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One Life to Live Update Monday 5/9/05



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Kelly finds David at Rodi's.  He is working a crossword puzzle, but cheating a lot.  She tells him that she called her mom for Mother's Day, but commented sadly that she didn't know who she was.  David suggests that Kelly see Dorian because she is more like a mother to Kelly, anyway.  He tells her about how he tried to get back with Dorian but that she failed his test.  Kelly gets annoyed when he tells her that he told Dorian, as part of the test, that Kelly and Kevin were sleeping together.  Later, David thinks about Dorian when he sees a picture in the crossword book about Hawaii, and then her name is one of the clues in the puzzle.  He tells himself that he has to get over her.

Matthew gives Nora some earrings for Mother's Day.  They are at The Palace; Paige and Bo are there, too.  They all wonder where Daniel is.  Paige and Bo take their own table and look at the menu, which is all about Mother's Day.  Paige notes that she should have the childless woman's menu.  She tells Bo that sometimes she feels sad on Mother's Day.  She is called away to an emergency, so they kiss goodbye.  Matthew tells Bo and Nora that he knows he's been a pain in the butt about them getting back together, but he's over it now.  He tells Bo it's okay if he marries Paige.  After Matthew leaves the table, Nora quizzes Bo, but he assures her that he's not getting remarried any time soon.  He makes a jab at her by saying he doesn't feel you should rush into marriage.  She tells him that she and Daniel are doing just fine.  She sees Lindsay nearby and asks if he will be arresting Jen any time soon. 

Lindsay wonders why Jen is late for their Mother's Day brunch at The Palace.  Riley comes in, looking for Jen.  Lindsay doesn't want him any where near Jen, but he tells her that he knows how that Jen didn't kill Paul.  He tells her about the letter Jen wrote to him.  She thinks it's too little, too late.  As Bo gets up to phone Paige to see how she's doing on her emergency, Lindsay asks about Nora and Bo discussing Jen.  He assures her that neither of them want to see Jen get in trouble.  Lindsay worries that Nora can't control Daniel and she bets that he is probably already cheating on Nora.

Rex and Natalie meet with Roxy for Mother's Day at Rodi's.  Rex gives her a gold bracelet, but it's engraved to some other woman.  Natalie knows that he found it at UltraViolet.  Roxy doesn't mind.  Natalie gives her a pink t-shirt that spells out "Foxy Roxy" in glitter.  Roxy loves the gift.  Natalie says she has to leave to get to Llanfair, to Roxy makes a joke about how she should leave that to "the good twin" (Jessica).  Natalie is sad and admits she has acted "bad" lately.  Rex mentions about how Natalie almost died the other day, which surprises Roxy.  Nat is uneasy at talking about that, so she changes the subject.  She asks Rex about Jen, but she replies that he never found her.  Mark comes by and asks if there is any news about the Killing Club murders.  Roxy assures her children that she'd miss them if the murderer got to them.  Natalie leaves after hugging Roxy.  Rilye comes by looking for Jen.  He and Rex get into an argument as Riley lets Rex know that he believes in Jen now and wants her back.

At Llanfair, Jessica is upset as she figures out that she has DID like Viki.  She cries as she tries to tell Viki the news, but Kevin comes in with flowers, interrupting.  He tells them that he had a slight argument with Todd and that's why he's late.  Viki faints; Kevin catches her.  Natalie arrives and wonders what's going on.  Paige examines Viki and tells them that the heart medications Viki was taking sometimes affect your immune system, so Viki has an infection and elevated blood pressure.  She tells them all that Viki should have no more stress.  Paige leaves.  Joey phones to talk to Viki.  Kevin answers; Viki makes sure to talk to Joey, even though Kevin starts to tell Joey that it's not a good time.  She doesn't tell Joey about being sick; she lies that she's fine.  She thanks him for the flowers.  After the phone call, Viki announces that they need to salvage the afternoon for her celebration.  Kevin and Natalie get tea for them all.  Viki wants to know what Jessica was going to say earlier.  Jessica covers.  She lies that she's just worried about Antonio's custody case.  Viki comfort hers.  They give Viki presents.  Kevin gives her a necklace and Jessica gives her a scarf.  Natalie gives Viki a card with a sweet message.  Viki reads it aloud.  Nat promises to make Viki proud.  Viki is all choked up and tells them all how much they mean to her.  Natalie and Viki chat briefly about Natalie's love life.

Jessica talks to herself about the DID.  She can't tell her mom now but she knows she needs help. She tells herself that she will tell Antonio.  She then gets a headache and turns into Tess.

Dorian tries to bake cookies but burns them.  The smoke alarm goes off, and she tries to turn it off, but she can't reach it.  Adriana comes in and turns it off via a keypad on the wall.  Dorian makes jokes about her baking skills and how Viki probably makes perfect cookies.  They eat some cookie dough.  Adriana compliments Dorian for being "incredible" and gifts her a Mother's Day gift.  It is an album with photos of Adriana growing up.  Dorian is very touched and says she has a lot to make up for, but Adrian doesn't want to hear Dorian saying that.  She plans to celebrate.  Dorian says she talked to Cassie on the phone and now this, so she is very happy.  Adriana points out that she would be happier if David were there.  Dorian tells her that she tried to get David to come back home but he won't change or understand her.  They bicker about Dorian obsessing and not trusting her girls.  Dorian gets very adamant when she says that she will never abandon Adriana or allow her to be hurt by someone who says they love her.  Adriana knows that Dorian is talking about how she was hurt before.  Kelly drops by, so Dorian immediately starts in on her about Kevin.  Kelly informs her that David just said that to test her, and she failed the test.  Dorian, relieved, hugs Kelly and says she knows that Kelly would never sleep with Kevin again.  Kelly smiles and says she wouldn't go that far, so Dorian is aghast.  Dorian tells them that she trust them.  Adriana is happy to hear it and leaves to see Duke, which makes Dorian sputter again.  Kelly assures Dorian that she knows she loves her and that she was more of a mother than her own mother.  They talk briefly about Kelly's mother being sick.  Kelly says she was lucky to have two moms.  Kevin drops by later to see how Kelly's doing.  They make plans to visit their son's grave.

While Todd and Jack are out, arranging Blair's surprise, she has some time at home with Starr.  Starr gives her flowers and a present: a shark's tooth necklace.  She puts it on Blair and tells her that it is to remind her when she is scared that she is a fierce Cramer woman.  Blair loves it and kisses her.  Starr hugs her and tells her that she missed her so much.  Starr jokes that there should be a kid's day, too.  Blair suggests they make this mother and daughter day.  Starr wants a present, so Blair sings a song to her as she holds her on her lap. Meanwhile, Margaret opens a mother-to-be Mother's Day card from her doctor's office.

Daniel has just killed Jen in the parking garage by smothering her.  He is upset about having done it and talks to her about she didn't deserve this.  He says "God help me" and that he didn't want to do it.  He picks up the evidence with Paul's blood and then hears sirens.  Next his phone rings and it's the governor.  He talks about Nora and about the Cramer case.  Daniel assures the governor that they will have the killer soon.  After he gets off the phone, Daniel talks to himself as he builds a story about why Jen is dead.  He puts the evidence back in the glove compartment and puts Jen in the driver's seat.  Then he seals Jen's car with duct tape and turns on the gas, trying to make it look like a suicide.  He phones a friend to ask him to meet him at the hotel room.  Later, Rex finds Jen in the car and screams "No!".  Daniel meets with Mark at their motel.  They hug.  Mark is obviously Daniel's secret lover.

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