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One Life to Live Update Wednesday 5/11/05



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Todd is delivering a package to BE so can bug Kevin's desk. Kevin and Duke walk in, so Todd hides and then slips out. Kevin's secretary tells him about Jen committing suicide. They turn on the TV news to hear the story. Duke suggests to Kevin that they phone Joey to let him know that his ex-wife is dead. Kevin knows it will be hard on both Joey and on Lindsay. He mentions losing a child as he looks at the picture of Ace on his desk. The phone rings, so Duke answers it. He assures someone that BE is rebounding financially. Kevin watches him proudly. He tells Duke that he is a "true Buchanan". They chat about how great it is to work together. Kevin thanks Duke for sticking by him after he was such a terrible father. Duke has to take off to see Adriana, but Kevin first thanks him for everything he did tonight. They hug.

Blair and Ginger  are in her place, wondering where Todd is. Ginger comes out and sees Jessica at the elevator. She is surprised that Tess is there and looking to leave. Tess says that she knocked on her apartment door and no one was home. Ginger explains she just stopped by her neighbor's place really quickly and invites Tess to her place. Tess agrees but looks uncomfortable. Todd returns, just missing Jessica as he walks out of the elevator. Todd goes inside and sits down at his computer, putting o his headphones. He listens to Duke and Kevin talk about BE business, hoping they will talk about Asa's whereabouts. Blair comes over lifts up his earpiece, asking what he's listening to (but knowing it probably has something to do with Asa). Todd lies that he was downloading some music, but Blair knows better. Blair yells at him for being obsessed, saying he is just as bad as Margaret. He just wants to protect his family. They keep arguing until Todd gets mad and storms out. He sees Jessica at the elevator, so he wonders why she's there. She lies, not very convincingly, that she stopped by to say hi, but she realized it was late and she has another appointment. Todd mentions that he might go see Viki, but she says Viki is resting so it's not really a good time. He asks suspiciously if something is wrong, but she tells him not to worry as she gets in the elevator.

The TV news woman says that Jen was the primary suspect in the Paul Cramer murder case. Rex rushes up and starts yelling that Jen didn't kill him. Bo has to pull him back and then asks the reporters to leave. Natalie phones John from the crime scene to tell him to come down there because Bo will need him. John says he will be right there. Rex, still upset, fingers the board game piece from the other night when he and Jen were playing together. It says "Money" on it. Bo wonders if it's evidence, but Rex explains what it is. Nat asks Rex if he will be ok. Rex says he will be ok as soon as he finds "Ted". He vows to see him pay, then he rushes off.

Daniel thanks Paige for staying with Matthew. She offers further help as she leaves. Nora comes downstairs, telling Daniel that Matthew finally got to sleep. The phone rings and, as usual, the person on the other end said nothing. Nora yells, "Who is this!" into the phone. We see that it is Mark, and he hangs up. Nora is frustrated. Daniel suggests she ignore it and they go up to bed. She can't sleep because she's too upset about Jen. Daniel kisses her neck, offering to take her mind off things. She can't believe that he is in the mood right now. The phone rings; it is the governor, asking about Jen's suicide. Daniel tells him about the evidence found in Jen's car. He thanks the governor but says he is just doing his job. Nora is disgusted that Daniel and the governor only care about closing the case. She reminds him that a young woman who was almost like a daughter to her died tonight She picks up her purse and storms out, saying she is going somewhere to mourn Jen rather than watching him pat herself on the back.

Marcie and Nick go to Ultraviolet to see if Rex knows where Jen is. Michael phones Marcie to find out where she is and asks her to wait for him. Mark comes over and tells Nick and Marcie that he's sorry because he just heard the news. They don't know what he means, so he reluctantly tells them that Jen killed herself. Marcie is stunned. Michael arrives; he is sorry that Marcie already heard. They hug and leave UV. Outside, Marcie asks Michael if it's really true. She seems devastated. He tells her what few details he knows. Marcie wails that Jen was her best friend. She blames herself again, and MIchael tells her again that she didn't do anything. Marcie still blames herself. Mark and Nick come out; they join in on resassuring Marcie. Michael gives her more details about Jen dying from carbon monoxide poisoning. Marcie refuses to believe it. Michael suggests she put it out of her head. Marcie says she has to leave, but he insists on going with her.

