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Todd is trying to fix the door when he has a visit from Ginger. She questions him as to how Blair is doing. Todd tells her that she is doing fine. Ginger wants to know what he is upset with her about. Before he can answer, a woman comes up beside Ginger. Todd thinks that she is Mrs. Bigelow and that she hasn’t really died.

Natalie is upset with Michael that he thinks she isn’t good enough for John. Michael doesn’t know what to say.

Antonio visits Viki at her office and asks her about Jessica. Viki is surprised by the question. Antonio then suggests that she may be working on a story, and that is the reason why she isn’t there. Viki is surprised that Jessica is even back at work.

John and Evangeline come into his apartment. He informs her that he has to pack. She is reluctant to let him come home with her. John insists that he is going with her. She tells him that she will go and pack, and they can pick up something to eat on the way.

Jessica gets into a limo and instructs the driver to take the road out of Llanview.

Todd invites Mrs. Smalls in, and they discuss when Blair came to her cottage looking for him. Todd can’t get over the resemblance that she has to Mrs. Bigelow. They discuss the things that Margaret has done to them both. Mrs. Smalls talks to him about keeping secrets.

John and Evangeline are at his apartment. He gets a call on his cell phone and answers it. It is the police station. They are asking him about a case. He tells them that he will handle it when he comes back. Evangeline comes over and gives him a kiss on the cheek. He wonders what that is for. She tells him that it was for giving him such a hard time before.

Natalie and Michael argue over her not being right for John. Michael is upset with her because she is trying to take John away from Evangeline. Michael insists that she had deliberately listened to a private conversation between him and John. Natalie insists that she hadn’t listened, she had overheard. Michael is still upset with her and doesn’t want her doing anything that will break John and Evangeline up.

Dorian and Kelly argue over David. Kelly wants Dorian to take David home. Dorian wants to know why Kelly is all dressed up, but then she realizes that she must be going out with Kevin. Dorian is upset over this. Kelly wants Dorian to let them lead their own lives and to stay out of their business. Dorian doesn’t agree. Before they can say anything else, there is a knock on the door. Dorian opens it and finds that it is Duke. Dorian belittles Duke for taking Adriana to St. Blaze's Island, and for whatever else they did while they were there. Dorian insists that she doesn’t want him ruining Adriana’s life and demands to know what Duke’s intentions are toward Adriana. Kelly comes back into the room and tells Dorian to back off.

Todd and Mrs. Smalls discuss the subject of keeping secrets and how they will sooner or later catch up with a person.

Natalie and Michael discuss John and his dating Evangeline. Natalie insists that she is going to tell John how she feels. Michael tries to talk her out of it. Natalie realizes that she shouldn’t be talking to him about this, she should be talking to John. She gets up and leaves.

Adriana comes in the diner and meets Ginger. Ginger tells her that she has made a friend in town, but she hasn’t heard from her in a while. Adriana wonders who the friend is.

Viki questions one of the staff members about the story that Jessica is working on. The woman denies knowing anything but says she will check on it. After she leaves, Viki and Antonio discuss Jessica. Antonio is happy that they are back together, and he feels everything will work out. Antonio asks Viki to be a character witness for him. Viki points out that she is being investigated on embezzlement charges, and she doesn’t feel that her word will stand up in court.

Adriana introduces Ginger to Antonio. Ginger remembers something that Tess had said about Jessica and Antonio. Her cell phone rings, and it is Tess. Ginger mentions that Antonio is there. Tess is upset. Ginger wants to mention her to Antonio. Tess makes her promise that she will not mention her name to Antonio. Ginger promises.

Kelly points out to Dorian that it was Adriana who wanted her to go to the benefit with Duke. Dorian still doesn’t like the idea of Kelly going with a Buchanan. Kelly tells Duke that she feels it would be for the best if she went to the benefit alone. Duke leaves. Kelly blurts out that she knows now why David left her. Dorian is surprised.

Todd and Mrs. Smalls discuss Blair. Todd vows that he will not let anything happen to his family. Starr comes into the room and wants to know what they are talking about. She can’t get over the resemblance that she has to Mrs. Bigelow.

Natalie comes to see John at his apartment. John is surprised to see her. Natalie is glad that they are alone so they can talk. Natalie tries to tell him about her feelings, but he tells her that he is leaving with Evangeline to go to a funeral.

Michael talks to Evangeline at the diner. She asks him if that is mustard on his french fries. Michael admits that it is. She gets a call on her cell phone and has to take it. Carlotta comes up and mentions that she had seen him talking to Natalie. They discuss Natalie and John.

Tess questions Ginger about Antonio and what he is doing. Tess makes her promise that she will not mention her to Antonio. Ginger is puzzled.

Evangeline and Michael discuss Natalie. Evangeline isn’t worried about them at all. She points out to Michael that their relationship is solid and she doesn’t think she has anything to worry about. She notices that her food is ready and leaves. Michael is still worried about what Natalie will say to John.

Natalie is relieved that John is only going with Evangeline to a funeral. She realizes that this is not the best time to discuss her feelings. Instead, she helps him to pack his clothes. After packing the clothes, Natalie leaves.

Kelly and Dorian discuss Duke and his feelings for Adriana. Dorian is afraid that Duke will ruin Adriana’s life.

Mrs. Small tells Starr how much her mother loves her. Jack begins to cry, and Starr goes to see about him. Mrs. Small again talks to Todd about his keeping secrets, and then she leaves.

Kelly and Dorian discuss Duke, Adriana, Kelly, and David. Kelly points out how Dorian tries to run their lives. Dorian doesn’t agree with her. Kelly tells her that, thanks to her, she will have to go to the benefit alone. Kelly leaves.

Tess and Ginger talk and make plans for later.

Carlotta talks to Antonio and Adriana about Antonio getting back together with Jessica. They are happy about the change of events.

Duke and Adriana share a booth, and he tells her what Dorian said to him when she found out he was taking Kelly to the benefit. Adriana thinks he looks handsome in his tuxedo. They kiss.

Evangeline and Michael discuss Natalie, but Evangeline is not worried, since Natalie is dating Ronnie. She leaves. Michael is worried enough for them both.

John and Natalie discuss Evangeline. She points out that he has everything he will need on his trip. Natalie tells him that she will talk to him later, and then she leaves.

Starr and Todd discuss Mrs. Smalls and how much she resembles Mrs. Bigelow. Todd assures her that he will always protect them.

Dorian calls Adriana and leaves her a message on her answering machine.

Michael gives Evangeline a tape to listen to on the road, and then she leaves. Michael is upset that he can’t keep his big mouth shut.

Natalie calls Michael. Michael wants to know how she got his number. Natalie tells him that she made a complete fool of herself. She calls Michael a jerk.

Carlotta is relieved that Antonio and Jessica are back together and says that she will help him win custody of Jaime.

Tess writes down a list of names. She circles R.J.’s name. She vows, with R.J.’s help, to bring Antonio down. She tells the driver to turn around; they are going back to Llanview.

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