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One Life to Live Update Tuesday 5/3/05



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Kelly and Kevin have summoned Dorian to Llanfair. Dorian wants to know why she has been summoned. Kelly tries to explain things, but Dorian interrupts as usual. Dorian makes the assumption that Kelly has asked her there to tell her that she is moving into Llanfair with Viki and her daughters. Dorian is sarcastic about what she thinks Kelly wants to tell her. Kevin finally gets to tell Dorian that he and Kelly have news. Dorian tells them that she is sure she doesn’t want to hear this. Kelly tells her that she is going to hear it anyway.

Viki comes downstairs as Natalie comes in the door. Viki is surprised that Natalie is dressed in scrubs. She informs Viki that she had been stuck in a rainstorm with Michael McBain. Viki is again surprised. Viki wants to know what happened, but Natalie tells her that it is a long story. She informs Viki that she made a fool of herself that night with John, and John told her that nothing was ever going to happen between them. Natalie informs her that it is no big deal; in her heart she knows that John is going to come around. Viki doesn’t quite believe her.

John and Evangeline are at the diner, having a bite to eat and getting some work done. They are enjoying their time together. She questions him about the Killing Club murders. He wants results tonight on whom the killer is. Roxanne comes into the diner and wants to know if John has talked to Michael in the last couple of hours. Roxanne tells him to make sure that he asks Michael how his night went with Natalie.

Marcie spills some of her soda, and she is all frustrated. The police guard comes to see what is wrong, but she assures him that everything is fine. Marcie is worried about what will happen if the Killing Club murderer finds out about the meeting. Jen asks her about Michael and whether he is attending. Marcie tells her that he is on call at the hospital. She goes on to tell Jen about the fool she had made of herself in front of Natalie. She tells her that she completely misinterpreted the whole situation. Marcie asks her about Riley and if she has heard from him. Jen replies that she thinks he is hanging out with his dad. They hear a loud noise coming from the back of the building, and the police spring into action.

Bo and Rex discuss the man called Ted. Bo informs him that the man he had met with had some dealings with Paul Cramer. Bo shows Rex a sketch of the man he thinks is Ted. Bo thinks that the man in the sketch could be working for the LPD.

Daniel looks through the vials of blood. He finally finds the vial that is Paul Cramer’s. The ghost of Paul taps him on the shoulder and asks him if that is his blood.

Nora leaves Daniel a message on his cell phone that she was just looking through their wedding photographs, and she had found one where he looked extremely handsome. She asks him when he is coming home.

Daniel hides the vial of blood in his coat just as his phone rings. Before he can answer it, he is confronted by the ghost of Paul, who questions him about who it is on the phone. Paul assures him that he is going to have to take care of Jen.

Bo tells Rex that he doesn’t want them to meet at the office anymore. Bo fills him in about how he had checked the files of all the police officers and had found no one named Ted. They come to the conclusion that the man must be using an alias. Bo further informs Rex that the man was blackmailed by Paul because Paul found out that “Ted” had been having an affair. Paul had threatened to expose his little secret, and that is why Ted had killed Paul. He further tells Rex that Ted had been paying Paul an awful lot of money to keep quiet about his little secret.

Riley comes in the back and explains that he donated his guitar to the music department, and that is why he came in the back door. Marcie tells him that he just about scared them to death. Riley asks them if they are all right. Marcie assures him that they are, now. Jen and Riley just look at each other. Two other members of the Love Shack crew come in and want to know what is going on. Marcie is still worried that the killer is going to show up there. Riley has his doubts about the killer showing up with all the people who are going to attend the memorial service. They try to reassure Marcie that nothing is going to happen, since the police are going to be there.

The killer has his crossbow in hand and aims it straight for Natalie’s picture.

Roxanne finishes her little discussion with John and Evangeline. She goes over to the counter and talks to Carlotta. Carlotta offers her a job helping her with the little dinner that she is preparing. Roxanne declines the offer and looks at John and Evangeline.

Evangeline can‘t seem to get the idea of Michael and Natalie off her mind. Evangeline tells John that between her family and Roxie’s meddling... but John interrupts her and tells her that they can handle it. Evangeline agrees. They kiss. The killer takes Natalie’s picture off the wall and lays it on the table.

