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Jessica is nervously pacing the floor, in the kitchen at Llanfair. Antonio has poured her a glass of orange juice, and hands it to her. After looking at her for just a minute, he asks her if she is alright. She insists that she is o.k. that she should have come home instead of going to Nora’s wedding. He tries to touch her on the arm, but she jerks away from him, and informs him that she is going upstairs. She starts up the stairs when Viki comes in, carrying the bridal bouquet, and reminds Jessica that she had forgotten it at the wedding. She is really rude to Viki when she tells her that, no, she doesn’t want to take it with her. Viki and Antonio are both puzzled by her actions.


Dorian and David are sitting in a booth, and Dorian is proposing a toast to David for putting up with her through all the things that she has been going through lately, and now her happiness that Blair is home safe, and sound. She also informs him that she had seen Blair in the hospital a little while ago, and that she had seemed fine, but as long as she stays with Todd that she would never be really safe. David interrupts her, and tells her not tonight. Dorian agrees with a smile, and assures him that this is his night.She assures him that he is going to have one-hundred percent of her undivided attention. She starts to take a drink of the champagne, when her thoughts center upon Adriana, and she questions David if he has seen or heard from her.

Blazes Island

Adriana and Duke come in the door of their room, when Duke questions the fact that the man they had seen was a dead ringer for Asa. Duke tells her that there is not enough words to describe what he had done to Blair. Adriana begins naming some of the words to describe what he had done to Blair. Duke assures her that they will find Asa and they will bring him home. Adriana wonders if his family would just stand by, and let Asa go to prison. Duke assures her that Asa will have to stand accountable for what he did to Blair. Adriana reminds Duke that this was Blair’s worst nightmare. Adriana informs him that there is not enough punishment in the world for what he had done to Blair.

Todd has brought Blair home, and he still wants to know if she is alright. She insists that she is. Blair assures Todd that he is the handsomest man on earth, and how much she adores him. She is also relieved that Todd had taken Starr, and Jack over to Viki’s, in case, that Margaret showed up there. Todd tells her what he has planned for their dinner, when the doorbell rings. Blair opens the door, and it is Margaret standing there. Blair exclaims, oh, no.


David assures Dorian that he has neither heard nor seen Adriana. David tries to change the subject, but Dorian still insists on talking about Adriana, and how she has been distancing herself from her, and that she had developed a chip on her shoulder. David assures her that Adriana had been back for almost a year, and that she and Adriana hadn’t been close. Dorian is sarcastic when she mentions the closeness that Viki, and Jessica share. They discuss Adriana, and how she had kept her away from Manuel Santi, for her own safety. Dorian looks around, and sees Kelly walk in with Kevin. David and Dorian duck down behind the seat so that they won’t be detected. David insists to Dorian that she let her girls lead their own lives.

Todd pays the man at the door, Todd carries the bag into the living room, and sets it down on the table. He walks over to Blair, and places his hand on her arm. Blair confesses that she had thought that she had seen Margaret at the door. Blair has a discussion with Todd about Margaret’s wearing of a negligee, in order for him to fall in love with her. Blair insists that Margaret wanted her out of picture.

Viki demands to know what is wrong with Jessica. Jessica makes the excuse that she doesn’t know what had come over her that made her jump at her like that. Antomio makes the suggestion that her catching the bridal bouquet had put some pressure on her. Jessica turns her back on Antonio, and is making a face, as though she is annoyed at what he is saying. Jessica turns back to face him, and assures him that she doesn’t know what she did to deserve him. Jessica takes the bridal bouquet, and goes upstairs to put the roses in some water. Jessica meets Starr on the stairs, and Starr is so excited that Jessica had caught the bridal bouquet. Starr questions Antonio if he, and Jessica are going to get married, or get engaged again. Viki tries to hush her, but Antonio assures her that he, and Jessica are taking it slow. Starr brings up the topic of Margaret, and what she had done to their lives, and how lucky he, and Jessica were that they had each other. Starr also brings up that no one will be there to ruin their lives.

