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John meets with the other detectives to discuss the murders that have been committed, the threat on Marcie Walsh’s, and her family’s lives, and the remaining members of the Love Shack Crew. John dismisses the detectives. As they leave John’s office, one of the detectives says hi to Natalie.

John and Natalie talk, and she hands him a present. John is surprised when he opens it,because he can’t quite understand what it is. Natalie informs him that it is a “stress ball” and that you squeeze it whenever you feel stressed. Natalie leaves to get back to work. Evangeline confronts John, saying that Natalie seems to always need him.

Jessica and Antonio are at Llanview Hospital awaiting word on her test results. Antonio tries to reassure her that everything will be all right. Dr. Miller arrives, and they go into her office.

Todd calls the post office and wants to know if they would have any idea where the postcard could have come from. He gets angry and assures them that he will find out on his own. He gets up from the chair at the desk as Starr comes in. Hurriedly, he hides the postcard in his hip pocket. Starr wants to know what is going on.

Dr. Miller comes up to join Antonio and Jessica. She ushers them into her office. Dr. Miller informs Jessica that she has gotten the test results back, and Jessica is fine. Jessica doesn’t want to believe the doctor and insists that there has to be something else wrong with her. Antonio tries to assure her again that everything will be all right.

Bo and Natalie talk as they enter the squad room. Bo hears Roxie on the phone ordering something to eat, and Bo reprimands her for using the police phone to order take-out. Bo goes into his office. Roxie wants to talk to Natalie, but Natalie insists that she has work to do. Roxie notices that Natalie is flushed, and she asks what happened when she and John were locked in the evidence room together. Natalie denies anything happening. Roxie doesn’t quite buy it. Roxie mentions that Rex had said that the old Natalie had come back. Ronnie comes up and wants to know where the commissioner is. Natalie informs him that he is in his office. Roxie leaves.

Starr demands to know why Todd had taken her and Jack to Viki’s. Todd tries to assure her that it was because the electricity was off. Starr is still worried that Margaret is going to come back and separate their family again. She spots the postcard in Todd’s back pocket and reads what Margaret had written. She is scared that Margaret is coming back for them.

Kevin informs Blair that he has something to tell her. Blair is anxious and wants to know what he has to tell her. Kevin tells her that when he spotted Todd by the side of the road he started to just run off and leave him. Blair is upset and accuses Kevin of being a liar, adding that he is worse than Margaret. Blair threatens that she will kill him or anyone who tries to separate her and Todd again.

Kevin can’t understand Blair's actions. Blair then begins to remember everything that has happened to her over the past little bit.

Dr. Miller tries to convince Jessica that sleepwalking is stress-related. Jessica is upset by the doctor’s words and informs Dr. Miller that she is uncomfortable in her own body. Dr. Miller suggests that Jessica see a psychiatrist, and Jessica agrees.

John and Evangeline discuss the case involving Marcie’s house and her family. Evangeline mentions how Natalie is always trying to cheer him up. John informs her that she doesn’t need to cheer him up, it just helps that she is there. Evangeline is flattered by his compliments. John wonders who could have cut the gas pipes at Marcie’s. Evangeline then asks about the phone call. John informs her that the call had come from a pay phone. Evangeline then wonders if Nick had been questioned. She offers her help, but John refuses. He tells her that he needs to work through it on his own. Evangeline takes the remark the wrong way and gets up to leave.

Ronnie and Bo discuss the case of Marcie’s house. Ronnie wants to know if they have found out anything. Bo tells him that he has put John on the case. Bo hands him a piece of paper and tells him to write down a phone number where he can be reached, and Bo will notify him when he has any news.

Roxie and Natalie still argue over John and their feelings for each other. Ronnie comes out of Bo’s office and joins Natalie and Roxie.

Roxie leaves. Ronnie questions Natalie about John. Natalie assures him that he is the best. Ronnie notices how gone she is over John. Ronnie invites Natalie for a drink. Natalie agrees.

