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One Life to Live Update Wednesday 4/6/05



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Roxanne is counting the money she has made that day when the bellhop approaches her and asks for a raise. She firmly denies the request. John and Evangeline come in, and she questions him about the rent money. John informs her that it is upstairs in his room. Roxie confronts him, saying that she thought he might be moving out and moving in with Evangeline.

Rex brings Natalie home from the wedding, and he immediately starts searching the refrigerator for something to drink. He questions her about John, which is something that she doesn’t really want to talk about. Natalie still insists that they are just good friends.

Marcie looks at the inside cover of her book at the paragraph that she had written to Julie. She hears a knock at the door, and when she answers it it’s her father and brother. The killer is hiding in the bushes and is watching them closely.

Blair talks with Todd and is asking him to take her upstairs when Dorian bursts in and wants to know what she is doing.

John and Evangeline both deny that they are moving in with each other. Evangeline insists that they like things just the way that they are. Michael comes in and wants to know what John is doing about the murders. Michael insists that Marcie could be the next victim. John insists that he is investigating the murders.

Michael is still pressuring John about the murders and about Marcie’s protection. Michael brings up the subject of Nick. John questions Michael as to where Nick is. Michael denies knowing anything except for the fact that he had come by to see Marcie. Nick lets it slip to Marcie that he was in love with Julie.

Natalie still argues with Rex over the subject of John, and Rex insists that she go for it. Rex wants Natalie to fight for John if she really wants him. Natalie still argues that they are just good friends, but she admits that it felt good to hang out with him and talk.

Dorian tries to pressure Blair to come home with her. Todd wants to know where she got a key to the penthouse. Dorian insists that Blair pack her bags and come home with her so she can be safe. Blair declines the offer. Dorian still insists that if she stays there with Todd he will get her killed.

Marcie’s father and brother confess that they knew about the murders, and Michael asked them to come there. Marcie is glad to see them. Michael argues with John about Nick and his motives for coming to see Marcie.

Nick comes to see Marcie, and they discuss Julie and why anyone would want to kill her. Nick informs Marcie that he has lost his wallet and thinks he must have lost it there when he was fighting with Michael. The phone rings, and it is Michael. She questions him about her father and brother being there and asks if knew anything about it. Marcie tells Michael that Nick has stopped by. Michael is surprised by the news and relays the message to John. John talks to Marcie and then asks to talk to her brother. John tells Marcie’s brother to keep Nick there until he can get there. Marcie’s brother agrees. Nick finds his wallet underneath the couch, but before he can leave Marcie stops him and tells him that he can’t go yet. Nick is curious as to why Marcie would want to keep him there.

Michael wants to go with John, but John refuses to let him go. John leaves Evangeline there and goes to see Marcie.

Dorian tries to convince Blair to come home with her to her family. Blair informs her that Todd and the children are her family now. Dorian is furious when she leaves the condominium. Blair and Todd go upstairs.

Natalie and Rex are reliving some childhood memories. The subject changes, and they discuss Natalie's and John's feelings for each other. Rex makes Natalie admit that she would like for John to kiss her. There is a loud knock on the door, and it is Dorian. Dorian demands to see Viki and insists she won’t take no for an answer.

Marcie gives Nick a copy of her book. Nick insists that Marcie has already given him a copy, but Marcie points out that this is the book she had signed and given to Julie. Nick is surprised to get it.

Nigel visits the hotel that Roxanne runs. They discuss Asa and his leaving town. Roxanne admits that he should get everything that is coming to him for what he did to Blair.

Blair tries to turn Todd on with her kisses, but he remembers Margaret trying to seduce him, and he turns away from Blair and gets out of bed. Blair is confused about his actions.

John questions Nick about Julie’s death. Nick denies knowing anything about it, but John still persists in asking him questions. Nick sticks with the excuse that he had been dating Julie and he loved her. John doesn’t quite buy the story. Nick tries to turn away from John, but John tells him that he can answer the questions there or be taken down to the station. John leaves. Nick decides to leave, too. Outside, the killer looks at another section of Marcie’s book.

Blair is confused by Todd action’s and questions him as to what is wrong. Todd doesn’t want to talk about it and says he just wants to protect her& and the children, and Margaret will be dead long before she can harm them again. Todd admits that he had led Margaret on by letting her believe that he was interested in her. He hugs Blair and reassures her that he is going to protect her.

After Nick leaves, Marcie agrees to let her father and brother stay there with her.

Dorian and Natalie argue over Viki, and Natalie will not agree to wake Viki up. Dorian puts Natalie down for having once lived in a trailer park. Natalie makes Dorian leave. Rex is happy that Natalie stood up to Dorian, and he admits that the old Natalie is back. Dorian goes on and on about all that Viki has done to her family.

John comes back to Roxy’s and fills Michael and Evangeline in on what just happened with Nick. John and Evangeline start upstairs when Roxy reminds him of the rent check.

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