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John meets with one of the police officers, and he instructs him to investigate the cottage again to see if he could find anything that the other police officers had missed. The police officer starts to object, but John will not take no for an answer. As the police officer leaves, Michael comes into John’s office. John discusses with Michael the things that he had said the night before concerning Natalie.

Natalie reads the message that Ronnie had sent her. She is interrupted by Roxie and Nigel. Roxie informs her that they want to talk to the commissioner. Bo comes out of his office, and Roxie confronts him. Bo gives Natalie a file and instructs her to take it to John. Roxie informs Bo that she and Nigel are there to report a crime.

Todd and Starr discuss Blair. Starr is upset that her mother is taking a nap in the middle of the day, something that she didn’t usually do. Todd tries to calm her, but he doesn’t have much luck. Starr points out that Blair had been happy when Todd had proposed to her, but her mood suddenly changed. Starr is worried that Margaret will come back and destroy their family.

Jessica and Antonio kiss. Antonio pulls away from her. Jessica tells him that she has realized that she is in love with him, and she wants him back.

Dorian confronts David and Kelly concerning David’s staying at her house. Dorian is angry that Kelly is letting David stay with her.

Nigel and Roxie inform Bo that Todd threatened Nigel over the whereabouts of Asa. Nigel also informs him that he and Roxie had been offered money by Todd for information on Asa. As Roxie and Nigel begin to leave Bo’s office, Bo promises them that he will take care of this.

Todd tries to assure Starr that their family is safe and she has no reason to worry. Starr doesn’t believe him, and she worries that Margaret will come back to town. Starr tells him of dreams she has about her mother. The phone rings. When Todd answers it, he finds that it is Bo. Bo tells him that he wants him to come down to the station. Todd hangs up on him. Bo gets up from the desk, gets his coat, and leaves the office.

Jessica assures Antonio that she will give him time. She starts for the door, but Antonio stops her. He assures her that he doesn’t need time to think. He tells her that he is still in love with her. They kiss.

John and Michael discuss John’s feelings for Natalie, and also his feelings for Evangeline. John assures him that he wants it to work for him and Evangeline. Michael tells him that he will never have a future with Evangeline if he doesn’t confront his feelings for Natalie.

Dorian demands that Kelly make David leave. Kelly refuses to do so. Dorian is angry that Kelly will not do as she asks. Dorian points out that Viki must be having a good laugh over this situation. Kelly assures her that Viki doesn’t know. Dorian tries to make David pack his things and come back home. David tells her no and to stop acting like his mother. This remark surprises Dorian.

Evangeline, R.J., and Lindsay discuss how Antonio had abandoned Jaime. They all get into a heated dispute. Evangeline brings up a point about Lindsay’s children. Lindsay points out that no matter what had happened in her life, she had always put her children first. Lindsay also points out that John is just stringing her along and everyone knows that he wants Natalie. Evangeline is shocked by the remark. Natalie is listening to the conversation.

John and Michael still discuss John’s feelings for Natalie. Michael tells him that he needs to confront his feelings.

Antonio and Jessica kiss, then make love.

Dorian is shocked by David’s remark. She confronts him and asks if their age difference is what this is all about. He tells her no. He points out that she puts everything and everyone above him. He tells her that she is going to have to get her priorities straight.

Natalie confronts Evangeline as to the conversation that she had overheard. Evangeline apologizes for bringing her and John into the conversation. Natalie tells Roxie that she needs to talk to her. Evangeline leaves. Natalie pulls Roxie away so that she could talk to her.

Lindsay and R.J. discuss Jaime. Lindsay assures R.J. that she will be right by his side. They kiss. R.J. leaves.

Roxie and Natalie discuss what she had overheard John telling Michael concerning his feelings for her.

John and Michael discuss John’s feelings for Natalie and how he needs to find a way to deal with it.

Starr and Todd play a game. There is a loud knock on the door. Todd tries to ignore it, but Starr asks him if he isn’t going to answer it. Reluctantly, he answers the door. Todd wants to know what Bo is doing there. Bo informs him that he is there to arrest him. Todd is surprised.

Dorian confesses that she always needs to be in control. She asks David to come home, but he refuses. David informs her that things are going to have to change before he comes home. Dorian gives him the ultimatum that he pack his things and come home with her, or things are over between them.

Natalie tries to tell Roxie what is going on, but she finds it hard to keep Roxie’s attention. Roxie tells her to go for it with John.

Evangeline visits John at his office. He is glad to see her. She tells him that she has to be in court, she had just stopped by to say hi. He tells her that he has something he needs to talk to her about. Evangeline is confused.

Jessica and Antonio are happy that they are back together. They vow to share everything with each other. They also vow that they will be able to conquer anything as long as they are together.

Bo confronts Todd concerning the charges that Nigel and Roxie reported to him. Todd tries to deny that he had threatened Nigel. Bo orders him to stay away from Nigel and not to ring his phone, or he will be arrested. He also orders Todd to stay out of the investigation of Margaret. Todd informs him that he can’t. Bo orders him to stay out of it.

David informs Dorian that he is not coming home. She assures him that it is over between them. They say good-bye. Dorian leaves but remains standing outside the door. David goes up the stairs a step so he can see Dorian on the outside.

Natalie brings a chart to John’s office. Before Natalie leaves, they look at each other. John goes back into his office. Evangeline wonders what he wanted to talk to her about. He tells her that it wasn’t important. Evangeline is confused.

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