Viki tries to reason with Natalie about John, but Natalie won’t have any of it. Natalie thinks that John is fooling himself about his feelings for Evangeline. Natalie doesn’t believe that John meant it when he said they didn’t have a future together. Natalie’s cell phone rings. Roxanne calls Natalie and wants to give her a really good excuse to come to the diner to spend some time with John. Natalie tells Viki that she has to take the call and to excuse her. Viki leaves the room. Natalie wants to know what Roxy has in mind.

Viki goes into the study. Dorian speaks to her. Kelly tells them that she wants to make it clear that neither Viki nor Kevin had anything to do with her decision. Kelly makes it clear that she doesn’t want any repercussions or any dirty tricks. They all hear a banging noise on the patio doors and turn in that direction. Viki opens the doors and finds David standing there with a plate and glass. He looks into the study, and then makes the apology that he didn’t know they had company. David walks into the study to join the others. He asks if she has a spare martini and some food. He hands Viki the plate and glass and starts to leave. Kelly asks him to stay. Dorian begins to leave. Kelly orders them both to stay there and deal with the fact that they still love each other.

Rex reminds Bo that people have affairs all the time. Rex asks Bo why someone would pay a blackmailer a lot of money and then turn around and kill him.

Nora hangs up a picture of her and Daniel’s wedding. The phone rings but no one is on the other end when Nora says hello. She dials a recall number and gets the number of the phone that the call had come from. She wonders who could be calling and hanging up.

Daniel empties Paul’s blood into another container and puts everything back the way he found it. He wipes his fingerprints off the cabinet. Paul keeps harassing him. The doctor comes back with the toxicology report and gives it to Daniel. Daniel reminds him that he was never there. He leaves and is relieved that he wasn’t caught. He is confronted again by Paul, who tells him to be careful and not shed any more blood.

Marcie tells Jen and the others that she had been making a lot of money from the sales of her book, but it had just reminded her of Hudson and Julie. Marcie doesn’t feel right about profiting from their deaths. She decides to donate the proceeds from her book sales to the Love Center. She explains all the things that the money will be used for. She shows them the plaque that she had made for the Prescott-Tanaka Study Room.

Dorian has only insults for David. Kelly breaks the news that she is going to work at Buchanan Enterprises. David makes his usual snide remarks. Dorian sarcastically says that she thought she was going to work at the Banner. Kevin tells them that it was Duke’s idea for her to work at Buchanan Enterprises. Dorian tells Kevin that at least he won’t be spending that much time at Buchanan Enterprises. Kevin tells her that as of the next morning he will be resigning his position of lieutenant governor. Dorian asks him what for. Kevin reminds her of the embezzlement charges that had been brought against Viki. Dorian and David exchange guilty looks. Dorian laughs and tells Viki that she loves to gloat. Viki points out that the things Dorian keeps doing to humiliate her and her family seem to blow up in her face. Dorian denies having anything to do with the embezzlement charges. David laughs, and this makes Kevin think that David knows something he isn’t mentioning.

Evangeline talks with John about the fire and says that Jaime could have been seriously hurt. Natalie sees them through the window. She turns around and straightens up her appearance before she goes in. Evangeline points out to John that all Antonio wanted to do was kiss his daughter good night. Natalie watches John and Evangeline talking. Evangeline points out that R.J. couldn’t put his anger aside enough to put Jaime first. John turns and sees Natalie. The killer puts a hood over his head, picks up a box, and goes into Carlotta’s back room. Carlotta is frantically doing things in the kitchen and she doesn’t notice the man. The killer puts on a pair of black gloves.

Bo informs Rex that Ted is on the inside, and he knows that they haven’t brought anybody else in yet. Bo feels that Ted is going to make another move soon. Rex asks if he is going to plant some more evidence against Jen.

Daniel wipes the container of blood free of any fingerprints that may or may not be linked to him. He places the container in a plastic bag. He tells the governor that it has been a while since the Killing Club murderer last struck, and it was a waste of taxpayers' money to keep protection on Marcie’s friends.

Nora picks up the piece of paper, wads it up, and throws it in the trash. She is distraught, and when she answers the phone again, she demands to know who it is and what they want. She is surprised to find out that it is Bo. Bo wants to know what that is all about. Nora explains that they have been getting a lot of hang-ups lately, but it isn’t a big deal. Bo asks her about the voice mail she left him, and he wants to know what is going on with Daniel. Nora makes excuses for him, saying he is under a lot of pressure, but they talked it out and everything is fine. She thanks him for checking up on her. They hang up. The phone rings again. She demands to know who it is, and when no one responds she hangs up. She gets the number that the last call came from. She compares it to the number on the paper that she had just thrown away.

