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Todd is upset when Blair feels that Margaret is still a threat to them.  He ends up stabbing a letter opener into Margaret's post card, vowing that he will protect Blair.  Blair catches him and wants to know what the post card is, so he shows her.  She gets more upset.  She doesn't want Todd running off after Margaret again, so she makes him promise that he won't leave her or the kids again.  He promises, and they hug.  Todd surprises Blair.  First he shaves off his beard (thank goodness!), and kisses her, then he takes her up to the roof.  He has a bed up there, soft music playing, and candles.  It's very romantic.  They hug and kiss.  Blair is still afraid of heights after her ordeal on the ledge, but Todd promises to protect her.  He asks her to remember the way the place smells and feels the next time she is frightened.  They lie on the bed and kiss, then they look at the stars.  He points out the constellations, so they start talking about some Greek legends.  He tells her the story of Medusa.  As he tells it, he has flashbacks to Margaret crawling on him.  They kiss as he finishes the story where the hero saves the heroine from the evil monstrous woman Medusa.

Natalie throws darts at Rodi's with her date, Ron.  They chat about past dates.  Rex arrives and gets in Ron's face.   They argue, and Natalie smacks Rex on the head for interfering in her life.  She takes him aside.  He gives her a hard time for dating Ron when it's John she is all hot and sweaty for.  She gets angry at him and wonders if he's there to meet Jen.  He says he is there to prove Jen's innocence.  Ron asks Natalie who the guy is that makes her hot and sweaty.  She doesn't answer but Ron infers that the guy had too much baggage.  They have a nice little chat until she sees Rex with the informant Jenkins.  Jenkins is just about to tell Rex the info about "Ted" when Nat goes over and gives Rex a hard time.  She mentions that she works in the police station, so Jenkins, who is already jumpy gets annoyed at Rex.  He thinks Rex might be wearing a wire to set him up. He punches Rex and then pushes Natalie down on a couch.  Ron comes over and punches Jenkins and a fight starts, so the bar manager calls the cops.  Jenkins has split, but the cops arrest Ron and Rex over Natalie's protests.  She asks the cop to treat Ron nicely, but she gives Rex another smack on the head and tells them to beat him up all they want.

John speaks with the Llanview university president about the Love House murders.  The president gets John some files on Julie and Hudson and promises his full cooperation.  John sees Antonio, who is there to sign up for law school so he can finish his degree.  Antonio  says he will miss the action of being a cop, but he doesn't want to risk his life any more now that he has Jamie, Jessica, and all that money.  John teases him a bit about it but points out that it seems like a good choice.  Antonio and John promise to get together sometime for a beer, then John leaves.  Antonio signs the forms to get back into law school and gives them to the university president.  They shake hands and the president welcomes Antonio to law school.

Tess is leaving a bar when she sees a guy roughing up a woman, who is pleading with him to stop.  Tess recognizes the buy as "Bob" from inside that she had a drink with.  She teases Bob about his "man-purse", grabbing it away from him, distracting him from the woman.   Tess berates Bob and ends up beating him up pretty well, with some help from the other woman.  Tess orders the man to leave before she calls the cops.  The woman introducers herself as Ginger as she thanks Tess for saving her.  She tells Tess that she is new in town.  Her parents sent her there for a house-sitting job while she tries to figure out what to do with her life.  Tess commiserates with the girl about her clueless parents.  Tess offers her a ride in her limo.  Ginger is very impressed and has never been in a limo before.  The woman have drinks while they share their problems.  Ginger admires the way Tess solves her problems.  Tess tells her that her family doesn't know she exists.  She says her mother is a nun and her sister cries all the time.  She mentions Jessica, saying she is weak and just chases after this guy Antonio all the time.  She talks about how she likes to mess around with Jessica and tries to ruin her relationship with Antonio, including how she talked Jess into marrying Tico.  Tess hopes that soon she will be strong enough to leave town and take control of her life.  Ginger, of course, doesn't really know that Tess is Jessica's alter.  Tess still has Bob's purse and proposes that they spend his money.  Ginger keeps admiring Tess.  Tess tells a shocked Ginger how she stalked Jessica.  We see her flashing back to when she pasted the word "bitch" on Jessica's photo.  Tess and Ginger agree that they both know what it's like not to have any say in their lives.  Ginger has to leave, so she asks Tess for her number.  Tess says it would be too complicated, but she promises to keep in touch.  She's had fun and is glad to have a partner.

Paige visits Bo's office. There is a lot of kissing.  Bo has heard that Jessica was having tests, but Paige won't tell him the details, so he gets worried.  Finally, she does confirm that Jessica has no physical problems and that she was going to go to therapy, but then she disappeared.  Bo realizes that Paige wants him to talk to Jessica about it, so he agrees.  She asks about whether Matthew is feeling better after talking to Nora, and Bo confirms that he is.  Paige can tell that something else is troubling Bo, but he doesn't tell her what it is.

Ron and Rex are taken to the LPD, with Natalie trailing.  John overhears Natalie tells Bo that her brother punched out her date (he gets a look on his face like it doesn't make him happy to hear that she is dating).  Later, Bo tells Ron and Rex that they are free to go because witnesses said they were acting in self-defense.  Rex tells Bo about Jenkins, the informant, and how he almost found out about Ted.  Bo gives Rex a hard time, as usual, for playing at being a cop.  Bo tells Rex that he wants hard evidence.  Rex phones Jenkins and threatens that if he doesn't see him and tell him what he knows, he will tell the police that Jenkins is the one who started the fight.  Ron and Natalie joke around and plan to have another date.  He touches his lip and realizes it's split from the fight.  She touches it and then they kiss.  There is more kissing, as John watches, frowning.

In Paris, Nora remembers Bo showing up before her wedding, then she remembers the vows.  Daniel is sleeping nearby.  Downstairs, the hotel receives a fax to Daniel that says someone misses him and can't stand being apart from him, signed with love and kisses.  They bring it upstairs and Nora answers the door.  The bellhop is wise enough to keep it from Nora.  Daniel awakens and gets the fax from the bellboy, then he hides it, after tipping the guy to keep quiet.  Nora offers Daniel coffee.  He gets dressed, saying the fax was from Governor Brooks about something to do with his campaign.  Nora is a little put out that the governor has tracked him down.  Daniel promises to deal with it so they won't be bothered any more.  He goes downstairs and phones the person who sent him the fax, calling her "baby" and saying she has to hang in there.  He mentions "the kid" (Paul), saying that they were sloppy when he found out about them.  The person on the other end asks what happened to the kid, so Daniel says he paid him off and he disappeared.  Daniel goes back upstairs, hides the fax in a potted plant, and tells Nora that it's all taken care of now.  They kiss.  She is sorry their trip is almost over.  He suggests they stay in Paris to live, but she points out that it wouldn't work out for Matthew.  He admits it wouldn't for Riley, either.  They hug.  Nora says she looks forward to all the things waiting for them in Llanview, but Daniel looks guilty.

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