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One Life to Live Update Wednesday 4/20/05



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Natalie knocks on John’s door and then goes in. She asks him if there is anything that she can do for him as she leans against his desk.

Michael confronts Hayes about Marcie and orders him to stay away from her.

Jen visits Marcie, wanting to know how she is doing. Marcie tries to deny how she is feeling, but Jen questions her again as to how she really is. Marcie owns up that she is a nervous wreck about what happened to her and her family.

Daniel and Nora are on a plane heading back to Llanview. They have enjoyed their honeymoon.

Viki walks in the door of her office at the Banner. On her desk sits a vase full of flowers. She reads the card, and it says her staff is glad that she is back. Rex interrupts her and asks for her help.

Nora and Daniel talk, but they are soon interrupted by the ghost of Paul Cramer. Daniel is surprised to see Paul Cramer.

John and Natalie are in his office. She urges him to step back from work and take some time to himself. After thinking about it, he decides to take her advice. Getting up from the desk, he puts on his jacket and tells her that he probably will take a walk, and maybe call Evangeline. Natalie is upset that things didn’t work out as she planned. John leaves the office, and Natalie, once outside the office door, bangs her hand into her head and calls herself stupid.

Evangeline is in her office. She tries to get in touch with her mother, who had left her a message. She leaves her mom a message on the answering machine. She looks at the note.

Viki and Rex are in her office. She tries to throw him out, but he insists that this is a life-and-death situation and he needs her help. Viki is hesitant to help him. He asks her to run a story in the Banner that would lure the real killer of Paul Cramer out into the office. Viki informs him that the Banner doesn’t print lies. Rex tries to convince her that this wouldn’t necessarily be a lie. They discuss Jen’s innocence in Paul Cramer’s murder. Viki also believes that Jen is innocent.

Daniel and Nora talk as they come back to Llanview. Nora starts to get up, but Daniel wants to know where she is going. Nora assures him that she is just going to the bathroom. After she leaves, he is visited by the ghost of Paul Cramer, who sits down in Nora’s seat. After a brief discussion concerning the things Daniel has done and the secrets he is keeping from Nora, Daniel orders Paul to leave him alone. Nora comes back and wants to know who he is talking to.

Michael and Hayes argue about Marcie’s friends. They discuss Marcie’s book. Michael orders him again to stay away from Marcie.

Jen and Marcie discuss Riley and his not believing that she didn’t kill Paul Cramer. They discuss Marcie’s book and the people who have gotten killed because of it. There is a knock on the door, and a police officer escorts Riley in.

Viki gets a confirmation from Bo that Rex is really helping him with the Paul Cramer case. Rex wants to know what Bo had said about him. Viki repeats the names that Bo had called Rex. Rex wants her to print the description of a man who was with Paul Cramer the night that he was murdered. Viki is reluctant to print such a story. Rex changes the subject and mentions Natalie. They both agree that they want what is best for Natalie. Rex informs her that Natalie has decided to pursue John McBain. Natalie comes in and tells him to keep his mouth shut.

Natalie reprimands Rex for telling Viki what they had discussed in private. Rex apologizes and then leaves. Natalie and Viki talk. Natalie tries to tell Viki that Rex was lying. Viki informs her that she knows Rex was not lying. They get into a discussion about John. Viki doesn’t think that it is such a good idea for Natalie to pursue John, since he is in a relationship with Evangeline. Natalie insists that she is going to try to take John away from Evangeline.

Evangeline is still in her office when John comes to visit her. She is surprised to see him, knowing how much work he has to do. John tries to lure her away from the office, but she tells him that she is swamped with work. He starts to leave, but she stops him. She wants to know what this is all about. John informs her that he needed to see her, and touch her. They kiss, which leads to them making love on Evangeline’s desk.

Riley informs Jen that he needs to see her. Marcie leaves them alone so they can talk. Riley tries to tell her that he loves her and misses her. Jen confesses that she misses him too. They get into an argument over the fact that he doesn’t believe that she didn’t kill Paul Cramer. Riley tries to tell her that he loves her, but she informs him that his love is sending her to Statesville. Riley doesn’t know what to say.

Michael and Hayes argue over Marcie’s book. Hayes takes the offensive. Michael then orders him to stay away from Marcie.

Viki and Natalie argue over John. Viki doesn’t think that it is such a good idea for her to pursue him. Natalie will not listen to her and insists again that she is going to take John away from Evangeline.

John and Evangeline sit on the couch after making love. John apologizes for breaking her chair. The phone rings and Evangeline answers it. She learns from her mother that her great-aunt has just died. Evangeline is upset. After she hangs up, she tells John the bad news. He informs her that he will go with her to the funeral. Evangeline tries to make up excuses for him not going with her, but John insists that he is going for her. He tells her that nothing is as important as she is and hugs her close.

Nora and Daniel discuss Paul Cramer’s death and who killed him. All the while, Daniel sees the ghost of Paul Cramer beside him.

Michael and Hayes argue over Marcie and what Hayes has been trying to do to her. Hayes tells him that Marcie’s book is on the best-seller list. Michael again orders him to stay away from Marcie, and then he walks off.

Hayes calls Viki and gives her permission to print excerpts from Marcie’s book. They discuss the Killing Club Murders. Viki is reluctant to publish excerpts from the book.

Hayes calls another newspaper concerning the Killing Club Murders. Viki talks to Bo about Hayes’ offer.

Marcie comes into the room and stops Riley and Jen from arguing. Marcie starts to leave as the police usher Rex into the room. Rex and Riley get into a heated argument over Jen. The cell phone rings, and it is a call from Riley’s father. Daniel apologizes for the things that he has done to Riley and his mother. Daniel tells Riley that he loves him. Riley tells him that he loves him.

Daniel is again confronted by the ghost of Paul Cramer, and Paul tells him that he is the one who killed him. Daniel doesn’t want Nora to know any of this.

Natalie sits down at the booth with Michael. She confesses that she had overheard him and John talking. Michael is upset that Natalie overheard a private conversation. Michael doesn’t want her to pursue John.

Michael tells Natalie not to pursue John. He points out that Evangeline is good for John. Natalie says, "And I’m not?" Michael confesses that no, she is not good for John.

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