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Llanview Hospital

Jessica is waiting anxiously for Antonio. He gets off the elevator and assures her that the doctor is on her way up.

Jessica asks him if she is going to keep this quiet. Paige joins them, and she questions them as to why they are so dressed up to come to the hospital. Jessica lets her know that they are going to Nora and Daniel’s wedding immediately after the appointment. Paige declares that Nora and Daniel are a great couple; it's as though they were made for each other.

Police station

Bo comes into the squad room and meets John. He wants to know if he is going undercover. Bo then realizes that John is attending Nora and Daniel’s wedding. John mentions to him that if he could have gotten out of this, he would have. Bo assures him that there will be great food and drinks. Bo pats him on the back and heads for his office. Jennifer comes rushing in and wants to know if he has a minute. They go into his office. Natalie comes into the squad room and sees John. They just look at each other.

Bo wants to know what she wants to talk to him about. She assures him that she is not going to run, she is going to stay there and fight this. Bo asks her point-blank if she had been thinking about skipping town. Jennifer admits to him that she had. He asks her whose idea that was, but then he changes his mind. He realizes that it has Rex Balsam written all over it.

Rex is approaching a house, and he stands there looking at it. A woman approaches from behind him. She wants to know where his uniform is. Rex is puzzled by her question. She then instructs him to grab a food tray and not use the front door. She also tells him that the wedding is in an hour. He agrees to do as she says.

Viki is tying Matthew’s tie, and she admits that he looks very handsome and grown up. He sits down beside her. She assures him that the wedding is going to mean some kind of change for him. She wants to know if he and Daniel had been getting along better. Matthew is reluctant to answer. He gets up and leaves. Matthew is informing Viki that his mom is marrying Daniel whether he likes it or not.

Daniel is looking out his office window and tying his tie. The phone rings. He answers it, and he tells the person that he or she can’t keep calling him there. Riley comes into the office and hears Daniel telling the person that he feels the same way.

Nora is getting ready for her wedding. Rachel comes in and offers her help. Nora asks for advice concerning the earrings that she had chosen to wear. She admits to Rachel that she is a nervous wreck, and then she blurts out that she can’t get married. Rachel looks surprised. Nora decides that there will be no wedding as she takes off the earrings. She tells Rachel to tell the guests to go home. Rachel thinks she is joking. Nora assures her that she is not joking. Rachel agrees to tell the caterers and the guests that the wedding is off. Rachel also assures her that she will have to deal with Daniel.

Daniel declares that the phone has gone dead on him. He hangs up. He brags about how handsome Riley looks. Daniel tells Riley he is proud that he is standing up for him. Riley agrees that they both want what is best for each other. Daniel assures Riley that one day he will find a girl who will be as devoted to him as he is to Nora.

The caterer is voicing her concerns over the waiters and the food. Viki offers her help in getting her organized. The caterer accepts the help. While they head for the kitchen, Rex hides near a plant to keep from being found out. Matthew comes downstairs and, seeing no one around, he leaves.

Rex is at the table holding the wedding cake. He is pretending to be straightening out the napkins when Viki comes in and catches him. He pretends that the traffic was bad, and says he hopes he hasn’t missed anything. Viki doesn’t believe him and accuses him of crashing the wedding.

Bo is still talking to Jennifer, and he wants to know what changed her mind about leaving town. She confides to him that she wants to prove she is being set up. He agrees with her that she is being set up and promises her that he is going to keep digging until something breaks for them.

John and Natalie are paying each other compliments on their looks. John wants to know what food is going to be served. Natalie assures him that it will not be boardwalk cheesesteak. They begin discussing the menu that is going to be served at the wedding. Natalie confides to him that she doesn’t want to go to the wedding. John agrees, but he knows that Evangeline is the maid of honor.

Paige orders a cat scan and some blood work on Jessica. Jessica leaves her purse with Antonio. She tells him to answer her cell phone if it rings but not to let her Mother know where they are. He promises that he won’t. Jessica and Paige leave the office. The phone rings, and Antonio answers it. He wants to know who it is. Antonio is confused as to who this person is that has called Jessica.

Rex denies “crashing” the wedding. He pretends that he is there because he will be entertaining later. Viki begins to lead him toward the door. He begins to try to explain that Jen was going to be there, and he wanted to be there, too, to watch after her. Viki assures him that Jen is a big girl and will be able to take care of herself. Rex promises that he will not cause any trouble, but Viki makes him leave anyway.

Natalie and John are still talking, and he wants to know if she is all right. Natalie explains to him that she is tired of being the victim. John offers her a ride to the wedding, and she accepts.

They are about to leave when Matthew comes in. Natalie tells him that he is in with someone, but he will be glad to see him. The door opens. Bo and Jen come out, and she thanks him for believing her and for his help. Jennifer leaves.

Bo tells Matthew that he looks sharp and then asks him if he is all right. Matthew confides to him that he doesn’t want his mom to marry Daniel.

Daniel and Riley are going over the last-minute details and checking to see if he has everything that he needs, such as the rings and the airplane tickets. Riley leaves. Daniel gets his cell phone out of his pocket.

