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One Life to Live Update Thursday 4/28/05



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Todd is on the computer in his and Blair’s bedroom. He clicks on some pictures and then listens in on a conversation between Renee and Adriana. Adriana tells Renee that she was supposed to meet Kelly there, but she is running a little late. Renee informs her that Kelly is already there, and she will give her the message. Adriana asks her if she has heard from Asa. Renee tells her no, not a word, and she doesn’t know how upset this is making her. Todd gets up from the computer as Blair comes into the room. She tells him that he will wake the children. Blair looks at the computer and asks him if anything is wrong. He tells her everything is.

Renee tells Kelly that Adriana had called and said she would be a little late. Kelly informs her that that is all right, it seems she is running late for everything these days. Renee tells her to join the club. Renee looks over and sees R.J. being seated at a table by the patio doors. Renee excuses herself, telling Kelly that she needs to take care of something. She goes over to R.J.’s table, and takes the menu out of his hand. She informs Carl, the waiter, that Mr. Gannon won’t be needing the menu since he is leaving. He makes a racial remark about his color not being served. Renee informs him that she doesn’t serve liars and crooks. R.J. reminds her that he does have a reservation. Renee tells him that she doesn’t remember booking a table for Lindsay. R.J. informs her that he isn’t having dinner with Lindsay, but with her, and he points to Evangeline.

John and Michael discuss the cheeseburger that Natalie brought John. Michael tells him that the cheeseburger is bait on a hook. John reminds Michael that Natalie knows where they stand. Michael informs him that Natalie is crazy about him. John is disturbed that Michael has been talking to Natalie, and he wants to know what Michael has been saying to her. John informs him that he doesn’t want him messing this up and tells him not to interfere in his business. Michael insists that Natalie thinks she has a chance with him.


Natalie is on the phone in the living room. She talks to Ron and says she feels sorry that she is breaking their date at the last minute. She promises to touch base with him over the weekend and hangs up. She takes a sip of champagne as she remembers what happened between her and John when they were locked in the evidence room together. Antonio comes into the living room and wants to know if she has seen Jessica. Natalie informs him that she hasn’t seen her in a while. Antonio tells her that she was supposed to have dinner with him and Jaime at the diner, but she never showed up. He tries to call her again, but with no luck.

In R.J.’s apartment, the papers and the rugs on the floor are burning. Jessica (Tess) is still knocked out. Jaime calls for Jessica.

Angel Square Diner

Duke and Kevin are having lunch. Kevin is discussing a corporate scam. They discuss Buchanan Enterprises and bringing it up to standards. They also discuss the stock in Buchanan Enterprises. Kevin remarks that he thinks they make a good team. They share a laugh. Kevin brings up the subject of Adriana and them spending a lot of time together lately. Duke has a certain look on his face that Kevin soon picks up on, and he wants to know if Duke has told Adriana that he loves her. Duke is relieved that they aren’t going to discuss sex. They discuss Kevin and him finding someone. Duke hints that if he plays his cards right with Kelly....

Adriana and Kelly discuss Dorian and why she hates the Buchanans so much. Kelly points out that it might be because of what the Buchanans have done, or what she thought they did. Adriana tells her that she doesn’t know what upsets Dorian the most, her dating Duke or Kelly dating Kevin. Adriana tells her that she and Kevin seem awfully friendly lately. Kelly informs her that that is because they are friends. Adriana points out that Kelly may have made a mistake by divorcing Kevin.

John tells Michael that he always enjoys these little chats with him. John informs him that he doesn’t care where he goes and wonders why Natalie would be talking to him anyway. Michael tells John that he told Natalie he and Evangeline are together now, and she would be crazy to get in the middle of that. Michael lets it slip that Natalie had overheard their conversation. John wants to know what, exactly, Natalie had heard. They change the subject. Michael asks him how his trip with Evangeline was. John asks him if this is his idea of changing the subject. John tells him that he met the family and points out that her family has high hopes and expectations for her. Michael thinks John is going to dump Evangeline.

