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Bo meets Paige at the hospital, and she gives him the news that the DOA who had been brought in had the same characteristics as his father, Asa. Bo is distraught by the news.

Duke and Matthew eat breakfast together. They discuss Asa and whether the body they found is indeed his.

Todd talks on the phone and requests information on Asa’s whereabouts. Blair comes downstairs and wants to know what is going on. Blair encourages Todd to let this go, for the sake of their family.

Kelly and Adriana arrive back at the cottage. At first, they think that David has gone home with Dorian. When they turn the lights on, they see David on the sofa with a bottle. Kelly immediately wants to know why he hasn’t gone home with Dorian.

Viki and Dorian argue, as usual. Dorian demands that Viki throw David out of the cottage.

Jessica and Antonio are in bed. They enjoy the fact that they are back together.

Todd and Blair argue over Asa. Blair urges Todd to let the situation with Asa be handled by the police. She points out that they are back together as a family. She also tells him that they have beaten Asa. She urges him to let the police handle this situation with Asa, as well as the one with Margaret.

Duke and Matthew discuss the things that Asa did to Blair. Duke points out that no matter what his father had done to him down through the years, he still loved him. Matthew’s cell phone rings. It is Nora, and she wants to know how he is doing. He assures her that he is fine and wants to know when she is coming home. She tells him that she will be home by the time he gets home from school the next day. Matthew confesses to her that he had been mad at her for marrying Daniel, but he still loves her. Nora tells him that she loves him and she will see him tomorrow.

Daniel comes into the room while Nora is talking to Matthew. She tries to fasten the suitcase with all of Matthew’s things in it, but with no luck. Daniel urges her to go and buy another suitcase to hold Matthew’s things. Nora agrees and leaves the room. As soon as she is gone, he calls the mystery woman. He tells her that he misses her.

Bo and Kevin are at the hospital. They discuss Asa and his possible death. Bo tells him that if Asa isn’t dead, he will spend the rest of his life in prison. Paige comes up to join them.

Todd and Blair discuss Asa and Margaret. Blair makes Todd promise that he will let the police handle the situation. Todd is reluctant to agree.

Paige assures Bo that the body they found was not Asa. Bo is relieved. Kevin goes to make a phone call. Bo and Paige hug. Paige assures him that she understands how relieved he must be that his father isn’t dead.

Kevin, Matthew, and Duke share a booth. They discuss Asa and whether he is really dead. They are all sad when they think that Asa is dead.

Kelly and Adriana try to convince David to go home to Dorian. David refuses. David tells them that he is not going home until Dorian apologizes to him. Kelly and Adriana point out that Dorian loves him, and he loves her. David reminds them that he has been there for Dorian through everything that she has gone through. David also reminds them that it is because of Adriana that he left Dorian. They are puzzled.

Dorian and Viki argue over David being at the carriage house. Viki refuses to agree to what Dorian wants. Viki feels it is up to Kelly to decide if she wants him there. Dorian doesn’t agree with her and starts bringing up what Viki’s family has done to her family. Viki tries to calm Dorian and to convince her to apologize to David. Dorian doesn’t agree. Dorian wants Viki to throw David out so he will be homeless. Viki points out that if she threw David out he wouldn't have many options. Would she want David to come back to her because he had to, or because he loved her?

Viki points out to Dorian that she is the reason why David left her in the first place. She informs Dorian that she put everyone and everything above David. Viki tries to get Dorian to go to the carriage house and apologize to David. Dorian doesn’t know what to say. Viki points out that Dorian has put the girls’ problems above David. Dorian begins to complain that it is all Todd’s, Kevin’s, and Duke’s fault for leading her girls down the road to destruction. Viki is annoyed by her remark and tries to advise her to put David first and let the girls take care of themselves.

Adriana and Kelly try to get David to make amends with Dorian. Adriana can’t believe that David is blaming her for his decision to leave Dorian. Kelly doesn’t believe that he is so conscientious that he would put someone else above his own self. David tries to tell them that he has changed. Kelly points out that Dorian has changed, too. Kelly tries to get David to make up with Dorian, because he loves her and she loves him. David again refuses.