Rex bangs on Kelly's door until she opens it. He demands to see her brother's stuff. She is annoyed and threatens to call the cops, but he keeps demanding. Blair phones and asks Kelly to come right over because of her problems with Todd. Rex keeps trying to get Kelly to give him Paul's things. She wonders why it matters now. Before he can answer, Bo phones to find out if Rex is okay because Nat was worried that he might do something stupid. Rex tells him where he is and that he wanted to look through Paul's stuff. Bo asks to speak with Kelly, so Rex hands her the phone. Bo explains that Rex is having a rough night because Jen killed herself. Kelly is shocked. Bo explaints that Rex is trying to clear Jen's name and asks her to help. She agrees and hands Rex back the phone, expressing her sympathy about Jen. Kelly says she has to leave but tells Rex he can look through Paul's stuff outside. He hopes he can find something the cops missed, to prove who killed Paul and Jen. Kelly says gently that Bo said Jen killed herself. Rex says that she didn't and he intends to prove it. Kelly has tears in her eyes, feeling bad for him. Rex looks through Paul's stuff and wonders where he would hide the blackmail information he had on someone. Rex finds a piece of paper and looks at it. He gets an expression on his face like he just smelled something really bad.

Nora goes to the crime scene. When she sees Rex's game piece, which he had tacked to the wall of the parking garage, she puts her hand on it, so Natalie explains what it is. Nora is surprised that Rex didn't have any inkling that Jen might do this to herself. Nat confirms that he had no clue and is really messed up about it. Nora looks like she might be suspicious, but she is obviously upset as she leans against the garage wall. John arrives; Nat thanks him for coming. They exchange a heated look. Nora takes a picture of Jen out of her wallet and puts it on the wall next to the game piece. Bo comes up just as she does that, so she turns around and cries on his shoulder as they hug. Paige arrives just then. She wonders why Nora is there because she just left her at home with Daniel. Nora, still upset, explains she just thought she'd come there and try to make sense out of what happened. Paige says she's glad Nora has Daniel to help her through it. Bo wonders where he is. Nora looks like she doesn't know how to answer that. Marcie and the others arrive to see if Jen is there, but Nora informs them that the coroner has her. They all wipe away tears. Marcie asks Bo if he thinks this is related to the Killing Club. Bo tells her that they're not sure yet. Daniel saunters in and says they know what happened with Jen. She couldn't live with herself for killing Paul, so she killed herself. Bo wonders how he can be so sure. Daniel pretends to be wounded that Bo would make it sound like he wanted this to happen. He points out that Riley is devastated. Nora and Bo still look suspicious. Daniel says that even though Jen killed Paul, she was not a killer. She did what she did, but it was tearing her up inside. Bo finishes..."if she killed Cramer". Daniel asks why else she would commit suicide. Marcie points out that maybe Jen did it because she was afraid of going to prison for something she didn't do. Nora comforts Marcie. Daniel tries to make it up to Nora about the governor's phone call. Nora is not in the mood to hear his explanations; she is busy trying to figure out why Jen, whom she loved very much, just killed herself. Mark comes up and asks Daniel quietly why he didn't tell him about this. Daniel pretends not to quiet remember him. Mark asks him not to do this right now because he was friends with Jen. Daniel brushes him off and walks away. Mark's mouth drops open in surprise and anger.

Nat tells John how worried she is about Rex. John worries about her. She hated Jen but didn't want her to die. She is upset, too, even though Jen was not her friend. She feels bad about being mean to Jen. John takes her in his arms as she cries. Nat feels guilty and hopes she didn't have anything to do with Jen's decision to kill herself. John assures her she didn't and she shouldn't worry about stuff she has no control over. John offers his help to Bo in the investigation, so Bo asks him to look around. Paige observes to Bo that it must not have been easy for him to admit he needed help with the case. He agrees they all do sometime. He and Paige hug. Rex arrives and tells Bo he has to talk to him. Rex shows him the paper he found and says he thinks he might have found out who Ted is. Rex points something to Bo that says "Ted D. 5000" Rex thinks this means that someone whose last name starts with a D paid Paul $5000. Bo wonders if that is enough. He gets a call and then gives bad news to Rex: Coulson might have been right about Jen killing Paul. Bo tells Rex about the evidence found in the car with Paul's blood. Rex is confused by this and how it could have been found after everything of Jen's was searched already. He thinks the evidence was planted by this Ted D. He swears to Bo that the cops better find him first because he is going to tear the son-of-a-bitch apart that did this to his girl.