Antonio informs Natalie that he still can’t get an answer. She asks him about R.J. Antonio assures her that R.J. wasn’t even there. Antonio asks her about her mom. Natalie tells him that she wouldn’t have taken Jaime to the Banner where her mom is. Antonio leaves, but before he does he tells Natalie that if Jessica shows up she should tell her to call him.

R.J.’s apartment is still burning. Tess comes to and doesn’t know what is going on. She gets up and realizes that she must have dropped a cigarette. She hears Jaime calling her. She comes closer, watching the flames that are blazing. She asks Jaime if she is all right. She tries to get out the door when she begins to hear voices in her head. She puts her hand to her head and slides down the door frame onto the floor. When she comes to, Jessica has emerged. She wants to know where she is, and then she realizes that she is at R.J.’s. She gets up and rushes in the direction of Jaime’s room. She yells for Jaime and tells her not to cry. She wraps a blanket around herself and goes to rescue Jaime.

Blair wants to know what is with all this computer equipment. Todd informs her that he is bugging Renee’s phone. He assures her that he is going to find Asa, and he is going to take him out. Blair says, "Really." Blair wants to know why he is wasting so much time on Margaret and Asa. She puts her hands over her ears and says she doesn’t want to hear it. Blair tells Todd that she is tired of feeling paranoid and afraid all the time. Todd assures Blair that Margaret is never going to get to them. He tells her that they won’t let their guard down ever again.

A woman is in a doctor’s office and feels her stomach. The doctor asks her if she is ready to be a mother.

Michael asks John if he is crazy. John tells him that he is holding Evangeline back. They discuss Evangeline’s family and their high expectations for her that have been driving her all these years. He confesses that Natalie has been on his mind. John promises to talk to Natalie. Michael gets a page. He calls the hospital.

Renee tells Evangeline that she never expected to see her with R.J. again. Evangeline sits down at the table and offers him a deal. She wants him to give up this custody thing with Jaime. He laughs.

Jessica has wrapped a blanket around Jaime and has her in her arms. Jessica wraps up Jaime’s head, but she is trapped by the flames. She tries to sit down on the floor. Antonio opens the two doors and is confronted by the flames. He sees Jessica and Jaime.

Todd sits down on the side of the bed, and Blair sits down at the foot. She asks him if it is always going to be like this. He promises that he will bring Margaret down. Blair tells him that the only way to not let it happen again is to think that it had never happened in the first place. She tells him that she has tried to think of what it was like six months ago, before Margaret, before Asa, before any of it happened. She hugs him. He assures her that they will be happy again. He tells her that he loves her. Margaret waits for the sonogram.

Adriana wants to know about Kelly and Kevin. They discuss the good times and the bad times that Kelly and Kevin experienced. Adriana asks Kelly what the holdup is in her getting back with Kevin. Adriana also asks if she still loves Kevin. Kelly is embarrassed and wants to change the subject. Kelly tells Adriana that she is happy for her and Duke.

Duke gets up from the table and pays for the dinner. Kevin is impressed. Duke tells him that that is what comes of having a job. Duke informs Kevin that he will be buying dessert. They suggest putting it on Asa’s tab. They leave the diner.

Natalie is home alone at Llandfair. There is a knock on the door. When she opens the door it is John. She tells him that she didn’t order take-out. John informs her that he hadn’t, either, but some had appeared on his desk. She says, "Go figure." She invites him in, and they go into the living room. She offers him a glass of wine, but he refuses. She holds up her wrists and asks if she is under arrest. They just smile. She asks him where he was when she brought him dinner. He tells her that he had gone to see Evangeline. She asks him if everything is all right. John wants her to understand that everything is fine between him and Evangeline.

Antonio can see Jessica and Jaime through the fire. He comes through the flames and takes Jaime out of Jessica’s arms. He tells Jessica that she has to get out of there.