John receives a call on his cell phone. He gets up and moves so he can hear better. He passes Natalie, and they give each other glances. He walks on away from her. Evangeline is annoyed at Natalie’s presence. Carlotta and Natalie exchange hugs. Natalie offers her help, which Carlotta accepts. Carlotta assures her that she will find lots for her to do. Natalie tells her that she will be in the kitchen in just a moment.

Natalie apologizes to Evangeline for the remarks that she had made about the funeral. They discuss John and his being mad when he came back from meeting with her parents. Evangeline makes snide remarks toward her about John and her being in the same place at the same time. Natalie responds with sarcastic remarks of her own. Natalie points out that John had come to see her, not the other way around. Evangeline points out that John had told her all about the fool Natalie made of herself in front of him. Natalie points out that she had come there to help Carlotta in the kitchen. John watches the discussion.

Natalie goes into the kitchen to help Carlotta. She is reminded of Christian and how he loved Carlotta’s cooking. The killer stands a short distance behind Natalie, and he gets the rope ready to choke her.

Kevin asks David if Dorian had framed his mother. David informs Kevin that whatever Dorian does is no longer his concern. Viki apologizes to Kevin for this having caused him to resign. Kevin informs her that Buchanan Enterprises needs him. Viki congratulates both Kevin and Kelly and then leaves the room. Dorian reprimands Kelly for working for Buchanan Enterprises. Kelly tells Dorian to leave her alone and concentrate her energy on fixing things between herself and David. She and Kevin leave the room.

Dorian thanks David for not telling Kevin what she had done. They discuss Kelly. Dorian tells him that she cares for him. David doesn’t believe her.

Jen and Marcie talk to one of the Love Shack crew. He wishes Jen good luck with Riley and then leaves. Riley talks to Nick about Hudson and Julie. Nick asks about him and Jen. Riley tells him that he blew it with Jen. Nick wants to know how. Riley explains to him that there was a lot of evidence against Jen in the Paul Cramer case. They discuss Jen and her feelings for him.

Natalie and Carlotta are frying up food in the deep fryer. The waitress comes in and requests a sample. The waitress gets a bit of food and tastes it. Carlotta leaves the kitchen. The waitress wants to know what Natalie is watching out the kitchen window. The killer readies his rope for the kill.

John approaches Evangeline. Evangeline explains to him about the argument that she just had with Natalie and says she feels guilty about stooping to Natalie’s level.

The killer strangles Natalie and gently lowers her to the floor. He drags her away.

David gives Dorian her drink. She tries to explain to him that she cares for him, but he wants no part of it. He tells her that all she cares about is herself. He points out that she doesn’t need him, nor does she want him. He walks away.

Viki looks at Kevin’s letter of resignation. She is both apologetic and proud of him. Kelly talks to Kevin about people showing their true colors. They share a tender moment. Dorian comes out of the study and leaves. They realize that things didn't go well between Dorian and David. Kelly promises to see him tomorrow at work.

Daniel calls his mystery lover and says he doesn’t want her calling the house anymore. He demands to know where she has been making the calls from.

Rex tries to get a signal but has no luck. The phone rings, and Rex answers it. Nora and Rex don’t recognize each other’s voices. She asks him if he has been the one calling her. He tells her no. She tells him about the hang-ups. She asks him where he is. He tells her he is in Angel Square. He wants to check it out, but she refuses. Nora wants to know who is calling Daniel.

Nick tries to encourage Riley about him and Jen. Jen tells Marcie that she has pictures of Hudson and Julie, and she will get them so they can put them in the study room.

Nick has regrets about Julie being gone and all the time he won’t get to spend with her. He tells Riley not to make the same mistake he made with Julie. Riley turns and looks at Jen. Jen gets a phone call from Rex. Rex tells Jen that the Cramer case is about to be solved. He tells her that he is in Angel Square and asks if she will meet him there. She agrees and tells him that she is leaving now. Jen tells Riley that Rex has something to tell her about who really killed Paul.

John and Evangeline begin to leave the diner. Carlotta thanks Evangeline for the help she has been giving Antonio. Carlotta goes into the kitchen to check on her kitchen workers. She screams. John informs Evangeline that that was Natalie.

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