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Viki and Kelly walk into Viki’s office at the Banner. Kelly warns Viki that she is losing her mind. Viki asks her if this has anything to do with David. Kelly informs her that she has never met anyone so childish, and that is one of his good points. Viki laughs. David comes up behind Viki and informs the women that his ears were burning, and he wonders if they were uttering sweet nothings about him.

A maitre’d seats the governor at a table by the patio doors in the Palace Hotel dining room and promises to bring him back a bottle of water. He hands the governor a menu. The governor thanks him. Dorian comes up behind the governor and takes the menu out of his hand. She laughs as she sits down opposite him at the table. She apologizes and tells him that he may want to rethink his order of bottled water and change it to Pennsylvania tap water, saying that he may be sending out the wrong impression to his constituents. The governor questions her as to what impression she is sending out.

Natalie is placing a file in the filing cabinet when John comes in to work. She starts to ask him how his trip was, but he holds up his hand and goes past her to his office. Natalie can hear him getting loud about a lab report not being ready. Rex makes the assumption that John is not in a good mood. Natalie says she knows, and that makes her wonder what kind of mood Evangeline is in.

Evangeline comes into the diner, sits down on a stool beside Antonio, and orders a cup of coffee. He gets up to pour her the cup of coffee. Evangeline states that funerals and weddings both bring out the worst in people. She thanks him for the coffee. They discuss the custody hearing and possible character witnesses. Antonio mentions to her that he had talked to Viki Davidson. She tells him that she has decided to put him on the witness stand to show the judge that he is not at all intimidated by cross-examination. Antonio tells her that there is no one he trusts more than Jessica.

Lindsay comes into the diner and spies Antonio and Evangeline sitting at the bar with their heads together. She sits down in the booth closest to them so she can hear what they are discussing.

Tess is at the park waiting on Ginger. When Ginger finally arrives, she wants to know where she has been. Tess reminds her that this is the day that she has Antonio’s kid. Tess is bent on destroying Antonio, and Jessica. Ginger wants to know what this has to do with her. Tess wants Ginger to help her with this. Ginger tells her that she wants no part of this.

Daniel is on the phone talking to an unknown person. He informs the listener that this was a totally screwup. The person questions him about Jen. He says to just watch him find a way to frame Jen for the murder. Nora listens to his conversation. Daniel turns around and sees her watching him.

A group of police officers comes into the squad room from the direction of John’s office. Rex calls them a bunch of scared rabbits. He informs Natalie that John is not happy at all. They discuss John and how he treated her when he came in to work. She tells Rex not to steal anything and she will be right back. She leaves the room.

John goes through some papers on a desk in his office. Natalie comes in with a file and informs him that she has the printouts he wanted. Natalie makes the assertion that it isn’t like him to yell at people for no apparent reason at all. She informs him that his task force has been working overtime on the Killing Club Murders. She asks him if something is troubling him besides work.

Evangeline tells Antonio that she is happy that he and Jessica are back together. She also tells him that this doesn’t hurt their case at all. Evangeline tells him that she is glad they have found each other. She finishes her coffee and tells him that her coffee break is over. Antonio questions her about whether there is something else. She assures him that everything is fine. He looks at her questioningly. She breaks down and tells him that everything has gone wrong.

Lindsay gets up and moves to a table near the window. She phones R.J. and informs him that she is at the diner, sitting behind Evangeline and Antonio. She tells him that she hasn’t heard anything useful yet, but they are still yakking away. She informs him that if he checks his voice messages he shouldn't meet her there. Carlotta sits down opposite Lindsay and tells her that they need to have a talk, mother to mother. Lindsay is puzzled as to what Carlotta wants.

Daniel tells the person on the phone that he will call again when he knows something. Nora comes up beside him. Daniel tells her that he is going to have to get used to someone walking in when he is on the phone. Nora is puzzled and remarks, "Someone?" Daniel tells her that he makes a lot of calls in a day’s time and asks if he needs to explain all of them to her. Nora questions him about turning his back on her and walking out of the squad room when she asked him about Jen Rappaport. Daniel wants to know why it is that all he gets from her is disapproval. Nora tries to deny what he has just accused her of. They argue over Jen and who believes that she is innocent or guilty. Nora asks him if they are ever going to be able to discuss anything without arguing. Daniel informs her that he doesn’t think so. He picks up his briefcase and leaves the room.

Carlotta asks Lindsay if she loves Jen. Lindsay gets up from the table and tries to avoid her. Carlotta informs her that she knows she loves Jen. Carlotta tells her that she loves her son, Antonio, just as much. Carlotta points out that Antonio should be able to raise his daughter, just as they had been able to raise their children.

