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John hands out fliers of a man wanted for questioning in all the murders that have been committed, including the attempted murder of Marcie Walsh and her family. He instructs the officers to get as much information as they can. The detectives are dismissed.

A man from a flower shop arrives with a vase of flowers for Natalie Vega. John is upset when he finds out that they are from Ronnie Walsh.

Natalie is in the kitchen at Landfair. Jessica comes into the kitchen and is upset that she didn’t know about her mother being forced to resign her position at Llanview University. Natalie assures her that she had left her countless messages but hadn’t gotten any response from her. Jessica looks puzzled and makes the excuse that the battery had gone dead in her phone.

Viki and Bo discuss her resignation from the university. Bo vows to find out who forged her signature on the check.

Dorian comes into the living room and finds David asleep on the couch. She wakes him up to show him the headline in the newspaper, but she has it upside down. David reaches for the newspaper, and she hands it to him. David reads the article, and it states that Viki has been given the option to resign, or they will be forced to fire her. Dorian is upset and states that that isn’t good enough, she had wanted Viki to be fired. David tries to calm her down, but with no luck. David mentions setting the wedding date. Dorian assures him that she will not set the wedding date until she has her revenge on the Buchanans for what they have done to her family. David is upset.

Blair is scared at the sound of the burglar alarm going off, and she comes downstairs with her hands over her ears. She finds Todd working on the alarm system. He apologizes for scaring her. Blair wants to know when the children are coming home. Todd claps his hands, and Starr and Jack rush into Blair’s arms. She hugs them tight and tells them how much she has missed them. She takes them into the apartment. Starr offers to take Jack upstairs, but he interrupts and mentions his "mamma". Blair is puzzled as to what he is talking about. About that time, Addie enters the apartment and hurries to give Blair a hug and tell her how much she has missed her. Addie lets it slip that she talked to Margaret.

Blair questions Addie as to when she had talked to Margaret. Addie informs her that it was before the wedding. Addie blames herself for Margaret getting out of the sanitarium and doing these things to Blair and Todd.

Viki and Bo still discuss the case, and he vows to find out who forged Viki’s signature on the checks. Viki is hesitant to give him any information.

Dorian and David still argue over her wanting revenge on the Buchanans. David accuses her of focusing all of her attention on the Buchanans and not on him. David insists that she hadn’t even noticed him not being on his side of the bed. He tells her that he had been up all night. He accuses her of being up all night thinking of ways that she could get revenge on the Buchanans. She tells him that she had been up all night trying to think of ways to make things up to him. She begins kissing him on both cheeks, and then on his mouth. David enjoys all the attention. Suddenly she pulls away from him, and he wants to know why. He tells her that she is pushing him out the door.

Dorian insists that she doesn’t want David to leave. David then insists that they set a wedding date and asks how about the weekend. Dorian doesn’t want to agree to getting married that weekend. David persists and says that he wants the old Dorian back, the one who just thinks about herself. After much discussion, he agrees to wait until June. Dorian laughs and then agrees. They laugh when she mentions wearing a white wedding gown. They hug and kiss, but they are interrupted by Adriana. Adriana is apologetic that she has interrupted them. Dorian immediately wants to know where she has been and with whom. Adriana confesses that she has been with Duke on Asa’s island. Dorian goes ballistic and starts protesting. Dorian doesn’t want her seeing Duke anymore. Adriana is furious that Dorian would try to stop her from seeing Duke. David comes to the realization that Dorian will never change in this vendetta against the Buchanans.

Viki and Bo still discuss the embezzlement charges and who forged her signature. Bo vows to find out who has done this. Viki tells him that whoever has done this knows and will have to live with him- or herself. Duke comes in and interrupts the conversation to inform them that he has been with Adriana on Asa’s island. Viki is worried at the news about what Dorian will do when she finds out.

Natalie and Jessica eat breakfast together, and Natalie confesses to her that she went out with Marcie Walsh’s brother, Ronnie. Jessica is surprised.

John is on the telephone, and he insists that someone must have seen the man that they were looking for. He pulls the phone cord across Natalie’s desk, and her vase of flowers falls onto the floor. John feels guilty that he has broken Natalie’s flower vase. Michael walks in and sees John trying to pick up the flowers. He questions John as to who the flowers were for. John tells him that they were for Natalie from Ronnie Walsh. Michael questions John about whether they have any information on who tried to kill Marcie and her family. John assures him that he has detectives working on the case. John tries to clean up the mess on the floor. Michael questions John about his feelings for Natalie. John denies having any feelings. Michael then accuses him of knocking the flowers over deliberately because Natalie got them from another man. John denies the accusation. Michael accuses him of loving Natalie.

