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John is in his office. He thumbs through pictures of the car crash that killed Julie. There is a knock on the door, and he yells, "Who is it?" Marcie tells him through the door that she will come back tomorrow. He rushes out the door before she leaves. Marcie tells him that she doesn’t want to bother him and she will come back later. He tells her that it has been one of those days. Marcie informs him that it really is not that important and she can come back later. John tells her to come in and ushers her into his office. Marcie picks up one of the photos on John’s desk. He informs her that she shouldn’t be looking at that as he takes the photo from her. Marcie tells him that she had been wondering what had been going through Hudson’s and Julie’s minds. She wants to know if he has any more leads. John shakes his head no. Marcie assures him that he just has to catch the killer. She blames herself for her friends being killed.

Angel Square Diner

Natalie comes into the diner and orders breakfast. She and the waitress discuss how there is a psycho out there who is copying the killings in Marcie’s book. Natalie first tells the waitress that she and John are friends, but then she confesses that she doesn’t know what they are. Michael comes into the diner and informs her that he isn’t the one who is throwing himself at someone who isn’t available. Michael insists that John and Evangeline are together and asks what her deal is. He wants to know if she is a glutton for punishment.

Evangeline and Antonio come into her office. They discuss Rex and getting him to testify for Antonio. Evangeline questions him about R.J. seeing Jessica in a club. Antonio tells her that he trusts Jess. Evangeline asks him if he is sure. He informs her that Jess is picking up Jaime at that very moment.

Tess walks up to R.J.’s door and starts to knock, but she changes her mind. She walks over to the mirror. She changes her appearance so that she will look more like Jessica.

Daniel is deep in thought when Nora brings Matthew home from school. Nora speaks, but Daniel doesn’t hear her. Nora says Daniel's name a little louder. Daniel turns around and wants to know how long she has been there. Matthew tells him that she had said hello. Nora sends Matthew upstairs with his backpack. Nora questions Daniel as to what is going on. She asks him why he is so jumpy lately. Daniel makes the excuse that he thought he was alone and he hadn’t heard them come in. Nora asks again if he is all right. The phone rings, but when Nora answers it there is no one on the other end. She is puzzled.

Natalie tells Michael to mind his own business. Michael informs her that she made it his business when she listened in on a private conversation. Natalie tells him that she has a right to know what John’s feelings are towards her, since he has a hard time expressing them to her face. Natalie informs him that she doesn’t see a ring on Evangeline’s finger, and she doesn’t even have a key to his apartment. Natalie thinks that this is strange for a man who is so committed to a woman. Natalie wants to know why Michael is so vested in John and Evangeline. Michael assures her that John and Evangeline have hooked up and that they are getting serious. Natalie points out that since John is in such a foul mood since he came back, there is most likely trouble in paradise.

John brings Marcie some water. She thanks him and takes a sip. John sits down behind the desk. He assures her that he knows what she is going through right now. They discuss the articles that are being written about her having written a book that inspired a killer. Marcie informs John that her manager thinks this publicity will make her book sales skyrocket through the roof. He tries to comfort Marcie by saying she is not responsible for this lunatic. John tells her to let it go. Marcie asks him if he could let it go. John tells her he probably could not. Marcie asks him to let her help him. John agrees. Marcie gets the book out of her purse and points out two sections, one where a victim is boiled in oil and one where another is killed by a crossbow. She starts to make a suggestion, but he tells her that he has done his research. She makes the suggestion that they could check to see if anyone has bought a crossbow since the book came out. Marcie asks John if she can call him if she gets any more ideas. John tells her that she can. John wishes he could say something to help her. He assures her that they will catch the guy.

Elsewhere, the killer highlights another section of Marcie’s book.

The babysitter lets Tess into R.J.’s apartment. The babysitter wants to pack her things, but Tess assures her that she can go. Tess tells her that she will lock the door behind her when she leaves. Tess also assures her that she used to babysit, and she knows what it is like. The babysitter thanks her and leaves. Jaime begins to go through Tess’s purse. Tess sees what she is doing and reprimands her. Then she decides to let her do what she wants to do as long as she stays out of her way. Tess starts searching through desk drawers. She finds a bunch of files and starts going through them.