Starr is angry that Margaret would interfere yet again in their lives. Todd tries to reassure her that once he and Blair are married again he is going to take her on a honeymoon to Mexico. Starr still doesn’t quite believe him that everything will be all right.

Blair throws everything that she can get her hands on at Kevin. Kevin tries to dodge the flying objects. Blair calms and sits down on the edge of the couch. Kevin apologizes to her for the things that he said. He leaves Blair and goes into the hall to call Todd. He tells Todd that Blair is there and that he needs to get over there fast. Todd leaves the apartment.

John apologizes to Evangeline for what he said. John tells her that he had noticed the look in Michael’s eyes. Evangeline tells him that she has to meet Antonio, but they will see each other later.

Ronnie and Natalie discuss Bo and his getting John to cover the case. Ronnie wants Natalie’s opinion of John. They also discuss the Love Shack Crew, and then the conversation returns to John and Natalie's feelings for him.

Dr. Miller suggests psychotherapy for Jessica, and Jessica agrees. Dr. Miller goes to set up the appointment. Antonio assures Jessica that he will be there for her and that they will work this out together. They hug.

Blair apologizes to Kevin for her actions. She asks him if he is all right. Todd arrives. She fills him in about what has been happening there. Blair tells him that Kevin told her about the night that Kevin found him by the side of the road. Todd takes it the wrong way and thinks that Kevin told her about him sleeping with Margaret.

Natalie tries to refuse Ronnie’s offer to buy her a drink, but she finally agrees. John is at a nearby desk and listens to their plans. They just look at each other.

Antonio and Jessica discuss the sleepwalking and its effects. Jessica then tells him of her losing a baby and that she had blamed Dorian for it. She also tells him that she had trashed Dorian’s home. Jessica then changes the subject and reminds him of his appointment with Evangeline. Antonio doesn’t want to leave her, but he agrees.

Blair confesses that she lost it when she was with Kevin. Kevin confesses that he told Blair about him being ready to leave Todd by the side of the road. Todd is relieved by the news. Blair goes to freshen up before she goes home to the chidren. After she leaves, Todd shows Kevin the postcard that he received from Margaret. Kevin agrees to not let Blair ever know about Todd sleeping with Margaret.

Antonio and Evangeline talk about Jessica and that her test results had come back good. He also tells her that Jessica is going to start seeing a psychiatrist. Evangeline is doubtful as to how her word would stand up in court.

Natalie and Ronnie prepare to leave. She goes into Bo’s office to tell him that she is leaving for the night. She also tells him that she is having a drink with Ronnie. Bo is surprised at the news and, considering what she has just been through, he has his doubts. Natalie assures him that they are just going for a drink. Bo tells her to go, and he will see her tomorrow.

Jessica is waiting in Dr. Miller's office for her to return. Dr. Miller comes back and informs Jessica that Dr. Benson is just finishing up, and he should be done right about now. Dr. Miller goes back to see what is taking him. Tess emerges and is furious that Jessica has them in a psychiatrist’s office. She calls for a limo.

Natalie brings Bo a pot of coffee and asks if there is anything else he needs, and then she leaves for the day. She stops by John’s office to tell him that she is leaving for the day and asks if he needs anything. He tells her that he doesn’t. She leaves the office and, taking Ronnie’s arm, she walks down the hall. John watches after them.

Dr. Miller fills Dr. Benson in on Jessica’s case. When they go into Dr. Miller’s office, they see that Jessica is gone. Dr. Miller is confused because Jessica had just been there.

Jessica gets in the limo and tosses the driver a handful of money. She tells him that she wouldn’t want anyone saying she didn’t take care of her boys.

Kevin wants Todd to leave Asa alone if and when he arrives back in town. Todd promises Kevin that he will make Asa pay for his actions.

Kevin is bewildered. Blair rejoins them. Todd and Blair leave. As he goes down the hall, Todd looks again at the postcard.

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