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John calls Natalie and says he wants to see her right away in his office. She agrees. Evangeline pretends to be asleep, but she hears John’s conversation.

Antonio has a confrontation with R.J. R.J. savors the day because he feels he is going to win custody of Jaime.

Jessica is on the phone with Dr. Jamison, and she is telling him that he is going to have to do something. She informs him that she has had another blackout, and she doesn’t remember any of what happened. She sees Viki come in and speak to the waiter, and she whispers to the doctor that she will call him back and make an appointment.

Viki sits down at the table with Jessica. Jessica questions her as to how she is feeling. Viki assures her that she is feeling somewhat better. Jessica asks her if she would tell her if she was having a problem.

Dorian comes in and questions Jessica about her involvement in the fire. Jessica makes a snide remark to her. Dorian informs them that she prefers the Jessica she talked to last night after her brother left. Jessica is confused as to what she is talking about. Viki asks her if she is all right. Jessica tells her that she shouldn’t let Dorian get to her, but she is so mad at her for costing both Viki and Kevin to lose their jobs. Viki questions her about the remark that Dorian made about preferring the Jessica that she talked to last night. Jessica doesn’t have any idea what she is talking about and says she didn’t talk to Dorian last night.

Dorian sits down at a table across from Viki and Jessica. David joins her and tells her to make it fast. He wants to know what she wants. Dorian tells him that she has a proposition for him.

Jen ties a scarf around the strap of a suitcase. Riley comes in and speaks to her. Jen immediately thinks that he is there to call her a killer again, but he grabs her and kisses her.

Nora and Daniel are in bed. Nora reads the morning paper. Daniel dreams of killing Paul Cramer. He sits up abruptly in bed. Nora wonders what is wrong. Nora tells Daniel that he looks as though he has seen a ghost. Daniel assures her that it was just a dream. Daniel asks her if she heard anything he said. Nora informs him that it was hard not to hear him. Nora tells him that he said he "had to." Daniel again lies to her and tells her that he dreamt he was having a fight with Riley, and he was telling him that he had to arrest Jen. Nora apologizes to him and tells him she knows that this is so hard on him. Daniel wishes he could make it easier on Riley. Nora suggests that when Bo comes back maybe he will be able to shed some light on a new suspect. Nora tells him that she has something that may make him feel better. She shows him the article in the newspaper saying the governor is going to name him as lieutenant governor.

Kelly is in the study at Asa’s mansion. Kevin comes into the room. She smiles and tells him that she is trying to make a good impression, and she lists some of the things that he said about her when he hired her.

David asks Dorian about the proposition idea. She tells him that she is willing to take him back. David reminds her that he is the one who walked out on her. Dorian promises that she is going to change. David points out that she has put everyone else before him. He asks her if she is willing to prove that she has changed.

Jessica and Viki discuss Antonio’s custody hearing and how Jessica has to be there. Viki tries to lift her spirits by reminding her that at the end of the hearing Jaime will be able to go home with her father. Jessica is skeptical.

John sits down on the side of the bed and kisses Evangeline. He tells her that he has to take off. They begin to discuss the events of the previous evening. They discuss the similarities between the character in the book who was murdered and the woman who was murdered in the diner. John makes the assumption that the killer thought it was Natalie. Evangeline suggests that Natalie needs protection. John tells her that the protection has been removed from the Love Crew. John reminds Evangeline of her big case in court for that day. Evangeline tells him that she needs to get her act together. Evangeline is concerned over Natalie.

Natalie tries to pick out the perfect outfit to wear for her meeting with John. She finally decides on a black sweater.

Nora and Daniel come into the living room with a plate of muffins and some coffee. She is so nervous about their meeting with the governor. He tries to reassure her that she looks fine. They kiss and then they hear a knock on the door. Nora says, "They’re here." She goes to open the door. She welcomes the governor in, but he instructs her to call him Harrison. They make the necessary introductions. Daniel has a secret conversation with the governor’s assistant. Nora notices the secret conversation. Harrison asks them if they saw the article in that day’s newspaper. Nora mentions that Daniel is going to be made lieutenant governor. Harrison tells them not to get ahead of themselves, they need to discuss the matter of the Paul Cramer murder case. Paul's ghost points his finger at Daniel.

Riley kisses Jen. She pulls away from him. She starts to bring up the fact that he believes she killed Paul Cramer. They argue once again over what Riley believes as to whether or not she killed Paul. He questions her about where she went the night that Paul was killed. She tells him that she doesn’t remember. They continue to argue. Rex walks up. Rex invites her to breakfast, and she accepts. She leaves with Rex.

R.J. shows Evangeline an article in the newspaper before the custody hearing. Evangeline shows Antonio the article in the newspaper. Evangeline tries to encourage him.

Natalie waits for John. Carlotta comes in. Natalie tells her that she was going to call her to ask how she was. They discuss Antonio’s custody hearing scheduled for that day. Natalie tells her to wish him luck. Before she leaves, Carlotta zips up Natalie’s sweater. Natalie unzips her sweater and flips her hair back.

John comes out and ushers her into his office. Natalie wants to discuss the feelings that they have for each other, but all that is on his mind is catching the killer. He insists that all she saw in his eyes was concern for her safety. John and Natalie discuss the murder investigation involving the girl who was killed in the diner. Natalie tells him that she doesn’t want to distract him. John asks for her help.