Jessica questions Natalie about her date with Ronnie. Natalie confesses that she has a date with Ronnie that day. Jessica wants to know about John. Natalie wants to know what she means. Jessica believes that Natalie has feelings for John. Before Natalie answers, she makes up the excuse that she has to get ready for work. Jessica offers to clean up the mess.

Jessica is clearing the table when Viki comes to join her. Jessica is sorry that she didn’t know about the resignation sooner. Viki promises her that everything will be all right. Viki then asks how she is, and Jessica assures her that she is fine.

Blair and Addie talk. Addie tells her that she had a dream about her, and in the dream she attended Blair’s funeral. Before they can say anything else, Starr and Jack come downstairs. Blair suggests that they all go to the park. Addie is happy at the idea.

Dorian is demanding that Adriana stay away from Duke before he ruins her life. Adriana denies sleeping with Duke, but Dorian doesn’t believe her. David tries to separate them, but when he sees that he can’t do anything to stop this vendetta that Dorian has for the Buchanans he tells her he’s leaving. Dorian wants to know where he is going. David just tells her that he is leaving. He leaves the room and goes upstairs.

John and Michael still argue over Natalie. Michael still insists that he knocked over the flowers and broke the vase because he loves Natalie. John agrees, but in a sarcastic way.

Viki is in the kitchen with Natalie and Jessica. They discuss her resignation from LVU. Viki is sorry that she hadn’t gotten the chance to start a trust fund in the name of Hudson and Julie.

Viki just hopes that the next president will be able to start the trust fund. Jessica mentions to Viki that she could go back to the Banner. Viki tells them she has no reason to worry when she has them.

Dorian and Adriana argue over Duke and her seeing him. Adriana reminds Dorian that all the while that she was growing up, she hadn’t been there for her. Dorian tries to make up an excuse as to why she hadn’t been there. Adriana admits that she just wants to be happy.

Dorian and Adriana are still arguing over the Buchanans. Dorian suggests that they go on a European tour, just the two of them. They could be gone all summer. David has come downstairs with his suitcases, and he overhears them talking about the cruise. He realizes that Dorian is not going to marry him.

Adriana admits that that would be fun if Dorian didn't have an ulterior motive. Adriana is sure that she just wants to get her away from Duke. Dorian makes a deal with her: if they feel the same way about each other and Duke waits for her, then she will be happy for them. Adriana doesn’t buy into her way of thinking.

Todd is in his office and is dissatisfied with the picture that his secretary has found of Asa. He yells for her and compares her work to that of Mrs. Bigelow. The secretary is sorrowful and tells him that she will find a worse picture of Asa. She leaves the office. Todd has memories of Mrs. Bigelow. Todd vows revenge on Asa.

Blair and the children are just getting back from the park when the phone rings. Todd wants to make sure that they are all right. Blair assures him that they are. When they hang up, Blair hears a noise outside the door. Picking up a baseball bat, she opens the door. She sees a black-haired girl picking things up off the floor. Blair demands to know who she is. The girl tells her that she is housesitting for the people who live a few doors down. The girl recognizes Blair. Blair wants to know how she knows who she is. The girl tells her that her picture has been all over the televison.

Dorian and David argue over his not letting her go upstairs after Adriana. David heads for the door. Dorian asks him not to leave.

John assures Michael that it was just a sarcastic remark that he had made about loving Natalie. Michael doesn’t believe him. A detective comes up to talk to John and informs him that they have come to a dead end on the suspect. John receives a phone call from Evangeline. He tells her that he misses her and that he will see her later. John holds the flowers in his arms and asks Michael if they look all right. Natalie comes in about this time and, noticing the flowers, asks who they are for. John tells her that they are for her. She hugs him and thanks him.

Blair apologizes to the girl and goes back into the apartment. Ginger checks the messages on her cell phone and hears one from Tess.

Bo and Jessica talk, and he wants to know why she had not shown up for her appointment with the psychiatrist. Jessica tells him that something came up. She also tells him that she will call and reschedule the appointment. After he leaves, she calls the doctor’s office to reschedule the appointment.

Viki and Adriana talk, and Viki assures her that her mother loves her and wants what is best for her. Duke comes up to join them.

Duke wants to know what happened when she confronted her mother. Adriana is upset when she tells him about the argument.

David and Dorian argue. David tells her that things are going to have to be different if he stays. Dorian doesn’t agree and tells him that he is not leaving, she is throwing him out. She goes through the closet, takes out everything that belongs to him and throws it into his arms. He wants the jewelry back that he bought her. She corrects him, saying it's jewelry that he bought with her money. She goes into the living room and shuts the door. He leaves with his belongings.

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