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Dorian visits Kelly and fills her in that she had kicked David out.

Kelly doesn’t quite believe her, and makes her own up to the fact that David had left her. Dorian doesn’t understand why David won’t agree with her interfering in her girls lives.

David is at the Palace, and he orders breakfast.

Bo and Renee discuss Asa. Bo wonders where Asa is, and has he contacted Renee. Renee denies hearing anything from Asa. Bo tells her if she hears from him to let him know.

Rex and Jen eat breakfast together. They discuss the fact that Colson will be back from his honeymoon, and he will be on her case trying to get her arrested for Paul Cramer’s murder. Rex admits to her that he loves her, and that is why he looks out for her, and is helping her.

Daniel makes a reservation for him, and Nora at a posh Paris restaurant. He tells the person that he wants it to be special for his wife.

Ronnie and Roxie talk, and she wonders why he is wearing so much clothing in the middle of the day. Marcie comes in. She notices how he is dressed up, and she wonders what he is up to. He tells her that he has a date with Natalie Vega. Marcie is upset at the news.

Natalie hugs, and thanks John for the flowers. He admits to her that they weren’t from him, that they are from Ronnie. John admits to her that he had knocked them off the desk, and broken the vase that they were in. Natalie accuses him that he had knocked the flowers off, and broken the vase because the flowers had been from another man. John doesn’t know what to say.

Rex and Jennifer discuss the case against her, and he questions her about a man named Ted. Jennifer denies knowing any man by that name. Rex promises to help her clear her of the murder of Paul Cramer. Jennifer thanks him for helping her. She lays her hand on top of Rex’s. Riley and Matthew walk in, and Riley sees them holding hands. Riley takes Matthew over to where Bo is waiting for them at the bar. Riley doesn’t like seeing Jen with Rex.

David and Renee argue. Renee orders him to leave the restaurant or he will be in trouble. David gets up, and leaves.

Dorian and Kelly argue over Dorian interfering in Blair’s, Adriana’s and her life. Kelly tells her that she agrees with David. Dorian is upset that Kelly would side with David. Kelly tries to point out to Dorian that David feels left out, that she is always interfering in their lives, and not concentrating on David. Kelly wants Dorian to call David.

Ronnie and Marcie discuss Natalie. Ronnie asks if she is seeing someone else. Marcie tells him that she is not seeing anyone else, but she is in love with someone else. Ronnie wonders who. Marcie points out that Natalie is still in love with her husband. Ronnie doesn’t understand what that has to do with him.

John and Natalie argue over her seeing Ronnie. John denies that he had knocked the flowers over on purpose. Natalie informs him that he doesn’t have any trouble leading his own life, so she would appreciate if he would let her lead her own life. She walks away from him. John is puzzled by her actions.

Evangeline has walked up about this time, and wonders what is going on.

Marcie and Michael talk, and she thanks him for letting her stay at his place. Michael assures her that he wanted her to be safe. Marcie tells him that Ronnie has offered for her to stay at his place where there was more room. Michael admits that it was hard knowing that she was in the bedroom, and he was on the couch. They plan to meet each other later for lunch. Michael leaves.

After Michael leaves, Marcie’s agent visits her. He apologizes to her for trying to change her into something that she didn’t want to be. He reminds her of the book reading later that day at the university. Marcie fills him in that there were murders being committed just like the murders in her book. He is upset, and he offers to get her protection, but she tells him that the Commissioner has already arranged for her protection. She agrees to go to the book reading. She leaves to get ready. He gets on the phone, and orders protection for himself.

John and Evangeline discuss Natalie, and she wants to know what that was all about. John tells her that Natalie had been dating Ronnie Walsh, and that he had sent her flowers. Evangeline is thrilled that Natalie is dating someone, which would keep her away from John. Bo comes up, and asks John if he had any leads in the case. John denies having any leads. Bo tells him to keep him posted if he does. John and Evangeline agree to meet each other at the Palace for lunch.

Natalie thanks Ronnie for the flowers. Ronnie asks her for a date for lunch. Natalie accepts. They agree to go to the Palace.