Jessica goes upstairs to her room. Once inside, she begins to shake the flowers, and is talking about Antonio, and how he is sucking the life right out of her. She tears the flowers apart, and throws them to the floor. She says, that she just can’t take it anymore. She insists that she can’t be around them anymore. She pulls off her jacket, and tossing it onto the bed, she exclaims that she has to get out of there. She goes over to the window, and raises it. She looks down, and realizes that it is too high to jump. She hears a knock on the door, and she is frantic as to what to do. She looks out the window again. She looks at Antonio, who is standing in the doorway.

Duke asks Adriana if she had talked to Blair. Adriana informs him that she was still in the hospital. Adriana insists that Dorian is going to drive Blair crazy, wanting her to leave Todd. Adriana assures him that Dorian doesn’t know where she is. Duke remarks, and you like that. Adriana nods her head. Duke assures her that he wants her, but that he wants it to be good between them. Adriana assures him that her Mother would die if she knew that they were alone together in a hotel room. Duke suggests that they head back to LlanView. Adriana thinks that the reason why he wants to go back to LlanView is because she won’t make love to him. Duke assures her that that has nothing to do with it, that he doesn’t want her to stay there as a way to get back at her Mother.

Kevin and kelly sit down at a table across the room from David, and Dorian. Dorian is furious to see them together. David tries to get Dorian to just think about him. Kelly questions Kevin on how Todd felt about him driving his Mom over to the hospital. Kelly wants to know why he, and Todd are acting differently toward each other. Kelly insists that there is something else going on. Kevin confesses that Todd had told him some things that Margaret had done to him while she had him kidnapped. Kevin assures her that the things were bad. Kelly agrees.

Dorian confronts Kelly as to how her, and David could celebrate when she had come in with Kevin. Kelly assures her that she is just having dinner with her ex-husband. Dorian insists that it is not alright. David comes to Dorian’s side, and escorts her back to their table. Dorian insists that instead of trying to seduce kelly, he should be out there trying to bring his grandfather to justice. Dorian once again points out the Buchanan’s faults, and that they never have to pay for anything that they do. David reminds her that they are the only ones who know that she had indeed been the one, who had forged that check.

Starr tells Viki that she had gotten an important phone call from LlanView University. She then asks Viki, if she is in some kind of trouble. Viki assures her that it is nothing for her to worry about. Viki then questions Starr, on the information that she had heard about her and Jack, that they had been perfect while she was gone to the wedding. Starr confesses to her that Matthew didn’t want his Mom to marry Daniel, that he had wanted his parents to get back together. Starr is worried about her parents, and their being back together. Viki assures her that they are back together. She also assures her that Margaret was very sick upstairs, and that she will be caught. Starr informs Viki that they don’t know what Margaret could do next. Viki and Starr hug.

Todd has built a fire in the fireplace. Blair questions Todd as to what Margaret wanted from him. Todd fills her in that Margaret wanted to act like Blair, and talk like Blair, and that she had even made a recording of a song that Blair had sung to him, Todd insists that they are together, as he hands her a drink. Blair wants to know if Margaret had tried to make him have sex with her. Todd doesn’t know how to answer.

Adriana insists that she had come there with him to help him find Asa. They get into a dispute over Dorian, and him wanting her to call her Mother. Duke assures her that he is crazy over her, and that he doesn’t want Dorian jumping all over her, when they get home.

David gets Dorian another drink, and wants them to pretend that Kelly,

And Kevin aren’t even there. Dorian insists that she will have to keep the faith that Kelly will eventually see what Kevin is, that blair will toss Todd out, that Asa will go to prison, and that Viki will be in a cell right beside him. Dorian laughs, as she places her arm around David’s neck, and gives him her undivided attention. Dorian whispers into David’s ear, and asks him what Kelly, and Kevin are doing. David is frustrated by the question. The cell phone rings, and Dorian answers it. Dorian immediately wants to know where Adriana is, but all Adriana will tell her is that she is with a friend. Adriana then pretends that she can’t hear what Dorian is saying, and she hangs up.

Todd denies that Margaret was trying to get him to have sex with her. She leans back against him, and he puts his arm around her. She tries to persuade him to tell her what Margaret did to him. Todd remembers Margaret kissing him. Blair asks him, why can’t he tell her what Margaret did to him.

