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Todd has just finished checking on the children. He comes to bed with Blair. Blair tries to turn him on with her kisses, but all he can think about is Margaret and her kisses.

Jen and Rex kiss. She pulls away and informs him that she is not ready for a relationship. He agrees, but he puts one condition on it.

Riley tries to drown his loneliness in a glass of whiskey. Marcie tries to comfort him by telling him that she and Michael aren’t making any progress either. Marcie voices her concern over him trying to drink his troubles away. Riley wants to give up and turn his back on everything since he has lost Jen. Marcie points out all the things that Riley has going for him.

Michael points out to Natalie that they are two lovesick souls who aren’t able to stand each other. It begins to rain, and Natalie wants to go in. Michael tries to talk her out of it. Michael and Natalie begin to enjoy the rain.

John wakes up and sees Evangeline next to him. He wants to know what is up. Evangeline wants to know if he remembers what he just said. John tells her that he must have fallen asleep and makes the excuse that he must have been dreaming. John tries to make her believe that the dream isn’t coming back to him. Evangeline reminds him that he blurted out that he loved her. John is sorry that he can’t tell her what he was dreaming about. He asks her if she wants to talk. She is surprised at his suggestion. They discuss him meeting her family.

Natalie is frustrated that she and Michael are getting soaked by the rain. Michael feels that the rain is fun. Natalie is embarrassed by her actions with his brother. Within minutes they are laughing and having a good time playing in the rain.

Marcie reminds Riley that he had told Jen that he thought she had killed Paul Cramer. Marcie tells him to think about it for a second and ask himself if he really thinks that Jen killed Paul Cramer. Marcie points out that he really should consider law school, because he is sounding like his father. She asks him if it was his father who had convinced him that Jen was guilty.

Daniel runs onto the porch and again is confronted by the ghost of Paul Cramer. Daniel remembers shooting Paul. He goes into the house and slams the door, awakening Nora. Nora asks if he has been with the governor this whole time.

Nora sends Matthew upstairs and questions Daniel as to what is going on with the governor. Daniel lies to her once again, but tries to smooth it over by telling her that he should have called her. Nora assures him that they need to be honest with each other. Daniel and Nora say that they love each other. Daniel makes the excuse that it is newlywed jitters. He promises her that he will close the Cramer case and prosecute whoever had killed Paul Cramer.

Rex promises Jen that he will still be around, even though she still feels guilty about Riley. Rex reminds her that Riley is probably in a bar getting drunk. She gets up from the table and goes to check up on Riley. She informs Rex that if Riley gets drunk because of her, she will never forgive herself.

Marcie and Riley discuss their fathers and how they don’t always know what is best for their children. Marcie reminds him to remember the good things about Jen and who she is. Marcie tries to convince him to stop shutting his family and his friends out of his life. Riley tells her that she has given him a great idea. She reminds him of the memorial service that is being held for Hudson and Julie that very night.

Todd just cannot kiss or make love to Blair. She pulls away from him, frustrated. Todd wants to know what is wrong. She reminds him of what they have been through the last couple of months. She demands to know what is wrong and why he is pulling away from her.

Blair tells Todd that she can’t marry him if he can’t make love to her. She wants to know what happened in that cabin that he isn’t telling her about. Todd assures her that she isn’t going to like it. He lies to her, yet again, and tells her that he will tell her the truth.

Daniel lies to Nora and makes her think that he is going to take the job as lieutenant governor. She is relieved that there will be no more late night meetings. They kiss. There is a knock on the door. It is Riley. Matthew challenges him to a game of Invasion. Riley asks them if the offer is still open for him to stay with them for a while.

John tells Evangeline not to worry about them. John feels that he is not the right man for Evangeline. Evangeline tries to convince him that he is the right man, unless he wants out and is trying to find an excuse to end it with her.

Michael and Natalie rush into the Angel Square Hotel and out of the rain. Roxanne is surprised to see them together. He goes upstairs to get them some dry clothes. When he leaves, Roxanne tells Natalie to spill the details. Natalie tries to convince her that nothing is going on between them. Michael is bringing them dry clothes to put on when the cell phone rings, and it is the hospital. Marcie wants to know what is going on.

Nora tells Riley that he can stay there for as long as he likes. This makes Matthew happy. Daniel gets a call on his phone. He leaves the room to answer it and is again confronted by the ghost of Paul Cramer. He grabs his coat, lies to Nora yet again, and leaves the house.

Todd reminds Blair of all the lies that he has told her in the past, and how he had brought Margaret into their lives. He tries to convince her that he will never change. He reminds her that he is the same person he has always been.

John is having doubts about his and Evangeline’s future together. He thinks that Caitlin is the ideal person. They discuss Caitlin and what she was like. Evangeline tries to reassure him that things are all right between them.

Michael tries to convince Marcie that nothing is going on between him and Natalie. Marcie doesn’t believe him. Marcie reminds him of the memorial service that night for Hudson and Julie. Michael declines the invitation and leaves. Marcie tells Natalie that she is not going to allow her to come between her and Michael. Marcie reminds her of the date she broke with Ron. She argues with her over Michael and tells Natalie to stay out of her way and leave Michael alone.

Rex is bothered that Jen is so upset over where Riley is. He gets a call from Bo to meet him on the docks.

Jen calls Nora and finds out that Riley is there with them. Jen doesn’t want Riley to know that she even called. Nora agrees. Rex comes up behind her and wants her to kiss him. She declines. He tells her that he is going to meet Bo. He kisses her and tells her that he is glad she cares. After he leaves, Jen sits down at the desk and writes a letter to Riley.

Riley goes to the memorial service for Hudson and Julie. Nora gives him a set of keys before he leaves.

Daniel visits a doctor and wants to look at all the files. He wants to keep it between them.

Evangeline and John discuss Dennis and what it was like when she was with him. Evangeline tries to assure him that she wasn’t happy with Dennis, not like she is with him.

Natalie tells Marcie what a fool she made of herself with John. She makes Marcie believe that it is her who Michael loves and wants. Marcie apologizes for giving her such a hard time.

Blair tries to convince Todd that he has changed. Blair tries to make him believe that Margaret hasn’t destroyed them or their life together. They lie down. Blair asks him if that is all that is bothering him. He assures her that it is.

Margaret makes a baby book of things that she and Todd experienced together, including the bullets that she took out of Todd.

Jen seals the letter to Riley and leaves it on the desk.

Rex meets Bo on the docks. Bo assures him that he wants to talk some place where Ted won’t hear. Rex wants to know who killed Paul Cramer.

Nora looks at her and Daniel’s wedding pictures.

The doctor hands Daniel the file on Paul Cramer. Daniel requests more information. The doctor leaves the room. Daniel steals a blood vial.

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