniel. She is upset that it's Daniel because of her friendship with Nora and Riley. Mark goes on and on about how great Daniel is and how he's not going to break his heart. Marcy points out that he already has and that Mark is falling apart. Mark wonders what he should do, so Marcy advises him to end things with Daniel before he gets in any deeper. Marcy ralizes she is late and has to go to Lindsay's. Mark thanks her for talking to him. She asks him not to do anything crazy, and he makes her promise not to tell anyone. He promises, but she refuses. She just wants to get through today. She leaves after telling him that she loves him. Riley arrives right after Marcy leaves. He asks Mark if he's okay. Mark tells him he just misses Jen. He can't imagine what Riley is going through. Mark tells him that he's there for him. They hug as Riley thanks him.

Daniel goes to the morgue and gets the autopsy report before anyone else can get to it. The ME tells him that it was a tricky autopsy. He tells Daniel that he doesn't think it was suicide like they declared it at the scene. Daniel looks at the paperwork as he tells Daniel the details. There was no evidence of carbon monoxide in Jen's lungs or bloodstream. He concludes that Jen died before the car was started. Daniel is not happy to hear this. The ME has determined that Jen was suffocated and it was not an easy death. He declares that Jen was murdered. Daniel lies that they thought she might have been murdered but played it up as a suicide to the media. The ME seems to buy what Daniel is saying. Daniel says that with all the leaks they've had, they wanted to take extra precautions. The ME points out that it probably doesn't help that the police commissioner's family owns a newspaper. Daniel laughs along but then asks the ME if he's ever worked in the field. The ME confides that he has not, but he's always wanted to. Daniel asks him to make up a fake autopsy that supports the suicide verdict, so they can give that one to the media. The ME is unsure about doing that because it's a serious violation of procedure. Daniel takes him aside and says that he really wants to take down Jen's murderer. He also reminds him that he is on the short list to be Lieutenant Governor. He tells the ME after this is all over, he will make the ME a hero for what he's done and he can get out into the field. Just then, Bo walks in and wonders why Daniel is there. Daniel tells Bo that the report is not ready yet. Bo asks the ME if that is true, so the ME lies that he is still waiting on the lab reports. Bo leaves, saying he will be waiting in his office. The ME tells Daniel that he doesn't like lying to the police commissioner and that he thought Daniel only wanted to give the fake report to the press. Daniel makes up a lie to cover his tracks and praises the ME's lying skills. Daniel asks the ME to take a vacation for a few weeks so he doesn't accidentally say anything to the media or to Bo. The mE agrees and leaves to make the fake report and pack.

The memorial service starts. Lindsay wonders how she will get through this. R.J. advises her to take it one step at a time. Will, Jen's brother arrives, so Lindsay hugs him.

Marcy arrives at the gallery; she's shocked to see Nora there.

Daniel gives Bo the fake autopsy results, saying the poor kid killed herself. Bo notes sarcastically that Daniel seems all broken up about it. Daniel says it's not his fault that Jen couldn't deal with the guilt of killing Paul. He also gives Bo a hard time for not arresting Jen when he asked him to, saying maybe she would still be alive if he had. Bo starts to get up and yell at Daniel, but John walks in and tells Coulsen they have the report and will take it from here. Daniel leaves to meet Nora at the church. John knows that Bo still doesn't think it's suicide. A cop gives Bo some information from the crime scene. Bo tells John that there were no fingerprints on the hose that led from the gas pipe to the window, not even Jen's. He is now certain that Jen was murdered.

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