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One Life to Live Update Friday 4/22/05



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Kelly visits Todd at the penthouse. Kelly questions him as to how he and Blair are doing. Todd just smiles and doesn’t want to answer. Kelly keeps prying until she gets the information out of him.

Marcie and Michael meet at the diner. He wants to know how she is doing.

Riley is at the diner. Jen comes in with her bodyguard. Riley tries to talk to her, but she leaves without talking to him. He is stunned by her actions.

Nora and Daniel arrive home. Matthew is hiding behind the sofa. When they come in, he yells, "SURPRISE!" Nora gives him a big hug and then asks where Bo is. Matthew tells her that Bo dropped him off there to stay with Mary Ann because he was going out of town.

Natalie and Bo are in his office. Bo tells Natalie that he is going out of town to follow up on a lead concerning the Paul Cramer case. Natalie tells him that it is funny that he and John are going to be out of town at the same time.

John and Evangeline arrive at their destination. Evangeline is reluctant to let John go in. John insists that he is going with her. Evangeline tells him that if she tries to get rid of him again he is to ignore her. Inside, Evangeline and John meet Mrs. Williamson. They hug. Evangeline introduces her to John. Mrs. Williamson is happy to meet the man whom Evangeline has talked so much about.

Bo and Natalie discuss John. Natalie informs him that John has gone with Evangeline to a funeral. Before they can say anything else, Rex interrupts.

Bo tells Rex that he is going out of town to follow up on a lead in the Paul Cramer case. Bo tells Rex to look after Jen. Rex assures him that he will.

Natalie talks to Daniel on the phone. Daniel is demanding information on where Bo is going. Natalie can’t give him much information, and this makes Daniel mad.

Todd and Kelly discuss Blair and the things they both have been through.

Daniel remembers how he is the one who killed Paul Cramer. Nora comes into the room and tries to get Daniel’s attention, but she sees that he is lost in thought. She wonders what he has been thinking about that has made him so pale. He leaves to find out what Bo is going out of town for.

Bo and Rex leave his office. Rex stops by Natalie’s desk. He tries to apologize to her for giving her such a hard time.

Lindsay and R.J. meet for lunch. R.J. brings her a bunch of flowers. Lindsay wonders what they are for. R.J. tells her that they are his way of thanking her for standing by him with Evangeline. Lindsay assures him that she has seen how he looks at Jaime, and she can tell how much he loves her. Before they can talk more, Jennifer interrupts them. Jen notifies Lindsay that Daniel is back in town, and he will be after her to arrest her for Paul’s murder, so she has decided that she is leaving town. Lindsay is upset and tries to talk her out of it. R.J. tells her that she will only make things worse.

Daniel questions Natalie as to where Bo has gone. Natalie can’t tell him much of anything other than that there might be a new suspect in Paul’s murder case. Daniel then demands to know if Bo left a telephone number where he could be reached. Again, Natalie can’t give him any information. Daniel is upset. Rex is standing by, listening to the whole conversation.

Rex and Natalie discuss John and his going out of town. Rex promises Natalie that he won’t bug her about John for at least twenty-four hours. Natalie is pleased.

John and Mrs. Williamson talk. Mrs. Williamson leaves to talk to someone else. Evangeline’s cousins come up and hug her. Evangeline introduces John to her cousins. Evangeline then meets the reverend, and they talk. After, Evangeline runs into her uncle Henry. They have a discussion about the line of work that John is in. Uncle Henry questions him as to why he left the FBI. John tells them that he had personal reasons. Mrs. Williamson looks across the room and sees Dennis, who is Evangeline’s old boyfriend. Mrs. Williamson goes to talk to him. He offers his condolences. He then spies Evangeline.

Todd and Kelly discuss Paul and what he did to Kelly. Kelly denies that the things that he did to her were as bad as the things Margaret has done to him and Blair. Kelly assures Todd that he can’t let this control their lives. Kelly tries to get him to let it go and get on with his life.

