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p>Kelly is on the phone with Blair and insists that Nora will understand about her not coming to the brunch she has planned for Nora. Kelly promises Blair that she will check on her later. Viki is in the sunroom, reading the newspaper, when Kelly comes in. Viki offers her help with Nora’s brunch and asks her about the surprise, and Kelly assures her that it has been all set up. Natalie comes in and tells them that she, too, is coming to the brunch because it is time for a little fun. Jessica comes into the sunroom, still in her bathrobe. Viki is upset that she isn’t dressed yet and ready to go to the brunch with them. Jessica informs them that she will not be coming. Viki assures her that this is a very important day for Nora and asks what could possibly keep her from going.

Nora is coming downstairs, all dressed to leave for the brunch.

Daniel comes through the door, and Nora wants to know what he is doing there because she thought he was at the office. She keeps her back turned to him as he puts his arms around her waist. She assures him that it is putting a curse on their marriage for him to see her before the wedding. They are laughing about the situation when the doorbell rings. Nora puts her hands up to the side of her face, and Daniel turns her around. As Nora goes to answer the door, Daniel goes to take a shower. Nora lets Riley in, and when she sees his face she wants to know what is wrong. Riley confides to her that Jen has walked out on him. Daniel is listening to their conversation.

Jen wakes up in Rex’s bed. Rex gets into bed with her and begins nuzzling her neck. Jen, feeling drowsy, begins to kiss him.

Evangeline comes into Ultraviolet to meet Antonio. He tells her that R.J. has stolen บꯠ from his banking account. Evangeline is reluctant to believe him. Antonio tries to persuade her that R.J. might have thought that he deserved a cut of the money. He also assures her that he wants her there when R.J. shows up.

R.J. and Lindsay walk up to the bar. They are discussing Daniel and Nora’s wedding, which is planned for that night. Lindsay is not interested in going to the wedding to see Nora take another hostage. R.J. assures her that he is going because he and Nora go back a long way. Antonio comes up to R.J. and demands to know where his money is. R.J. looks at him as though he doesn’t know what he is talking about.

Nora and Riley are discussing Jen’s staying out all night. Nora makes the excuse for her that she might just have needed some time alone. Riley tells her that they had a fight that had gotten out of control, and the next thing he knew she was packing a suitcase and leaving. Nora asks him if this has anything to do with the deposit slips. Riley tells her that she will have to prosecute Jen. Nora assures him that that will not happen yet. Riley tells her that he knows she will sooner or later. Riley also confides to her that he is beginning to believe Jen killed Paul Cramer. Daniel is closely listening to every word.

Jen pushes Rex away and wants to know if she fell asleep in his bed. Rex assures her that he slept on the couch. Jen tells him that she thought she was home with Riley. They get dressed, and Jen tells him that she needs to find a place to stay. She sees the two suitcases and assumes that he is going someplace. He tells her that they are leaving.

Antonio is demanding the money from R.J. and this leads to another confrontation between them. R.J. denies taking Antonio’s money. Antonio accuses him of lying, the same way that he lied about Jessica. Lindsay stands up for R.J. and tells Antonio that she, too, had seen Jessica in that club. Antonio orders Lindsay to stay out of it. Evangeline is pulling on Antonio’s arm and encouraging him to leave. R.J. assures Antonio that whoever had taken the money was having a big laugh on him. Evangeline pulls Antonio away and tells him that that wasn’t such a good idea, confronting R.J. that way. She also assures him that R.J. would not have taken his money. Evangeline tells him that she is going to have to leave, but she doesn’t want him to give R.J. any more ammunition that he can use against him.

Kelly leaves the sunroom to check with Renee before she picks up Nora. She pats Jessica on the arm and tells her that she hopes she makes it. Viki asks Jessica if anything is wrong, and Jessica assures her that she will make it to Nora’s wedding, she just has something to do. Jessica promises her that she will see her tonight. Viki kisses her on the cheek and then leaves. Natalie tells her that she can’t get rid of her that easily, and she wants to know what is wrong. Jessica informs her that she doesn’t want to talk about it. Natalie mentions the sleepwalking and says their mom is just worried about her. Jessica assures her not to worry about it, she will take care of everything today. Kelly comes in with a letter in her hand. Natalie kisses her and tells her that she will see her later. Kelly hands Jessica the letter and tells her that it had come to the carriage house by mistake. Jessica apologizes for not making it to the brunch. Kelly tells her that she will miss her. After Kelly leaves, Jessica looks at the postmark on the letter and sees that it is from Australia. She is shocked when she opens it and reads it.