Marcie puts a necklace of Jen's that she borrowed on the wall next to the other times. Michael consoles her as she cries. Mark and Nick talk about how awful it is. Nick observes that this is what happens when you keep secrets; it always messes with you. Mark looks concerned about this. Later, brings flowers to the area where everyone is leaving tributes. He notes that he didn't have anything personal of Jen's, since most of the time she thought he was a creep. Marcie notes that Jen loved flowers. He puts them down on the ground in front of the other stuff. They light some candles and now there is a table there for the stuff. They all hold hands so Marcie can say a prayer. Marcie even includes Rex in her prayers. Marcie mentions something about secrets Jen might have taken with her to her grave, so Mark looks shocked and leaves in the middle of prayer, walking out with Nick's words about secrets echoing in his ears.

Kelly goes to see Blair, who explains what happened with Todd. Kelly advises Blair to fight for her relationship with Todd if she wants it to last. Blair says she wants to, but she's not sure what she's fighting for. She asks Kelly for her help. Kelly doesn't think Kevin will come right out and tell her Todd's secret. Blair begs her to help more. Kelly agrees to go to BE to question Kevin. She and Kevin chat about Jen's death. He reminds her of when she was taking a lot of pills. She is aghast that he would think she would ever consider taking her own life. He admits he thought about it when he was worried about her. She knows things always get better. She points out that Todd and Blair are a good example of that. She hopes they last but thinks Kevin knows something about why they might not make it. He says he doesn't know what she means. She tells him that she is sure Kevin knows something that went on in the cabin with Todd that might destroy their happiness. She plays hard ball, saying she doesn't want it to come between them, either. Blair happens to put on the headphones just as Kevin is saying that it is between Blair and Todd. Kelly asks him again. Blair takes off the headphones for a minute not sure if she wants to hear it, but then she puts them back on. Kelly keeps questioning Kevin. She wonders if this has something to do with Marty Saybrooke, but he denies it. Kelly guesses correctly that Margaret raped Todd. Blair looks stunned.

Todd goes to Ultraviolet; the doorman cards him, which makes Todd annoyed, but he shows his ID. Todd finds Jessica/Tess and takes her aside. Ginger wonders why he's there. Todd grills Jessica about Viki's health. Jessica is vague in her reply but tells him that she's not a doctor. Todd says she's not acting like his niece. He wonders what's up with her. Todd gets very suspicious when Jessica calls him "Uncle Todd". He wonders why she's not with Antonio, so she counters that he's not with Blair. She accuses him of butting into her life rather than dealing with his own problems. Todd finishes her drink and asks her how many she has had tonight. She urges him to go home to Blair and stop hassling her. Todd doesn't know what to make of how she is acting. Jessica walks away, but he tries to stop her. She tells him to go home to his wife, calling him "Killer", which also surprises him.

Duke arrives to meet with Adriana but runs into Ginger. Adriana phones to say she can't make it. Duke explains to Ginger that she's staying home to take care of Dorian, who is upset. Duke blabs on and on about Adriana. She asks about their relationship, so he tells her that he and Adriana agreed to take it slow. She thinks that's a good idea. They chat for a while and she wants to get another round but he has to leave. He leaves and she looks pleased with herself at how things went.

The governor's pretty assistant, Bailey, is at Daniel and Nora's house when he gets there. She was leaving a note to express sympathy about Jen. They chat for a second and he lets her in. He offers her a drink or something. She turns it down but says he looks like he could use one. He laughs that she has no idea. He tells her that the governor is praising him for solving the case, but his son and Nora are not doing well. Bailey gives him a hug in sympathy; just then Nora walks in, of course. Nora slams the door, saying "excuse me" in a sarcastic turn. Bailey explains that she was just showing her sympathy and to let them know that the governor's office will do what they can to help. Nora says with a deadpan voice that she is glad her husband has the support of the governor's office. Bailey leaves. Daniel tries to apologizes to Nora for treating Jen like a case rather than as a person. Nora says she doesn't want to talk about Jen. She wants to know if Daniel is having an affair.

Back at the LPD, John phones to get some files about the Cramer case. He is impatient with the person on the phone. Natalie comes up and hands him some files, saying she has exactly what he wants right there. He takes them, amazed at her attitude. She says it is her turn to help him.

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