Daniel talks to his mystery woman and tells her that he misses her. Nora walks in and wants to know who he misses.

Blair and Todd still discuss Margaret and her coming back to Llanview. The phone rings, and Blair answers it. The caller informs Blair that her mother is being brought in to the hospital for stomach pains. Blair assures them that they will be right there. After Blair hangs up, she accuses Margaret of poisoning her mother.

Antonio pushes Jessica away and sits up in the bed. Jessica wants to know what is wrong. She assures him that everything will be all right as long as they are together. Antonio is worried about the blackouts and what could be causing them. Jessica tries to reassure him that everything will be okay. They kiss and lay back in the bed.

David and Kelly discuss Dorian and how she has changed. David agrees that they both have changed. Kelly suggests that they go out to eat, and David is ready. Kelly tells him that he needs to phone Dorian and make up with her. David again refuses to make up with Dorian until she apologizes to him.

Viki and Dorian discuss David’s feelings for Dorian. Viki points out all the things that he has helped Dorian with and that David has always been there for her. Viki assures her that David moved out on her so she would wake up and realize what she had been doing wrong. Viki points out that David wants to be first in her life and thinks everything else should come in second. Dorian is listening and taking it all in. Viki and Dorian then discuss the girls and how Dorian is always interfering in their lives. Viki encourages her to put David first. She wants Dorian to give the girls credit for loving the men they chose, just as she chose to love David.

Bo and Kevin sit at the table with Matthew. Matthew has a new pair of cowboy boots. Bo tells him to go and let Renee help him try them on. Matthew gets up from the table and leaves. Bo and Kevin discuss Asa and his not being dead. Bo assures them that when Asa is caught he will spend the rest of his life behind bars. They discuss who will run Buchanan Enterprises. Kevin tells them that he will, with Duke’s help. Kevin assures them that, in light of the investigation against Viki, the governor will ask for his resignation. Kevin agrees that he will give the governor his resignation. Duke is hesitant to help at Buchanan Enterprises.

Daniel lies to Nora and tells her that he was talking to Riley. Nora thinks that they are getting along well. Daniel denies it and points out that when they get home Riley will be afraid that Daniel will have Jen arrested for murder. Daniel confesses that he had not been a very good father to Riley when he was growing up. Daniel wants to spend more time with Matthew and assures Nora that he wants to be a good step-dad to Matthew. They kiss.

Paige discusses the tests that they are running on Addie with Blair and Todd. Blair questions Paige about whether Addie had been poisoned. Paige tells her they will not know until the tests come back. Blair asks if she can see her mother. Paige agrees. Blair goes into Addie’s room. Todd questions Paige about the tests and whether she is hiding something from Blair. Paige assures him that she is telling the truth. Todd goes into Addie’s room. Blair tells Todd that Margaret must be found and made to pay for what she has done to Addie.

Paige tells Blair that her mother has appendicitis. Blair asks her if she is sure that she was not poisoned. Paige assures her that it is appendicitis and then leaves. Blair apologizes for getting so upset over her mother. Todd tries to comfort her.

Kevin, Duke, and Matthew are sitting at a table talking when they are interrupted by Kelly and Adriana. Kevin takes Kelly aside and apologizes for the things that happened the night before. Kevin also tells her that he had gone to Texas to look for Asa. Kelly tells him he didn’t have to do that. Kevin tells her that he wanted to.

Viki and Dorian discuss David. Dorian wants to know why Viki is so interested in her and David getting back together. Viki tells her that it is because of Ben, and if Ben were at the carriage house right now she would run to make up with him.

David rehearses his apology to Dorian.

Dorian rehearses her apology to David.

Tess wakes Jessica up from a sound sleep and reminds her that Antonio is a murderer and she will take care of him for her, she just needs to let her know when. Jessica sits up in the bed and vows to get rid of Antonio one way or the other.

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