Jessica and Viki discuss her life and her feelings. Jessica tells Viki that she feels like getting in her car and leaving town. Viki offers her words of encouragement. Jessica tells her that she has been a good mother. Viki appreciates the kind words. Jessica tells her that she has to get to Antonio’s custody hearing. Viki is concerned as Jessica leaves.

Dorian wants to know what she has to do to prove her sincerity. David suggests a word association game. David brings up Kevin Buchanan and Kelly. Dorian demands to know if David is coming home with her.

Kevin brings Kelly a cup of coffee. They discuss her chasing him around the desk. Kelly reminds him of sexual harassment charges. Kelly suggests getting some work done. She goes over some ideas to boost sales at Buchanan Enterprises. Kevin leans forward and starts to kiss her arm; she moves to look at him and asks if he is listening to her. He lies to her and tells her that he is. He asks her about corporate endowment. He looks at some of the things that she has been working on. It is obvious that their minds are not on business, but on each other. Kevin suggests going to the Palace. Kelly agrees.

Daniel and the governor discuss the Paul Cramer case and Jen Rappaport as a possible suspect. They discuss Bo Buchanan dragging his feet in the investigation. Harrison drops the thought of Daniel taking it to the Grand Jury. Harrison tells Daniel that he needs to close the Cramer case before his term ends so he can choose him as lieutenant governor. Daniel assures him that the case will be closed if he has to dig up the evidence himself. Nora is puzzled at the extremes that he would go to to have a conviction in the Cramer case. Daniel again promises to close the Paul Cramer case. Harrison informs him that he wants him to be lieutenant governor. Harrison asks Nora if she is ready to go to Harrisburg. Nora informs him that she will wait until Daniel is appointed lieutenant governor. The governor’s assistant assures Daniel that he will have long hours. Daniel pats her on the arm and tells her that he is going to enjoy it. They leave. Nora and Daniel discuss him being lieutenant governor. Riley comes in. Nora tells him that he just missed the governor. Riley informs them that he has just seen Jen. Daniel tells him that he wishes he would stay away from her. Riley tells him that he is beginning to believe that Jen is innocent.

Rex doesn’t like the mayor pulling the protection off of Jen and the Love Crew. They discuss Riley. Jen informs him that she doesn’t believe that Riley is coming back.

Dorian wants David to come home. Dorian tells him that she will never stop caring about her girls, but she will stop meddling in their lives and start letting them make their own decisions, no matter what she thinks of them. David motions toward the door at Kevin and Kelly. Dorian informs him that she hopes they have a beautiful breakfast together. David is skeptical. Dorian goes to freshen up, saying that when she gets back she wants David to please take her home. She passes by Kevin and Kelly and pays her a compliment. Kelly thinks that is weird. She tells Kevin to sit down, saying she will join him in a moment. She asks David if he and Dorian are back together. David asks her if she and Kevin are back together. She reminds him that she is working at B.E. now. David asks her if she will be working under Kevin.

Evangeline gives Carlotta suggestions on her testimony and her cross-examination testimony. They go somewhere else to discuss the testimony.

Antonio is glad to see Jessica there, but he isn’t so glad when he finds out that she is going to testify for R.J. R.J. comes out of the courtroom and reprimands Antonio for talking to his witness.

Jessica reminds R.J. that she is not there for him. R.J. tells her that he knows. R.J. reminds her that she will have to tell the whole truth. Jessica apologizes to Antonio. Antonio informs her that he is responsible for almost getting Jaime killed in the fire. Jessica tries to encourage him. They hug.

Riley tries to convince Daniel that there is someone out there who is trying to make Jen look guilty by planting evidence against her. Daniel wants to know when the last time he talked to Jen was. Riley informs him that he spoke with her just before he came over there. Riley tells him that he is proud of him, and the governor couldn’t have picked a better guy. Daniel leaves and goes back to the office. Nora tells Riley that his father is full of surprises. Once outside, Daniel looks at the vial of blood. He apologizes to Riley and tells himself that there will be enough evidence against Jen now to convict her.

Riley gets a phone call. He tells Natalie that they have a new lead on their man “Ted.” He kisses her before he leaves.

Kelly and Kevin talk to Viki. Viki thinks that it is a good idea, her working for Buchanan Enterprises. Viki leaves to work at home. Dorian passes by Viki and tells her to have a good day. David puts Dorian to another test, and she fails. When she turns to look at Kevin and Kelly, David disappears.

John questions Natalie about the happenings of the night before. John gets loud with her. Natalie remembers something.

Natalie remembers the delivery man's arrival, but nothing about what he looked like. She gives a description of what the man was wearing. John gets on the phone and wants a list of all the deliveries made last night, including those to Carlotta’s diner. John tells her that he will call her when he gets the list. John gets a phone call and tells Natalie that he has to take it. She leaves. John talks to Evangeline (the caller) and pays her a lot of compliments. He tells her that he had gotten a lead.

Evangeline enters the courtroom. The hearing begins.

Riley thanks Bo for looking after Jen. Bo questions Nora about Daniel.

Daniel plants the evidence (the blood) in the glove box in Jen's car. Jen catches him. She wants to know what he is doing there.

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