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Jessica (a.k.a. Tess) sits alone on a park bench, looking at an advertisement of the Capricorn Club jazz night. She sets the end of it on fire and sits there watching it burn. Ginger comes up to join her. They talk, and then Ginger offers to go and get some beer. Tess hands her some bills to purchase the beer. Ginger leaves.

R.J. and Jaime are alone in his apartment. R.J. lights some candles on the table. He speaks to Jaime, who sits on the couch. He hears a knock on the door, and he thinks that it is Lindsay. When he opens the door, he finds that it is Antonio. Antonio tells him that he is there for his daughter.

Natalie and Michael argue over John and his involvement with Evangeline.

Evangeline, Mrs. Williamson, Henry, and John arrive back at the house, loaded with food. While Mrs. Williamson and Evangeline go to put it away, Henry has a talk with John. Henry tells John of things that Evangeline did when she was growing up. Henry makes the assumption that Evangeline is going to the top and asks what John is going to do about it.

Renee and Nigel discuss Asa and whether Nigel has heard anything from him. Upset, Renee hangs up the phone. Todd immediately questions her as to Asa’s whereabouts.

Duke and Adriana come into the Palace dining room. Duke spots Viki, who sits at a table across the room. Duke tells Adriana that he wants to speak to Viki and leaves. Dorian joins Adriana and points out that she and Adriana haven’t had much time to talk lately. Adriana confesses that she is falling in love with Duke. Dorian is upset.

Viki and Duke discuss his involvement in Buchanan Enterprises.

Antonio is relieved that R.J. isn’t going to argue with him over his wanting to spend time with Jaime. As Antonio leaves, R.J. reminds him that he is to have Jaime back in one and a half hours.

John and Henry discuss Evangeline. Henry assures John that Evangeline is headed to the top. He also assures John that she needs a man in her life who will go to the top with her, instead of being a hinderance to her. John is stunned by Henry’s frankness. John goes in search of Mrs. Williamson and Evangeline.

Mrs. Williamson and Evangeline are upstairs in Evangeline’s bedroom. They discuss John’s feelings for Evangeline. Evangeline assures her that it isn’t easy for John to show his feelings. Mrs. Williamson compares John to Evangeline’s own father. Mrs. Williamson tells her that her father found it difficult to show his feelings. Evangeline doesn’t believe her. Mrs. Williamson assures her that her father was very proud of her, even though he hadn’t said it. John joins them in the bedroom and looks around. Evangeline tells him that her mother had kept this as some sort of a shrine to her. They hear a loud noise downstairs, and Evangeline yells to her mother, to tell her what happened. Her mother says she dropped a platter of food. Evangeline goes to help her.

Duke and Viki still discuss Buchanan Enterprises and Asa. Duke informs her that he is going to be helping out at Buchanan Enterprises. Viki is pleased.

Dorian is upset that Adriana is falling in love with Duke. She insists that Adriana is too young to know what real love is. Adriana is upset that Dorian doesn’t want her involved with Duke. Adriana reminds Dorian that she has pushed everyone else away. She tells her that she is the only one left, and now Dorian is going to push her away too. Dorian doesn’t want any of her girls involved with the Buchanan men. Adriana assures her that Cassie, Blair, and she are happy with whom they spend time with.

Todd questions Renee about Asa’s whereabouts. Renee will not tell him anything about Asa. Renee tells him that instead of going after Asa he should be taking care of Blair. She says that if she knew anything about Asa, she wouldn’t tell him.

Duke and Adriana sit down at a table. Todd joins them and questions them about Asa. They will not tell him anything.

Mrs. Williamson, Evangeline, and Henry discuss how he has been bragging to John about her. Evangeline goes in search of John.

John takes a school album off the top of a dresser and thumbs through it, looking for Evangeline’s picture. He reads about all the things she was involved in when she was in school. Evangeline enters the room. They begin teasing each other. John wraps his arms around her, and they kiss and fall onto the bed. Evangeline quickly gets up, leaving John alone on the bed.

Ginger and Tess discuss Antonio’s involvement with Jessica.

Henry, Mrs. Williamson, John, and Evangeline are on the porch, saying their good-byes. Henry apologizes for giving John such a hard time. John assures him that he hadn’t said anything that he couldn’t handle. John and Evangeline leave.

Natalie and Michael discuss Marcie. John assures her that that was different from her and John's situation. Michael points out that she is trying to break up John and Evangeline. Natalie can’t see how that has anything to do with it.

Tess sits on the park bench. Antonio and Jaime sneak up behind her, and Jaime puts her hands over Tess’s eyes. Tess is annoyed to see that it is Antonio. Antonio can see that she is upset, but she will not tell him anything. He persists in questioning her. She finally tells him that she is worried over this custody hearing. Antonio fills her in about how R.J. knows that she is going to see a shrink, and he is going to use that against them. Tess insists that they will just have to change his mind. She sits on the bench beside Jaime and tells Antonio that she will pick Jaime up from R.J.’s so he can see how stable she is. Antonio doesn’t want her involved with R.J. As he sits on the bench beside her, she begins to hear voices inside her head.

Todd and Duke discuss Buchanan Enterprises. Todd wants an interview with him for the Sun. Duke refuses. Adriana rejoins them. They discuss what Todd wanted. Adriana offers her help. Duke lets it slip that he is falling in love with her.

Dorian joins Viki at her table. Dorian assures her that she doesn’t want to argue. Viki is relieved. Dorian says she is there to beg her. Viki is puzzled. Dorian wants Viki’s help in keeping Duke and Adriana apart. She insists that they are too young to be in love. Viki doesn’t agree, and they argue. Viki tells her to call David. Dorian is annoyed by Viki telling her this, and she gets up and leaves.

Duke tries to smooth over what he has just said about being in love with Adriana. They discuss Buchanan Enterprises. Renee joins them and tells them their dinner will be there in a few minutes.

Jessica (Tess) discusses the headache that she is experiencing. Jessica assures Antonio that she will tell her shrink about the headaches the next time she sees him. She encourages him to get Jaime back to R.J. before it hurts his case. He is reluctant to leave her, but he does. She is relieved to be rid of him and assures Jessica that she will never win.

Evangeline and John are on their way home. Evangeline apologizes for her cousin’s actions, and for Dennis’s. John turns on the radio.

Natalie and Michael still argue over John and her feelings for him.

Evangeline about drifts off to sleep. John holds her hand as they drive along.

Michael is angry with Natalie over her trying to break up John and Evangeline. Michael starts to tell Natalie something about John, but then he refuses. He leaves the diner.

Renee has Nigel searching for some documents that he cannot find. Renee orders him to keep searching for them and then hangs up.

Todd listens to their conversation and hears something in the background. When the sound is amplified, he finds that it is Duke and Adriana.

Antonio brings Jaime home and tells R.J. that Jessica will be picking Jaime up the next day. R.J. flatly refuses. He tells Antonio that he doesn’t want Jessica around Jaime.

Tess vows to Ginger that she is going to bond with Jaime to break up Antonio and Jessica. Tess tells Ginger that Antonio and Jessica won’t know what hit them.

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