Michael asks Marcie to move in with him. Marcie refuses to do as he asks. She points out that Ron has more room than he has. She points out, too, that she just can’t handle his feelings right now. She leaves the diner.

Riley visits Nora. He is upset that Jen won’t make up with him. They discuss the Paul Cramer case and how Daniel is pursuing Jen as the only suspect. Nora tries to comfort him, but with no luck. Nora points out that when you love someone it is hard to suspect that person of something like murder. Riley wants to believe Jen, but she is making it hard for him. Nora tries to get him to see Daniel’s side and that he is only doing his job.

Daniel apologizes to Natalie for giving her such a hard time over Bo. Rex listens to their conversation.

Lindsay and Jen come into the squad room. Lindsay confronts Daniel over him wanting to arrest Jen for Paul’s murder. She orders Daniel to leave Jen alone. He brings up the subject of her killing Sam. Lindsay tries to slap him, but he catches her hand. Again, she tells him to leave Jen alone.

Rex and Jen talk. He assures her that he is watching her back.

Lindsay and Jen discuss what just happened between her and Daniel.

Rex and Natalie leave the squad room.

Henry, Mrs. Williamson, and Dennis talk to Evangeline and John. Dennis is glad to see her. He is introduced to John. Henry wonders why Evangeline and John are dating at all. Mrs. Williamson tries to hush Henry and stop him from saying anything else. Dennis offers Evangeline a job in Washington, but she refuses. Mrs. Williamson discusses their interests. Evangeline tells her that they have an interest in ballet. She also tells her that John has taught her a few things about football. She informs them that John taught her some moves on the punching bag. Evangeline and John encourage their listeners to come to Llanview.

Nora and Daniel discuss some leads in the Paul Cramer case. Daniel accuses her of taking Bo's side.

Rex and Jen meet up with Riley. Riley tries to talk to Jen, but she refuses to talk to him and tells him that it is over between them.

Rex and Jen propose a toast to Bo and any information that he can find.

Todd and Kelly come into the bar. Marcie confronts him about the article in the Sun. Todd tells her to take it up with the editor. She storms out. Todd and Kelly find a booth.

Michael and Natalie discuss who could be the killer of Hudson and Julie and if it is the same person who made the attempt on Marcie’s life. Michael is upset that Marcie will not move in with him. They discuss John and how they think he is doing with Evangeline’s family. Michael hopes for the best.

Henry and Mrs. Williamson talk to John and Evangeline. Mrs. Williamson pulls Evangeline away for a private talk. Henry apologizes to John for giving him such a hard time.

Mrs. Williamson talks to Evangeline about John’s feelings for her. Evangeline is reluctant to answer, but Mrs. Williamson pushes. Evangeline confesses that John does love her, but he can’t seem to say the words.

Jen and Rex discuss the case against her. Rex assures her that he will always take care of her.

Daniel and Nora discuss the evidence that they have against Jen. Daniel gets annoyed by Nora’s attitude on the subject. Daniel assures her that he will not be second-guessed by anyone. He also tells her that he does not have to answer to anyone. Nora is puzzled by his actions.

Kelly and Todd are once again confronted by Marcie. She tells him that if there are any more murders, he will be the one to blame.

The killer highlights a section in Marcie’s book, and he picks his next victim: Ronnie.

Natalie and Michael discuss the Killing Club Murders. He thanks her for not saying anything to John about overhearing their conversation. Natalie forgives him for the insults that he made concerning her character. They both wonder how John is making it.

Evangeline tells her mother that John just can’t seem to tell her that he loves her. Mrs. Williamson is puzzled and vows to follow up on this conversation. She walks away.

Clay and Evangeline talk about John. Clay admits that he had promised her father that he would look out for her. Clay apologizes for his treatment of John. Evangeline wonders how she managed to get John. John overhears the conversation.

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