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One Life to Live Update Friday 5/6/05



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Todd is on the phone in his office, pretending to be Kevin so he can information. Blair comes in and cuts him off, telling him that she thought he was going to let the police take care of this. Todd tries to tell her that he is trying to get information on Asa. Blair informs him that the problem is not Asa or Margaret, the problem is them. She reminds him that he won’t make love to her, and she wants to know why.

The custody hearing has begun. R.J.’s attorney says that Antonio abandoned his daughter, so Evangeline objects.  She then explains the situation to the judge and asks her to dismiss the case as a frivolous petition.  The judge disagrees that it is frivolous and says she is concerned about the fire and how Jessica was involved.

At the LPD, John talks to one of the detectives and gives him a piece of paper that has a list of the deliveries to the diner yesterday. He instructs the detective to check them out. Natalie comes into the squad room. Natalie tells Michael that it is pretty safe there at the police station, and she wants to be available if John has some more questions for her. They discuss her and Marcie's safety. Natalie mentions John. Michael tells her that John should be the last thing on her mind right now. Natalie points out that when John thought it was her who had been killed, he totally lost it. Natalie also tells him that she acted the same way when she thought John had been hurt. She tells him that the feelings are there. Natalie tells him that both she and John know how they feel about each other, and last night proved that. Rex comes up and wants to know if Bo is around. Natalie informs him that he had something important to do himself.

Bo talks to Nora at her home. They discuss Nora’s frantic phone call to Bo. Nora tries to make Bo believe that she was just concerned. Bo asks her, "And you’re not now?" Nora points out that Daniel was being very secretive, but they talked, and she understands it now. She tries to assure him that she is fine. Bo questions her as to why she had called the pay phone. Bo reminds her of the phone calls that she had been getting, with the caller hanging up when she answered the phone. Bo wants to know who she thinks it is and what she thinks is going on.

Jen catches Daniel in her car, in the parking garage.  Daniel lies to Jen that he thought there was a light on in her car. Jen accuses him of being the one who has been framing her. Daniel tries to deny that he would try to frame his son’s girlfriend for murder. Jen doesn’t believe him. She attempts to call the cops.

Todd tells Blair the sooner he can get rid of Asa and Margaret, the sooner they can get back to normal. Blair asks him if this is the way that it is always going to be and if he thinks that they will ever really get back to normal. Blair asks him what will happen if he never finds Asa or Margaret and he never gets to punish anyone for what they did to them. Blair wonders if they are ever going to make love again.

Rex makes the remark that Michael is Natalie's new best friend. Natalie denies it and informs him that they can’t stand each other. Natalie excuses herself and asks John if there is any news. John informs her that no, nothing has turned up yet, but she had been very helpful. John apologizes for the rough questioning and tells her to let him know if she remembers anything else. John leaves. Rex confronts Natalie about John and asks if he is still in the race. Natalie wants to know when he had turned into Roxy. Natalie assures him that she and John are fine. Natalie wants to know why he had stopped by. They discuss Jen and the idea of her being framed for murder. Natalie points out the things that may happen whether Jen goes free or not.

Bo and Nora discuss Rex and his helping with the Cramer case. They discuss the phone calls that she has been getting. Nora tells him that it is none of his business. Bo reminds her that it is his business, since Matthew is living in the house with Daniel. Nora confesses that she had called him about the way Daniel seems to be going after Jen for Cramer’s murder. Nora points out that it is like he wants her to be guilty.

Daniel tells Jen to put the phone down. He grabs the phone out of her hand and lays it on the ground. The phone rings, and it is Riley. Riley leaves her a message and tells her that he believes she is innocent. He confesses that he had been trying to push her away, and this investigation had given him a perfect excuse. Daniel and Jen argue. She escapes from him and tries to run away. She picks up her phone off the ground and tries again to call for help.

Todd points out that he wants to make love to Blair, but what he has done is keeping him from it. She wants to know what he has done. Todd tells her that he is responsible for them being in this situation. Todd blames himself for Margaret being in their lives. Blair locks the door. She tells Todd that she loves him and asks him to let her show him how much he means to her.

R.J.’s lawyer questions him during the custody hearing.   R.J. says that Antonio took off for months and never kept in touch with him or saw Jamie.  He points out how Jaime would wake up in the middle night, wanting her father.   Evangeline and Antonio explain that Antonio was undercover and feared for Jamie’s safety.  R.J. counters that he ran off to be the head of a crime family and shack up with Sonia.

Inside Jessica’s head, Tess reminds Jess how Antonio cheated on her with Sonia.  Jess looks like she has a headache.  Evangeline explains that Sonia was an FBI agent hiding out with Antonio.  Jessica runs out, upset.  The judge warns R.J. about his outburst.  Evangeline cross-examines. She reminds R.J. of his prison time. She puts into evidence R.J.’s arrest record and gets him to admit that he was in Joliet prison.

Jessica goes into the bathroom and locks the door. She has a conversation with the voice in her head. Tess tries to convince Jessica to let her come out and ruin Antonio to get revenge for his sleeping with Sonia.

Todd is distracted when his computer goes blank because Rene has figured out that he was bugging her computer.  Saddened, Blair leaves.   Todd does not even notice at first.

Rex tries to convince Natalie that there is no way Jen killed Cramer. Rex tells Natalie that he will fight for Jen with all that he has.

