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Blair gives Adriana instructions on phone numbers, etc., before she and Todd leave for the evening. When Blair opens the door she finds Ginger standing there, and they immediately want to know what she is doing there.

Michael and Marcie walk through the park and discuss Hudson’s and Julie’s memorial service. He apologizes for not being able to be there. Michael invites her to go and get something to eat. She apologizes for the way that she acted before when she saw him and Natalie together. Michael points out that Natalie is not his type.

The killer hurries through the park.

Marcie and Michael enter the diner. Evangeline is on the phone calling for help. Carlotta comes out of the kitchen, hysterical, because she thinks that it is Natalie who has been killed.

Antonio meets Jessica at the Palace dining room. She thanks him for meeting her. She wants to know how Jaime is. Antonio informs her that she will have to talk to R.J. Jessica tells him that she thought they could meet and talk about what had happened. Antonio reminds her that there was a fire and that she didn’t remember how it started, or anything else about it. He informs her that he has a custody hearing to worry about. She asks him if he thinks talking about their future is a waste of time. Antonio informs her that he doesn’t know how to answer that.

John rushes into the kitchen and sees a woman leaning over the hot oil fryer, and he thinks that it is Natalie.

Blair reminds Todd who Ginger is. Julie hands Blair the mail, which Blair hands to Adriana. Blair tells Ginger that they were just on their way out. Blair introduces Ginger to Adriana. Ginger remembers meeting her at the diner. Todd motions for Ginger to move. Adriana invites her in to keep her company, if that is all right with Blair and Todd. Todd brings up the children, but Blair reminds him that the children are asleep. Blair and Todd leave. Adriana invites Ginger in. Ginger remarks that Todd doesn’t like her. Adriana informs Ginger that Todd and Blair have been through a lot. They discuss Tess.

Jessica tells Antonio that she is sorry he feels like that. Jessica feels that Antonio hates her because of what happened. Antonio sits down and informs her that he doesn’t hate her. Antonio points out that she and Jaime could have died in that fire. Jessica says she knows. She tells him that she had another appointment with Dr. Jamison. Jessica lets him know that she doesn’t know what is wrong with her, what with the sleepwalking and the blackouts. She tells him that she loves him and Jaime. Antonio tells her that he loves her, but he shouldn’t have sent her there to pick up Jaime. Jessica knows that although Antonio says he loves her, he no longer trusts her, and without that she doesn’t have anything.

Dorian comes into the Palace dining room and asks for a table, but she is denied. Viki comes up and tells the maitre 'd that she has a reservation. He tells her that her table is ready. Dorian is upset that Viki got a table and she didn’t. Viki invites her to join her for dinner. Viki tells her, for the sake of both of their families, they should put their differences aside and forget about them. Dorian just looks at her. Viki assures her that it is just dinner, and then she walks off. Dorian just shakes her head.

John comes into the kitchen and pulls the woman from off the hot oil cooker so he can see who it is. He finds that it is not Natalie. He sees Natalie hiding under a table. He rushes to her and helps her out from where she is hiding, and they hug. John tells her that he thought it was her. He asks her if she is all right. He helps her toward the door, but she is crying hysterically. He does his best to comfort her.

Evangeline and Michael come into the kitchen and see the woman who has been killed. Evangeline wants to know what happened. John just shakes his head as he holds Natalie close.

Adriana brings Ginger and herself something to drink. Ginger tells her of a man whom she had met at the diner. Adriana wants to know if he is taken. Ginger isn’t sure. The phone rings, and it is the guard downstairs saying that Duke is there. Adriana tells him to send him up. Adriana tells her that it is her boyfriend. Ginger reminds her that that is so school-girlish, to babysit and have her boyfriend over. Adriana assures her that it is all right because Blair adores Duke. Ginger questions her about Duke. Adriana tells her that he is from Texas. Ginger wants to leave, but Adriana talks her into staying so she can meet him. Adriana opens the door and gives Duke a kiss. Adriana introduces Ginger to Duke.

Blair and Todd are shown to a table. He kisses her and nuzzles her neck. She tells him that she doesn’t want to talk about Margaret, she wants to talk about them. They look at the menu.