Evangeline assures Antonio that she is glad he and Jessica are back together. Antonio tells her that he has made some big mistakes in his life, but pushing Jessica away was one of the biggest. Antonio informs her that he is not going to blow it again, not with Jessica, and not with Jaime. He tells her that he wants his family back. Evangeline assures him that she will do all she can to help him get his family back. There is a knock on the door, and it is Rex. He enters the office. Antonio asks him to testify against R.J. in the custody hearing. Rex thinks he is joking. Antonio assures him that he wishes he was. They discuss Jen being a suspect in Paul Cramer’s murder case. Evangeline tells him that she thought Jen was not a primary suspect. Rex is sarcastic and asks her why she hasn’t gotten Jen cleared of the murder charges, if she is such a hot shot lawyer. Evangeline tries to convince him that it may not get that far. Rex assures her that Colson is really gunning for Jen. Evangeline tells him that Bo hasn’t even filed charges against Jen, so he must think she is innocent. Rex doesn’t believe her. Antonio tries to give Rex hope that Bo will clear Jen of the charges. They discuss Rex testifying for Antonio. Antonio points out that R.J. is suing him for full custody of his daughter. Rex begs Evangeline to get Jen out of trouble, and if she does he may find it in his heart to help them. Rex leaves the office.

Daniel apologizes for the fight he and Nora had. Daniel tells her that he isn't used to coming home to somebody. He also tells her that for years his life has been about his work. Daniel apologizes again and tells her that she is the last person he would want to hurt. Nora confesses that she is worried. He asks if she means about him. Nora admits that she is worried about them. They discuss their relationship. Daniel brings up Paris. Nora informs him that this is not Paris. She points out all the things that they have been doing to each other. Daniel confesses that she and their marriage are everything to him. Nora then asks him to let the police handle the Paul Cramer investigation. She points out that Jen has become an obsession for him, and that is what is tormenting him. She asks him if he can let it go.

Jen comes to visit Riley on the pretense of hunting for her MP3 player. Riley confesses that he didn’t know if he would ever see her again, with the way that they had left things. She comes in and, after looking around, she tells him that the place looks awfully bare. He informs her that that is because most of the stuff was hers. Jen tells him that his father would be more than happy to help him furnish it. Jen starts looking under the cushions and moving the pillows about on the sofa. She comes to the conclusion that she must have dropped it when she moved. Riley sits down on the sofa beside her and reminds her that she was the one who packed up and left. Jen tells him that she didn’t want to. She informs Riley that things fell apart when he let his Dad convince him that she was a killer.

Daniel informs Nora that he is not obsessed with Jen, he just wishes that she wasn’t guilty. Daniel is upset that Bo didn’t arrest Jen weeks ago. He accuses Bo of ignoring the facts. Nora defends Bo and tells Daniel that he is not ignoring the facts. They discuss Bo talking to Nora before their wedding. Daniel believes that Bo tried his best to talk her out of marrying him. Nora reminds him that she married him anyway, despite Bo’s protests. Daniel accuses her of having second thoughts and of wanting out of the marriage. Nora assures him that no, she doesn’t want out of the marriage, she just wants him to back off from Jen. Daniel asks her if that is an ultimatum. Nora informs Daniel that she knows Jen, and she isn’t capable of killing anyone. Daniel apologizes. Nora tells him that he can be really cruel when he wants to be. Nora informs him that the evidence is so convenient that it makes her believe someone is setting Jen up. Nora asks Daniel to give Bo some time to investigate this. She tells him that Paul is dead. She also assures him that if Jen were going to run away she would have done it a long time ago. Daniel relents and kind of gives in to Nora’s request. Daniel also tells her that if any more evidence comes to light, he can’t ignore it. Nora doesn’t want him to ignore it, she just wants them to have peace between them. Daniel agrees. Nora tells him that she is going to go and check on Matthew. Nora goes upstairs. Daniel picks up the phone and dials the number of his mystery woman. He asks her if she had just called there and hung up. He assures her that he doesn’t care how important she thought it was, she is not going to ruin what he has worked so hard for. Nora comes back down the stairs and hears his conversation.

Natalie and Michael discuss John. Marcie is heading into the diner when she sees Michael talking to Natalie. She quickly hides behind the door so that they won’t see her watching them.

Tess prowls through R.J.’s apartment. She picks up a bunch of files and sits down on the sofa. She puts a cigarette in the ashtray on the table. She throws the files and papers onto the floor and begins going through them one by one. The audience sees the cigarette smoking.

Antonio informs Evangeline that he has to go because he is going to meet Jessica and Jaime at the diner. Antonio tells her that he will call her later and leaves. John pushes the door open and says, "Hey." Evangeline answers him. John tells her that he doesn’t like how they left things. Evangeline assures him that it was not good. She tells him that that trip was a bad idea and says she should have gone alone. He tells her that he is glad he got to meet her family. She wonders why they haven’t spoken since they got back. He points out that they have one thing in common: they want what is best for each other. He tells her that he won’t hurt her. Evangeline asks him if he was planning on hurting her. She tells him not to hurt her, and everything will be all right. John confesses that he just needed to see her. He tells her that he had better go. She understands that he has a big case. He tells her that he will not rest until he finds the killer. They kiss.

The killer looks at the passage he has highlighted in Marcie’s book. He gets up, goes over to a box, and lifts a crossbow out of it. He puts an arrow into the crossbow.