Marcie is grateful that Michael is there for her, but at some point they are going to have to let go of each other. Michael is hurt by her remark. He begins to make accusations. John interrupts them. John takes Marcie into his office. Michael and Natalie discuss Marcie and her feelings. Julie's parents, The Tanakas, come into the squad room. John questions Marcie. Natalie shows the Tanakas into John’s office. Mrs. Tanaka starts hurling hurtful remarks at Marcie and blaming her for Julie’s death.

Jen wrestles with Daniel to try to escape from him. He tries to tell her that he only wants to explain. She accuses him of planting the evidence in her apartment to frame her for killing Paul. She gets in the car and finds the evidence that he had planted in her glove compartment. She asks him why he is framing her and whether it's because he doesn't want her to date Riley. Her phone rings, so Daniel is distracted.  She tries to run away from him, but he follows her.

Rex tries to call Jen to invite her out for coffee and to see if she is all right, since she no longer has her guard.

Bo discusses with Nora the fact that Daniel is after a conviction. Bo still questions her about the phone call that she made to Bo about Daniel’s actions. Nora asks him about the lead that he had been following. Bo tells her about a man that Paul had something on. Nora wants to know what Paul had on him. Bo points out that the man had been having an affair. Nora finds that interesting. Bo points out that infidelity will make a person do strange things. Riley comes in, and Nora asks him if he has heard from Jen. Riley informs her that he hasn't, but he had called her and left a message.

Daniel catches Jen and pins her up against a car. She tries to get him to let her go, but he refuses. She tries to reason with him, but then she comes to the realization that he is the one who killed Paul Cramer. Daniel tells her not to move.

Todd goes back to what he was doing on the phone.  There is a pounding on his locked door.  It is Kevin, who yells for Todd to let him in and says he will be forced to break the door down if he doesn’t open it. Todd opens the door. Kevin orders Todd to stop trying to find Asa and to stay away from Renee.  He knows Todd was bugging Renee.  Todd tells him that Renee received two phone calls from Texas, so he thinks that Asa has been in touch wit her.. Kevin reminds Todd that Renee used to live in Texas, so she has probably has friends who call her. Todd tells him that no one is going to stop him from getting Asa. Kevin threatens to tell Blair what Margaret did to him.

Blair meets Kelly for lunch at the Palace dining room. Blair tells Kelly that she and Todd haven’t been together since she got home. Kelly is sympathetic. Kelly wonders if Blair knows what is wrong or what the problem is. Blair mentions that she thinks Kevin knows. Kelly asks why she thinks that. She tells Kelly that Kevin had started to tell her something, but then she had flipped out on him. She asks Kelly if she knows anything.

Jessica still hears the voice of Tess in her head. Tess tries to convince Jessica to let her come out and make Antonio pay for all the times that he has hurt her. Jessica begins to cry and wants to know what is happening to her.

Antonio testifies in the custody hearing. He promises that if he is awarded custody, he will let R.J. see Jaime any time he wants to see her. Antonio assures the court that he wants Jaime around the people who love her. Antonio finishes his testimony. Jessica is called, but she hasn't returned from the bathroom. The judge wants to know where she is. Because she isn’t in the courtroom, the judge threatens to charge her with contempt. Jessica enters the courtroom and takes the stand. They question her about the fire and her involvement in it; she explains that she blacked out but then came to and saved Jaime. She answers every question that R.J.’s lawyer asks her. Evangeline cross-examines, and Jessica tells the court what a good father Antonio is.   Jess swears that if her health doesn’t improve, she will give up being alone with Jaime.  Antonio is pleased.

Bo and Nora feel bad for Riley and both agree that Jen is probably innocent. They discuss Daniel and his involvement in this situation. He tells her that someone is trying to sabotage his investigation, and time is running out for him to find the killer. She defends Daniel and his actions.

Daniel and Jen argue. He grabs her and pulls her into a pile of garbage bags. He starts to smother her by pressing a plastic bag over her mouth.

Todd threatens to pull Kevin’s heart out if he tells Blair about what Margaret did to him in the cabin.  Kevin is not impressed and tells Todd again that he will tell Blair what happened, then he leaves.

Kelly promises Blair that she will try to find out what she can about what Kevin knows and what happened in the cabin.

Antonio thanks Jessica for her testimony on his behalf. Carlotta comes out of the courtroom and also thanks her. Carlotta leaves and goes back into the courtroom. Antonio tells Jessica that he has some things to take care of. He kisses her and leaves.

Jessica calls Dr. Jamison and leaves him a message on his answering machine saying she has been hearing voices in her head.

The Tanakas leave John’s office. He tries to comfort Marcie.

Natalie tries to convince Michael that if he really wants Marcie down deep in his heart, then he needs to fight for her and their relationship. Rex comes in and tells Natalie that he wants to report a missing person. Natalie asks him who. Rex tells her Jen. Natalie makes light of his statement, but Rex says he has a bad feeling.

Nora appreciates Bo’s concern, but she asks him to leave. Bo tells her that if she needs to talk about it, she knows where he is. He leaves.

Riley gets a letter from Jen. She  tells Riley how much he has affected her life and made her feel like a better person.  She doesn’t blame him for not trusting her and says that the past comes back to haunt you.  She loves him and always will.  He reads the letter as Daniel continues trying to suffocate Jen, who soon goes limp.

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