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Antonio is home when Jessica comes to visit him. She tells him that she has had an appointment with the psychiatrist that Dr. Miller had recommended. Antonio is relieved that she is going to get help with the sleepwalking, as well as, the blackouts. They talk but they are interrupted by Bo. Bo is surprised to see Jessica there. She informs him that she has an appointment with the psychiatrist. Bo is happy for her. Jessica leaves to go to her appointment. Bo hands Antonio the subpoena he had received concerning the custody hearing, and that he had been called as a witness for R.J.

Dorian is at home when the doorbell rings. When she answers the door she finds that it is Viki. Dorian is upset that Viki has come to pay a visit. Viki wants to discuss with Dorian about her resignation from the university. Dorian informs her that she has more things on her mind than talking to her about her resignation from the university. Dorian blurts it out that David is gone. Adriana hearing the conversation asks Dorian about David’s leaving.

David comes downstairs, and goes outside to get the newspaper, but he doesn’t find one lying on the steps. He goes back inside, annoyed, that this wasn’t at all like when he was with Dorian. Kelly joins him. David asks her about the newspaper. Kelly informs him that he doesn’t have time to read the newspaper because he was going to get his things together, and that he was leaving. David is surprised by Kelly’s actions.

Blair, Starr, and Jack are alone at the condo when the phone rings. Starr answers the phone, but no one will say anything on the other end. Blair, upset, grabs the phone, and demands to know who is on the other end.

Todd is in his office at the Sun, when Nigel pays him a visit. Todd instantly wants to know if Nigel has had any word on where Asa could be. Nigel denies knowing anything.

Todd demands to know where Asa is. Nigel assures him that he has not heard from Asa. Todd doesn’t believe him, and begins to threaten him. Roxie comes into the office, and tells Todd to back off.

Blair tells the person on the phone that she is not interested.

They all hear a noise outside the door. Blair, picking up the ball bat wants to know who is outside.

Bo questions Antonio about Jessica, and her being a character witness in his custody case. Antonio feels that Jessica will be able to handle it. They discuss Jessica’s going to see a psychiatrist.

Jessica waits at the nurse’s station when Dr. Miller joins her.

They discuss why she had left the day before. Jessica apologizes that she had left the way she did.

David and Kelly discuss Dorian, and his calling her. David informs her that he won’t call her. Kelly tries to assure him that he, and Dorian belong together. David doesn’t believe her, and he tells Kelly that Dorian is dead, and buried to him.

Adriana wants to know about David. Dorian assures her that he is away on a business trip, and that he will be back home. Dorian blames Viki, and Adriana for David’s leaving. They are astonished that they are being blamed for this.

Dorian blames Viki and Adriana for David leaving her. Dorian blames Viki, and her family for all the trouble that she is having with Kelly, Blair, and Adriana. She tells Viki that the Buchanan’s are to blame for the trouble that her girls are having.

Kelly can’t understand why David feels that Dorian is dead, and buried to him. David informs her that that is the way that he always handles a situation. Kelly doesn’t understand him. She encourages him to call Dorian. He refuses, and he tells her that he will never be back in that house again.

Roxie bullies Todd into leaving Nigel alone. Todd backs off. Roxie asks Nigel if he is alright. He assures he is. They begin to leave Todd’s office, when Todd stops them.

Dorian and Adriana argue over David, and Adriana wants her to call him, and ask him home. Dorian refuses to call him. Adriana leaves the room.

Dorian and Viki argue over the things Dorian feels that the Buchanan men are doing to Blair, Kelly, and now Adriana. Viki assures her that she had come there to talk to her, but it was no use. Viki assures Dorian that she does not feel sorry for her at all. Viki assures Dorian that she will pay for forging her signature on the checks. Dorian doesn’t believe her.

David and Kelly argue over Dorian, and his not wanting to call her. Kelly is aggravated that she cannot talk any sense into him at all, when it comes to Dorian.

Dr. Jamison and Jessica discuss her sleepwalking, and her blackouts. Dr. Jamison wants to know when Jessica first started noticing that she was feeling different. Jessica admits that it was about the time when someone killed Tico. They discuss her feelings for Antonio. Jessica admits that she does have feelings for Antonio. Dr. Jamison persuades her to tell Antonio how she feels about him. Jessica is relieved.

Bo and Antonio discuss Jessica, and her actions recently, and what could be causing it. Bo shows Antonio a list of the questions that he will be asked when they put him on the stand. The questions deal with Antonio’s actions, and are they abusive.

Todd offers Roxie and Nigel money if they will give him information on where Asa is.

Blair invites Ginger in, and apologizes to her for her actions. Ginger brags on how she, and Todd are raising the children. Starr comes downstairs, and demands to know what she knows about them.

Blair tries to calm Starr down by telling her that Ginger didn’t mean anything by what she had said. Blair tells Starr that Ginger is housesitting for the Lamberts that lives a few doors down. Blair offers Ginger a cup of coffee. They go into the kitchen to make the coffee. Starr calls Todd, and tells him that he needs to come home that her Mom is acting strange. Todd assures her that he will be there soon. Todd leaves Roxie, and Nigel in his office. Roxie, and Nigel leave.

Jessica and Dr. Jamison discuss her feelings for Antonio.

Bo comes up behind Paige, and slips his arms around her waist.

She is glad to see him. He wants to know how much time that they have, and she assures him three hours. He backs her up against the wall, and kisses her.

Kelly gives up on trying to reason with David, and leaves the room, but not before she picks up something off the table, and starts to hit him with the object. David stops her. Kelly angrily leaves him alone.

Dorian and Viki argue over Dorian forging her name on the checks. Dorian will not tell her anything. Instead Dorian tells her that she has an appointment, and she leaves.

Viki is stunned by Dorian’s actions. Adriana comes in, and apologizes for Dorian’s actions. Viki tells Adriana that she had come there to talk to her Mother but Dorian wouldn’t let her.

Adriana is sympathetic.

Viki assures Adriana not to judge her Mother too hard. Viki tells her that she is glad that her, and Duke are getting close. Viki leaves.

The phone rings, and Adriana answers it. David asks where Dorian is, and Adriana tells him that she has gone out. David tells Adriana to tell Dorian that he will never be back in that house again. He hangs up.

Bo and Paige are interrupted by Jessica coming out of Dr. Jamison’s office. Bo wants to know how it went. Jessica assures him that it went well, and she knows what is wrong with her. Jessica leaves. Bo and Paige leave.

Todd arrives home to find that everything is fine. Blair is surprised to see him home so soon.

Jessica goes to see Antonio. He is surprised to see her. He wants to know how everything went. Before she tells him, she pulls him close, and kisses him.

Blair wants to know why Todd is home so early. Starr admits that she had called him. Blair wonders if things will ever get back to normal. Todd kneels on one knee, and asks Blair to marry him. They discuss getting married that night. They all are ecstatic with joy.

Dorian goes to see Kelly, and finds David there, barely dressed.

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