Lindsay and R.J. are sitting at a table talking about Jessica and how Lindsay had seen her there. Lindsay tells him that whatever line Jessica fed him, he must have believed her. Lindsay then asks what that was all about, meaning the argument about the money. R.J. makes up some excuse and doesn’t seem to want to answer her. Lindsay assures R.J. that she is beginning to agree that he should go after custody of Jaime. Lindsay looks at her watch and tells him that she has to go, she has an appointment at the Palace. Lindsay tells him to have fun at the wedding. R.J. decides that he just may not go to the wedding. Lindsay thinks that the day is getting better and better. She kisses R.J. and leaves.

Rex’s Apartment

Rex picks up a map and says wherever Jen points to, they will go. Jen is reluctant to do as he asks, and she thinks this is stupid.

There is a knock on the door, and Rex goes to see who it is. He seems to recognize the man and goes outside the apartment to see what he wants. The man hands Rex an envelope. Rex looks inside to see if everything there. The man then asks Rex if he has heard any news on “Ted”. Rex assures him that that is just between him, Bo, and the man himself, and he doesn’t want anyone to know the killer's real name. When Rex comes back inside, Jen wants to know what was going on. He hands her the envelope. She takes the it and sees that it contains fake I.D.s with the name "Steve Rogers". Rex assures her that they need to get out of town today, and they can't look back.

Nora is trying to console Riley over the news that he has just told her. They again discuss that Jen is being framed and that Daniel is trying to prosecute her for the murder. She is defending Daniel and, as usual, Riley is upset at Jen’s actions. There is a knock on the door, and Nora goes to answer it. Kelly has come to get Nora for the brunch. Nora introduces Kelly to Riley, and then she asks if Riley will be all right. She tells him that his father will be right down. She kisses him on the cheek and picks up her purse, and they leave.

After they leave, Daniel comes in and wants to know what he is doing there so early. Riley tells him that it is bad, and he apologizes to him for doing this to him on his wedding day. They hug.

The Palace

Renee is going over the brunch details with the waiter. Evangeline comes in and wants to know about the surprise. Renee assures her that it is waiting in the kitchen. Evangeline thanks her for arranging all this. Viki and Natalie come in, and Renee show them where they are to sit. Evangeline senses that something is wrong with the seating arrangement, but Natalie assures her that everything is fine. Natalie and Evangeline sit down.

Jen and Rex are discussing their leaving town, and she is hesitant about it. She tells Rex that that is just asking to be arrested. Rex blows it off and tells her that they will be busy with a wedding. Rex tries to persuade her to leave town. Jen is still hesitant about leaving. She looks down at the fake I.D.s and realizes that he has made them husband and wife again. He insists that he doesn’t want to see her go to jail.

Viki is trying to comfort Renee. Renee refuses to be sad on Nora’s wedding day, and she leaves Viki to talk to the head waiter.

Evangeline and Natalie are trying to make small talk. Evangeline wants to know how she is doing at work, and then she asks her if she has a date for the wedding. Natalie gets flustered and doesn’t want to indulge in any more chit-chat.

Nora and Kelly come in, and Nora is pleased to be having a brunch instead of a bachelorette party. Renee then springs her surprise on Nora: it is Nora’s daughter, Rachel. Nora is happy and surprised to see her. They hug. Renee wants to know where Jessica is. Viki is upset and just tells her that Jessica said she needed to take care of something.

Antonio comes home and flips on the answering machine. He finds that there is a message from an officer at the bank informing him that the amount withdrawn from his account was a legitimate withdrawal. Jessica comes in the door and wants to know what is wrong. Antonio informs him that R.J. had managed to withdraw $10,000 from his checking account. Jessica is curious as to how R.J. could have managed that and adds that he won’t get away with it. Antonio is concerned that without the money his daughter will be taken away from him.

Everyone is having a good time at the brunch. Evangeline proposes a toast to the bride and groom. Lindsay is leaving Jen a message on her cell phone as she is walking into the Palace. Hanging up, she realizes that she has walked in on Nora’s brunch. Nora proposes a toast. She thanks them for their friendship. Lindsay walks up to the table and makes a sarcastic remark about her marriage to Daniel.