Blair wants Todd to come to bed. She assures him that the alarm system is set, and there are guards everywhere. She informs him that they have nothing to worry about but Starr having a crush on one of the security guards. Todd tells her that he will fire him. Blair asks him if it's because he looks like Tom Cruse. Blair assures him that she needs personal protection. They kiss and lie down on the bed.

The person giving Margaret her sonogram tells her that she is going to have a healthy baby boy. Margaret looks at the sonogram and says that he looks just like his father.

Adriana and Kelly discuss Duke and how he looked in his tuxedo. Adriana assures her that he looked just like one of the male models in magazines. Before they can say anything else, Duke and Kevin arrive. Adriana gets up and gives Duke a hug. Adriana asks Kevin and Duke to join them. They try to resist, but Adriana assures them that Kelly won’t mind. Kelly tells them that it is up to them. Kevin sits down beside Kelly. Duke and Adriana sit down opposite them. They discuss Asa and whether anyone has heard anything from him. They discuss Adriana offering her help at Buchanan Enterprises. Kevin appreciates the help. They all try to convince Kelly to join them at Buchanan Enterprises. Kevin tries to encourage her, and finally she agrees.

Evangeline tries to encourage R.J. to take her deal. He refuses. She tells him that Jaime will lose all respect for her grandfather. She promises to dig up all the dirt that she can on him and bring it to light. He doesn’t believe her. She tells him that the court sides with the parent. He still won’t accept her offer. She assures him that his granddaughter will know the truth about him and his shady dealings. He just laughs at her. She promises to see him in court.

Antonio rushes through the flames with Jaime. He runs outside and hands her to a woman. He tells the woman to take Jaime outside and wait for the ambulance. He goes back inside the building to get Jessica, who has passed out from the smoke. He picks her up and carries her out.

Natalie repeats what John has just said about him and Evangeline being good. She tells him that she can live with that. John agrees that they need to clear the air. Natalie asks him, on a scale of 1 to 10, how much it irritates him that she is dating Ron Walsh. John confesses that he cares. He tells her that she should see where it goes with Ron. Natalie calls him a liar

Michael is on the phone in John’s office. Evangeline comes in and wants to know where John is. He tells Evangeline that he needs to get to the hospital. He also tells her that she needs to talk to John. He tells her that she is great for John, she has completely turned his life around. He tells her again to talk to John and then leaves.

John tells Natalie that he wants her to be happy. She tells him that she wants him to be happy, too -- with her.

Jessica is brought into the hospital on a stretcher and taken into a examination room. Antonio comes in carrying Jaime and gives her to a nurse who takes her to an examination room. Antonio calls R.J. and tells him that there has been a fire at his apartment. Antonio goes into the examination room and wants to know how Jessica is. The doctor tells him that she inhaled a lot of smoke. They decide to take an x-ray. She wants to know how the fire got started. He tells her that he doesn’t know.

Kevin tries to convince Kelly to work for him at Buchanan Enterprises. She is reluctant to agree. He tries to persuade her and tells her to take all the time she needs, as long as she says yes in the end.

Todd and Blair kiss. Todd remembers Margaret kissing him that way. He gets up. Blair is puzzled. Todd tells her that he can’t do this to her, it is too soon. Blair tells him that she is ready and that it is okay. They cuddle.

Margaret looks at the sonogram of her baby.

Michael comes into the hospital and wants to know where he is needed. The nurse tells him in the room with the little girl.

Jessica wakes up, coughing. The nurse asks her some questions that she answers. Antonio wants to talk to her. The nurse leaves.

R.J. comes into the hospital and wants to know about Jaime. The nurse tells him that a doctor is in with her, and he can see her in a moment.

Antonio questions Jessica as to what had happened in R.J.’s apartment.

Natalie tells John that maybe where he wants to be is right there with her, and she kisses him.

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