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Jessica questions the man and wants to know what he is doing in her limo. She also informs him that she had ordered that limo as she picks up the phone. The man tries to reach for the phone, but Jessica holds it away from him, smiles, and tells him that maybe they could work something out to his satisfaction. He informs her that his wife will be there any second and asks if she couldn’t wait for her ride somewhere else.

Viki is upset as she talks to Antonio and tells him that she doesn’t like being kept in the dark. She then demands to know what was the cause of the sleepwalking. Antonio assures her that Jessica was worried about her being upset if she found out about the tests. He tells her that he and Jessica are handling it. Viki appreciates Antonio standing by Jessica, and she wants him to notify her if he hears from Jessica.

Rachel comes up to join Antonio. They hug. She then questions him about things she has heard about R.J. fighting him for custody of Jaime. Rachel assures him that Carrie was her best friend, and she knows what Carrie wanted for her daughter.

John talks to Evangeline. She wants to know what he and Natalie are doing out there. Natalie brushes it off by saying that John was just keeping her company. Natalie leaves. John asks Evangeline to sit down, but she refuses. She tells him that her job is to see that the bride gets to the altar without any disasters. They smile at each other. John lets it slip about Bo being there. Evangeline is surprised and wants to know what he is doing there.

Daniel informs the mystery woman that he can’t talk to her because he is getting married in a few minutes. He informs the woman that she can’t show up there. He also tells her that no one must know about her, especially Nora.

Riley walks up behind Daniel.

Bo visits Nora in her room. Nora is surprised by his appearance, and she knows that he didn’t show up there to wish her luck. Bo informs her that he came there to talk her out of marrying Daniel Colson.

Adriana and Duke have just come in from a swim, and she remarks that she can’t believe that his grandfather owns the whole island. Duke places a towel around her shoulders and instructs her to take a shower if she is cold. Adriana and Duke believe that the people on the island are hiding Asa. They discuss the deeds that he has committed regarding Blair. Duke wants to make things right. Duke asks if she is all right with spending the night. Adriana points out that there is only one bed. Duke tells her that he had been looking forward to them having the entire night together.

Viki and Kelly discuss Adriana. Viki also likes to see Kelly smile, something that Kelly hasn’t felt like doing in a while. Viki assures her that it had taken a lot of strength to give Ace back to his biological mother and to help Kevin through the situation. Natalie comes up, and Viki gives her a kiss on the cheek. Kelly leaves to get some crab cakes, and Natalie commands her to bring back a dozen or so. Viki mentions to her that she noticed her talking to John. Natalie assures her that they had been discussing the Jersey days. Viki can tell that this is hard on Natalie. Natalie admits that she is tired of feeling depressed and of crying. Viki confides to her that on a day like this she misses Ben. Natalie tells her that she feels like she is living in the present, something that she hasn’t done in a while.

Evangeline is wondering if she should be in there with Nora. John smiles and tells her that Bo and Nora can handle themselves. Evangeline is having her doubts about Bo visiting Nora. John assures her that they are a good match because they hate marriage. Evangeline starts to protest, but John kisses her.

Daniel hangs up the phone when he hears Riley’s voice. Riley confides to him that there might be a problem: Bo has gone to visit Nora in her room.

Matthew is listening outside the door to the conversation that his mom is having with his father. Nora is upset that Bo would wait until a few minutes before the wedding and then come to her room and try to talk her out of marrying Daniel. Bo tries to tell her that Matthew is the issue and he is worried about him. Nora doesn’t believe what Bo is telling her about Matthew’s feelings. Bo contradicts her and informs her that Matthew doesn’t want her to marry Daniel. Bo tells her that, as Matthew’s father, he also doesn’t want her marrying Daniel. He says he is there to stop the wedding.

Adriana and Duke talk, and he admits that he wants to be with her. Adriana, too, admits that she loves being there with him and away from her mom. Duke encourages her to call her mom.

Jessica is pouring herself a drink and offers the stranger one. He declines the offer. Jessica gets on the phone and asks the driver to take them a few blocks away to someplace that is more secluded. The stranger again declines and is concerned over his wife catching them together. Jessica tries to make up the excuse that his wife had kept him waiting.

Antonio and Rachel discuss Carrie and her wishes for Jaime. Rachel informs him that Carrie did not want him and R.J. fighting over Jaime. She promises him that she is going to see R.J.

Daniel and Riley discuss Matthew and why the child doesn’t like Daniel. He informs Riley that he has tried to win Matthew over, but with no luck. Riley instructs him to give Matthew time. They also discuss Bo’s visiting Nora. Daniel is optimistic that Nora will listen to what Bo has to say, and then she will come down the stairs and marry him.

