OLTL Update Friday 4/29/05

One Life to Live Update Friday 4/29/05



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Evangeline's mother has some concerns about her daughter getting involved with John. She says that their relationship will be fine if John really does love her daughter. Evangeline has to admit at this point that she is still waiting for John to say the words that she has no problem saying to him about their loving each other.

Antonio's main concern was the safety of Jessica and Jamie, but now that that has been dealt with Antonio presses Jessica for details of how the fire got started.

Nora has had enough. She has caught Daniel in a couple of lies now, and she will not pretend any longer that nothing is wrong. She resolutely deals with the problem and demands that Daniel tell her everything that he is hiding from her, or she will be walking.

Natalie is really pushing John's buttons, trying to get a reaction from him about their being together. He stays aloof and pushes her away. He is with Evangeline and he reminds her of that.

Daniel sees that Nora means business and lies. saying that he had been talking to the governor about business dealings. Nora is skeptical, but she can't disprove what he is saying at this point.

R.J. is at first full of concern for the safety of his granddaughter. He learns that she is fine, but then changes his attitude when facing Jessica. He demands to know what happened before the fire. Jessica cowers as he confronts her. She doesn't have an answer for R.J. about his grandchild and how she was almost killed in the fire, but later she confides to Antonio. She tells him that she can't answer some of his questions because she can't remember the time before the fire, or what has been going on the last three days, for that matter.

Riley sees that things have gotten out of control. He isn't with Jen anymore, but he misses her and really thinks that they could make things right between them again. He tries to patch things up, but Jen will not have any of it. She only remembers that he didn't back her up when she needed him to. She can't believe that he would believe she was the murderer. She can't take any more of him talking to her about this, and she sees no way for them to get back together again, so she tells him to stay out of her life.

Natalie bounces back very nicely from John brushing her off from trying to get close to him. She feels that she knows how he really feels for her, although he protests and tries to get away from her. She lets him know that now whenever he kisses Evangeline, he will be thinking of her instead.

R.J. is furious with Jessica for the fire and endangering his child, but he also sees that she has given him the exact thing that he needs to get Jamie all to himself.

Daniel has a chance to get out and see his secret lover, and he takes it.

Evangeline pushes away her fears about her relationship with John and decides to put a positive spin on things. She decides that she should put together a surprise for John to brighten things up, since the visit to the in-laws didn't go so well.

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