Nora and Rachel are discussing Daniel. Nora doesn’t know whether or not to talk to Daniel. She begins to cry and confesses that she is so confused. Nora confesses that she feels as though she is making a terrible mistake. The phone rings, and it is Daniel. Nora feels relieved.

Jessica comes back into the office and assures Antonio that Paige hadn’t seen anything unusual. Jessica is feeling guilty and thinks that Paige will think she is a hypochondriac. Antonio tries to reassure her and make her feel better. Jessica hugs him and tells him that he has been so good to her through all this. Antonio tells her about the phone call, and she immediately thinks it was her mom. Antonio indicates that it was a man and that he wouldn’t tell him who he was. Jessica is confused.

Rachel leaves so Nora can talk to Daniel. He first lies to her about where he is, but then he tells her that he loves her and he can’t wait to make her his wife. Nora thanks him for saying that.

Bo and Matthew are having a talk about Daniel. Bo tries his best to reassure him. Matthew is still upset. Bo tries his best to boost Matthew’s morale about the situation. Matthew is still puzzled by Nora’s actions.

Daniel is trying to boost Nora’s spirits. He tells her that Riley is waiting outside to deliver him to his bride. Nora tells him to hurry.

Viki wants to know how Nora is. Rachel confides that her mom was very nervous, but Daniel called her, and now everything is all right.

John and Natalie are outside when Jen arrives. John tells them that he hopes Daniel gets there in time. Jennifer wants to know where he is. John lets it slip that he is at the police station. Jennifer leaves. John and Natalie admit that they have come a long way from where they used to live. Natalie admits that it has been good being able to talk to him.

Viki is upset that Matthew has left and gone to see his father. Evangeline doesn’t want Nora to know that Matthew went to see his father.

Bo and Matthew are still talking about Daniel and his mom. Bo hugs him, and then Matthew decides that he should leave before his mom misses him. Bo decides that he will send him home in a police car.

Paige assures Jessica that she will have her test results sometime next week, and in the meantime she wants Jessica to get a lot of rest. Antonio promises to keep an eye on her. They leave the office. Jessica asks him to pull the car around front. When he leaves, she calls for a limo to pick her up at the hospital, saying she is ditching a wedding. She calls Antonio and lies to him. She tells him that Paige has ordered some more tests, and when she is through she will just catch a cab to the wedding. Jessica insists that she is a big girl and she can get to the wedding on her own. Antonio agrees to go on without her.

Matthew arrives back at the house, and he wants to know when the wedding is to start. Riley comes in and tells Evangeline, Viki, and Rachel that the groom is right outside. The women get back to work. Riley doesn’t want to look at Jen, and he leaves. Riley lets Daniel in the side door. Daniel looks and sees John and Natalie talking out on the porch.

John and Natalie have noticed that it is beautiful outside. Natalie is feeling guilty about Nora and Daniel getting married. John tells her not to beat herself up about it. Natalie wants to stay there all night with John.

Rachel is happy that Nora is cheered up. Nora agrees to go through with the wedding. Nora tells her to tell her Evangeline that she is fine. Rachel leaves.

Riley is watching Jen. Daniel comes up behind him. He tells him not to focus on Jen tonight. Riley insists that he has to talk to her and leaves him to do so.

Evangeline introduces Rachel to Daniel. Riley samples the food and says that it is delicious. He tries to talk to Jen, but she insists that she doesn’t want to fight. He tells her to have a good time, and then he leaves. Rex comes in the side door and comes to stand in front of her. He offers her a crepe. She looks puzzled.

Daniel is watching the arrival of the guests. He brags on Rachel. Evangeline assures him that everything is going great. Daniel shocks her by saying they should just get it over with.

Dr. Waters taps her on the shoulder, and she is glad to see him. He lets it slip that her boyfriend is outside. Natalie thanks John for hanging out with her.

Paige plans on surprising her special guy.

Bo is still at his desk. He looks at the picture of him and Matthew.

Rex promises to do whatever it takes to keep on her and to make sure that no one bothers her.

Daniel introduces Riley to Judge Waters. Evangeline excuses herself.

John and Natalie are still reminiscing about the good old days. Evangeline has come to the door and is listening to them. She makes her presence known.

Viki doesn’t understand what Jessica would have to do that would make her miss Nora’s wedding, and that Antonio would have to be there for.

Jessica’s limo has arrived, and when she gets in she is shocked to see a man there.

Antonio is leaving Jessica a message on her cell phone. Viki overhears that Jessica has been having some tests run. She then demands to know what tests. Antonio confides to her that Dr. Miller was running some tests on Jessica.

Daniel’s phone rings, and he goes outside to answer it. He apologizes for hanging up on the woman, and he confides that he needs her.

Nora has gotten dressed and is looking at herself in the mirror.

Paige tries to call Bo but is informed that he has left for the day and that he is going to Nora’s wedding.

Nora is again looking at herself in the mirror when Bo comes to see her.

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