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Lindsay cries in her studio, holding a picture of Jen, sitting on the floor. Rex arrives and sees her there. He has a bitter look on his face. Rex wants to comfort her, but she wants to be left alone. She claims she's fine, but he knows she's not. They hug and Lindsay goes on about how she should have known that this would happen and what a bad mother she was. Rex tries to calm her down and tells her that Jen was murdered. Lindsay is stunned and asks him what he means. Rex points out that Jen was a fighter and wouldn't give up like that. Lindsay reminds him about the note she wrote to Riley, saying it was a suicide note. Rex states that she did not say goodbye in the letter, or anything that sounded like suicide. He asks why Jen wouldn't write a suicide note to either of them, or her brother. Lindsay doesn't know. Rex tells Lindsay that when he last saw Jen, he told her that he had lead on Paul's killer, so she was excited and had hope. Lindsay thinks that Rex is just doing this because he feels guilty. He denies it adamantly but Lindsay goes on about how she failed Jen. Rex keeps telling Lindsay that she was a good mother, but Lindsay reminds him that she killed Jen's father and slept with the guy she loved. Rex is glad to hear that Jen loved him and is determined to find Jen's killer. Rex says he would bring Jen back if he could. He tells Lindsay he sure loved Jen. Lindsay knows that and tells him that Jen knew, too. He goes on and on about Jen. Lindsay realizes that Rex is right, that Jen didn't kill herself. She agrees that they should find the killer and make him pay. She vows to do anything she can to help Rex prove that Paul's killer murdered Jen. Rex agrees that they will find the person. Lindsay says she will destroy that person and God help anyone who gets in her way.

Daniel tells Nora that he is not having an affair. She points out how he is always sneaking out to mysterious meetings and there are so many hang-ups on the phone. He makes excuses, but she doesn't buy it. Nora wonders if Bailey, the one he was just hugging, is the one he is cheating with. He tells her truthfully that Bailey was just expressing his sympathies. Nora tells him that something has been wrong since they got married and she demands to know what's going on. The doorbell rings, so Daniel answers, over Nora's objections. It is Mark. He tells Daniel that they can't keep this secret from Nora any more. Nora comes up and remembers meeting Mark before at the Love Center. She asks what they can do for him. Daniel tries to usher him out and says that Riley is not there. Mark says loudly that he's not there to see Riley; he's there to see Nora. Mark says there's something she needs to know. Nora invites him and they all sit down on the couch. Mark tells Nora that Jen was a good friend of his and her death got him thinking about life, relationships, and love. As he says this, he looks over at Daniel. Nora says they were all devastated about it and are all still in shock. She asks Mark what he is doing there. Mark starts to tell her something about Philadelphia, but her cell phone rings. She has to answer it because she's expecting a call from Rachel. She leaves the room. Daniel asks Mark what he's doing there. Mark says he loves him and wants to tell the truth. Daniel thought they had discussed this already, but Mark says that Jen's death changed everything. He realizes how short life is. He wants to know why they should be ashamed of their relationship when they love each other. Daniel says, "you know why!" Mark says this sneaking around is killing him and says Nora will understand. They keep arguing. Daniel tells Mark that he doesn't know what he has done to hide their relationship. Mark refuses to change his mind. Daniel is worried that this will ruin everything. He tells Mark that if he loves him the way he says he does, he'll be quiet. Nora returns. Mark covers up what he meant to say by saying that when Jen was at the Love Shack, she spoke very highly of Nora and thought of her as a second mother. Nora is touched. She tells Mark he's sweet to come over there and tell her that. She walks him out, thanking him for his thoughtfulness. He and Daniel exchange one last sweet glance. Nora apologizes to Daniel for accusing him of having an affair. He wonders why she changed her mind. Mark's visit reminded her of how precious life is, how much she loves him, and how they shouldn't waste their time being paranoid. Daniel forgives her with a kiss. They relax on the couch, with Nora lying down against him. She talks about Jen and how horrible her death was. Daniel has flashbacks to the murder. Nora hopes Jen has found some peace; Daniel is sure she has but advises Nora to put her out of her mind. He is trying to do that as well.

In the kitchen at the diner, John makes a list of all of the Love Crew people. He has a flashback to taking Natalie in his arms there, right after he thought she had been murdered. Evangeline comes in, looking for him. He is surprised that she was looking there. She says she knows him and who he is obsessing about. He starts to say something, maybe to deny that it's Natalie, but she stops him and says she knows that he's obsessing about the Killing Club murderer. Evangeline talks about how sad it is about Jen committing suicide. She wonders how John can deal with all the death and sadness. He says it goes with the job, so she tells him not to make it his life. He assures her that it isn't, but she reminds him that it has been in the past. She doesn't want him to withdraw from the rest of the world in order to pursue the bad guys. He knows she means her, and she agrees, in part, but she is worried about him. He explains that sometimes to catch these guys you have to get inside their heads. It's the only way he knows how to do it. She concludes that it's her job to make sure he escapes from that sometimes. John tells her that he was supposed to go to Ultraviolet to question the manager because the waitress that was killed there also worked at UV. Evangeline suggests going with him, so he agrees.

Natalie is home in bed, watching TV. She gets a phone call from Ron. He chats about Jen's death and how Marcie is taking it. He asks if she wants to meet up for a beer, but she says she's not in the mood because she has to get up for work early. She sighs heavily after hanging up the phone.

