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Paige is looking at some x-rays when Bo pokes his head in the door and informs her that he needs her help with something. She immediately wants to know if it is serious. Bo smiles and she sees Matthew, raising his arm.

Lindsay and Jennifer are discussing the charges that are being brought against her when Rex bursts in and interrupts their conversation. Rex is trying to convince them that he only wants whatís best for Jen when Riley shows up.

John looks out the window and thinks about the murders that are being committed because of Marcieís book. He sits down on the bed beside Evangeline as she is just waking up. They discuss Marcieís book and the murders.

Michael is at the diner when he gets a call on his cell phone. When he answers it, he is played a recording of one of Marcieís speeches about the publication of her book. Michael demands to know who this is, but the killer just hangs up. Michael immediately thinks of Marcie and rushes out of the diner to see about her.

The audience sees the gas lines in Marcieís basement and that they have been cut. There is gas leaking throughout the whole house. Marcie is asleep on the couch and doesnít know anything.

Bo informs Paige that Matthew had been complaining of a stomachache and hadnít wanted to go to school. Paige talks to Matthew for a few minutes and then feels his forehead. She decides that it must just be something that is going around. Matthew insists that he just wants to go home. Paige asks him to wait in the hall a few moments while she talks to Bo. After discussing the problem, they realize that Matthew must be missing his mother and that he canít accept her marriage to Daniel. Bo is worried that Matthew may begin feigning illness every day.

Rex and Riley get into a confrontation over Jennifer and the impending murder charges. Rex acuses Riley of not believing Jennifer and says that he had only wanted to help keep her from going to prison. Lindsay comes in and has to separate the two. She threatens to call the police and have them both arrested.

Evangeline and John discuss Marcieís book. John tries to figure out why the killer is using Marcieís book to kill Julie and Hudson. John wishes that he could get inside the killerís mind so he would know what the killer is planning next and who the next victim will be. Evangeline assures him that Marcie has a lot of friends. Evangeline wishes there were some way she could help.

They show the gas pipes again, and Marcie is still asleep on the couch. Michael comes rushing up to the door, and when he canít get her to answer he kicks the door open. He yells for her upstairs, but then he sees her lying on the sofa. He has a difficult time awakening her, but he finally manages to get her awake enough to help her out of the house. Then he goes back inside to find Mr. Walsh and Ronnie.

Lindsay separates Rex and Riley. Jennifer points out the things that both of them are doing to her and how she canít have one moment to herself. Rex, Riley, and Lindsay all try to talk at once, and Jennifer tells them to shut up.

Bo apologizes to Paige about bringing Matthew to see his girlfriend. Paige is happy that Bo refers to her as his girlfriend. Paige informs Bo that Matthew must be missing his mother very much, and she suggests that Matthew should call her.

John is talking to a police officer and giving him a list of things to check out when Evangeline comes back into the room. The police officer leaves, and John and Evangeline discuss the murders again.

Michael gets Marcie out of the house. Marcie is outside when Mr. Walsh comes staggering out, and he tries to inform Marcie of what happened to him. Mr. Walsh, after realizing that Ronnie isnít out of the house, rushes back inside to find him. Marcie tries to get him not to go back inside. Marcie is frantic that the whole place will explode. She is calling 911 for help when she sees Michael, her father, and her brother coming out of the house. Ronnie informs her that someone broke into the basement and cut the gas lines. Michael comes out of the house. Marcie hugs him and thanks him for saving their lives. She goes on to tell him that someone broke into the basement and cut the gas lines, just the way the main character was killed in her book.

John and Evangeline discuss the book. Evangeline says that she is going to take a shower, and she wants John to join her, but he refuses the offer. John gets a phone call from Michael explaining what has been going on at Marcieís house. John fills Evangeline in on where he is going and then leaves.

Paige says again that Matthew should call Nora. Bo goes into the hall and asks Matthew to come back in. Bo tells Matthew to call Nora. When Matthew dials the number, Daniel answers the phone, and when Matthew doesnít say anything Daniel assumes that it is the mystery woman.

Jennifer informs Lindsay, Rex, and Riley that she is leaving there. She also tells them that if any of them tries to follow her, she will be arrested for murder.

Matthew finally answers Daniel and asks to talk to his mom, but Daniel tells him that she has gone for a massage. Matthew hands the phone to Bo. Immediately Daniel wants to know if Jennifer had been arrested for the murder of Paul Cramer. Bo tells him no, which makes Daniel upset.

Paige has a talk with Matthew, and she tells him that no matter how far away Nora is she will always love him and think about him. Matthew informs her that she would be a good mother. Paige hugs him and thanks him for the compliment.

Lindsay has a talk with Rex and Riley about the things that they have been doing to Jen. Riley gets up to leave but first throws it back in Lindsayís face that she had shipped Jennifer off to boarding school when she was small, and she had killed Jenniferís father.

Marcie and Ronnie discuss her book and how the main character and her family had been killed in a gas explosion. Mr. Walsh wants her to come home with them, but she refuses. John arrives and wants to know if everyone is all right. Michael fills John in on the details of what happened. Michael wants to blame himself, but John assures him that this is not his fault. Michael tells John all about the phone call he received earlier. John wants to know if Michael knew where the call was coming from, but Michael didnít know. They discuss the other murders. Michael looks over at Marcie, Mr. Walsh, and Ronnie. John questions the others about the details of what happened. Michael reminds John that Nick had been there.

Jennifer comes to see Marcie, and Marcie fills her in, saying that they could have been killed. Jennifer starts to mention the cottage but changes her mind.

Daniel and Bo discuss arresting Jennifer for Paul Cramerís murder, but Bo tells him to get back to his honeymoon. They hang up.

Bo rejoins Paige and Matthew in the hall. Matthew tells him that he and Paige had had a talk about Nora. Matthew realizes that he is hungry. Bo gives him some money to go to the cafeteria and reminds him not to waste it all on sweets. Bo and Paige share a little quiet time together.

Daniel is alone in the hotel room, and he thinks about planting the deposit slips in Jenniferís photo album.

Marcie is blaming herself for the previous murders and, now, for the threats on her own family members' lives. They try to assure her that she was not to blame. Michael tells Marcie that after she goes to the hospital to be checked out she is coming home with him. She starts to object, but then she agrees to do as he asks.

Lindsay and Rex are discussing Rileyís behavior when Jennifer comes back to the apartment. Rex promises Jen that he will give her all the space she needs, and then he leaves. Lindsay promises Jennifer that she will always be there for her. Jennifer thanks her for believing her about the death of Paul Cramer.

Paige massages Boís shoulders, and they discuss Daniel Colson. Bo thinks that Nora has made a mistake in marrying him.

Daniel gets a phone call from his lover. He tells her that she shouldnít be calling him there. He tells her that he misses her and that he needs her.

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