Viki comes up to Jessica and Antonio’s table. She hugs Jessica and asks if she is all right. Viki tries to assure her that no one is blaming her, but she soon finds out that R.J. is blaming her. Antonio tells her that they are going to have to do some damage control at the custody hearing. Jessica is concerned at the way her mother looks, and she reminds her that she has a heart condition. Dorian takes Viki up on her dinner invitation. Jessica invites Viki to join them, but Viki assures her that everything will be all right and she will have dinner with Dorian. They leave and go to their table. Antonio and Jessica discuss Viki and her heart condition. Jessica tries to apologize, but Antonio points out that this isn’t about her and her troubles, this is about Jaime and her future. Antonio receives a phone call from his mother, who tells him that something has happened at the diner and he needs to get over there. Antonio tells her that he will be right there. Antonio tells Jessica where he is going. Jessica offers to go to help, but Antonio informs her that this is something he needs to handle on his own. Jessica sits back down at the table and gets a headache, and Tess emerges. The waiter approaches and asks about Antonio. Tess tells him that he will not be coming back, but she will be staying for dinner.

Viki doesn’t want anything to be discussed about their families' problems, and says neither would Dorian. Dorian agrees. The waiter approaches and asks if they are ready to order. Dorian orders. Viki orders the same. Dorian points out that Viki wants whatever she has, including her family.

John brings Natalie out of the kitchen. Carlotta hugs her. Evangeline says, "Thank God." John questions Natalie about whether she saw anything. Natalie tells him that no, she hadn’t seen anything. She informs him that she had come back from the storage room and found the woman like that. John instructs them not to go in there and says no one should touch anything. Marcie wants to know what happened in there. John tells her that he found the body over a hot oil vat. Marcie is upset because it is just like in her book. Marcie informs John that she thought he said the murders were going to stop. John informs her that the killer must have decided to extend his targets. John instructs them to stay there, and stay close. Natalie is afraid that the killer is after her, but then she wonders if John is just worried about her. John instructs Evangeline to keep everyone there, and he tells Michael to give her a hand if someone tries to leave. John tells them that he is going to find the killer. Natalie tries to follow him, but Evangeline tells her not to even think about it.

John goes in search of the killer in the park. He hears a noise in the bushes and holds his gun up to shoot.

Adriana points out that she had met Ginger at the diner, and now come to find out she is Blair and Todd’s neighbor. Duke remarks that it is a small world. They make plans to spend some time together. Ginger gives them her cell phone number. Duke and Adriana discuss taking her to Ultraviolet. Duke and Ginger find out that they have things in common, much to Adriana’s dismay. Ginger tells them it is a date and leaves. Adriana pushes the security alarm code in. Adriana shows her jealousy by telling Duke that Ginger is so into him. Duke assures her that he is so into her. They argue.

Blair and Todd discuss the menu. Blair suggests that he order oysters, and she will order a nice bottle of champagne. Todd is taken aback by thoughts of that being what Margaret had fixed for him. Blair apologizes and tells him that she didn’t mean it. Todd tells her he thinks she did, and he gets up from the table. Blair asks him not to be that way. She wants to know what the problem is. Blair asks him if he doesn’t want to be with her. Todd assures her that he wants to be with her, but not there; he would rather be at home alone with her. They leave.

Dorian makes a snide remark about Viki’s psychopathic brother dragging Blair out of there. Viki gets up to leave. Dorian wants to know where she is going. Viki informs her that she hadn't lasted thirty seconds not talking about her family. Dorian wants to know why Viki invited her to join her for dinner. Viki informs her that she looked hungry and lonely, and she had thought that they could possibly work out some of their problems. Dorian accuses Viki of trying to trap her into confessing that she had framed Viki on embezzlement charges. Viki leaves.

Viki sees Tess eating a huge steak. She asks, "Who are you, and what have you done with my daughter?"

Marcie tells the police officer that she hadn’t done anything. Michael defends Marcie and tells the police officer that she didn’t kill anyone. Antonio arrives at the diner. Evangeline tells him that the new waitress has been murdered. Antonio rushes to check on Carlotta and hugs her. Natalie gets up from the table. She asks about John and states that he shouldn’t be out there alone. Evangeline and Natalie discuss this. Natalie asks her if she isn’t worried about John. Evangeline assures her that she is, but she is going to stay there and not put him in any more danger. Evangeline offers to have it out with her, right there and then.

John is aiming his gun on whatever is in the bushes. John stoops down to look at something on the ground. The killer attacks him and attempts to choke him to death. John struggles to escape from the killer. The killer wrestles him to the ground, then suddenly gives up and lets go. He runs off. John rubs his neck as he tries to get up off the ground. John leans back, continuing to rub his neck.