David visit’s the Angel Square Hotel, and he asks Roxie if she has a room for rent. Roxie denies that she does. She suggests some of the other hotels in town.

Dorian and Kelly discuss their family, and what all had been going on. Dorian tells her that David just doesn’t understand. Kelly takes David’s side, and she insists to Dorian that David loves her. Kelly also confesses that she has seen how Dorian’s eyes light up when David enters a room. Kelly tries to persuade her to call David. Dorian doesn’t want to call him.

Rex and Jennifer discuss the case, and he tells her that he loves her. Jennifer doesn’t want to hear this. She thanks him for being so good to her.

Riley and Matthew spend some time together. Riley finds out that Matthew knows that Daniel’s first name is Theodore. Riley advises him to not ever call Daniel Theodore. Matthew agrees.

They decide to become blood brothers, and have a special handshake.

Bo is in his office, and he receives a list of every person that has the name of Theodore.

John and Evangeline are at the Palace. Michael comes up, and informs them that he is meeting Marcie there, but she is late. Michael congratulates her on being nominated Woman of the Year. Michael leaves, and goes back to his own table.

Evangeline remarks that it is nice to spend some time with him in the middle of the day. John questions her about being nominated Woman of the Year. Evangeline blows it off as being something that the Chamber of Commerce had done. John tells her to just let him know when it was, and he would wear a suit. Evangeline insists that that was something that he didn’t like.

Evangeline looks around, and Natalie, and Ronnie have entered the restaurant, and sits at a table right behind them. Evangeline is disappointed that she won’t have John all to herself. Natalie and John exchange glances.

Ronnie asks Natalie if everything is alright. Natalie assures him that it is, and asks him to go on with his joke.

Evangeline and John again discuss the nomination when her cell phone rings. It is from one of her clients who have been arrested. Evangeline kisses him, and leaves. Michael joins him, and then questions him about Natalie. John confesses that Natalie was mad for him breaking the vase of flowers.

Marcie is discussing with her agent the murders that have been committed because of her book. Roxie interferes, and gives Marcie her opinion as to what to do until the killer is caught.

Kelly is once again trying to convince Dorian to call David. Dorian will not agree to call him because he doesn’t understand about family. She insists that she won’t call David, and until he can understand it, she is not going to call him. She wants this conversation deleted as though it had never happened. Dorian leaves.

David comes to visit Kelly. Kelly tries to convince David to call Dorian, but David will not agree. David asks Kelly if he can stay there. Kelly doesn’t want him staying there but finally agrees if he will agree to call Dorian in the morning. David brings in his things.

Rex visits Bo at the police station, and fills him in on the man named Ted. Seems like Ted is a bad policeman in the department. Bo insists on meeting Jenkins. Rex tells Bo that Jenkins is leaving town. Bo thanks him for the information.

Rex leaves.

Bo requests information from the other detectives on anyone in the department, whose name was Ted.

Riley and Matthew hang out together. Daniel calls Riley, and wants to know if there had been any arrests made in the Paul Cramer case. Riley assures him that there hasn’t been any arrests. Riley tells him that he is with Matthew. Daniel tells Riley that Nora is out shopping, but to tell Matthew that she loves him. They hang up.

Marcie is at the university for the book reading. Jennifer sees Riley, and Matthew. She asks Riley if he is staying for the book reading. He denies that he is. Jennifer sits down on the couch. Marcie begins to read, but she stops suddenly when she begins to cry. Jennifer tries to comfort her.

Michael tells John that Marcie is at the book reading. They discuss Marcie, and the threat on her life. Michael questions John about his feelings for Natalie. John admits that he doesn’t like to see Natalie with another man. He goes upstairs.

John looks at Marcie’s book, and then looks at the pictures of the Love Shack crew. He has Natalie’s picture on the end.

Michael goes to the book reading, and sees that Marcie is crying. He tries to comfort her.

David is moving in to Kelly’s.

Dorian arrives home, and finds the house empty.

Natalie and Ronnie kiss.

Evangeline fingers the pearls around her neck.

John looks at the picture of Evangeline in the newspaper, and then he looks at the picture of Natalie.

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