Jen questions Rex about whether Riley has seen him. Jen encourages Rex to leave the wedding before something bad happens. Rex asks her if she will come with him. Natalie comes up to join them, and Rex insists that he is Natalie’s date. Natalie encourages him to leave. Natalie informs them that Jen is in a lot of trouble.

Evangeline and John are wondering what Bo and Nora are doing upstairs. John is laughing at the whole situation, but Evangeline points out that this is not funny. John tries to distract Evangeline from what is going on upstairs by kissing her.

Riley coaxes Matthew away from the bedroom door by telling him that they will be brothers in a couple of hours. Matthew thinks that is cool. Riley offers to teach him how to play the guitar.

Nora and Bo are still discussing the reasons why she shouldn’t marry Daniel, and it all lays at Matthew’s feet. Bo points out that Matthew is upset because he doesn’t like Daniel. Nora points out that Matthew would feel like this if it were him and Paige getting married. Bo assures her that she should call off the wedding, not because of Matthew, but because of herself. They both seem puzzled as they look at each other.

Riley is teaching Matthew how to play the guitar. They discuss Daniel. Matthew questions him as to why he is so mean to Jen. Riley tries to defend his dad by telling Matthew that he is just trying to do his job.

Bo is once again pointing out Daniel’s faults, and Nora is not believing him. She still defends Daniel. She insists that she loves Daniel and he loves her, and she is going to marry him. Bo gives up, agrees, and wishes her good luck. Bo leaves the room, and he finds Matthew playing Riley’s guitar. Matthew tells Bo that he should wait outside until the wedding is over. Bo agrees.

Jessica is once again flirting with the stranger in the limo, and she asks him if he wants to break the rules with her for a while. He gets on the phone and tells the driver to take them somewhere secluded. Jessica smiles.

Daniel is again talking to the mystery woman on the phone when Bo comes up behind him and overhears part of the conversation.

Rex leaves the wedding. Natalie walks close to the door and looks at John.

Riley asks the Judge if he is ready, and the Judge nods. Riley begins to play the guitar. The guests are all getting seated for the wedding. John comes in to stand behind Natalie.

Rachel goes to see if Nora is all right. Nora assures her that she is. There is a knock on the door, signaling to them that the wedding is about to begin.

Adriana and Duke discuss her calling her mother, but she refuses. Duke tries to persuade her to call her. Adriana agrees to think about it... in the hot tub.

Jessica and the stranger are kissing when her cell phone rings.

She is upset when she sees that it is Antonio. She anwers it, and Antonio wants to know if she is still at the hospital. She lies and tells him that Dr. Miller had to take another vial of blood, but it was no big deal. Antonio offers to come to get her, but she tells him that she is just stuck in traffic. They hang up. Jessica and the stranger resume kissing. Antonio returns to the wedding.

John declares that they are a half hour late. Natalie starts to say something but changes her mind and goes to sit down. Evangeline walks down the stairs. The guests are awaiting the bride. They look up, and Nora is descending the stairs. The wedding begins. Natalie looks at John. They exchange wedding vows. They are married. Evangeline sings them a song, accompanied by Riley.

Jessica is fixing her make-up. The man offers her his business card, but she refuses to take it. She gets out of the car.

Duke and Adriana are enjoying the hot tub. They kiss.

Bo is using his cell phone. He calls Paige to come by his place later. Rex walks up behind him. Rex wants to know what he is doing there. They are listening to Daniel propose a toast to Nora. John wants to know what is wrong with Evangeline. Evangeline assures him that she wants a man who will love her the way that Daniel loved Nora. Natalie is listening to their conversation.

Duke and Adriana are kissing in the hot tub when there is a knock on the door. The man at the door has information on Asa: someone has seen him on the other side of the island. He hands Duke a slip of paper.

Nora thanks Rachel for coming to the wedding. Matthew comes in, and Nora gives him her telephone number in case he should need her. Daniel comes in and asks her if she is ready. Nora assures him that she is so ready for a honeymoon.

Jessica finally arrives at the wedding. Antonio confronts her as to how she is feeling. She assures him that she is fine. Antonio informs her that he has told her mother about the tests. Jessica is upset by the news and insists on leaving.

Natalie is watching John and Evangeline together. John tells her that she deserves to be loved liked that.

Riley apologizes to Jen. They agree that they have missed each other.

Natalie starts to leave, and Rex tells her that she was right. She refuses to talk about John.

Jessica talks to Viki and insists that she is just fine. Viki is startled by Jessica’s rudeness to Antonio when he offers to get her something to eat.

Everyone is leaving the wedding and awaiting Nora and Daniel. When they exit the house, they are covered with rice. Nora throws the bouquet, and Jessica catches it. Nora and Daniel leave.

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