Marcie comes into the diner and questions Natalie and Michael as to what is going on. They both make up some excuse as to why they are together. Marcie tells them that she won’t interrupt. Michael convinces her to stay, saying he needs the company. Natalie picks up her food and apologizes about needing to get back to the station. Natalie leaves. Marcie questions Michael as to what is really going on. Marcie wants to know what he is hiding from her.

Riley tells Jen that the evidence kept piling up against her and asks what she would have thought. They argue over Daniel and Riley listening to him and not wanting to hear her side of the story. She tells him that she thought he was different. Jen tries to convince him that she didn’t write that note, and she hadn’t killed Paul. She tells him that he used to believe her and asks what had changed. Riley tells her that he doesn’t know, the evidence just kept mounting up against her. He apologizes. Jen says, "You’re sorry?" Riley tells her that he loves her. She tells him that the only person he wanted to listen to was his father. She looks through some tapes, finds her MP3 player, and leaves.

Daniel hangs up the phone. Daniel says to Nora that that was fast, Matthew must be hard at work. Nora questions him as to whom he was talking to. He tells her that he was talking to Riley. He also assures her that the fight with Jen must be going around. Matthew comes downstairs with a CD in his hand and wants to play a game. Daniel asks him if he needs any help. Matthew tells him no, he knows how to work it. Nora makes him thank Daniel. Matthew thanks him and leaves the room. Daniel asks Nora if they are all right. Nora tells him that they are fine. Daniel kisses Nora and leaves the room to watch the news. Nora sits down on the sofa and wonders about the phone call.

Tess is still rummaging through papers in R.J.’s apartment. She gets a phone call from Antonio, who wonders where she is. She lies and tells him that Jaime had been down for a nap, and she was waiting until she woke up. She assures him that they are leaving there now. The cigarette has fallen off the table and landed on the papers that she had thrown onto the floor.

Natalie goes up to John’s door and knocks. She goes inside, only to find him gone.

John and Evangeline sit on a sofa, his arm around her shoulders. Evangeline remarks that this is nice. He looks at his watch. She is reminded that he has to get back to work. He leaves her office.

Marcie and Michael talk. Marcie assures him that he can tell her whatever is troubling him. She thinks Michael is dating Natalie. Michael assures her that he is not dating Natalie. Michael confesses that Natalie never got over John, and now she wants him back, even though she knows he is with Evangeline. Marcie tells him that Natalie will get her heart broken all over again. Michael informs her that John doesn’t need the drama in his life. Marcie agrees, and then she tells him that she has just come from John’s office. She tells him that she went there to try to help him, but she only became a big emotional mess in front of him. Marcie is sorry that she ever wrote the book and created the Killing Club. Michael tries to calm her down and suggests that they try together to stop the killer before he strikes again. Marcie feels that there are more murders to come.

They show the killer with the crossbow in his hands. There is an arrow in the crossbow. He aims it toward the pictures on the wall and shoots.

Rex comes into the diner and finds Jen sitting in a booth. He immediately wants to know what is wrong. She confesses to him that she went to see Riley, and they had another big fight. He asks her what she went over there for. She tells him that she wanted to get her MP3 player. Rex says she could have just bought a new one. Jen asks him how a person could be madly in love with someone one minute and not be able to look at that someone the next. Rex tells her that maybe it wasn’t love. Jen agrees, then says maybe it's that she is just a hopeless loser. Rex tells her that she is the most beautiful girl he has ever known, and he is not the only one who feels that way. He informs her that Riley will realize that once Paul’s killer is found. Jen informs him that the person who is setting her up is doing a pretty good job at it. Jen mentions that if they could find the real printer, then they could find out who sent the note. Rex tells her that that printer is history and probably ashes by now.

Nora looks at the telephone. Matthew brings in his report and shows it to her. She takes it and tells him that it looks really good. He asks her if he can watch television now. He leaves the room. Nora gets up and goes over to the phone. She calls Riley and, much to her dismay, she finds out that Riley hasn’t talked to his father all day. She asks him about the phone call in Paris. Riley tells her that the only time he had talked to his father was when they were on the airplane coming home.

John comes back to his office. He reads a note that was left on his desk. He reaches into a bag and takes out a covered bowl. He uncovers it and finds a cheeseburger. He picks it up and begins to take a bite of it when there is a knock on the door. Michael comes in and tells John that he sees he got Natalie’s take-out. John thinks it was nice of her to bring him something to eat. Michael thinks that Natalie had an ulterior motive. Michael tells John that Natalie is in love with him. John drops the cheeseburger.

Antonio looks at his watch and wonders where Jess and Jaime are. The cigarette begins to burn a hole in the papers on the floor. Tess is searching for information on Antonio. She ignores the phone that is ringing. She tries to reach something on a top shelf and falls to the floor as the papers catch fire.

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