At Ultraviolet, Ginger asks Tess how she knows Todd. Tess just says that she's seen him around. Ginger feels bad for Todd and Blair because some crazy woman is messing up their lives. Ginger keeps asking Tess about Todd, but she is evasive. Tess admits that Todd is Jessica's uncle. Ginger thinks that Jessica is Tess' roommate, so Tess tells her that she's not. Tess is trying to think of a way to explain it, but then she sees Antonio, so they make a quick exit. Outside, Tess realizes she forgot her purse, so she tells Ginger she'll see her tomorrow and then goes back inside. She tries to grab the purse without Antonio seeing, but he sees her right after she grabs it. She asks what he's doing there, so he explains that he is still thinking about the custody trial. She lies that Natalie is supposed to be meeting her there but she's running late. Tess uses the opportunity to phone Natalie and invite her there, still trying to get rid of Antonio. Natalie says she's in for the night. Tess pleads with her until she gives in. Natalie arrives, so Jessica (sitting next to Antonio) jokingly gives her a hard time for taking so long. She goes to get a drink. Evangeline and John arrive. He suggests she go get them a table while he talks to the manager. He runs into Natalie and they exchange looks. She thanks him for listening earlier and offers him a drink. He tells her that he's sort of working but also there with Evangeline. There is a lot of awkwardness between them. He goes to find the manager.

Jessica/Tess finishes her drink and asks Antonio to get another one. She says to herself, "a free drink is a free drink". Ron arrives and is surprised to see Natalie there. Natalie tells him that Jessica phoned and begged her to come out and have a drink with her. Antonio overhears that and frowns. He goes back to Jessica and gives her the drink. He tells her that he's confused and explains what he heard. Jessica fumbles for a moment, but then sees John, so she tells Antonio that Natalie probably lied to Ron so he wouldn't know that she was there to chase after John. Antonio looks as if he might believe her story. She pretends to be tired, saying she should go home so she is there for him tomorrow at the custody hearing. Antonio walks her out. Ron asks Natalie if he was blowing him off. She says she wasn't and asks him to dance. John and Evangeline prepare for an evening alone, but he sees Ron and Natalie so his attention is divided, as usual.

At home, Kevin asks Kelly to let what happened with Todd and Margaret go. Kelly demands that Kevin confirm that she raped Todd, so he reluctantly says she did. Blair has been eavesdropping via the bug that Todd planted. She looks upset and takes off the earphones just as Todd walks in. She asks Todd why he couldn't tell her, so he thinks she is mad about his bugging the Buchanans. She tells him softly that she knows what Margaret did to him. Todd feigns ignorance. Blair asks him not to do this and she just stares at him while he continues to lie. He says they know what Margaret did to him and he lists all of the other things Margaret did to him. Blair tells him that she knows everything, but he tries to deny it. She tells him that she knows Margaret raped him. Todd puts his hands on his face and shakes his head, still denying it but very upset. He demands to know who told her and says it's a lie (but he doesn't look her in the eyes). She wonders why Kevin would lie about that, so he thinks Kevin told her. Todd is very angry and won't discuss it with her. He grabs her by the arms, looking very angry, then he storms out as she begs him not to go. She calls after him and then slams the door. Blair phones his cell and leaves a message about how they can work this out. She realizes he's probably headed after Kevin, so she starts to rush out, but Starr comes downstairs and wants to know what's going on and where Todd is. Blair lies that Todd had to go do something at the office and that they were just talking. Starr knows something's up, even though Blair tells her that everything's fine. Blair admits there's a little problem but it's nothing for Starr to worry about. Starr worries anyway, fearing that her parents are going to split up again. They sit on the stairs as Blair assures her that it won't happen. She asks Starr to trust her; Starr reluctantly agrees as Blair gives her a kiss. Ginger stops by and asks if everything is okay because the doorman mentioned that Todd went running out like a wild man. Blair shakes her head and says that everything is not okay. Ginger offers to look after the kids so she can go running after Todd. Blair is not sure, but agrees to let her stay because she is so worried. Blair gives her some numbers and then rushes out.

Meanwhile, Kevin explains to Kelly how he found out from Todd what happened after he rescued Todd. Kelly wants to tell Blair, but Kevin asks her not to because he promised Todd that he wouldn't tell anyone. He argues that Blair can't handle the truth right now. Kelly brings up their history with Ace, asking if he isn't glad he knows the truth. Kevin points out that he would still have his son, at least. Kevin tells Kelly how Blair acted before when he started to tell her and that she attacked him. Kelly is surprised to hear it but thinks that Blair is stronger than he thinks. They continue to argue about Todd and Blair. Kelly thinks that if the truth is there, Todd and Blair can work out their problems. She asks him to trust her instincts. Kevin feels backed in a corner but agrees. He asks her to give him a chance to let Todd know, so he can tell Blair first. Kelly is surprised that Kevin would have sympathy for Todd. She is impressed. Todd storms in, jumps over Kevin's desk, and grabs him by the collar; then he throws him down on the desk as Kelly pleads with him to stop. Todd yells that Kevin told Blair about Margaret as he tries to choke him. Kevin fights back and Kelly keeps yelling at Todd that Kevin didn't tell Blair. Todd keeps choking Kevin, ignoring her. Kelly yells that Kevin has been with him all night, so Blair must have found out some other way. He flashes back to walking in the door, realizing that Blair was in front of the computer. He lets Kevin go; Kelly rushes to help Kevin as he chokes and gasps. Todd laughs, saying Kevin must have told Kelly. Kevin says Kelly guessed it, so Todd knows he confirmed it. Todd calls Kevin an idiot and says that Blair set him up. He tells Kevin about the bug under his computer and that Blair heard everything. Kevin is annoyed, thinking that Kelly was in on the whole thing. Kelly denies knowing about the bug and says she thought they were starting to trust each other. Kevin replies, "so did I" and storms out. Kelly looks angry and confused.

Todd goes to Victor Lord's crypt and hangs out there, drinking and sitting on the floor. He looks haunted.

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