Natalie points out that a woman has been murdered in the kitchen, and John is out there looking for the killer. She points out that Evangeline doesn’t care. Evangeline remarks that she wishes she didn’t care. They both continue to hurl hurtful remarks at each other. Evangeline and Natalie hear on the police radio that an officer is down and needs assistance. They both rush to the police officer's side.

Marcie apologizes to Carlotta about what happened. Antonio and Carlotta both try to assure Marcie that she isn’t to blame for the murders just because she wrote the book. Marcie leaves the table, and Michael follows her. A police officer approaches Carlotta and asks her to answer a few questions. Antonio leaves the table. The police officer sits down opposite her.

Antonio and Evangeline discuss John. Evangeline confesses that she wants to go to him, but he told her to stay there. She asks him if there is any more information on the fire. Antonio tells her that Jessica isn’t going to be any more help to them. He tells her that the less Jessica has to do with the case, the better.

Tess informs Viki not to be silly, it's her, Jessica. Viki wants to know why she is sitting there alone, eating that enormous plate of food. Jessica (Tess) fills her in that there had been an emergency at the diner, and Antonio had gone. She informs her that she had wanted to go, but Antonio wouldn’t let her. Viki is concerned about whether it is serious or not. Tess attempts to show that she is concerned, but she really isn’t. Viki wants to stay and keep her company, but Tess suggests that she still doesn’t look too good and should go on home. Viki finally agrees. Tess tells her not to wait up. Tess says something to herself. Tess is approached by Todd. He asks her if she is talking to herself these days. Tess gives him a bite of the steak. He kisses her on the cheek and leaves. Ginger arrives. Tess motions for her to join her.

Tess questions Ginger as to where she was. Ginger tells her that she was over her neighbors'. Ginger blushes. Tess wants to know who the guy is. Ginger questions her as to how she knows there is a guy. Tess says it's because she was blushing. Ginger tells her that he is taken. Tess wants to know when that had ever stopped them. Tess promises that they will deal with the other girl. Tess wants to know the man’s name. Ginger tells her it's Duke Buchanan. Dorian approaches and wants to know what this is about Duke Buchanan.

Adriana and Duke are kissing. Duke tells her that he had better go. Adriana asks him if he has to. Duke informs her that if she doesn’t want them doing something that she isn’t ready for, then yes, he had better go. Adriana doesn’t seem to think that that would be a bad idea. They begin kissing again.

Ginger wants to know why Duke Buchanan is any of her business, no matter who she is. Tess introduces her as Dorian Lord, one of the most influential women in all of Llanview. Dorian is flattered when Jessica says that. Jessica reminds her not to tell her mother as she winks at her. Dorian promises that she won’t. Dorian again questions her about Duke Buchanan. Ginger tells her that she had just met him tonight with his girlfriend, Adriana. Dorian insists that she must put a stop to this. She leaves. They hatch a plan to snare Duke away from Adriana.

Blair thanks Adriana for babysitting for them. Adriana and Duke leave. Todd wonders what else they had done in there except eat pizza. Todd makes sure the alarm is set. He gets on the computer and finds out that Asa may be in Texas. He attempts to make a plane reservation to Texas, but Blair catches him. She tells him that if he books that flight he shouldn't bother coming home.

The body is covered up and taken out of the kitchen. Marcie wants to stay at Ron’s, but Michael insists that she needs more than that tonight. He assures her that he will stay up with her all night if he has to. They hug and leave the diner. Evangeline watches them. Evangeline asks the officer about John.

John gives the police officers instructions on where to look for the killer. Natalie finds him and wants to know if he is all right. John reprimands her for putting her life on the line for him. He talks about how he felt when he thought it had been her in the kitchen. He tells her that he will take her back to the diner.

Todd and Blair argue over him going to Texas. She is upset by his actions and his desire to leave them in order to pursue Asa. Blair, angry, goes to bed without him. He sits down at the desk.

Tess sweet-talks the waiter into getting them their check. Tess tells Ginger to go after Duke, and get him.

Antonio kisses Carlotta. Antonio instructs Evangeline to call him if she needs him during the night. John and Natalie come in through the back door. Evangeline is relieved to see that John is all right. John explains that the killer dropped some keys, and when he went to pick them up, the killer attacked him. John tells her that he is staying there. He instructs a police officer to take her home. John tells Antonio to take Natalie home. John goes into the kitchen, and he tells the police officer that they don’t stop until they find the killer.

The killer arrives home. He lays the keys down on the table. He looks at the picture of Natalie. He reads a passage in Marcie’s book. He angrily crumples up Natalie’s picture. He puts her picture back up on the wall at the very top.

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