OLTL Update Tuesday 5/10/05

One Life to Live Update Tuesday 5/10/05



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Paige, Nora, Riley, and Lindsey are all at the Palace wondering where either Jen or Daniel is.  Dorian chats with Lindsay briefly about Jen and Daniel.  Later, Riley, Lindsay and Nora get into an argument about Jen once again.

Rex finds Jen in her car in the art studio parking garage.  He gets in the car, gets Jen out, and administers CPR for a long time, but it doesn't work.  He cries and then holds her.  A while later, he phones Bo, still crying, and tells him what happened.  After making sure he's got the story straight from Rex, Bo tells Lindsay that Jen took her own life.  Riley and Nora are nearby and hear it, too.  Bo gives everyone the few details he knows.  Lindsay is shocked and upset, of course.  She blames Riley and Daniel and breaks down screaming and crying.  Nora phones R.J. to come over and be with Lindsay.  Matthew overhears what's going on and asks Nora if Jen killed herself.  She explains that she did.  Nora consoles a confused Matthew with a hug.  Bo and Paige express their sympathy, and Bo hugs Matthew, too.  Paige offers to take Matthew home so that Bo and Nora can go to the hospital to see Jen.  They thank her for it.  R.J. arrives and Lindsay tells him that Jen is gone.  They hug.  Lindsey insists on going to see Jen and identify her body, even though Bo offers to do it instead. 

Daniel is at the motel room with Mark, his lover.  Mark can tell that Daniel is tense and upset.  He tries to get Daniel to go public with their relationship, but Daniel is adamant that will never happen and even says he would kill to keep his secret, which shocks Mark.  Daniel makes an excuse to try to dismiss what he meant by that.  He has a flashback to killing Jen.  Mark is annoyed because Daniel had promised him that his marriage to Nora would be temporary.  Daniel is worried about his career and about Riley.  He talks about how he finally has almost everything he's ever wanted.  Mark tries to get Daniel to see how he's hurting Nora, but he won't face that.  Daniel gets mad during their discussion and throws some ice across the room.  Mark packs, disappointed by Daniel's behavior.  The phone rings, so Mark taunts him that it's probably Nora.  Daniel leaves, saying he won't say goodbye and that it's Mark choice whether to end it or not.  Later, Mark is still packing; he hears about Jen on the radio and looks stunned.

At the crime scene, the police are gathering the evidence and Jen's body.  Natalie arrives as Rex is explaining to a cop what happened.  He is annoyed that the cop keeps grilling him because he messed up their crime scene as he was trying to rescue Jen.  Natalie hugs Rex.  Daniel arrives and listens as Rex mentions that he and Bo were close to finding the real killer.  Daniel wonders why he didn't hear about this.  Rex is angry at Daniel being there.  Daniel expresses his sympathy but says that Jen's suicide only re-affirms her guilt.  Rex declares that he won't let Daniel pin the murder on Jen.  He tells Daniel that he should be with Riley right now.  Daniel says he will take care of Riley, who will be fine.  Natalie offers her help to Rex.  Rex says resolutely that this is not over; he wil make sure that this is not the end for Jen.  Later, Natalie asks him to go for some fresh air.  Rex is stunned because a cop told him that they found a bandanna covered in blood.  He realizes that Jen was murdered.

Viki is reading a book at home when David knocks on her back door.  She doesn't want to let him in, but he persists.  The scenes between them have their usual awkwardness but they are funny.  He brings in a bag, saying he heard she had been ill, so he wanted to cheer her up.  He brings in binoculars so she can spy on the servants; fatty snacks for him, and an apple for her; and a DVD of The Marx Brothers movie "Duck Soup".  David wants to watch it on her DVD player; Viki keeps trying to get rid of him.  She urges him to phone Dorian and make up with her, but he won't.  He finds the DVD player and drags it over near the couch.  He goes to get popcorn for the movie, so Viki quickly phones Dorian.  She pretends she is much sicker than she is and asks Dorian to come over and give her a second opinion.  Dorian is reluctant to come over this late but agrees, especially when Viki strokes her ego.  Dorian arrives and is surprised to see Viki looking pretty healthy.  Viki assures her that she is ok and wishes Dorian good luck; then she goes upstairs.  David comes in and is surprised to see Dorian there.  She asks him if he's happy, and he says he must be, with popcorn and a movie.  Then he admits that of course he's not happy.  Dorian suggests that he move back home.  He says he ought to sue her for her half of the house.  He then admits that all he ever wanted was her heart and asks her sweetly if he can have that.  Dorian tells him that he's always had that.  They kiss and things seem better between them.  Dorian is elated and expects things to go back to normal.  David points out that she is still a control freak.  She asks him not to put so many conditions on their relationship.  They are at an impasse once again, so Dorian leaves, saying perhaps they are both better off alone.  Later, a song plays while Paige watches Matthew,  Lindsey sees Jen's body, and we see that David is watching the movie, looking sad (not laughing like he should be).  Viki comes down and sits next to him, sharing his popcorn.  Meanwhile, Dorian sits alone again at the Palace.

At the morgue, Lindsay, R.J., Riley, and Nora arrive.  Nora tries to phone Daniel.  R.J. offers his sympathy and support to Lindsay.  He knows all too well what she's going through.  He tells Lindsay that even though she may never know why this happened, he knows that Jen loved her.  Lindsay wonders how she could not have known this would happen.  Bo arrives, with Jen's body.  Lindsay asks him to take her to see her little girl.  Lindsey goes to Jen's cold, lifeless body and tells her she loves her.  She cries and holds on to the body.  Riley asks why this happened as Nora holds on to him to offer comfort.  Daniel arrives; he and Riley hug as he says he's sorry.

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