Riley and Daniel are discussing Jen and Lindsay. They, as usual, have their difference of opinions about Jen. Daniel fills him in on some information about Paul Cramer’s murderer.

Jen and Rex are still discussing leaving. Rex promises to protect her and make sure she has everything she wants. She agrees to leave.

Riley wants to know what information Daniel has. He assumes it is good news that will clear Jen of the murder. Daniel goes on to point out Jen’s faults, saying she did what she did to protect the ones that she loved. Riley is confused as to why his father is saying this about Jen. Daniel assures him that there must be some kind of information that Paul had on Jen that would have made her kill him.

Jessica is trying to reassure Antonio and tells him they are going to fight R.J. in the courtroom, and they are going to win. Antonio thanks her for knowing the right things to say. Jessica then shows him the note she got that morning. She tries to persuade him that the stalker has left town and gone to Australia. She encourages him not to worry about her, saying it is all over. Antonio doesn’t buy it.

Nora and Lindsay are having a discussion. Viki tries to get Lindsay not to make a scene. Lindsay makes up the excuse that she just came over to offer her congratulations. Evangeline tries to get Lindsay to stop. Lindsay confronts her about her being her daughter’s lawyer. They have a bitter dispute over Jen and Riley, but Nora insists that she is not going to let it ruin one of the happiest days of her life. Lindsay grabs her by the arm, and Nora accidentally spills a whole pitcher of orange juice on Lindsay’s clothes. Nora just smiles and shakes her head.

Nora and Lindsay are still arguing over Jen and them prosecuting her. Nora lets it slip out that Jen and Riley have broken up. Lindsay leaves. They all leave the table, leaving Natalie and Evangeline alone. Natalie tells Evangeline that she is always going to care about John, but they are only good friends, and she doesn’t want them to end up like Nora and Lindsay. Evangeline informs her that that is not her style and pours Natalie another glass of orange juice.

Renee is rushing about and drying everything off that got wet. Kelly tries to get her to stop. Renee acts as though she is upset over Nora and Lindsay, when she really is upset over Asa leaving town.

Antonio doesn’t believe that the stalker has really left town just because he sent her that note. Jessica wants to believe that it does mean that. She admits that she is so tired of being afraid.

She tells Antonio that she has brought Jaime a surprise. Antonio goes into the hall with her to get the box. When they bring it inside, Antonio realizes that it is a rocking horse. Antonio is pleased. Jessica tells him that it is for when she comes home to leave. Antonio thanks her and goes to put it in Jaime’s room. Jessica starts to put the letter back in her purse and sees the money, and she is confused as to how it got there.

Rex is making the plane reservations when he hears a knock on the door. He goes to answer it, and it is Lindsay. She demands to know where Jen is. He sniffs, and then he wants to know why she smells like orange juice and champagne. She tells him it doesn’t matter. Jen comes out of the bathroom and exclaims that she is ready to hit the road. Lindsay realizes that Rex and Jen have decided to leave town.

Jessica is looking at the money and is not sure how it got in her purse. Antonio comes out of the bedroom. She tells him that she is going to find out why she has been sleepwalking. Antonio wants to go with her, and Jessica agrees. He asks to take her to Nora’s wedding, and she agrees to that, as well.

Lindsay tries her best to talk Jen and Rex out of leaving town. After a lot of discussion and persuasion on Lindsay’s part, Jen’s resistance is beginning to be broken down. Jen’s cell phone rings, and it is Matthew inviting her to Nora and Daniel’s wedding. Jen finally agrees to go to the wedding and to stay in town to face the charges.

Renee is telling Viki and Kelly that Asa hadn’t even left a note when he left town. They try to comfort Renee. They then realize that they have married three generations of Buchanan men. They sit down at the table, and Nora and Rachel rejoin them. Rachel is having a talk with Nora and wants to know what is wrong. Nora insists that it is just a case of pre-wedding jitters. Rachel has Evangeline talk to Nora. Evangeline realizes that Nora has a case of cold feet. Evangeline tries to assure her that Daniel is crazy about her and that he loves her.

Riley is going to head home when Daniel’s cell phone rings. He tells Riley bye and says he will see him later. He tells the person on the phone that Nora is not there and he has a little time to talk. He also informs the person that he will not be able to talk during the honeymoon, and that he misses him or, more likely, her; he calls the person "baby".

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