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Jessica talks on the phone, in the kitchen at Llanfair. She tries to find out if her tests had come back. She thanks them, and tells them to call her when they have. She picks up a silver tray, and looks at herself, and she sees the image of another person. Viki comes, says something to her, and then asks Jessica, where was she.

Antonio and Evangeline eat breakfast together, and they discuss the details of his trial. He hands her a file, and she mentions that at one time, he had studied to be a lawyer. She also mentions that he could help her when the trial began.

Dorian is sitting at the table, reading her newspaper. She reads the article that states that Kevin may resign his office, because of the embezzlement scandal against his Mother. She is thrilled that she will be bringing down Viki, as well as Kevin. David tries to take her mind off the situation.

Blair awakens, and feels for Todd, but finds that he is gone. She yells for him, but doesn’t get an answer. She is frantic with worry.

Todd goes to see Kevin. They discuss Blair, and Margaret, and what does Kevin want to keep his mouth shut about what Margaret had done to Todd.

Lindsay and R.J. talk, and R.J. wants Lindsay to help him in the custody hearing. R.J. wants her to testify for him that he will be a good parent for Jaime. Lindsay is reluctant, and assures him that her word wouldn’t hold up in court.

Evangeline encourages Antonio to go back to school, and to take the bar exam. Antonio is reluctant to agree. He brings up R.J. and that R.J. would lie about the whole situation, just as he had about Jessica. Evangeline wants Jessica to be a character witness for him, but Antonio is reluctant to agree to what she is asking. Evangeline points out that Jessica would want to help, and that he should ask her. Antonio is still reluctant to agree. Evangeline tells him, that Jessica would be hurt, if she was left out of this, and not asked.

Jessica and Viki talk about the test results, and if she knows anything yet. Jessica tells her no.Viki questions Jessica as to how she is getting along with Antonio. Viki points out that she was glad that he was there at the hospital with Jessica, when she had the test run.

Kevin and Todd discuss Margaret, and that Todd should tell Blair what Margaret had done to him. Todd insists that Blair is happy now, and glad to be home, and that she need never know what Margaret had done to him. Todd wants to know what Kevin wants to keep his mouth shut. Kevin agrees to keep his mouth shut, but he wants something in return. Todd looks puzzled.

Dorian and David discuss the things that Viki, and Kevin had done to their family. Dorian is persistent that the Buchanans get what they deserve. David is disappointed that Dorian is putting all of this above him, or above them.

Blair comes downstairs, looking for Todd, but he is nowhere to be found. The doorbell rings, and it is Kelly. Kelly wants to know how she is doing. Blair confides that when she woke up, that Todd was gone. Kelly finds the note on the coffee table, which states that he had gone to the office.

Bair calls Todd, and wants to know where he is. Todd tells her that he was at the office, and that he would be home soon. He also informs her that he had left a note. When they hang up, Kevin points out that it hadn’t took him long to lie to Blair again.

Jessica tells Viki that her and Antonio have a lot of things to work out. Jessica then turns the table on Viki, and wants to know how she is doing with all that has been going on.

David informs Dorian that she has been leaving him out of everything, and that he is hurt that they haven’t set a wedding date yet. Dorian laughs, and remarks, so this is what this is all about. David proposes to Dorian again.

Blair and Kelly discuss Todd, and what he had gone through with Margaret. They also discuss Kevin, and how he had changed in the past few months. Kelly lets it slip that Kevin had done something for todd. Blair immediately wants to know what it was that Kevin had done for Todd. Kelly blurts it out that Kevin had been the one, who had saved Todd’s life. Kevin had found Todd lying by the side of the road, and had brought him into town. Blair is surprised by the news.

Kevin and Todd discuss the things that Margaret had done to Todd while she had held him captive. Kevin insists that Blair needs to be told. Todd disagrees, and insists that she is better off if she never knows what had happened. Kevin promises Todd that he will keep his mouth shut, but Todd must tell Blair what had happened. Kevin also insists that if Todd doesn’t tell Blair then he will.