Viki and Starr are dishing out ice cream. They discuss Margaret, and how clever she was. Starr confides to Viki that Todd has installed a new security system, and that they have bodyguards. Starr questions Viki about her being in a lot of trouble, that she had read it in the paper. She also asks, what was wrong with Jessica, that she was acting so weird lately.

Jessica tells Antonio to leave her alone. He offers his help, that whatever it is that they can fix it. She walks over to the window, and is holding her head. Antonio offers to leave, and that she can call him when she wants to talk. He heads for the door, when Jessica calls his name, and tells him that she has something that she has to tell him.

Jessica confesses to Antonio that something is terribly wrong with her. She informs him that she doesn’t know how he got there, or how she got there, that she doesn’t remember anything about the previous night. Antonio questions her, as to what she does remember. Jessica informs him that she remembers being at the hospital, they were finishing up the tests, and that he had gone to get the car, and then she had ended up here at the house. Jessica thinks she must have had a blackout. Antonio suggests that they might have given her a tranquilizer at the hospital, and it had had a bad effect on her. Antonio fills her in on the happenings of the previous night. She starts to cry, and he hugs her. Antonio assures her that whatever is wrong that they will handle it. Jessica makes him promise that they will handle it, that she doesn’t want her Mom to know anything about it.

Viki and Starr are eating ice cream when Jack comes downstairs. He tries to take Starr’s ice cream but she refuses to give it to him. Instead, he goes over to Viki, and she helps him onto he lap, and lets him have he ice cream. Jack, then lets it slip that Jessica is upstairs crying.

Todd insists that all he is thinking about, is taking care of her. Todd assures her that once the security system is installed that she will be well protected. Blair reminds him that every time she closes her eyes, she sees him tied up on that bed. Todd assures her that he is going to take care of her. Blair starts to kiss him, when the lights go out. Blair thinks Margaret has come back.

Todd assures Blair to stay calm. Blair wants him to call the police. There is a knock on the door, and it’s the man, who is installing the security system. He apologizes for any inconveniece that the lights being out is causing.

David assures Dorian to stop worrying about Adriana. Dorian laughs, and apologizes, and admits that they have a lot to celebrate. She promises to go see Blair at the hospital in the morning, and try to talk her out of going home with Todd.They hug. Dorian is mortified to see that Kelly and Kevin are dancing.

Kelly asks him, if he remembers the song. At first, he teases with her, and then he admits that it is the song that they had played at their wedding. Kevin admits to her that their wedding was the best day of his life.

David tries to distract Dorian, but when he can’t, he tells her that he is going home, and that she can come if she wants to. Dorian follows him.

Antonio admits to Jessica that Vki knows that something is wrong. He admits that he had told Viki all about the tests at the wedding. He reminds Jessica that her Mother had actually questioned her about the tests. She informs him that she doesn’t remember anything, and she makes him promise that her Mother shouldn’t know anything about this. He agrees. Jesscia sees the flowers in the floor, and she doesn’t remember how that they had got there. He reminds her that she had caught them at the wedding, and that she had snapped at her Mother.Viki comes to check on her, and Jessica assures her that it is nothing. Viki offers her help. An inner voice inside Jessica orders her to keep her big mouth shut.

Kevin talks to Duke on the phone, and apologizes that it hadn’t worked out. He instructs Duke to pack up, and come home. Duke insists that he give them another day. Kevin agrees, and tells him that it is his call. Kelly wants to know what his plan is, to find Asa, and protect him. Kevin insists that Asa shouldn’t spend time in prison. Fearing that they are about to get into an argument, Kelly gets up, and leaves.

Jessica makes up the excuse that she is not feeling like herself, that they had given her some meds at the hospital. She assures Viki that she had been upset, and that she had overreactd to the bouquet. Jessica apologizes to Viki for her actions. Viki assures her that she is always there for her. Viki leaves the room. Jessica breathes a sigh of relief. Antonio assures her of his protection.

Dorian is on the phone, and she is demanding information about Blair.

She hangs up the phone, and tells David that Blair had gotten a release from the hospital. They discuss Margaret being out there somewhere, and that Blair’s life is in peril.

Blair informs Todd that she has missed them, and that she wants them to get back to where they were. Blair and Todd kiss.

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