Antonio and Evangeline discuss what happened with John. Antonio assures her that things have ways of working themselves out. He tells her to get some rest. She tells him that she will call him later and thanks him for the coffee. She leaves.

Evangeline meets R.J. at the door. R.J. confronts her about renting out space here at the greasy spoon. Evangeline warns him about harassing her client.

R.J. joins Lindsay at the table. She whispers and asks him if he ever checks his voice mail. Antonio comes over and confronts him. R.J. tells him that his attorney had just told him not to harass her client. Antonio asks when he has ever listened.

Tess doesn’t believe that Ginger is her friend. Ginger thanks her for saving her in that parking lot but tells her that she thinks it is wrong to try to hurt Antonio through his little girl. Tess promises her that she would never hurt a little girl. She assures Ginger that this is the only way to get at Antonio. Ginger wants to know why Tess hates Antonio so much. Ginger makes the assumption that it may be that she likes Antonio, but he doesn’t like her back.

Viki tells David to get off her desk. Kelly informs him that he is making her crazy. David confesses that he had overheard her making an appointment with President Davidson. Kelly tells David that she just wanted to talk to Viki. She orders him to go home. David tells her that he can read between the lines, and he starts to leave. Kelly slams the double doors behind him. She threatens to kill David and to divorce her family. Kelly tells Viki that the reason she wanted to talk to her is to ask for a job. Viki informs her that she has a job. Kelly tells her that she resigned her position at the university in protest of the way they had treated Viki. Viki tries to protest, but Kelly tells her that it was the least she could do.

The governor accuses Dorian of playing games. She denies the accusation but tells him that she is concerned about his lieutenant governor, Kevin Buchanan. She tells him that her dear friend Viki Davidson just lost her job at the university because of the embezzlement charges. She wants to know what the deal is that Kevin can hold onto his job. The governor informs her that Kevin is a man of the people. He also tells her that it would be difficult to do anything about this. Dorian offers to make it worth his while.

John tells Natalie that he is just tired. John assures her that he has work to do, and asks if they could just drop this. Natalie says okay and starts to leave. John tells her to wait. Natalie tells him that he seems sad. John looks at her and informs her that it must be something he ate. He then asks her for the forensics report on Hudson Prescott.

Rex is sitting in Natalie’s chair when she comes back to her desk. He wants to know what is going on with John. Daniel comes into the squad room. He is annoyed when he sees Rex sitting in Natalie’s chair. He makes a remark about whether Rex is working there now. Natalie asks him what she can do for him. Daniel demands to know where her uncle is. Natalie tells him that she doesn’t know where he is, only that he went out of town on business. Sarcastically, Daniel tells her to tell Bo to call him in the D.A.’s office, and to remind him that he works for him. Daniel walks off.

Rex informs Natalie that he knows now where Riley gets his charm. Natalie informs him that she has a lot of work to do. Rex commends her for not telling Daniel about Bo’s secret misssion, and for keeping her mouth shut. Natalie doesn’t understand why Daniel is going after Jen, and she tells him that she feels sorry for Jen. Natalie also doesn’t understand why Nora married him, because he didn’t deserve her.

Nora comes downstairs. She fingers the telephone, trying to decide whether or not to make a call. She starts to walk off, but then turns back toward the phone. She tells herself not to do it, but then she goes back over to the phone and dials the number, only to find that it is unavailable. She leaves.

Antonio confronts Lindsay about what she had overheard him and his lawyer talking about, and she hasn't wasted any time in calling R.J. with the news. Antonio tells R.J. that he is trying to discredit the people who only want the best for Jaime. R.J. asks Antonio who would take Jaime from a loving parent and place her with a Santi. R.J. starts talking about Jessica. Antonio starts to walk away. R.J. blames Antonio for Jaime’s mother taking her own life. R.J. assures him that he will not allow Jaime to spend a moment longer with him than the law requires.

Tess assures Ginger that she doesn’t have a thing for Antonio. Tess is against Antonio for the way that he treats Jessica and for being bossy and controlling. Ginger points out that that is not her problem. Tess tells her that she is right, and she shouldn’t take it so personally. She assures her that this is Jessica’s problem. Tess tells Ginger that she just needs a friend to talk to. She promises to mellow out a little bit, and she thanks Ginger for her help.

Viki is touched that Kelly would resign from her job at the university over Viki's resignation. Kelly assures her that she doesn’t want to be at the university if Viki isn’t there. They discuss Dorian turning into a caring, moral person, which they both were sure would never happen.

The governor questions Dorian about her fiancee. He wants to know what happened between them. Dorian lies and tells him that David was incredibly jealous of him. She compliments the governor on his handsome characteristics. She vows that there is no better way to get revenge on your lover than to make him incredibly jealous. David wants to know which lover she is referring to, since there have been so many.