Todd still insists that Blair needs to never know about Margaret. Kevin and Todd have reached an impasse over this situation. Kevin feels that Blair needs to know, but Todd doesn’t want to tell her.

Dorian and David discuss the things that the Buchanan’s are doing to Blair, Kelly, and Adriana. David insists that they let this drop, and them plan their wedding. David insists that they plan their honeymoon instead of planning Viki’s downfall. Dorian reluctantly agrees. David mentions Puerto Rico, but then tells Dorian that that is out. Dorian accuses him of losing his nerve. David then reconsiders Puerto Rico has their honeymoon spot. Dorian tells him, now that sounds like my David. They hug, and kiss. Kelly comes in, and interrupts them.

Dorian wants to know about Blair, and how she is. Kelly informs her that Blair is scared out of her mind. She goes on to tell Dorian that Todd had went to the office, and had left Blair there alone. Dorian is angry at the news. Dorian and Kelly discuss the Buchanan’s. David leaves the room. Kelly and Dorian can’t understand David’s actions.

Viki and Jessica discuss the embezzlement charges that is being brought against Viki at the university. Viki tells her that one of the board members wants her resignation from the university. Jessica tries to talk her out of resigning, but Viki tells her that she will go along with their decision, if it is for the good of the university. Viki also tells her that she is more worried about Kevin, and him losing his job because of this scandal. Viki decides to go to see Todd, and as she is beginning to leave, there is a knock on the door. Evangeline has come to talk to Jessica. Viki leaves.

Evangeline discusses with Jessica that Antonio needs her to be a character witness for him when the custody comes to trial. Jessica agrees.

R.J. tries to talk Lindsay into being a character witness for him in the trial. Antonio appears in the doorway, and Jaime runs to him, and gives him a hug. R.J. doesn’t like that he has come to visit.

Antonio picks Jaime up, and hugs her. R.J. takes Jaime from him, and leaves the room. Antonio asks for Lindsay’s help in the custody hearing. Antonio tries to convince her that she knows how he is feeling since she is a parent herself. Lindsay is reluctant to agree. R.J. and Jaime comes back into the room, and he sits Jaime down in a chair, and gives her a toy. Antonio leaves. R.J. wants to know what Antonio wanted.

Todd arrives back at the apartment, and finds Blair’s note that she has gone out for awhile. There is a knock on the door, and it is Viki. They discuss Blair, and that she has gone out for awhile. Viki and Todd discuss Margaret, and if there has been any word on her whereabouts. They also discuss what Margaret had done to him. Viki discusses with him what that Dorian is trying to do to her. Viki’s cell phone rings, and it is someone from the university informing her that the board has agreed unanimously that they want her resignation. Viki is upset, and decides to comply with their wishes. Viki leaves.

Kevin and Blair talk, and Blair thanks him for what he had done for Todd. Blair questions him if there is anything that he knows that he will tell her. Kevin is reluctant to answer.

Lindsay tells R.J. that Antonio wanted her to plead his cause to him, so that they could share joint custody of Jaime. R.J. will not agree to the terms. R.J. wants full custody.

Antonio comes to see Jessica about her testifying in the custody hearing. Jessica tells him that Evangeline had come by, and that she had agreed to be a character witness. Antonio assures her that they are going to do this together. The phone rings, and as she answers it, she finds out that it is Dr.Miller, and she has gotten the test results back. Jessica informs Antonio that that was Dr. Miller, and she had gotten the results of the tests back. Antonio wants to go with her. Jessica is glad that he wants to go with her.

Dorian talks to Cassie on the phone, and fills her in on everything that has been going on. Dorian lets it slip that she has done something that will make the Buchanan’s pay, and immediately Cassie wants to know what she has done. David is listening to every word that she is saying, and he is disappointed that she won’t marry him until she has revenge on the Buchanan’s.

After Viki leaves, Todd fumbles through the mail, and he finds a postcard from Margaret informing him that she was glad that he wasn’t killed in that explosion for a lot of reasons. Todd looks confused.

Kevin and Blair get into a confrontation over Todd, and she thanks him for finding Todd. She begins to leave when Kevin tells her that he has something to tell her.

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