Nora meets Evangeline for lunch at the Palace dining room. Nora questions her as to the long face. Evangeline tells her that it has been a long couple of days, and she doesn’t want to discuss it. She tells Nora to take a deep breath and tell her all about the honeymoon. Nora tells her that it was perfect at times, but at other times Daniel would shut down and leave her out completely. Nora tells Evangeline that she doesn’t know Daniel at all. Daniel comes into the Palace dining room with a bunch of flowers. He approaches a waiter, who he thinks is Paul Cramer. He asks the man what he is doing there. The waiter tells him that he is serving dessert. Daniel then realizes that the man isn’t Paul Cramer, and he apologizes for his actions.

Evangeline apologizes for what Nora has been going through. Nora tells her that she is a really great friend, and it is good to have someone to talk to about it. Daniel approaches the table and lays the bunch of flowers down. He assures Nora that she deserves a lot more and apologizes for letting work come between them. He tells her that the Paul Cramer case is driving him crazy, and he is going to try to do better. He bends over, kisses her, and tells her he loves her. Then he leaves.

Natalie and Rex discuss the Cramer case. Rex assures her that they will get all the answers that they need. They discuss Rex’s involvement in the case. Rex wants to know if she found out what was the matter with John. Natalie tells him that she feels things didn’t go well with Evangeline’s family. Rex says that must just break her heart. She smiles. John goes by her desk and doesn’t say a word. Rex says, "Oh, he wants you bad."

Nora questions Evangeline about her involvement with John. Evangeline tells her that things have changed. She says her great-aunt had died, and John had gone home with her. Evangeline tells her that a couple of her family members didn’t welcome John with open arms. Nora points out that that is understandable. Evangeline explains to her that it seems that she and John are going in opposite directions.

The governor leaves the table. Dorian wants to know what David is doing there. David makes a remark about her jewelry. David tells her that he overheard Kelly on the phone going all over town making amends for her. David informs her that her behavior had spurned Kelly into resigning from her position at the university to support Viki. He also tells her that she has asked Viki for a job. Dorian is upset by this news. He informs her that this is a self-fulfilling prophecy, and her girls, one by one, are turning on her. Dorian assures him that all the girls love her, and so does he, if he would only admit it. He tells her that this governor thing did not make him jealous.

Carlotta confronts R.J. over the way he has been talking to Antonio. R.J. tells her that he will see them in court, and he and Lindsay leave the diner.

Nora offers Evangeline advice. She tells her that she needs to get this out in the open and make Daniel talk about it. Evangeline’s cell phone rings. She answers it and finds that it is Carlotta. Carlotta informs her of the argument that just happened between R.J. and Antonio. Evangeline tells her that she will be right there, and she leaves Nora.

Viki assures Kelly that, with her experience, they wouldn’t find it hard to find her a job. Dorian gets off the elevator. She confronts Kelly about living on Viki’s property, and now going to work for her. Kelly points out that she would work for her, but she didn’t have a job to offer. Dorian also confronts her about her resignation from the university in favor of Viki. Kelly decides to end the conversation, and she leaves.

Dorian throws it into Viki’s face that she is the new woman in the governor’s life. Viki laughs.

Natalie brings Hudson Prescott’s forensics file to John in his office. She tells him that she is going out to lunch with Rex and asks if he needs her. He assures her that he doesn’t. She tells him to call her if he needs anything.

Dorian throws it into Viki’s face that she has two men fighting for her affections. Viki assures her that she is only using the governor to make David jealous. Viki orders her to make up with David.

David is in the Palace dining room, feeling sorry for himself. He points out all the things that have been happening to him. Kelly tells him that he loves and wants Dorian. She tries to get David to make up with Dorian before he loses her forever.

Tess calls Antonio and tells him that she is all set to pick up Jaime. She tells him that she loves him. After she hangs up, she mutters to herself that she hopes that that little brat doesn’t get in the way of her plans.

Carlotta tries to reassure Antonio. Antonio apologizes for her having to see that. Evangeline comes in and wants to know what has happened. They discuss the custody hearing for Jaime. Evangeline convinces Antonio to go back to her office, and they will fix this. They leave the diner.

Rex and Natalie enter the diner just as Evangeline is leaving. Natalie asks how the funeral was. Evangeline tells her that it was a funeral. Natalie just nods.

John looks out the window, then sits down at his desk. He picks up a picture of him and Evangeline and looks at it.

Nora leaves money on the table. She gets up and starts to leave. A waiter approaches her with the flowers and tells her that she had forgotten them. She tells him no, she didn’t.

Daniel comes home and flops down on the couch. The ghost of Paul Cramer comes in and tells him that he is not going anywhere.

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